Guns Explained With Cats

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  • Nicoleta Florea
    Nicoleta Florea 8 oy oldin +40482

    *No cats were harmed in the making of this video*

  • J.J. Simpson
    J.J. Simpson 17 soat oldin

    no people were *clawed* in the making of the video

  • OctoSkah
    OctoSkah 19 soat oldin

    Next stop cats explained with guns

  • Danny B
    Danny B 23 soat oldin

    What the hell is this!!?

  • Kitty Nothing
    Kitty Nothing Kun oldin

    im a cat ._.

  • Kendall Perkins
    Kendall Perkins Kun oldin

    I am sorry Alex this makes no sense at all. You are talking about bad cats = AR-15 the problem is an AR-15 cannot hurt anyone without a bad person. A cat is a living thing with a mind of its own and gun is not. I think this is a funny video like all of your others but I think you should just stick to make funny cartoons. This topic is too complicated to try and sum it up with the idea that cats are like guns.

  • Jacob Wolkiewicz
    Jacob Wolkiewicz Kun oldin

    I hate it when my MK-5 makes a mess in the litter box

  • kitty cutie 123
    kitty cutie 123 Kun oldin

    I love cats and even when they claw you in face........ just yell "MOM!"

  • Cameron Brown
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  • Shaun Dickey
    Shaun Dickey Kun oldin

    I appreciate the sentiments that you're expressing in your monologue, but the problem that is involved when we enter discourse about changing gun laws in the U.S. is that the Constitutional 2nd Amendment wasn't put into place to allow known violent offenders to own weapons of deadly force. The proper interpretation is that we should be allowed to arm ourselves up to the level that the military that's led by a *ahem* corrupt government so that, if need be, the general populace can wrest power from our oligarchs and restore some semblance of dignity to the way our country operates. This becomes outmoded, however, by the fact that our government controls weapons that no sane person on Earth would ever allow a single individual to own - think Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the nightmares of every child who lived through the Cold War. The problem isn't with guns - the problem is with a wash, rinse, and repeat cycle of wars that fuels the need for even those on the radical right to cling myopically to what they see as their birthright. Maybe if we toned down our military presence and worked towards a more civil form of defending our nation, we could hope to do something about reducing the numbers of feral cats running rampant through our neighborhoods, schools, places of worship, and social centers.

  • Noah McClendon
    Noah McClendon Kun oldin +1

    Quite the controversial video, I think they should stiffen up cat laws a tad bit, but it's also the owners of the cats that make them rabid. I'm not trying to start an argument (might be inevitable) but we should start focusing on the mental state and how they keep their cats safe rather than trying to get rid of them all...
    Of course there are many more factors than this, but this is an important reason why rabid cats exist.

  • Rugrats1991
    Rugrats1991 2 kun oldin

    I know that this was a hypothetical situation, but what would an insane cat be doing at the movies, church or school wanting to HARM you?

  • April Sparks
    April Sparks 2 kun oldin

    Do you no oddonesout

  • TheMrdaballa
    TheMrdaballa 2 kun oldin

    I hate when my Beretta grows legs and arms and just begins to shoot at me

  • Cool Tasty bread
    Cool Tasty bread 2 kun oldin

    Ive got a pet cheetah down in my basement

    I name him jason

  • HozTheGamer
    HozTheGamer 2 kun oldin

    that blue guy look like denis youtuber XD

  • Dj'sNintendo
    Dj'sNintendo 2 kun oldin

    Y is the apple pie purple ?!?!?!?!

  • Avery Mock
    Avery Mock 2 kun oldin

    What a terribly flawed analogy
    cats have their own will to attack people. guns don't have any will whatsoever

  • Atomicbomb345 :D
    Atomicbomb345 :D 3 kun oldin

    "Lions, tigers, and ar-15s!"

  • elianddiego
    elianddiego 3 kun oldin

    I’m watching this while feeding my AR its daily bullets.🐈

  • RZ410
    RZ410 3 kun oldin +1

    Why do I even bother to listen to this? I know it’ll only sadden me.

  • Айден Николс

    Mmm mmm mm i sure do love that purple possibly radioactive Apple pie. Good ol home cookin

  • recoil junkie 49
    recoil junkie 49 3 kun oldin

    We actually did put out a bill to push stricter punishments to the illegal and bad owners of cats...sadly, the democratic party declared it racist...and now we have a buncha innocent cats in the hands of bad owners. Poor cats...

    • recoil junkie 49
      recoil junkie 49 2 kun oldin

      +Guy The GalaXII sorry guy, I can't find a name. The old one with the NRA didn't even make it to house

    • Guy The GalaXII
      Guy The GalaXII 2 kun oldin

      +recoil junkie 49 Do you know what the name of the actual bill was?

    • recoil junkie 49
      recoil junkie 49 3 kun oldin

      So in short this was a bill actually made by a Democrat Mayor of Chicago and was actually backed by the NRA (and myself) later to force criminals to serve minimum 3 year sentences for illegal possession of firearms. Black community legislators and the rest of the PC brigade however blocked it. I'm a big gun rights advocate, I think all law abiding people deserve guns. But criminals are making the firearms community look bad and can be out in no time at all, often making repeat offenders. We need looser laws to the people, stricter punishments to the idiots.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 3 kun oldin

      +recoil junkie 49
      Thank you, I very much appreciate your time and effort.

    • recoil junkie 49
      recoil junkie 49 3 kun oldin

      +Gary Winthorp one sec I'll find you a link

  • Jayden Leightom
    Jayden Leightom 3 kun oldin

    No cats where harmed make comment

  • Jheri Guygerson
    Jheri Guygerson 3 kun oldin +1

    58k people are butt hurt by simple logic

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp Kun oldin

      +Jheri Guygerson
      Conspiracy? What? Why did you not answer my question? Alex said in this video, the NRA is directly causing mass shootings, by leaving out "treats". Please explain this analogy, as I don't get this "simple logic", do you understand? There are already laws in most states that do a background check, also Canada has a much more stricter background checks. Yet, Canada, with a population less than California, less guns, and stricter laws, in a much larger area, have more mass shootings, school shootings, and terrorist attacks.
      Do you understand that "training" is just preparing yourself to murder someone without a second thought, right? A license would mean that firearms are a privilege, not a right. My Father is a class A driver, its not about the harm, its about the money and insurance. Also operating vehicles outside of the jurisdiction of rightful use, is a privilege. Firearms are not.
      So... it wouldn't solve the problem, and you've successfully made it more expensive to own firearms, while also reducing it to a privilege. If you want to step into the direction of also getting rid of the 1st Amendment, that is how you do it.

    • Jheri Guygerson
      Jheri Guygerson Kun oldin

      Gary Winthorp bruh its not a conspiracy. I feel a lot of you misunderstand. The main contributing factor in mass shootings is a mental health problem. More in depth background checks could help, any thing can be used to cause mass murded tho I.E the Boston bombing etc. If there were laws sanctioned involving a certain classification of high powered rifle to be purchased, the person would have to have training and obtain a license allow them to to own such type. Kinda like how you have to have a CDL to drive a semi, cause if driven buy the wrong person it could cause a lot of harm. It wouldn't out right solve the issue, but it would be a step in the right direction.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp Kun oldin

      +Jheri Guygerson
      Simple logic? Uh... can you explain how the NRA is causing mass shootings by leaving out "treats" as stated by this video. Also what are those "treats"?

    • Jheri Guygerson
      Jheri Guygerson 2 kun oldin

      I'm sorry I got you Triggered mate..
      Preperation H helps if your still butthurt after your rant there 😂

    • VerrucktMedic
      VerrucktMedic 2 kun oldin

      Jheri Guygerson Even if we ignore that. The AR15 is not a particular or unusually dangerous rifle. It fires the NATO standard 5.56x45 round, .223 Remington, or .22 LR. You can find it in some other rare forms that fire higher calibers, such as the AR15 .50 Beowulf but then again you can find an M1 Garand that fires .458 Winchester so I don’t know if comparing “super charged” weapons is very fair.
      People are afraid of it because it’s painted black, made of metal, and looks military.
      But in reality both civilians and military use weapons around the AR15 base because they particularly like heat guarded, lightweight, close bolted, easy to handle, and sturdy rifles.
      Nothing about the gun sends any “red flags” about looking military to much of the gun community. It’s also semi-automatic, and good luck finding a full auto one since new ones are illegal so you have to either find a grandfathered one or a grandfathered conversion kit from before the ban a long time ago.
      More crimes are committed with handguns than AR15s or any kind of rifle. There are many wooden covered hunting rifles that mimic the AR15 in fire rate, round size, and low cost that no one seems to care about. Because they’re made of wood and not scary looking.

  • Leigh Parker
    Leigh Parker 4 kun oldin

    Decent video. Thanks lots for the video.

  • blizzard the omega wolf

    Who's to say cats aren't guns?

  • The Tech Titan
    The Tech Titan 4 kun oldin

    I love blue apple pie!

  • dahblackness
    dahblackness 4 kun oldin

    Lol nah everyone needs a cat cause lets be honest if everyone has a cat it’s gunna belike well I could my cat for bad but I won’t make it far cause the other 300 people with cats would end me in like 2 seconds I’m out numbered 1 cat to 300 cats but 1 illegal cat cause rules vs 2 cops with cats that won’t get there in time to stop anything is not gunna help

  • Sandro Zamora
    Sandro Zamora 4 kun oldin


  • bmondademon
    bmondademon 4 kun oldin

    this is how you make a political video without condesending to people

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 3 kun oldin

      Did you write this ironically? Because he is without a doubt condescending.

  • Guy The GalaXII
    Guy The GalaXII 4 kun oldin +1

    This is great!
    The second amendment needs to be repealed.
    Guns are a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Besides, it was supposed to be for protection against the British.
    We should be like Australia, just like he said. These NRA trools can only whine about "muh guns" but they don't give a damm about these kids that are dying. Why do we need military-grade automatic weapons like the Ar-15?
    I'd be ok with having a handgun, but there needs to be A LOT more regulations. Waiting periods, background checks, and gun licences.
    We have around 300 shootings per year in the Us. We have the highest gun deaths in the world. Something must change.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 3 kun oldin

      +Guy The GalaXII
      At least 8months, at least... Feels like I'll be here for over a year, telling idiots how regulations don't work. You notice how Alex still responds to some comments, too? Shits hilarious.

    • Guy The GalaXII
      Guy The GalaXII 3 kun oldin

      +Gary Winthorp so have you also been through 8 months of comments?

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 3 kun oldin

      +Guy The GalaXII
      xD I had a feeling you were baiting.

    • Guy The GalaXII
      Guy The GalaXII 3 kun oldin

      +Gary Winthorp notice how I used really bad arguments.

    • Guy The GalaXII
      Guy The GalaXII 3 kun oldin +1

      +Gary Winthorp I just wanted to see if you would comment

  • Cute Pikachu Gamer And Vlogs

    Cats Explained With Guns

  • we done goofed
    we done goofed 4 kun oldin

    You can't just walk into gun go and buy a gun it's not that easy

  • Tracy Sault
    Tracy Sault 4 kun oldin

    Do you honestly think gun control laws will stop criminals?

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 3 kun oldin

      +It's Alex Clark
      The factual evidence shows that gun control laws have never stopped mass shootings.

    • It's Alex Clark
      It's Alex Clark  4 kun oldin

      If I’m Only going by factual evidence then yes.

  • Yis Pinto
    Yis Pinto 4 kun oldin


  • blacksheepwall79
    blacksheepwall79 5 kun oldin

    Your problem here is that the cat has Agency while the AR-15 doesn't...

  • Animator009
    Animator009 5 kun oldin

    Some versions of Alex were harmed in the making of this video.

  • snipingshadow
    snipingshadow 5 kun oldin

    Guns aren’t living thinking things. Bad analogy. But to use your argument about cats it would be like de-clawing every cat because some lion in Africa killed one guy in a years time and in doing so you just took the cats’ defensive mechanism away from them and now they can be attacked by rats, snakes, giant birds, foxes, raccoons, and dogs. Your argument fails. Try again. Only smart thing you said was for the gun grabbing morons to tell us how to get less guns in the hands of wrong people BUT without effecting law abiding citizens. Don’t worry we’ll wait. Haven’t found a single intelligent gun grabber that could do such to this date.

  • Awesome Pug
    Awesome Pug 5 kun oldin


  • Michael Galli
    Michael Galli 5 kun oldin

    Excuse me, but you are not educated enough on guns to even think about making a video on gun control.

  • Sh00k3n- -TruS
    Sh00k3n- -TruS 5 kun oldin

    So are the cats the owner or the gun

  • Billey Indings
    Billey Indings 5 kun oldin

    Not have jail seentas to too long for people who don't deserve it like gun and cream and suck.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 5 kun oldin

    I have

  • Gabrella McNee
    Gabrella McNee 5 kun oldin

    Oh my gosh I love so much that he didn’t just say let’s get rid of all guns

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 5 kun oldin

      He said he thinks that works and prefers it.

  • french fries
    french fries 5 kun oldin

    Were my cat AR-15

  • urnoobfreind
    urnoobfreind 5 kun oldin

    Indoctrination with "cute" graphics. shameful. Do you not realize that there are laws that make it where criminals or insane people can't get "cats" and that the states with the most restrictive "cat" laws have the worst "cat" issues? Restricting people from owning "cats" just because you have a phobia of "cats" is A. Immoral. B. Illegal. And C. Down right dumb as legal "cat" owners have defended themselves countless of times saving countless lives.. bad people will do bad things. If they can't get a "cat". They will use a knife. A truck. A screwdriver. A bomb.. you will never stop BAD people..

  • Nigh Kitty
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  • Alissa Xu
    Alissa Xu 6 kun oldin

    cheetah is a nickname for me... I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS

  • Ethan Rhine
    Ethan Rhine 6 kun oldin

    It’s sad people don’t understand what a metaphor is. Oh well

  • Loyal2Luna
    Loyal2Luna 6 kun oldin

    This was brilliant, you deserve an award sir.

  • buck wheat
    buck wheat 6 kun oldin

    A AR-15 is just a Simi automatic rifle one trigger pull on bullet shot also its a small round and most shootings are not with AR-15s we need to keep mrs nra how she is the pussie ass democrats need to change and if you want guns that can't be used in shootings any gun can kill people its I want no shootings so no guns if there are guns people will do bad things we are animals after all its either you leftist go for no guns or just accept people do bad things

  • buck wheat
    buck wheat 6 kun oldin

    We dont have enough cats

  • buck wheat
    buck wheat 6 kun oldin

    There are already rules for cats

  • Michoni Campbell
    Michoni Campbell 6 kun oldin

    What about 🐶s

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 6 kun oldin

    i already see where dis bs is going

  • Junpei19 Iroi
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  • naoki Hunter
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  • Cactus Life
    Cactus Life 6 kun oldin

    "Coz at least we don't have AR-15's"

  • Stu Cassidy
    Stu Cassidy 6 kun oldin

    if you have got a cat problem get a dog

  • Buck Dog
    Buck Dog 6 kun oldin

    Here's a better analogy; Guns are like cats who are TOLD to be bad. A gun does not wake up one day, and think, "Hey, I think I'm gonna go shoot my next door neighbor." You have to tell it to go shoot your neighbor. So, you say to your pet cheetah, "Hey kitty! You should go eat the poor little old lady across the street!" Again, guns aren't capable of thinking, or moving on their own.

  • Brandan Southwick
    Brandan Southwick 6 kun oldin

    It’d be great but how are you supposed to get all the bad guns out and only keep a few good ones, endless you just mean like cops, but then ppl will still somehow illegally get a gun and then I have absolutely nothing to defend myself with or even if they don’t have a gun and I don’t if someone breaks into my house what am I suppose to use to defend myself there... bad cats are gay but I’d like to think my good one is helpful and I’d rather just have more good ones

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 6 kun oldin

      The only bad gun, is one that doesn't function.

  • Jayfeather :p
    Jayfeather :p 7 kun oldin


  • Sahara Official
    Sahara Official 7 kun oldin

    Mrs. NRA = National Rifle Association.
    pls dont click see more. it might trigger ur liberal brains.

    IAC is a joke. Wtf... like can a gun shoot by its own? bad people = bad people using guns for bad reasons. like why did u have to bring in NRA for this? also do u know why there is a lot of *school* shootings? its because schools are no-guns area. its the perfect in terms of criminals and laws to have a shooting there.

  • ToxicWaltz 0
    ToxicWaltz 0 7 kun oldin

    Hope ya not serious...

  • sean o'fallon
    sean o'fallon 7 kun oldin

    What a terrible comparison.

  • Zhappnin Im Fredy
    Zhappnin Im Fredy 7 kun oldin

    There already is educate your self...

  • Edwin Steffen Bouman
    Edwin Steffen Bouman 7 kun oldin

    Not rude but....

    Nra bra

    Just a joke k sorry trolololool

  • Kendra Jackson
    Kendra Jackson 7 kun oldin

    3:13 APPLE pie?

  • Martin Leong
    Martin Leong 7 kun oldin

    Guns are things of mass destruction

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 7 kun oldin

      No they aren't. Class IV armaments are though.

  • Supernova Network
    Supernova Network 7 kun oldin

    0:18 “and I happen to love a cute, cuddly gun.”

  • Crafty Kitty DIY
    Crafty Kitty DIY 8 kun oldin

    Wow I've never seen a purple Apple

  • Briley Willard
    Briley Willard 8 kun oldin

    That pie was purple so it would be flavored ....................PIE FLAVOR🍕

  • ben vilches
    ben vilches 8 kun oldin

    Study shows that cat owner can have a virus that can affect sinfonia

    BRO TIME 8 kun oldin

    The thing is you can’t just walk into pet co and get a cat

  • Jeoffry Geff
    Jeoffry Geff 8 kun oldin

    why tf does everyone want to compare gun laws to little kiddwe kwats because there's a few different layers of seriousness

  • well why
    well why 8 kun oldin

    Why is the apple pie blue

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins 8 kun oldin

    when one bans cats, people will just go a little insane with paranoia about hiding all of their cats and cat related paraphernalia in strange improvised cashes, then go back to normal; but: when the cats are illegal, there's less middle ground when considering buying dangerously overpowered, poorly maintained, unstable, aging, badly produced, unregulated cats with no quality control. At least with regulations there's a lot of information legally available and teachable moments to learn by.

  • Derek Bright
    Derek Bright 8 kun oldin

    I absolutely REFUSE to believe that you own a gun.
    If you do, please by the powers that be tell me what model it is. I need to know what you would possibly own.

  • thiccboi 420
    thiccboi 420 9 kun oldin

    I have a strange feeling this isn't about cats

  • I love this show is a very educational show Cassidy

    yeah there are some places that there is a rule to how many cats you can have how many animals do you have animals can cause a problem in your territory it can actually there's if there's too many animals cuz it can make their house smell and be unhealthy for the animals I'm just saying I'm not being judgemental or anything I'm just saying

  • Dottoman
    Dottoman 9 kun oldin

    Except guns don’t attack people, people use guns to attack other people. It’s not a problem with “awful cats” it’s a problem with “awful owners”. And you can’t regulate people like you can things.

  • cris romero
    cris romero 9 kun oldin

    good video

  • Plep Plop
    Plep Plop 9 kun oldin

    I don't get it

  • kai crenshaw
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  • Complete Killz
    Complete Killz 9 kun oldin

    Give everyone apple pie

    Pie is blue *num num num* wait why is my pie blue?
    It’s poison....

  • Miles King
    Miles King 9 kun oldin

    hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play l4d2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you :wink: sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx

  • Junpei19 Iroi
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    I like ADORABLE cats!

  • SkyGuy360
    SkyGuy360 9 kun oldin

    I didn't know guns could reproduce.

  • ink bendy
    ink bendy 9 kun oldin

    my cat died

  • Gavin Jenney
    Gavin Jenney 9 kun oldin

    Why not look at Switzerland? They seem to have a lot of guns going around and comparatively little gun crime.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 9 kun oldin

      They also force their citizens in mandatory military service. Have no free speech, and overall are completely different.
      We're quite a ways from radically changing.

  • Jellyquake unicorn
    Jellyquake unicorn 9 kun oldin

    Hopefully no people were harmed in the making of this video....

  • carramellow bro
    carramellow bro 9 kun oldin

    I am sutpid so I didn't understand it at all

  • Shiro xD
    Shiro xD 9 kun oldin

    okay but how about when then ban your cats damn legs.

  • Squid Fish
    Squid Fish 9 kun oldin


  • lawson allen
    lawson allen 10 kun oldin

    Thats not true about Australia at all that’s actually kinda the opposite and you cant ban illegal guns there illegal for a reason

  • Alaura Soriano
    Alaura Soriano 10 kun oldin

    okay i don't think all cats bad my dad to but there was one cat who scratched my dad and my dad shaved the cat so it looked like a lion

  • Cat Claws
    Cat Claws 10 kun oldin

    Juan ain't coming home

  • I Don't Like Birds
    I Don't Like Birds 10 kun oldin

    It's never a good idea for a non-political channel (Especially one geared towards _children_ ) to talk about any politics.

  • Kato Young Deville
    Kato Young Deville 10 kun oldin

    Alex, bro, I love your content but this aint it chief. I wouldn't compare guns to a sentient creature. A gun is a tool used for defending one's self. It can be used in other ways but in the terms of public use, I would say this would be it's most intended purpose. So with that being said, I would rather compare guns to the likes of another famous tool.. The Screwdriver!

    I have a screwdriver and I'm sure most people reading this does too. They are handy when they are used for their intended purpose. If someone goes through your neighborhood and started stabbing people with a screwdriver, would we regulate screwdrivers? Would everyone have to cut down to one screwdriver a piece? Would we rise up in a war on Power Tools?

    ...Yeah probably so..