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    ORIGINAL ASSASSIN 2 oy oldin


  • Dark Ninja Gamez
    Dark Ninja Gamez 3 oy oldin

    I have that the itemo on the video image

  • Alexander Kilsby
    Alexander Kilsby 6 oy oldin

    Dab safely kids👍

  • Awesome Sean
    Awesome Sean 6 oy oldin

    Awesome video

  • GhoulBeaR Zzz
    GhoulBeaR Zzz 8 oy oldin

    This video was Made In My Birthday

  • Chantelle William
    Chantelle William 8 oy oldin

    Were the hidden blade

  • Bradley PerrouxYT
    Bradley PerrouxYT 9 oy oldin

    Olivia your arm is broken

  • Wildhelm
    Wildhelm 11 oy oldin

    i love it how it's edward's hidden blade in connor's outfit

  • Cristopher Guardado
    Cristopher Guardado 11 oy oldin

    dab police.

  • Pennywise The dancing clown

    I miss when smosh was like tjis

  • Keji
    Keji Yil oldin

    He looks a little too white in the thumbnail.

  • Cassidy Darling
    Cassidy Darling Yil oldin

    In wich part of the video did either of them display or show off the blade in any way except for popping a bb -_- wow

  • assassin life21
    assassin life21 Yil oldin

    Its all ways make me lafe (SHUUT UUPP)

  • Susana Aguilera
    Susana Aguilera Yil oldin +1


  • XxEliteSniper85xX
    XxEliteSniper85xX Yil oldin +1

    I have that hidden blade

  • Oz kid Parker Harris
    Oz kid Parker Harris Yil oldin +1

    How many Fools can I kill today to many to count don't get in my way

  • Adriana Natalicchio

    poor Connor :,v

  • T H E B A T H
    T H E B A T H Yil oldin +1

    Olivia dabs

    Stop! Meme police!

  • Chandelure F-5
    Chandelure F-5 Yil oldin +1


  • Bryan Ciminesi
    Bryan Ciminesi Yil oldin +1

    How many fools can I kill today too many to count don't get in my way

  • coolgurl 1470
    coolgurl 1470 Yil oldin +8

    A hidden blade already exists 😁😁😁

  • PC gmes
    PC gmes Yil oldin

    Checkout Colin furzes hidden blade

  • Sunshine Syndrome From Hobi

    I thought this was a video about bts..... good video tho😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Fauste Slapuke
    Fauste Slapuke Yil oldin

    sa usu widiu

  • Greed Ling yao
    Greed Ling yao Yil oldin

    what is the name of the opening song in the bloopers?

  • ThatGuyGlenn
    ThatGuyGlenn Yil oldin


  • Spah
    Spah Yil oldin +2

    Why do they always say "lets shoot this S**t!"

  • Jairo Aaron Morales

    fuck u

  • z xdeozx
    z xdeozx Yil oldin

    wow anthony grown so much he cant even wear the assassin's creed outfit anymore

    PARANOID 23 Yil oldin +6

    i am a gangster i spent time in prison and i impregnate all the wemen lmao

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres Yil oldin

    Marine corp cammies

  • Maxs Sk8
    Maxs Sk8 Yil oldin +2

    Add a genji dragonblade.Overwatch

  • Reuben Macintyre
    Reuben Macintyre Yil oldin

    lol SHUT UP

  • Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas Yil oldin

    Best chance. Ever!!!!!!

  • coolman574
    coolman574 Yil oldin +3

    How many fools can I kill today?

  • 7news Delta air
    7news Delta air Yil oldin

    Dude go to 3.04

  • manups4e
    manups4e Yil oldin

    WTF that's spanish not italian!!!!!!

  • Pärtel Tammearu
    Pärtel Tammearu 2 yil oldin

    my favourite assassin creed character is Edward Kennedy because I like pirates!

  • Wahmics
    Wahmics 2 yil oldin

    Starving bears

  • p p
    p p 2 yil oldin


  • Trent Peterson
    Trent Peterson 2 yil oldin

    bees actually puke honey

  • Nina Satterfield
    Nina Satterfield 2 yil oldin


  • Gabriel Alvarez
    Gabriel Alvarez 2 yil oldin

    Destroy All Humans "Black Hole Gun" = There goes the entire planet

  • PC Johnson
    PC Johnson 2 yil oldin

    Rewind reminded of me these guys

  • herobrine 45
    herobrine 45 2 yil oldin +1

    los que hablan ingles son tontos

  • Medin
    Medin 2 yil oldin

    Old memories of the Assassins Creed 3 Song

  • ExzizExcorcist 2K
    ExzizExcorcist 2K 2 yil oldin

    at least this came out on my bday

  • caveman1249
    caveman1249 2 yil oldin


  • anna conteza puno
    anna conteza puno 2 yil oldin


  • Dude-Tuber 10,000
    Dude-Tuber 10,000 2 yil oldin

    I wish this wasn't a bts

  • V
    V 2 yil oldin

    mega buster,sonic's 7 chaos emeralds,vega's claw & mask from street fighter,alisa's chainsaw arms from tekken,& wild dog's gatling gun arm from time crisis

  • RichConnerGMN
    RichConnerGMN 2 yil oldin

    Why is there an annotation on the left and right?

  • Lisa Memchik
    Lisa Memchik 2 yil oldin

    русиш сучки

  • S. Hitson
    S. Hitson 2 yil oldin

    "dab safely kids" OK!

  • Solly
    Solly 2 yil oldin +1

    I'm an assassin I got blades

    I'm gonna stab you in the face

  • Solly
    Solly 2 yil oldin +1

    00:20 he's wearing usmc camo

  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan 2 yil oldin

    Smosh what's with the subtitles at 1:52? that is so offensive.

  • Coyote W
    Coyote W 2 yil oldin


  • 20s gg
    20s gg 2 yil oldin +1

    connor custome and edward hidden blade ??? haha that is why this scene doesn't got in the clip

  • SwaggBunny
    SwaggBunny 2 yil oldin

    how about every Christian ever

  • Madeline Merriman
    Madeline Merriman 2 yil oldin

    Sara gloktdcg whatever could do save the children that watch to much tv

  • Furyfire
    Furyfire 2 yil oldin

    Want to see her again haha

  • Ethan9945 Boy
    Ethan9945 Boy 2 yil oldin

    they are in resl life some one made the hidden blade and grampling hook

  • Ethan Mottley
    Ethan Mottley 2 yil oldin

    Can you do a mgloflin for dab death

  • Essere Benedetti
    Essere Benedetti 2 yil oldin

    My maid makes me want to starve to death

  • Brevstoll
    Brevstoll 2 yil oldin

    Are they gay yet?

  • Pug Channel
    Pug Channel 2 yil oldin

    where do you live now

  • Ben George
    Ben George 2 yil oldin


  • Frankie Mitchell
    Frankie Mitchell 2 yil oldin

    I'm wearing head phones 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • T.J. Shoker
    T.J. Shoker 2 yil oldin

    who just watchs bts for deleted scences

  • Gci channel
    Gci channel 2 yil oldin

    do videogame irl 4

  • AussieShitCunt
    AussieShitCunt 2 yil oldin

    save harambe

  • Dun let me be gøne
    Dun let me be gøne 2 yil oldin

    in my opinion, the hidden blade one was funnier than the bee, but I do play a lot of Assassin's Creed..

  • Lerz
    Lerz 2 yil oldin

    22,000,000 subs???
    OMFG M8

  • Lerz
    Lerz 2 yil oldin

    0:04 actually it's more like when your nokia falls off

  • mae angelline
    mae angelline 2 yil oldin

    Anthony looks like the mascot for Jollibee lmao

  • CT-5555
    CT-5555 2 yil oldin

    +Smosh sarah should support honey boo boo and her evil nazi twin who has broughthitler back from the dead.

  • Jomith541
    Jomith541 2 yil oldin

    999,999 view

  • Darkrai Leyendary.
    Darkrai Leyendary. 2 yil oldin

    no entiendo pero de todas formas me dio risa XD

  • ImGay
    ImGay 2 yil oldin

    Save the virgins!!!

  • Jakeeynick
    Jakeeynick 2 yil oldin

    I feel better now

  • the shadow of a ghost
    the shadow of a ghost 2 yil oldin


  • Dani Stoica
    Dani Stoica 2 yil oldin

    make assassin creed syndicate music video or unity

  • Dani Stoica
    Dani Stoica 2 yil oldin

    i want to have that hidden blade plz anthony im from romania

  • Dani Stoica
    Dani Stoica 2 yil oldin

    its anthony?

  • Damn Daniel
    Damn Daniel 2 yil oldin

    Actually juggernaut hammer are the superior weapon on halo

  • XxBlackeryxX
    XxBlackeryxX 2 yil oldin

    YEAH I LOVE IAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marco Madrid
    Marco Madrid 2 yil oldin

    who else thought it was Zack Efron at 2:38

  • RogueTechAssassin
    RogueTechAssassin 2 yil oldin

    Sahara and get the help the zombies foundation

  • daniela anovska
    daniela anovska 2 yil oldin

    can you make video game stuff 3 but this time with sunbreaker subclass from destiny

  • Pärtel Tammearu
    Pärtel Tammearu 2 yil oldin

    why whod you like to have pow block in real life you knew pow block is like a bomb!

  • iiSilverGaming
    iiSilverGaming 2 yil oldin

    Sarah Stop stupid cats

  • Vivi Monster
    Vivi Monster 2 yil oldin

    What happened to part timers

  • Dank Cancer m8
    Dank Cancer m8 2 yil oldin

    Wow smosh is such an irrelevant channel now ... leafy and Ricegum have way less subscribers than u and get more views and more likes

  • STAR Biller
    STAR Biller 2 yil oldin


  • Lumpy Bisquick
    Lumpy Bisquick 2 yil oldin

    the cause of stop using your phones

  • Krystal
    Krystal 2 yil oldin

    i cant stop thinking about the miley cyrus video and anthonys face in the mirror in that video >>> and i love super mario galaxy but havent played it in a while :(

  • monkey Banana
    monkey Banana 2 yil oldin

    0:11 music name please?

  • David Apikian
    David Apikian 2 yil oldin

    i will like to be in your viedos