Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  • ThuầnProducer
    ThuầnProducer Kun oldin

    wow goood scary movie

  • skinny legend lisa
    skinny legend lisa Kun oldin

    definitely gonna watch but damn they shouldn’t have put that last clip after the title and cast

    toni colette didn’t last long damn

  • Rabid Squirrel
    Rabid Squirrel Kun oldin +1

    1:34 That’s weird. It’s the album cover for Metallica - Hardwired To Self-Destruct!

  • Mark Key
    Mark Key Kun oldin

    Been a long time since something truly got under my skin. This looks divine.

    LUKE'S TV Kun oldin

    FINALLY... a movie worth watching

  • Sage Emerald
    Sage Emerald Kun oldin

    "People thought she was part of an exhibit. We're trending on Instagram, it's a major hit." That's the thesis for this movie; I fucking love it.
    The concept of an artist causing death, madness, suicide through their art is compelling to both artists, critics, and consumers. But especially for artists. What is more profound than weaponized creativity? Plenty of things, perhaps, but I would argue that it's in the top ten at least.

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Kun oldin


  • Shibbir Choudhury
    Shibbir Choudhury Kun oldin

    Ohh yesss

  • Alberto Mosscosso
    Alberto Mosscosso Kun oldin

    Vod hasn’t aged a day!

  • NINJA's Depression
    NINJA's Depression Kun oldin +1

    Show me the whole movie, why dont ya?

  • Alex Chaffin
    Alex Chaffin Kun oldin

    Jake gyllenhal has so much range in his acting ability its incredible.

  • Tan - Tan
    Tan - Tan Kun oldin

    El arte sí es peligroso, pero por otras razones y otros medios. El hecho de que Jake Gyllenhaal esté en esta película no creo que la salve.

  • cristian alvarez
    cristian alvarez Kun oldin

    wow this trailer is just giving it all away.

  • ZangThao 咏春
    ZangThao 咏春 Kun oldin


  • Angela Valerie
    Angela Valerie Kun oldin

    This escalated quickly.

  • BOB777777777700
    BOB777777777700 Kun oldin

    Funny that hes on the thumbnail of two trending videos

  • Vishwadeep Shinde
    Vishwadeep Shinde Kun oldin

    Can anyone explain me what genre or of what type this movie is? It looks horror to me but I am not sure about it. What this movie/trailer wanna say?
    I had watched a movie called 'Upstream Color' few years back. Didn't understand it, this movie gives the same vibes.

  • beld capristo
    beld capristo Kun oldin

    Looks like it may be good , way to many spoilers in the trailer.

  • Bruno Peleteiro
    Bruno Peleteiro Kun oldin

    At first you had my curiosity but now you have my attention.

  • Kunzang Bhutia
    Kunzang Bhutia Kun oldin

    Netflix on fire 🔥🔥🔥 sooo good !

  • MK MK
    MK MK Kun oldin

    Nancy from Stranger Things. I will watch for her and obviously for JG

  • Happy Facts Lifestyle - Live Your Dream Life

    *Loved Nightcrawler, and this looks just as good!*

  • Meso Boring
    Meso Boring Kun oldin

    Gyllenhaal? ok I’ll watch...and Malkovich? Ok I’m going to watch. Looks interesting.

  • ♛ Huffdaddy™
    ♛ Huffdaddy™ Kun oldin +1

    *MYSTERIO ORGINS STORY?!* fuck yes Netflix tyyyy

  • Aylmer Street
    Aylmer Street Kun oldin

    I dont know about you guys. But this is kinda funny to see how jake's expression look like😅

  • Jimbob84141
    Jimbob84141 Kun oldin

    Wow and I thought I was bad at painting :D

  • The Kurtoise
    The Kurtoise Kun oldin

    Jake Gyllenhaal is in this movie.

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric Kun oldin

    She looks like Mirando

  • ChiGies
    ChiGies Kun oldin

    This is the best trailer ive ever seen dony know why haha

  • Matthew Flores
    Matthew Flores Kun oldin

    This title needs to be on Philippines

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor Kun oldin

    Is that Donald Glover's character from ATL@ 2:50?

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott 2 kun oldin

    Just on my birthday! 👌🏼

  • Selah
    Selah 2 kun oldin

    Biggest fuckin plot twist ive ever seen in a trailer.

  • Arsen Tes
    Arsen Tes 2 kun oldin

    I love how they have the girl from the Thomas Crown Affair be in this as well

  • vinze junior
    vinze junior 2 kun oldin

    I can't decide if this is Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Psychological, Drama, Historical, Coming-of-Age, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Musical, Romance...


  • CizreK
    CizreK 2 kun oldin

    Dude Netflix. Try making something decent for once please. This is another BirdBox toilet poop.

  • RealCoolGuy
    RealCoolGuy 2 kun oldin

    Well, that took a turn...

  • i cant believe its not anime

    Was expecting something like Neon Demon but am disappointed it's like Sinister. Meh Netflix

  • Mortem1
    Mortem1 2 kun oldin

    Czemu czcionki napisów tych kolorowych sa kopia tych z Cyprpunl2077

  • MrRobynLover
    MrRobynLover 2 kun oldin

    knew it was by the Nightcrawler guy because of Jake and Rene Russo in the same film again

  • Fdr Elopre
    Fdr Elopre 2 kun oldin

    After Bird Box this one also looks amazingly good. Netflix on point in making horror/thriller films.

  • Maria Casella
    Maria Casella 2 kun oldin

    I am a simple person. I see Jake Gyllenhaal in it, I know it's a good movie.

  • valerio morreale
    valerio morreale 2 kun oldin

    Spoiling the main twist in the trailer, you did it right

  • 13janhald
    13janhald 2 kun oldin

    The trailer shows everything☹️

  • matizbrave
    matizbrave 2 kun oldin

    When a trailer shows a whole movie...

  • Asteria Ambata
    Asteria Ambata 2 kun oldin

    Omg! 😱

  • Valeria Alderete
    Valeria Alderete 2 kun oldin

    Q buen actorrr m encanta

  • MrSeph96
    MrSeph96 2 kun oldin


  • 600firefly1
    600firefly1 2 kun oldin +1

    This guy took Taylor swifts virginity then didn't show up to her 21st, then dumped her..

  • Universal Monster
    Universal Monster 2 kun oldin

    Wish people cared about the environment as much as they care about making forgettable movies.

  • Zatoichi Hanzo
    Zatoichi Hanzo 2 kun oldin

    Jefferson is now in a horror netflix show? what ´d I miss?

  • Lawrence Oliver McBeth
    Lawrence Oliver McBeth 2 kun oldin +1

    Doesn't look scary at all, another generic Netflix SHITE

  • Christian Vincent Literatus

    I saw this referenced in Stephen Colbert interview and I was wowed by the trailer!

  • kkk
    kkk 2 kun oldin +1

    only on the mars channel folks 🙄👎🏼👎🏼

  • winter sakura
    winter sakura 2 kun oldin

    what the hell

  • Shakti Dagar
    Shakti Dagar 2 kun oldin +1

    Nice... Looks that one episode of Supernatural

  • Freak Zeke
    Freak Zeke 2 kun oldin

    Stop the world when people start thinking a dead body in an art museum is part of the exhibit.

  • Subha dip Ghorai
    Subha dip Ghorai 2 kun oldin

    Gayanii 2.0

  • Ginger San
    Ginger San 2 kun oldin

    Comments are scaring me

  • Md Zibrail
    Md Zibrail 2 kun oldin

    Bc kuch samjh me hhi nhi aaya meko

  • shivesh satyam
    shivesh satyam 2 kun oldin +1


  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright 2 kun oldin

    No need to watch the movie now the trailer seems to give away most of the film 🙄

  • Kshitiz Raj
    Kshitiz Raj 2 kun oldin

    Because of gyaani2.0?

  • JiHyunPeTziE
    JiHyunPeTziE 2 kun oldin

    I love jake gylenhall

  • Avin 0_0
    Avin 0_0 2 kun oldin

    *gand fati giyo mota Bhai 😶*

  • AJ with friend's
    AJ with friend's 2 kun oldin

    Awesome who is come after gyaani video #BROSENA

  • Daniel Katzman
    Daniel Katzman 2 kun oldin


    Just gonna leave it here

  • Chiel
    Chiel 2 kun oldin

    We're still doing that spoil everything in the trailer thing? For shame.

  • hidden gunz
    hidden gunz 2 kun oldin +1

    Look like the video game "layers of fear"

  • itsflowerside
    itsflowerside 2 kun oldin

    i’m not a fan of horror at all but this looks DOPE

  • Darwin Godfreed
    Darwin Godfreed 2 kun oldin

    Netflix is uping their game before the Disney Steaming begins

  • Sebastian Trejo
    Sebastian Trejo 2 kun oldin

    I'm so excited for this, Netflix has the music on point

  • No pe
    No pe 2 kun oldin

    reminds me of a book i read a few years back but i cant remember the title

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby 2 kun oldin

    I’m in.

  • Shyam Kumar
    Shyam Kumar 2 kun oldin

    Unique concept

  • ZakuzGamer
    ZakuzGamer 2 kun oldin +1

    who agree it's layers of fear game LOL

  • Strwz
    Strwz 2 kun oldin

    thanks for the spoilers

  • Vodka Brandon
    Vodka Brandon 2 kun oldin

    This Fucking garbage is getting thumbs down without a view.

  • P3 5-6
    P3 5-6 2 kun oldin

    The first minute of the trailer made want to press the skip button but I’m glad I didn’t.

  • harry wicaksono
    harry wicaksono 2 kun oldin

    Koyo e apik iki...

  • Sean-E-Boy
    Sean-E-Boy 2 kun oldin

    I think people are overhyping this doesnt look that good at all infact looks boring

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 2 kun oldin

    Trailer gives away too much man

  • Roland
    Roland 2 kun oldin

    so the "thing" at 0:41 most likely is the artist who drew them, saying "i can't save you" from my pictures. thats my guess

  • Salma Zahraoui
    Salma Zahraoui 2 kun oldin +1

    I see jake gyllenhaal I press like!

  • Black  Thompson
    Black Thompson 2 kun oldin

    When I see Jake Gyllenhaal, I instantly hit the like button

  • Eric Jon Po
    Eric Jon Po 2 kun oldin

    Directed by Dan KILLroy

  • Shaurya Singh
    Shaurya Singh 2 kun oldin

    Mysterio origin story right here.

  • 🍒
    🍒 2 kun oldin

    Would be delightfully surprised if Netflix just sneakily put nightcrawler the same day this released ... need me all the dan gilroy

  • Erin Butler
    Erin Butler 2 kun oldin

    So, is Gyllenhaal ever going to get around to aging like a normal person? Or have we got a Dorian Grey situation going on?
    (This film looks like fuuuuun!)

  • MA Huda
    MA Huda 3 kun oldin

    Trailer is the spoiler

  • David Dutton
    David Dutton 3 kun oldin

    Is it Feb 1 yet?

  • Aldiggy2000
    Aldiggy2000 3 kun oldin

    1:13 is that fucking Octomom?

  • Cruiser_B 97
    Cruiser_B 97 3 kun oldin

    Ok but no one is going to mention how they ripped the score from Sicario?

  • varelaable photography

    Excellent a masterpiece it will be 😱🙌🏽😎👌🏾

  • Mark Roundtree
    Mark Roundtree 3 kun oldin

    Check my artwork out @mtreethegreat

  • Joshua Joshua
    Joshua Joshua 3 kun oldin

    Aaaaand that's how you get me to pay 16 bucks a month.

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 3 kun oldin

    Dropping on my birthday 😭

  • LTdammit
    LTdammit 3 kun oldin

    Dan Gilroy, Jake Gyllenhaal & Rene Russo? sounds familiar!

  • Charly Northrup
    Charly Northrup 3 kun oldin

    I'm glad I didn't waste $27 on a ticket to see this at Sundance since it'll be on Netflix...

  • No One
    No One 3 kun oldin

    He acts like Martin Scorsese here..