Mean Tweets - Music Edition 5

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Fikrlar • 4 429

    ESS JEE Kun oldin +1

    great respond miley..

  • Manil Chauhan
    Manil Chauhan Kun oldin

    NOBODY dìsses korn though they are the best!!!

  • Chad Reffner
    Chad Reffner Kun oldin


  • Moneyman moneymoneyman

    I’m in love with dua

  • Satriani M
    Satriani M Kun oldin

    That ScHoolboy Q one wasn’t really a mean tweet. They’re Kendrick lyrics from Look Out For Detox 👀

  • Mrs Murder
    Mrs Murder Kun oldin

    Nickleback lmfao 😂

  • Janis Ibarra
    Janis Ibarra Kun oldin

    Omg the strokes

  • Jeck cariaga
    Jeck cariaga Kun oldin


  • Kisha McDonald
    Kisha McDonald Kun oldin

    More mean tweets!!!!

  • raphshady
    raphshady Kun oldin

    Eminem please

  • raphshady
    raphshady Kun oldin

    Make Eminem do this

  • raphshady
    raphshady Kun oldin

    Make Eminem do this please

  • raphshady
    raphshady Kun oldin

    Please make Eminem do this

  • Nick B
    Nick B Kun oldin

    the comment about pink being a pig is 100% correct.

  • Chase Black
    Chase Black Kun oldin

    I was going to like the video,until nickelback showed up

  • Booty GAwD
    Booty GAwD Kun oldin +1

    😂😂😂😂😂 the timing of the end

  • leopold petersen
    leopold petersen Kun oldin

    Why would one hate imagine dragons.. They aren't that bad.

  • Jee
    Jee Kun oldin +1

    Mean Tweets - Kardashian Edition. Make it happen!!

  • Weiki Huang
    Weiki Huang Kun oldin

    The dua comment was weak AF

  • Jesse 4R
    Jesse 4R Kun oldin

    Dude.. Halsey.. Im sorry but the Bald short head hair thing does NOT FIT you nor look good on you. . JizzEasy is a ugly goofy looking guy but damn come on

  • Milutin Jovic
    Milutin Jovic Kun oldin


  • seka
    seka Kun oldin

    you just know the strokes ain't never doing this again

  • Jackson Beal
    Jackson Beal Kun oldin

    0:34, Imagine Dragons is my favorite band, and I actually like Maroon 5, so that hurt

  • itsjemmabond
    itsjemmabond Kun oldin

    Chad Kroger of Nickleback got hot...🌶

  • itsjemmabond
    itsjemmabond Kun oldin

    Am I the only person who didn't recognise Gwen Stefani?

  • jauchiu
    jauchiu Kun oldin

    Kimmel and his entire family can go to hell.

  • UhhhhFink
    UhhhhFink Kun oldin

    Imagine Dragons are way worse than Nickleback

  • Tionna Johnson
    Tionna Johnson Kun oldin

    Gween is beautiful

  • Kriositivity
    Kriositivity Kun oldin

    This needs to continue in 2019. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel but this series is the best

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC Kun oldin

    touche nickelback

  • Kate Chalmers
    Kate Chalmers Kun oldin

    They were just tweeting at Schoolboy Q something Kendrick said to him in lookout for detox 😒😒

  • Shirel Sharon
    Shirel Sharon Kun oldin

    you should do a UZclip audition with tweets from UZclip!! you should check the comments on James charles red carpet something its to die for lol

  • Nana Diaries
    Nana Diaries Kun oldin

    That pink tweet was so mean omg ..glad she was hilarious with it

    KIHYUN OWNS MY ASS Kun oldin

    Pink's "Thank You" LMAO

  • just sal
    just sal Kun oldin

    Lmaooo pink👍

  • just sal
    just sal Kun oldin

    Jason Derulo 🙈😂😂

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Kun oldin +1

    Black unemployment = record low
    Asian unemployment = record low
    Hispanic Unemployment = record low
    GDP 4.2 %

    Trump is a winner and 90% of media is liberal

  • Rockin Randy89
    Rockin Randy89 Kun oldin

    Pink Was The Best 😂😂😂😂😂

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare Kun oldin

    Gwen Stefani really is terrible.

  • restinpeaceminusone

    Was that G-eazy one even an insult ??

  • Jacqueline Filo
    Jacqueline Filo Kun oldin +1

    Well, they were quite right about Miley Cyrus. I mean, she is a whore and everybody knows that.

  • Amalia Mathews
    Amalia Mathews Kun oldin


  • Wisdom Mbambu
    Wisdom Mbambu Kun oldin

    Dua Lipa was low key thinking about giving one

  • Tuned In
    Tuned In Kun oldin

    Damn! What happend to Gwen Stefani?!

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson Kun oldin

    dang, these were underwhelming

  • Aaric Stone
    Aaric Stone Kun oldin

    Jason Derulo looked like "How did y'all know?!!"

  • Cheng Li
    Cheng Li Kun oldin

    LMAO. Smelly Pirate Hooker!!!!!!!!!

  • NatureForce37
    NatureForce37 Kun oldin

    Why so mean? Who hurt you?????

  • matt mendez
    matt mendez Kun oldin

    No ones talking about the strokes being together tho....

  • Baley Lahey
    Baley Lahey Kun oldin

    Korn is kind of really hot. All of them.

  • Baley Lahey
    Baley Lahey Kun oldin

    What Happened? I only know who half of these people are.

  • T.T. Poweigha
    T.T. Poweigha Kun oldin

    Dua Lipa can give me a sloppy blow job

  • Christian Mathes
    Christian Mathes Kun oldin

    Luke Combs had to of known what tweet they were gonna use because the MF dressed exactly like a dude at Jiffy Lube changing oil LMFAO

  • Xenon Doro
    Xenon Doro Kun oldin

    The Pink one was actually funny. The rest weren't clever at all..

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Kun oldin

    Schoolboy qs wasnt a mean Tweet Lol xD who Can hate q?!❤️

  • Zaheer Sarang
    Zaheer Sarang Kun oldin

    So who's the chick reading the Gwen Stefani tweet?

  • Ayatallah
    Ayatallah Kun oldin

    Lol School Boy Q’s tweet is from a Kendrick freestyle 😂

  • Bigga Winna Crapsa
    Bigga Winna Crapsa Kun oldin

    You know you're getting old when all you recognize is Elvis Costello and Miley Cyrus.

  • APHRODITE Diannea
    APHRODITE Diannea 2 kun oldin

    oh guess whats up toNY w D on his neck ganger...etc...whatever it is. teslaquila .whatever....

  • lorenzo byass
    lorenzo byass 2 kun oldin


  • Incitatus
    Incitatus 2 kun oldin

    Gavin Rosdale is stupid moron! Look how gorgeous Gwen is! Moron!

  • carly 666
    carly 666 2 kun oldin

    Gwen Stefani looks terrible 😥

  • casiah
    casiah 2 kun oldin

    The Nickleback ones😂

  • Apple Nicole
    Apple Nicole 2 kun oldin

    Wow...this one is cringeworthy.

  • marcyah yolanda
    marcyah yolanda 2 kun oldin

    What the hell happened to Gwen's face? Okay ... I'm gonna need some theories about how she was replaced because there's NO CHANCE for that be GWEN STEFANI!!!!

  • YungNRekkless Music
    YungNRekkless Music 2 kun oldin

    I feel jimmy kimmel makes 100 fake twitter accounts and writes all of those tweets himself

  • canon t5i
    canon t5i 2 kun oldin

    miley and pink lmao queens

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 kun oldin

    naww dont be mean to nickelback, they're my dads :(

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  • CiaránTheMan
    CiaránTheMan 2 kun oldin

    KoRn's one was funny 😂😂

  • Corrie De Beer
    Corrie De Beer 2 kun oldin

    The strokes is the worxt thing since nickelback.

  • Book Movies
    Book Movies 2 kun oldin happened to your face... you look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

  • Ian Beuttel
    Ian Beuttel 2 kun oldin

    Who is korn?

  • UnsetTheMindset
    UnsetTheMindset 2 kun oldin

    I just realized I've never actually seen Gwen Stefani.

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra 2 kun oldin

    The Pink one cracked me up 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Fancy Boy
    Fancy Boy 2 kun oldin

    Pink has always looked like a pig.

  • Fancy Boy
    Fancy Boy 2 kun oldin

    Where's the mean tweets on jimmy Kimmel? I'd love to hear about 20 or 30 of them.

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle 2 kun oldin

    Is Pink crosseyed?

  • justin williams
    justin williams 2 kun oldin

    What did Skynet do to Gwen Stefani xD they nabbed her and transformed her into whatever she is now.

  • Bobloblaw624
    Bobloblaw624 2 kun oldin

    lol does Tyga think he's relevant?

  • garaga Srividya
    garaga Srividya 2 kun oldin

    0:17 - 0:24 andreww😘

  • Elizabeth Rikinoi
    Elizabeth Rikinoi 2 kun oldin

    😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣laughing out loud

  • Houd Ammari
    Houd Ammari 2 kun oldin

    halsey and geazy at the same place?

  • TheKimiko16
    TheKimiko16 2 kun oldin

    The hate and jokes on Nickelback is getting old. Just stop

  • V M
    V M 2 kun oldin

    What is the name of song in background ?

    • Åsa S
      Åsa S 2 kun oldin

      R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

  • alone redrover
    alone redrover 2 kun oldin

    The Imagine Dragons clip is like 3 years old, you can tell by their hair

  • LAdwv7495
    LAdwv7495 2 kun oldin

    Pink's reaction was amazing.

  • Carol Driehorst
    Carol Driehorst 2 kun oldin

    Love those mean tweets, they aren't true but very funny do people, don't take them seriously.

  • Justin Krichbaum
    Justin Krichbaum 2 kun oldin

    The Luke combs comment was hilarious

  • Chanel Oberlin
    Chanel Oberlin 2 kun oldin +4

    Gwen is a Queen.

  • Grim Terry Sechler EDM

    I would just said she like hookers and has false teeth in.

  • Oivalf Music
    Oivalf Music 2 kun oldin

    Imagine if Imagine dragons was actually a good band

  • Lemon Ninja
    Lemon Ninja 2 kun oldin

    Nickelback is funny because its true

  • ZSizzy GT
    ZSizzy GT 2 kun oldin +2

    plot twist: jimmy kimmel the one that tweet all that

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 2 kun oldin


  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams 2 kun oldin

    lol c jason derulo look around like how he know that lol

  • John Lee
    John Lee 2 kun oldin

    Come on, really..The Strokes?! I'm just gonna take that as a sarcastic tweet!

  • apple girl
    apple girl 2 kun oldin +1

    I want more of them it's so funny

  • patricia taylor
    patricia taylor 2 kun oldin

    Pink omg 😭

  • Nicole
    Nicole 2 kun oldin

    Why do people hate Nickleback so damn much ??!! Lol😂😂😂