Is This Person A Psychic or Not? (GAME)

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  • Christopher Johns
    Christopher Johns 3 kun oldin

    This episode was painful. Why does it exist? All are obviously not psychic. Some are just good at it because they always say vague things so they aren't easily proven wrong.

  • Smoky Boar Forge
    Smoky Boar Forge 3 kun oldin

    I created a character for a novel named Francesca de Luca... and I picked those names independently of each other. Kinda crazy that they had someone on the show with that name.

  • Tori Gullo
    Tori Gullo 9 kun oldin

    Link is the beautiful one 🤪

  • Antiii
    Antiii 17 kun oldin +1

    Damn Sheena was weird but cool hahaha

  • German Rauda
    German Rauda 22 kun oldin +1


  • Andria Wang
    Andria Wang 23 kun oldin


  • Matt Frank
    Matt Frank 23 kun oldin +1

    They should have shenna back on the show. I couldn't stop laughing

  • Quang Lạc
    Quang Lạc 28 kun oldin

    how is this video in a twenty one pilots playlist?

  • Chris Schaefer
    Chris Schaefer 29 kun oldin +1

    Shauna (psychic & witch)
    Francesca (professional witch) (who actually IS psychic,but not professionally ) Rhetorically use questions--her way of probing the subconscious- this made Rhett umcomfortable especially when she hinted about joining Rhett & wife in the BR- she saw it in her minds eye. Also made Link uncomfortable about what he watched without his wife’s knowledge.
    Patti (psychic & witch)
    Stacy (witch really good with tarot cards)
    Sheena Metal = (witch- especially cunningcraft/psychc) she deliberately gave a false reading to throw off the audience by throwing off Rhett & Link- this is what the Witch’s pact tried to conceal.

    • Sheena Metal
      Sheena Metal 29 kun oldin

      This is fantastic. Thank you...I think?!? - Sheena (your new especially cunning craft witch/psychic friend). :)

  • Evan Farmer
    Evan Farmer Oy oldin

    Psychics are a bunch of bs

  • Hey You
    Hey You Oy oldin +1

    You miss the perfect opportunity for instead of putting “not a psychic” you could’ve but “psych” 😂

  • Sarah Mortimer
    Sarah Mortimer Oy oldin

    Patti has been on Ghost Adventures and, even though she sounds and seems crazy, she’s the first person I’ve seen that I believe is psychic.

  • Wade Oakes
    Wade Oakes Oy oldin +1

    im watching old episodes and before the video started I got an ad about Rhett and link going to st judes hospital, now I am happy

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern Oy oldin

    No psychic.

  • Kane O'Connor
    Kane O'Connor Oy oldin

    Is Rhett considering leaving the show?!?

  • babsg 3245
    babsg 3245 Oy oldin

    I knew patti was a physchic because the way she worked with rebecca zamolo and I just knew she was

  • Hermaphrodite Community

    when i knew that i,m psychic was when i was 7 years old, because i moved things, and i watch imagen that later was the future, i can know whos die in the future, and the 90 % my psychic persection are real,

  • KarlKarlKarl
    KarlKarlKarl Oy oldin

    male psychics are extinct

  • Jlow
    Jlow Oy oldin

    I don’t even think Francesca is even Britain let alone a psychic 😂

  • amanda whitney
    amanda whitney Oy oldin

    Before she even turned around, I screamed, PATTI!!! lol

  • Annakat Bret
    Annakat Bret Oy oldin

    I have a wennier dog too its a long hair brown dog

  • koko*don*
    koko*don* Oy oldin

    @4:12 wth is with her head. lmao that ponytail in the back of her head.

  • Marshall Fields
    Marshall Fields Oy oldin

    the tension between link and rhett.. yikes?

  • Emma Campbell
    Emma Campbell Oy oldin

    Lets hope Rhett really doesn't make his decision and does trust his gut even if she wasn't psychic

  • Darth Veedy
    Darth Veedy Oy oldin

    Rhett’s reaction to whatever the psychic was saying to Link was great

  • PHAT-
    PHAT- Oy oldin

    Lol the first person is from Vancouver, WA! Shout out to my Vancouverians!!

  • Thoughts and Good Wishes

    well, 13:01 that just got weird

  • Tommy Fuller
    Tommy Fuller Oy oldin

    This video guess was easy.....No none of them are psychic because being psychic isn't a thing as it doesn't exist. It has been debunked SO many times and not a single one of them can prove they are one

  • Chris Schaefer
    Chris Schaefer Oy oldin

    Rhett & Link, I believe you or your crew may have deliberately mislead, covering up Francesca as a dragnet to find the most powerful psychics-- did you? if so that was very clever.

  • Chris Schaefer
    Chris Schaefer Oy oldin

    Shena Metal is either NOT a real psychic and fake OR she was planted in here as a test to find a real psychic, OR she's just nervous, but regardless she is WAY off

    • Sheena Metal
      Sheena Metal 29 kun oldin

      +Chris SchaeferI was just reading the boys, as I felt them. I'd never seen the show (which is terrific, by the way) and don't now anything about their on-air personas. :)

    • Chris Schaefer
      Chris Schaefer Oy oldin +1

      I'm not saying this to insult, but I'm a psychic and very little of what you said matched Rhett & Link. You were actually the plant that the producers put in so as to test the audience's psychic powers of discernment.

    • Sheena Metal
      Sheena Metal Oy oldin

      Was it the beard thing?? LOL!!

  • redthebunny / red

    (For all you non-speaking Spanish people bruwha means witch

  • Lime Network
    Lime Network 2 oy oldin +1

    why is this video in a 21 pilots playlist

  • keeponrockin
    keeponrockin 2 oy oldin

    That last woman had attitude and personality, loved her xD she went all in

    • Sheena Metal
      Sheena Metal Oy oldin +1

      Why, thank you, KeepOnRockin. I do my best. :-P

  • keeponrockin
    keeponrockin 2 oy oldin

    11:30 and that right there is how psychics work. They either read up on you or feel you out as they go along.

  • Nathan 475
    Nathan 475 2 oy oldin

    Franseca wanted a 3 way with Rhett and his wife lmao

  • Super Broken Gaming
    Super Broken Gaming 2 oy oldin

    I’m a Psychic and I predict that Link will win 3 to 2...
    Like = correct
    comment= incorrect

  • Seriously Silly
    Seriously Silly 2 oy oldin +1

    Francesca reminds me of Nellie from the office

  • Derpy Savannah
    Derpy Savannah 2 oy oldin


  • Anoud
    Anoud 2 oy oldin +1

    sheena is amazing “its a little president grant vs. manson”

  • Anoud
    Anoud 2 oy oldin +2

    6:50 that exchange was adorable

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 2 oy oldin

    i didn't realize theres some stigma that psychics are only female bc they only chose females as their guests

  • Lyla Frigon
    Lyla Frigon 2 oy oldin


  • Possum Boy
    Possum Boy 2 oy oldin

    Francesca was.... I didn’t like her at all, gave me a bad vibe and her hair made her look like an unwashed 5-year-old.

  • Pedro Gabriel Haddad

    This is the first time I ever disliked a gmm video. It just feels like they're endorsing quackery and scammers. Very disappointed

  • Faith Andorf
    Faith Andorf 2 oy oldin

    As someone who loves and owns 2 dachshunds that whole wiener dog spiel was really relatable

  • Cloud save gaming
    Cloud save gaming 2 oy oldin

    R.I.P Link

  • Charity Coleman
    Charity Coleman 2 oy oldin

    The woman from ghost adventures

  • Stephanie Frances
    Stephanie Frances 2 oy oldin

    Francesca has depression 😂

  • chancegoondavis
    chancegoondavis 2 oy oldin

    I hate these psychic scam artists that try to take money from desperate people and especially that girl that you could see the bs pouring out of her when she was talking about a guy "bursting into flames"

  • Cescafied
    Cescafied 2 oy oldin

    Link is the behind the scenes leader.

  • Erica Johnson
    Erica Johnson 2 oy oldin

    I loved the last girl's personality

  • Madison Lyon
    Madison Lyon 2 oy oldin

    5:00 rhett was shooooked

  • Gannon Ruby
    Gannon Ruby 2 oy oldin

    You shoulda done psychic or nychic

  • AzraelsEntertainment

    I think most "psychics" are just skilled amateur mentalists without the training or background to attribute it to anything other than something supernatural.
    I honestly believe that for the most part, it basically comes down to reading a person's body language and reacting to the information received based off of their subconscious movements, tone of voice and/or other actions.
    That being said, I'm not discounting the ability for these people to read someone else by a long shot, they may just be attributing it to something outside of the scope that it actually falls into... It's quite fascinating to say the least!

  • Phan Guey
    Phan Guey 2 oy oldin

    Rhett you do you, but I hope you don't split with Link and the show.

  • Awesome Sauze
    Awesome Sauze 3 oy oldin

    When I saw patti I thought about Rebecca zamolo and that ghost thing with her.

  • Gacha Animations
    Gacha Animations 3 oy oldin

    Running out of ideas? No

  • robert smith
    robert smith 3 oy oldin

    I was having a blast watching this video!

  • robert smith
    robert smith 3 oy oldin

    I would love to just keep watching these!!

  • J N
    J N 3 oy oldin

    14:06 happiest I’ve ever seen link

  • Filip Pfeifer
    Filip Pfeifer 3 oy oldin

    This was very akward and painful to watch.

  • Lanoira13
    Lanoira13 3 oy oldin

    My guesses:
    1st- Works as a psychic, is... moderately gifted.
    2nd- Doesn't work as a psychic, mildly gifted but highly energized. Mostly good with people, particularly psychology and manipulation.
    3rd- Works as a psychic, more likely gifted as an empath or medium, I don't think she's especially gifted as a diviner.
    4th- Doesn't work as a psychic, but does seem to have a very strong energy about her, might be gifted but that gift hasn't been nurtured/is dormant. Pretty easy to see she's BSing the Tarot bit, but she BSed it well.
    5th- Pretty torn on this one bc she does seem to be trying to throw it, but I feel like she is, both due to the mention of her mother and her reaction to Rhett's disagreement with shaving. I think she is most likely hereditary gifted, which often tends to produce a Jack of all trades, master of none sort of ability.

    • Lanoira13
      Lanoira13 Oy oldin

      +Sheena Metal Thanks Sheena!!!

    • Sheena Metal
      Sheena Metal Oy oldin

      Very interesting and in-depth breakdown, Lanoira13. I loved it. :)

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer 3 oy oldin +1

    Why is this in a 21 pilots-Vessel playlist? It's not an auto generated playlist, anyone else here because of that?

    • Karina Bruce
      Karina Bruce 2 oy oldin

      Kaleb Bruwer dude I was looking for a comment like this I am here because if this too haha

  • jeremy oiler
    jeremy oiler 3 oy oldin

    What is going on between rhett and link? It's like rhett wants to leave and do something else because he isn't happy working with link. Idk did anyone else pick that up?

  • The Canine Nutritionist

    Without even watching the video, my guess is no. None of them are psychic.

  • Julie Winkler
    Julie Winkler 3 oy oldin

    Anyone with a Jack Russell Terrier, or any small hunting dog for that matter, should consider those earthing classes!

  • jon quesenberry
    jon quesenberry 3 oy oldin

    Best episode yet!!!!

  • insanelorraine
    insanelorraine 3 oy oldin

    Immediately recognized patti negri from ghost adventures

  • Link
    Link 4 oy oldin

    patti is painfully fake :/ I hope too many people don't blow their money on her readings

  • Mr Phox
    Mr Phox 4 oy oldin

    Stacy was brilliant. Surprised the others didn't think of Google.

  • hippopotosaurus
    hippopotosaurus 4 oy oldin

    i got an ad for a phsycic

  • Natalie Borisov
    Natalie Borisov 4 oy oldin

    PATTI!!!!! I KNOW HER!!!!

  • Alyssa Jones
    Alyssa Jones 4 oy oldin

    Francesca nailed it with link.

  • Billie Sunderland
    Billie Sunderland 4 oy oldin

    The last one was tricky. I knew the other ones instantly (meaning I just got the vibe whether or not they were psychic) but she left me really uncertain. I leaned towards psychic but damn was I hesitating. She must hide her energies well lol.

    • Sheena Metal
      Sheena Metal 3 oy oldin

      I certainly can hide them, when I want to, Billie. But, in most cases, I don't hide them at all. :)

  • lilxfran 17
    lilxfran 17 4 oy oldin

    Hey my name is Francesca 😂❤️( nobody cares)😂😂

  • Pat perro 55
    Pat perro 55 4 oy oldin

    Da last one doe😂🤣😭

  • carrotstikcs
    carrotstikcs 4 oy oldin

    I read this as psychotic and was worried ¿ :l

  • deisy dones
    deisy dones 4 oy oldin

    First Psychic is my favorite

  • Brooklyn Davis
    Brooklyn Davis 4 oy oldin

    If you watch rebecca zamolo, patty is a pro spirit hunter

  • Abby Faulk
    Abby Faulk 4 oy oldin

    1:32 I've never seen anyone else from Vancouver, WA online before.

  • Rev
    Rev 4 oy oldin

    Smash or pass Francesca

  • Wigless
    Wigless 4 oy oldin

    Any one else from Vancouver?

  • AkaMiko97124
    AkaMiko97124 4 oy oldin +2

    Oh man. There you have it. Rhett is The Beautiful One.

  • Cirem52 Rim
    Cirem52 Rim 4 oy oldin

    I have more than just a 6th sense, I have a 7th sense.

    *did you know humans actually have way more than just 5 senses, apparently humans have like 20 senses, like hunger, time, etc*

  • The Damned Alpaca
    The Damned Alpaca 4 oy oldin

    First is thicc

  • Sara Beats
    Sara Beats 4 oy oldin

    Vancouver, WA 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • That One Nerd
    That One Nerd 4 oy oldin

    I would’ve guessed not a psychic every time, and I would’ve won because psychics don’t exist

  • Sydney Morgan
    Sydney Morgan 5 oy oldin

    I love Rhett and Link but i wanna know why the heck this was in Twenty One Pilots Vessel Full Album Playlist

  • RhythmicRascal
    RhythmicRascal 5 oy oldin

    Actually all humans are born with way more than 5 senses

  • Trippy Kitty
    Trippy Kitty 5 oy oldin +1

    I was guessing with you guys and got all of them right! must be a little psychic myself lol

  • Flartz YT
    Flartz YT 5 oy oldin +1

    Most of the psychics had good energy

  • BloopeReel
    BloopeReel 5 oy oldin

    why am i not subbed?

  • The Yakking Wakko
    The Yakking Wakko 5 oy oldin

    Has anyone noticed that the fakes were better physics at getting this right

  • Lena Luciano
    Lena Luciano 5 oy oldin +2

    SHAUNA?!? Sounds like Shawn... as in Shawn Spencer???!? As in PSYCH!?!?!? AS in the best crime show ever!?!?

  • Regan Baidel
    Regan Baidel 5 oy oldin

    Patti is from ghost adventures

  • Regan Baidel
    Regan Baidel 5 oy oldin

    I think she's from ghost adventures

  • Logan
    Logan 5 oy oldin

    I do not know, I was just listening to the "vessel"!!

  • blankenator62
    blankenator62 5 oy oldin

    Should be, manipulative con artist or not a manipulative con artist.

  • TheSongwritingCat
    TheSongwritingCat 5 oy oldin

    Shauna was so bad that I thought she was a failed actress using her rudimentary improv skills. She sounded more like a mediocre life coach. On the other hand, Patti and Stacy spoke with the confidence of good professional charlatans, which is all psychics are.

  • Calfeine
    Calfeine 5 oy oldin

    all psychics are fake you shoe