Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon STUNS With Original Audition Song "Almost Heaven" - American Idol 2019 on ABC

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  • Joylandi 11-Mar, 2019
  • Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon sings original song "Almost Heaven" in his American Idol audition.
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  • HordiqHordiq

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  • Kat Marie
    Kat Marie 9 daqiqa oldin

    Absolutely incredible. Give this man a record deal right now.

  • Larry Macoy
    Larry Macoy 34 daqiqa oldin

    oh men his voice sounds like the scorpion's vocalist.

  • Austin Warren
    Austin Warren Soat oldin

    How many fucking sob stories exist

  • ginasutube
    ginasutube Soat oldin

    I love how he doesn't bend words, I can't stand when someone sings & changes how a word is supposed to sound...

    Betcha all the other contestants are thinking "oh crap I should have tried out next year" (rather than this year)

  • rkjer
    rkjer 2 soat oldin

    Ian from shameless

  • Tib's Idou
    Tib's Idou 3 soat oldin

    Wrong answer, the church belongs to God not to your dad. He may own a building which is called church but the real church are the people who gather in one place to praise&worship and pray to our savior Jesus Christ

  • Sasusaku4Eva!
    Sasusaku4Eva! 4 soat oldin

    Please tell me this guy is still in the competition because this has been one of my favorite auditions so far and I do believe that he could possibly win with that incredible range and control of his voice.

  • C0R3ON3
    C0R3ON3 4 soat oldin

    Wow - He sounds very much like father john misty. great voice.

  • Gwomanify
    Gwomanify 6 soat oldin

    I never have done this before and I’ve watched countless episode of idol, but I searched this audition again just to hear his original song Heaven again. So moving. And it should be in an album and released for all to appreciate.

  • Taya Eames
    Taya Eames 6 soat oldin

    Why is this not on Spotify fgs! Urgh I haven’t wanted to binge a song like this for a hot minute. What the hell! Get this guy in a damn studio already!

  • Ian Bartlett
    Ian Bartlett 7 soat oldin

    Put this on the radio

  • Terena Simons
    Terena Simons 8 soat oldin

    Love love love this song, your amazing Jeremiah 💜💛

  • Sí Mon
    Sí Mon 9 soat oldin

    Comes to Idol *Auditions*
    Gets told no *But I’m gay*

  • Noa
    Noa 9 soat oldin

    I had a gay friend who was so afraid of coming out to his religious family. When he finally did in his early 20ties, they shunned him.. Even though we were always there for him as friends, we could never fully replace them, to see him in that pain was heartbraking.

  • Noa
    Noa 9 soat oldin

    WoW wow wow!

  • Sawlat Pasha
    Sawlat Pasha 9 soat oldin

    He's almost heaven.

  • William Fleming
    William Fleming 12 soat oldin

    Unbelievable... Amazing....

  • Ice in my Veins
    Ice in my Veins 12 soat oldin

    R.E.M :)

  • blackgaydude
    blackgaydude 13 soat oldin

    My favorite.

  • RenesMDJ
    RenesMDJ 13 soat oldin

    Yeah, he's good. That was awesome and the fact that HE wrote it makes it sound that much better.

  • Finn B
    Finn B 13 soat oldin

    You are not alone.
    None of us are.
    We are here for each other, always!

  • HeyHiHelloBujo
    HeyHiHelloBujo 13 soat oldin

    Love how they play call me by your name soundtrack when he mentions he’s gay haha. Great audition ♥️

  • Rick Gomez
    Rick Gomez 14 soat oldin

    You should sing “Nights and White Satin” by the Moody Blues. You will knock it out of the park with your sensitive voice. Or try “Whiter Shade Of Pale” by Procol Harum.

  • pucrob
    pucrob 14 soat oldin

    Wow, it was almost heaven listening to him! AI is going to be great 2019. Feeling bad that his Family wasn’t there for him. He seems like a great guy, a Son is a Son, too bad for them!

  • Jefe Garcia
    Jefe Garcia 14 soat oldin

    That song that performance was beautiful

  • Carlos Cordero
    Carlos Cordero 15 soat oldin

    I need this song like, right now...

  • Seth Oakes
    Seth Oakes 15 soat oldin

    West Virginia. Sorry.

  • tressinar
    tressinar 15 soat oldin

    I wonder if his grandmothers name was Nancy?

  • Deb Warner
    Deb Warner 15 soat oldin

    So I'm here again for my daily fix of Jeremiah!!!

  • colsome miah
    colsome miah 15 soat oldin

    You are well bred, understated, and peerless today: intelligent sensitive face (that perfect geometric chin);, your parents gave you those traits plus the musical training you obviously have. U R polite: finished. It's God's Word, not just your Dad's church. Urge U NOT to abandon your family: they R all that matter in the final analysis: talk, pray, and read your Bible: THEN SING

  • Lito Equiz
    Lito Equiz 16 soat oldin

    Canta bien bonito

  • Aidil Music
    Aidil Music 16 soat oldin

    Theres always a place for us all

  • Aidil Music
    Aidil Music 16 soat oldin

    Superb Quality...

  • deeter131
    deeter131 18 soat oldin +9

    yes.. there is a place in Heaven for you. but not for your fake Christian family who judges you.

  • InvictuZ
    InvictuZ 18 soat oldin

    Whenever you hear, I've got an original, it's time to sit back.

  • daniel ruapuna
    daniel ruapuna 19 soat oldin

    he has to be a song writer for sure and has a amazing voice

  • Kay Lee
    Kay Lee 19 soat oldin

    Sorry Alejandro has it this year....

  • hugh boyd
    hugh boyd 19 soat oldin

    Hey Jeremiah. Two words: Brandi Carlile

  • MsSandraHarnum
    MsSandraHarnum 20 soat oldin +2

    Jeremiah and Alejandro top two y'all!

  • Donnie Ramos
    Donnie Ramos 20 soat oldin


  • Anuradha
    Anuradha 21 soat oldin +6

    No joke he's like a male Lana del Rey

  • TheDoorknob1
    TheDoorknob1 21 soat oldin

    Why did he come in with a guitar but then played the piano? Makes no sense

  • Balatac73
    Balatac73 22 soat oldin +6

    I love that Luke Bryan has offered his loft for him to live in, knowing that his own family don’t know to accept who he really is. And to say that his father is a pastor. His family don’t know what real love is.

    • Noa
      Noa 9 soat oldin

      So true. I had a gay friend who was so afraid of coming out to his family, when he finally did in his early 20ties, they shunned him.. Even though we were always there for him as friends, we could never fully replace them, to see him in that pain was heartbraking.

  • L R
    L R 22 soat oldin

    Loving your children should be the easiest thing you do.

  • K Deloris
    K Deloris 23 soat oldin

    you need to lose the broom my friend.

  • Kaitlin Treadway
    Kaitlin Treadway 23 soat oldin

    I loved him

  • Ian Sierzega
    Ian Sierzega Kun oldin

    This performance was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! And it is an original. 😳

  • Carissa Arnett
    Carissa Arnett Kun oldin

    This song sounds like it should be on Grey's Anatomy!

  • jg singh
    jg singh Kun oldin

    Why they look afraid.. 😂

  • Sean Shimamoto
    Sean Shimamoto Kun oldin +5

    You should NEVER feel alone in a religious family...Jesus Christ would’ve been ashamed of ANYONE who didn’t accept you for how you were born. All my life I’ve accepted myself, “if Jesus Christ was standing next to someone saying hateful things about a gay person...would he condone or condemn their words?” And I’ve always felt that being a man of love, charity, and acceptance, he would’ve told them what they’re doing doesn’t align with his teachings. I know you said that it all boils down to “I love you”..:and that couldn’t be further from the truth.
    I was also 9 years old when I knew I was gay...and my family embraced me from the beginning. My pops was your typical blue collar guy who took my bro and I fishing and crabbing on the weekends and he grew up on a farm...when I came out to him, the ONLY thing he asked me was, “are you happy?” and when I said, “yes”, that was enough for him.
    I wish you the best of the luck and keep that beautiful soul forever and don’t ever let anyone take it from you!
    PS - you are STUNNINGLY HANDSOME...I had to lift my jaw off the ground when I first saw you walk in. Hehe. 😍🏳️‍🌈🤙🏽

  • tundrasheep
    tundrasheep Kun oldin +1

    Love from Iceland ! Great song and great artist :) Hope Jeremiah does well, good luck vinur :)

  • Christopher Neal
    Christopher Neal Kun oldin

    Yea md local hell yea good voice

  • Quirkless Hero
    Quirkless Hero Kun oldin +1

    HOT DAYUM! His voice and that song almost brought me to Heaven! Loved it! Hopefully he makes it all the way and be HUGE!

  • abdelali rajawi
    abdelali rajawi Kun oldin

    Oh my god you so good i love you ❤️ you is my new favorite singer that iam gonna separate i love you ❤️

  • Kemarin Khim
    Kemarin Khim Kun oldin

    Damn. Family shunned him to janitor duties.

  • Dominik Wilson
    Dominik Wilson Kun oldin

    best audition, period. This sounds like a 30 year old song wtf.

  • SallyG May
    SallyG May Kun oldin

    He has a very musical voice

  • Jasmin Hong
    Jasmin Hong Kun oldin

    I love how they played mystery of love in the back 😂 getting that call me by your name

  • Papua Gaming
    Papua Gaming Kun oldin

    Like Mikah Myers

  • Nellah Grace
    Nellah Grace Kun oldin +5

    This made me sad on many levels

  • Black Bird
    Black Bird Kun oldin

    Wow. I’m blown away-that voice and song.

  • David G
    David G Kun oldin

    He's gay..... Big deal, the man is TALENTED! Awesome song, Jeremiah!

  • Bryan Gongora
    Bryan Gongora Kun oldin +1

    His eyes when Lionel first referenced him to Billy Joel is amazing. He's so humble and talented that he thinks it's just ordinary...astonishing and wonderful. Just made my night.

    LEVIKRW Kun oldin

    hey brother! you have a good heart!

  • Jen Morricone
    Jen Morricone Kun oldin

    .We love you J...WAITING FIRST YOUR FIRST CD. You're a channel for Gods transcendant nature and the beauty of the human spirit. xo

  • Jeremy Turner
    Jeremy Turner Kun oldin

    I'd like to hope that it doesn't matter if he wins or how far he gets at all. People have heard him now. Someone will sign him sooner or later. He may not jump immediately into the mainstream like an Idol winner, but I don't think he will be forgotten. He has other things on youtube too BTW

  • Tubes
    Tubes Kun oldin

    Holy shit

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker Kun oldin

    listened to it twice to really enjoy it.

  • Jen
    Jen Kun oldin Here is his original y'all check it out!

  • Rosey Diola
    Rosey Diola Kun oldin


  • Jen
    Jen Kun oldin +1

    This made me so emotional, its very touching. Wow, uncontrollable tears just stream, it just touched my heart beyond words.

  • Izze Breakwell
    Izze Breakwell Kun oldin

    4:44 same Luke

  • Jason Stall
    Jason Stall Kun oldin

    He went from John Lennon to Freddie Mercury to who the hell is this?!

  • Jane N
    Jane N Kun oldin +7

    ...we are all sinner no one greater then another...of course our lord has room for you and still loves us all.

  • Keaton Burton
    Keaton Burton Kun oldin

    Ayyyeeee WV!!

  • Valia gamatopoulou
    Valia gamatopoulou Kun oldin

    Adele vibes !

  • anna kate
    anna kate Kun oldin

    he’s going to win. i call it

  • Adrian Barker
    Adrian Barker Kun oldin

    What a beautiful person x

  • plexx365
    plexx365 Kun oldin +2

    Beautiful guy inside and out. And YES Jeremiah, there IS a place for you in Heaven. I KNOW this. NEVER lose your faith no matter what!

  • Lexie Torres
    Lexie Torres Kun oldin

    What song was at the end?

  • holliscali !
    holliscali ! Kun oldin +1

    if he doesnt win idk what im gonna do with myself

  • Kayla Harmon
    Kayla Harmon Kun oldin

    My name is Kayla Harmon nice to meet you 🤝

  • Katie Kolle
    Katie Kolle Kun oldin

    Goosebumps all over!

  • Woods Bear
    Woods Bear Kun oldin

    Great range and emotion

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin

    God loves the sinner ...but hates the sin. We are not to judge anyone, for Salvation is our responsibility and God gives us all that choice. We choose either eternal life or eternal damnation.....Warning someone of eternal consequences is not judging them, its loving them....God doesn't send anyone to hell....we do it to ourselves when we choose to reject God. God doesn't want or need to punish people, sin in itself is its own form of punishment. Hell was not created for humans but for Satan and his demons. But for those who reject Christ will be cast into Hell for the life and choices they make.

    • Perrin Dsr
      Perrin Dsr Kun oldin +1

      Oh shut the fuck up allready. If you want to believe in some madeup deity, then fine.. be that stupid. But please leave the rest of us out of your insanity. Me 1:1

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin

    Jesus has told us if your brother does something wrong you must tell him and if he refuses to change his ways you will be resolved from the wrong he has done.

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin

    Leviticus 20 :13 - The penalty for HOMOSEXUALS acts is DEATH to BOTH PARTIES. They have Brought it upon Themselves.

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin

    1 Timothy 1:9-10 - Those LAWS are GOOD when used as GOD INTENDED. But they were not made for us, whom GOD HAS SAVED; they are for SINNERS WHO HATE GOD; Have REBELLIOUS HEARTS, CURSE & SWEAR, Attack their Fathers and Mothers, and MURDER. Yes, these laws are made to identify as SINNERS all who are IMMORAL and IMPURE: HOMOSEXUALS, KIDNAPPERS, LIARS, and all others who do things that CONTRADICT THE GLORIOUS GOOD NEWS OF OUR BLESSED GOD, WHOSE MESSENGER I AM.

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin

    1 Corinthians 6:9 - Don’t you know that those doing such things have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t FOOL yourselves. Those who live immoral lives, who are idol worshippers, adulterers or HOMOSEXUALS---will have NO SHARE in His Kingdom. Neither will thieves or greedy people, drunkards, slanderers, or robbers.

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin

    Romans 1:24-32 - So God let them go ahead into every sort of sex sin, and do whatever they wanted to- yes, vile and sinful things with each other's bodies. Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God, they deliberately chose to believe lies. So they prayed to the things God made, but wouldn't obey the blessed God who made these things.....
    That is why God let go of them and let them do all these evil things, so that even their women turned against God's natural plan for them and indulged in sex sin with each other. And the men, instead of having a normal sex relationship with women, burned with lust for each other, men doing shameful things with other men, and , as a result, getting paid within their own souls with the penalty they so richly deserved. .....
    So it was that when they gave God up and would not even acknowledge Him, God gave them up to doing everything their evil minds could think of. Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness and sin, of Greed and Hate, Envy, Murder, Fighting, Lying, Bitterness and Gossip. They were Backbiters, Haters of God, Insolent, Proud Braggarts, always thinking of new ways of sinning and continually being Disobedient to their parents. They tried to misunderstand, broke their promises, and were Heartless, without pity. They were fully aware of God's death penalty for these crimes, yet they went right ahead and did them anyway, and encouraged others to do them, too.

  • L Smith
    L Smith Kun oldin

    This kid is amazing

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin


  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Kun oldin


  • David S
    David S Kun oldin

    I hope you win ❤️

  • Sandra Schrader
    Sandra Schrader Kun oldin

    I wish you were my son and I want you and your boyfriend in my heaven

  • PrimeIdentity
    PrimeIdentity Kun oldin

    maybe its the air conditioned room or something but damn that was so good! chills! that was a great single right there!

  • nkaujhnub lis
    nkaujhnub lis Kun oldin

    Alot of great pianist on the show.

  • Sammy lastname
    Sammy lastname Kun oldin

    *my gay heart is sobbing*

  • João Victor Neves
    João Victor Neves Kun oldin

    Fantastic voice
    Fantastic history
    We look one finalist here

  • camargo soy
    camargo soy Kun oldin

    I've seen this video more than 10 times and i love it.... Because im like him