iPad Pro 11 Inch Review: I Work From an iPad Everyday

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  • Joerg Hund
    Joerg Hund 16 soat oldin

    Great review. Thank you. I’m also very happy with my 12.9 2018. Love your iron man:)

  • John Hommel
    John Hommel Kun oldin

    I want to get the 11 inch model, but the bigger keyboard on the 12.9 is much more comfortable to use.

  • Syuna
    Syuna Kun oldin

    I plan on buying one maybe next year cuz I sold my iPad air to my dad an just use my surface 2 to watch shows an movies

  • Jerome Eberharter
    Jerome Eberharter Kun oldin

    Thanks for this! What calendering or 'to do' app do you use? Thanks, Jerome

  • Brian
    Brian 2 kun oldin

    Gotta love Apple's marketing that targets people who are complete idiots "Liquid faptasic real retina specialist supreme display" "Wow, that sounds impressive!" "Yes! It... Uh... It means round corners."
    "I'm the president to the assistants assistant of custodial porcelain cleansing."
    "So, you're a janitor?"

  • Ange Alexiel
    Ange Alexiel 2 kun oldin

    i will never quite understand apple, they are making processors that are quite fast and they could ( if they would want to ) sell these to android manufacturers who only got Qualcomm and their prehistoric solutions when compared to the progress each year apple is making with iphones or ipads A or AX processors... i assume they want to keep the benefit to have the most powerful phones and tablets on the market, and maybe will be more willing to bring these to the mac soon... but still even if IOS is getting better and better, i really think that yep, there is still room for a ton of software improvements. but these new ipads when u tried it... damn it's hard to go back to the older ones or any other tablet or Surface... that 's why i'm watching reviews, cos i nearly sold on this.

  • João De Paula
    João De Paula 2 kun oldin

    I watched a lot IPad Pro 11 reviews, but your video it’s the best!

  • Dima Habenko
    Dima Habenko 2 kun oldin

    You need a laptop, bro. Literally every complaint that you have have been solved there for generations. Mouse - check. More ports - check. Open file system - check. Multi windows environment - big check. Full support of external monitors - check. Better keyboard (lighting keys HELLO!) - check. Headphones jack - check. I mean, you complain the entire video how ‘you wish’ iPad had this or that functionality while obsessing over what exactly? Excellent display, powerful CPU, portability and battery life? Pro grade laptops have all of that plus much more. And every time you mention how you use iPad for pro work and reach out with your hand to set a cursor, I cringe a little. Does not your hand and wrist get tired after making the same reaching motion 200 times per day? What is the precision of your finger vs true mouse cursor? I bet you can pinpoint individual pixels and never have to reposition it because your dexterity became so good? I’m just kidding. In reality you you have to make adjustments many times per day and even using pencil for simple cursor management (though you don’t use it apparently) is not as good as using simple mouse on a laptop.

    CARLOS ACOSTA 6 kun oldin

    The iPad pro CANNOT replace a computer, it will when they add support for a pointer and external storage, when I am able to code and compile software, run Matlab, full-on Excel, and many professional engineering software for structural, mechanical, hydraulic design and such. If your work consists of watching movies and light photo editing, then it can replace your laptop, otherwise it cannot. By the way, it is NOT EVEN GOOD FOR BROWSING the web, I cannot open a website where I work from everyday just because the iPad does not support horizontal scrolling and this websites relies on it a lot... unbelievable.

  • Jin Kim
    Jin Kim 6 kun oldin

    Nothing to make this new ipad slow? Wait one year when Apple introduces ipad pro 4. This one will be annoyingly slow so you'll get the new one. Just like the ipad pro gen 2 is right now.

  • 101ToonLink
    101ToonLink 6 kun oldin

    I think this is actually the best 2018 iPad Pro review I’ve ever seen! 😂

  • Ashley Parkyn
    Ashley Parkyn 7 kun oldin

    Tap to wake?

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 kun oldin

    Your stickers are so ugly..if you think it makes it more pleasing you clearly don't have good taste.

  • Rohan Merchant
    Rohan Merchant 7 kun oldin

    Hi Christopher, how long does it to charge from zero using the usb c charger? is it faster than the lightning connector?

    RUNE GOOD 7 kun oldin

    gotta have a mouse bub

  • marksapollo
    marksapollo 8 kun oldin

    Just so you know, Hyper is working on a mini dock for the new iPad Pro with SSD card and USB 3 and C and HDMI ports. Exactly as you are asking for.

  • kalinn55
    kalinn55 8 kun oldin

    What is that awesome round light on your desk?

  • Dante Parado
    Dante Parado 9 kun oldin

    Which movie editor app is he using at 3:35? Or any recommendations? Thanks.

  • Frank Ragetti
    Frank Ragetti 9 kun oldin

    So, that hand-to-screen-lifting-and-back everyday does not bother you. And, you know, keeping your neck straight when you work will help you long term.

  • Neezzuuu
    Neezzuuu 10 kun oldin

    Would you consider this good to edit UZclip videos on? Or should I go with mac book pro?

  • Arunpreet Singh
    Arunpreet Singh 11 kun oldin

    Is anything like this available for the next generation Apple Pencil that comes with the new iPad Pro 2018? @t

  • Isthat_tescosbleach
    Isthat_tescosbleach 12 kun oldin +1

    Thanks this video helped it currently thinking of getting one of these things

  • Liam Phan
    Liam Phan 12 kun oldin

    Do you find the keyboard folio scratching the display at all? Or do you find yourself needing a screen protector for your iPad?

  • Gio Pa
    Gio Pa 13 kun oldin

    A STANDARD APPLE OPTION should be what it does “luna display”, but without external drive like “luna display”! And then, WHY APPLE does not develop a SINGLE OPERATING SYSTEM between macOS e iOS

  • movie end
    movie end 13 kun oldin

    smaller ones are better bc big laptops tablets are so hard to carry around and heavier.

  • Arif Ebrahim
    Arif Ebrahim 13 kun oldin

    Great review! Where did you get your stickers from?

  • Fahd LFC
    Fahd LFC 15 kun oldin

    At 01:28, is that the native twitter app or tweetbot ? .

  • Nenad Niksic
    Nenad Niksic 15 kun oldin

    What's that lamp?

  • Jose Nicolas
    Jose Nicolas 15 kun oldin

    Did you have a link for the desk lamp, please ?

  • Mike Silverii
    Mike Silverii 16 kun oldin

    Every day I get closer to buying one of these... I keep telling myself I don’t need it but it looks so amazing

  • Max Flight
    Max Flight 16 kun oldin

    Looking forward to the adaptor review!

  • Bookmarks For Life
    Bookmarks For Life 17 kun oldin

    Love this video! Thanks Chrys. Also appreciate you showing videos of yourself working Dash I always like to see who’s making the video, which is unfortunately very uncommon. Also, I love your leather bag; can you give me details of what it is and where it can be had?

  • Lostania0 livres audio
    Lostania0 livres audio 18 kun oldin

    Hello and sorry for the question but what is the ring on your desk ? Thanks

  • Prahlad M S
    Prahlad M S 19 kun oldin

    My policy: if you want to do something, do it in a way it's supposed to be done.. u wanna play games, u build a robust pc, buy mechanical keyboard and zero acceleration mouse, good pair of headphones and high refresh rate monitor.. u wanna create content? U get a desktop pc with a 4k monitor with sufficiently good colour accuracy.. or hook it up with an iMac if u are an apple guy.. u don't buy apple ipad for any of those..
    Now I would buy this to read books.. basically because of the fact that I'm a doctor and I will have to read lot of books and journals.. 2 basic books that I read cost more than an iPad pro 11 inch 256G model.. and I have at least 25 such books plus journals which are provided electronically free of cost from my hospital library.. buying them myself will cost choose to 6k or 7k USD and in that way iPad is a little easier on the pocket while providing good reading experience..

  • Gabe Sevilla
    Gabe Sevilla 19 kun oldin

    I want one but it can't run xcode :)

  • mikexhotmail
    mikexhotmail 19 kun oldin

    good stuff..too many compromise as always

  • Morris Evans
    Morris Evans 19 kun oldin

    Where did you buy circle light in back from?What is it called?? Can someone please correct me!!!!

  • UMeLovesReplicas
    UMeLovesReplicas 20 kun oldin

    8:40 does the 11" still move the two apps within each other like the 12.9?

  • Sohail Wahab
    Sohail Wahab 20 kun oldin

    I so badly want one and cannot have it because I'm broke and you are getting another 12.9". The world is so imbalance

  • Adam Dawson
    Adam Dawson 21 kun oldin

    Interesting review, not sure I would classify this as a ‘computer’ just yet though given it still can’t perform some basic computer functions.

  • John Ledbetter
    John Ledbetter 21 kun oldin

    Fanboy alert

  • Crypto Doggo
    Crypto Doggo 21 kun oldin +1

    2:25 can someone please tell me the name of this this light and base product?

  • TheReal _ist
    TheReal _ist 22 kun oldin

    Talks about how color accurate the display is. But yet he shows himself using it in a room with bulbs under 3000 kelvin. If you don't know what bulbs with a 3000 kelvin temp off hand (YA no googling it quick either) then you have no clue what color accuracy is.
    So then my point is light under 3k kelvin is yellow this is not natural everyday white light meaning whatever u color correct or simply create under even very light yellow light will ruin the image in normal viewing. So by him showing a room with under 3k kelvin bulbs its ironic to his statement of the screen being color accurate. When thats irrelevant if u are working in a yellow lit room. Try again bud.

    • TheReal _ist
      TheReal _ist 22 kun oldin

      Heres a pic of common Kelvin Values: For most lights

  • Mike Dalia
    Mike Dalia 22 kun oldin

    You sound a bit like Mark Zuckerberg

  • stevensonrf
    stevensonrf 22 kun oldin

    Really liked this iPad review. One of the best on UZclip!

  • Bryan Merton
    Bryan Merton 22 kun oldin

    Great review. Thanks

  • Cameraville
    Cameraville 22 kun oldin

    My only concern is video editing. Where can I store the footage?

  • marshall branin
    marshall branin 23 kun oldin

    Can you link me to your shortcut to move to files and delete in photos

  • J Lambe
    J Lambe 23 kun oldin

    What audio program/app do u use for audio editing

  • Hannah Banks
    Hannah Banks 23 kun oldin

    AH i cant wait for mine to come!!!!

  • petluv214
    petluv214 23 kun oldin

    Love this.

  • Aditya Sinha
    Aditya Sinha 23 kun oldin

    7:54 you look like Euron Greyjoy from Game Of Thrones.

  • CJ
    CJ 23 kun oldin

    There’s most certainly not a “subwoofer” in the iPad. You might wanna look up what a subwoofer is. I have both a 9.7” and the new 11” Pro and while they’re both capable devices they most definitely are not capable of being the only computing device you’ll need if you have to get real work done. They are perfectly fine for certain workflows if what you’re doing doesn’t actually need a computer in order to complete. Until iOS is revamped to take advantage of the power afforded to these devices and offers a real desktop type experience, the iPad Pro is nothing more that an expensive iPad that doesn’t really do anything that a cheaper iPad can do.

  • Julien Araiza
    Julien Araiza 24 kun oldin

    “Turned up to 11” lol

  • Chad Hackman
    Chad Hackman 24 kun oldin

    Your setup is nice. My first iPad Pro 10.5 has been my wife’s go to since we got it. She has it fixed in a laptop-like keyboard case. This year I picked up the 12.9 and really didn’t like the keyboard folio at first. Without third party support at the moment, it has actually been useful and is growing on me. My only complaint is has nothing to do with the iPad or Smart Keyboard but with the UZclip app which doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts.

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 24 kun oldin

    ipad pro 11 case :)

  • Dosi
    Dosi 24 kun oldin

    It's impressive that you edited your videos on your iPad, hat's off.

  • Hong An
    Hong An 25 kun oldin

    Sounds very fanatic

  • Wil H
    Wil H 25 kun oldin

    Thanks for your overview..
    Could you provide a list of app your using also?

  • Attmosf3ar
    Attmosf3ar 25 kun oldin

    Computer ? Idk about all that

  • Joshua Friedlander
    Joshua Friedlander 25 kun oldin

    I only wish iPad Pro models could get a complete Word. Example - symbols added. Or adjusting Paragraphs the way I need it, not defaulting whatever Word wants. But that’s it. I really like mine.

  • Yuriboy
    Yuriboy 25 kun oldin

    What's the name of the editing app?

  • tariel gociridze
    tariel gociridze 25 kun oldin


  • Trap
    Trap 25 kun oldin +1

    Who else is watching this on one of the new iPad Pros?

  • Louis Pellegrino
    Louis Pellegrino 26 kun oldin

    What kind of video editor apps can u use on the ipad

  • Monsieur Café
    Monsieur Café 26 kun oldin

    What is that USB-A device you connect to iPP?

  • Ho Lee Fuk
    Ho Lee Fuk 26 kun oldin

    Didn’t see the video just came here for the comments since it was recommended. Why would I care about a stranger working using such and such device? Please stop with the bad Ai UZclip.

  • Jay Kaslo
    Jay Kaslo 26 kun oldin

    I love that circular ring light on your desk. Got a link for it?

  • tionoma navalw
    tionoma navalw 26 kun oldin

    iPad Pro 2018 for most people:
    It’s lovely. Most lovely tech to come out in 2018. “You just gotta have it.”
    Wish that it had - or that I was aware it had - more functionality to justify the price tag.

  • xFenix A2x
    xFenix A2x 26 kun oldin

    Awesome awesome awesome video bro!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Ronald W.
    Ronald W. 26 kun oldin

    I’m not sure if it’s your microphone settings or voice but it’s a bit to punchy, almost annoying. At the end of your sentences your voice gets really raspy almost and like you’re saying ahhhhhh. Tech review channels thrive off a soothing satisfying voice. No hate just a suggestion.

  • Kuncen RIG
    Kuncen RIG 26 kun oldin

    I agree completely. If xcode comes to iOs. That would be perfect, ill ditch my laptop and straight go to this

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 26 kun oldin

    Apple! Give mouse support please!

  • Eliel Hinojosa
    Eliel Hinojosa 26 kun oldin

    Hi Chris, very nice video. As your recording rig and no headphone jack, what are you using as your microphone?

  • Robbie Rox
    Robbie Rox 26 kun oldin

    I use BanQ USB with iPad. It works great. It’s plug and play! Been using iPad for past two years too.

  • Talal Yousif
    Talal Yousif 26 kun oldin

    I like iPad so much but i hope we get a better software for it. Like atleast we should be able to connect an external drive and access it or open then 2 apps not just side by side perhaps on top of each other. Few little feature could really make me leave my laptop at home.

  • Anton Ermolenko
    Anton Ermolenko 27 kun oldin

    The only thing that holds me back is ability to develop software on an iPad. Once it's here, I'll switch to it for 100% of my stuff.

  • Steven Lin
    Steven Lin 27 kun oldin

    What app is this??

  • John Doe
    John Doe 27 kun oldin +1

    No mouse support... OMG.... pitiful !!!!

    • Chris P
      Chris P 4 kun oldin

      The mouse support would be great when adding an external monitor. However, other than that, I found it not needed.
      When first using the iPad Pro 2018 with the keyboard, I did however keep wanting to use a scroll down bar, which is what a mouse usually supports. I did later learn that the keyboard does offer that feature.. You can do two things that mimic a scroll bar: 1. Space bar, scrolls down the screen quickly. Command-space bar scrolls up the screen quickly, and 2. Up and down arrows scroll up and down the screen slowly.
      Another drag on the new keyboard is no backlit keys. When in bed, I find that I need to turn on a bedside lamp to use my keyboard.
      At first I wanted the keyboard to offer volume control buttons, but quickly learned that it would be redundant-heck, the volume buttons are right in front of you, on the ipad!
      There is one feature that the keyboard does not have, which is extremely annoying: there is no forward deleted button, like every other keyboard I have ever used,. To delete forward, I have to click on the right arrow, then click delete, and repeat over and over again; or I have to highlight the words manually and click delete.

    • David Mussington
      David Mussington 24 kun oldin +1

      That’s what the pencil is for.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 27 kun oldin


  • Rob's Travel and Adventure

    very nice real world examples of how you are using and what does/doesn't work well. My MacBook Pro is about five years old and consider the iPad Pro 11" as I like the size. My issue is that without external hard drive support (would use that to backup photos and videos on trips) as well as not sure the iOS version f software will be strong enough vs computer based. I think with Adobe pushing a full version of Photoshop, it is headed in the right direction...just wish Apple would stop limiting functionaility on the iPad when the hardware is capable.

  • V86
    V86 27 kun oldin

    Your videos are ASMR for my ears:p

  • C Sanchez
    C Sanchez 27 kun oldin +1

    bought I pad Pro 2016, I'll be ridiculous buying one or latest one if I know there's no need to get a new version as we all know Apple 's gimmicky year after year. I am very happy with my first iPad Pro version. My use with it was minimal. Nothing really impress me much with newer version. I bought my very first time Apple Watch 4, it was great but gets me upset when battery doesn't really last longer than 3 days! and meaning you have to charge my watch every night seemingly. I guess this is my last Apple Watch and would stick much with Garmin as it gave me longer than a week before my watch will ready to recharge again.
    apple still didn't find ways to make the batter lasting and will never be forever!

  • TheEtbetween
    TheEtbetween 27 kun oldin

    However, I got the 12.9" it's more suitable for really work

  • TheEtbetween
    TheEtbetween 27 kun oldin

    However, I got the 12.9" it's more suitable for really work

  • TheEtbetween
    TheEtbetween 27 kun oldin

    I agree, you can do really work.

  • izoyt
    izoyt 27 kun oldin

    define work.

  • PickiFingr
    PickiFingr 27 kun oldin

    Great video! I love the ring light you have there too! Where can I get one of those?

  • Hakim Rafiga
    Hakim Rafiga 27 kun oldin

    Can i edit red raw footage on that?

  • Andri SebastianZz
    Andri SebastianZz 27 kun oldin

    very good design this ipad

  • Rodrigo Mazzola
    Rodrigo Mazzola 27 kun oldin

    To be ergonomic ipad would be an Giant touchpad.

  • Bottom Line
    Bottom Line 27 kun oldin

    Excellent review! Liked and subscribed.

  • Bill Hart
    Bill Hart 28 kun oldin

    External storage is possible via wifi!

    VOLT GAMING 28 kun oldin

    Its good as a tablet or almost a secondary computer for portability ,but it dosent meets a the needs of a professional I have ASUS gx502 and it has got more storage and is faster than the imacs ssd ,a good 6c/8t processor and a decent gpu and i only find where the i pad really shines is outside drawing ( for indoors the surface studio is a better choice ) iPads are not good for work unless you are kinda fond of them ..(I like them,I am kinda appelfanboy but at the same time I think more logically) I work as a software designer and it dose not shoots my workflow ,still these kinda videos are great.

  • William Chan
    William Chan 28 kun oldin

    Can ipad pro charging other device like android phone?

  • Cpt. Buttocks
    Cpt. Buttocks 28 kun oldin

    Who knew my motorola g6 had a modern retina display. I've always been so impressed with the moderness of it.

  • Tschan Andrews
    Tschan Andrews 28 kun oldin

    Can I ask where you got your ring light from it's beautiful.

    BLACKSYNTH 28 kun oldin

    As someone who used PC since 1994 to present day. Makes music /Videos/ photography and EVERY thing else. I can honestly say for a mobile device my new 12.9 iPad pro is a breaht of fresh air!. my old Surface pro4 was a cumbersome buggy mess, endlessly dissapointing. the new iPad pro can definatly replace your Laptop. no question! will it replace my PC Desktop workstation/Studio, of course not. but why would it? its a fantastic companion, a whole new exciting way of working, beats a laptop enyday. the Battery is INSANE! I get up early and make cofee before Work and sit and enjoy catching up on youtube videos, news, social media before work for a good 40-50 mins. on a full charge when I have to set off for work its ALWAYS still on 100% for when I get home and want to do some creative work. Amazing! game changer, it does need the software opening up more though, I beleive they will next year.

  • Techy Techie Guy
    Techy Techie Guy 28 kun oldin

    Congratulations I'm pretty sure you're the only person on UZclip that has said that they can use an iPad as their only computer

  • Heather and Courtney
    Heather and Courtney 28 kun oldin

    you should give me the 11 inch :)