Delusional Owner 86's Almost Everything - Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Keyvis Moore
    Keyvis Moore 4 soat oldin

    I just wanna cry...86 your feelings lol

  • Keyvis Moore
    Keyvis Moore 4 soat oldin

    The toilet won't flush...86 the bathrooms

  • Jenna Barrett
    Jenna Barrett 6 soat oldin


  • feeling froggie doggy
    feeling froggie doggy 12 soat oldin

    Need to 86 that bitch.

  • Toni Leaf
    Toni Leaf 19 soat oldin

    So she 86's a dish just because of one small, fixable complaint. I mean, seriously, she threw out the steak just because one customer wanted a medium rare steak, and got one that was well. That's an easy mistake to fix!
    And right in the middle of service! Who removes items from a menu during service hours? At least wait until after the customers have left to remove anything! It's one thing if you didn't stock enough for the day and run out, but to be fully stocked and just throw it away for some stupid reason while customers are waiting for service, that's just going to make you look worse than if you had just painted a line over the option on the menus!

  • Katie Rachel
    Katie Rachel Kun oldin

    Imma 86 myself

  • krish patel
    krish patel Kun oldin

    86 my a** nyga

  • clyde254 kelly
    clyde254 kelly 2 kun oldin

    darn it, my channel's doing poor. 86 THE CHANNEL Y'ALL

  • Kwinny Studios
    Kwinny Studios 3 kun oldin

    Hachi roku inichal Deeee

  • Abraham Lantigua
    Abraham Lantigua 3 kun oldin

    1:14 is that post watermalone?

  • Andrew V.
    Andrew V. 5 kun oldin

    86 the mats!

  • McMiLLiO
    McMiLLiO 5 kun oldin

    Next we 86...


  • Joel Galarza
    Joel Galarza 5 kun oldin


  • Nightingale Music
    Nightingale Music 6 kun oldin

    What episode is this

  • fl0w
    fl0w 7 kun oldin +2


  • The Civilised Human
    The Civilised Human 9 kun oldin

    Did she just 86 french fires.....

  • QuantumLolliepop
    QuantumLolliepop 9 kun oldin

    Nino would 86 all the dirt and take pictures to prove it.

  • Linda Orsbun
    Linda Orsbun 10 kun oldin

    I felt sorry for the cooks how can you cook like that?? Also she gave the cooks an asparagus lesson?? Really??

  • Rafael Villa
    Rafael Villa 12 kun oldin

    What a bitch

  • Kaiya Birch
    Kaiya Birch 12 kun oldin +1

    “Someone stubbed their toe on the table”

  • adrian anzaldo
    adrian anzaldo 16 kun oldin +1

    86. There, now give me likes.

  • Luckmini Piyatilake
    Luckmini Piyatilake 17 kun oldin +1

    86 the restaurant, lol

  • Emiliano Rivera
    Emiliano Rivera 17 kun oldin

    86 the world

  • Jacob Spray (2021)
    Jacob Spray (2021) 19 kun oldin

    86ed everything almost.Get rid of the delusional owner and move on.

  • GXD
    GXD 19 kun oldin

    guys dont be too harsh or she'll 86 the youtube comments.

  • Keith Oliver
    Keith Oliver 20 kun oldin

    When she fires her staff I bet she says you’re 86ed

  • Richard von Hohenleben
    Richard von Hohenleben 20 kun oldin

    Get the fuck outta the kitchen, crazy woman!

  • Neo Drama
    Neo Drama 22 kun oldin

    This woman just infuriated me. If I want a Pot Pie, I expect to get a Pot Pie. I don't want to be told that the restaurant is out of it.

  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger 22 kun oldin

    Jew theater stupid tv

  • weerobot
    weerobot 23 kun oldin


  • Trizzy Mayne
    Trizzy Mayne 23 kun oldin


  • Gravity Defying Potato 0959

    "Hi, I would like an ice water."
    "*86 THE WATER!*"
    "Oh, that's okay. I'll just have some soda or coffee."
    "*86 ALL DRINKS!*"
    "Oh, that's fine, I guess. I just have some fries."
    "*86 THE FRIES*!"
    "What do have then?"
    "*86 THE MENU!*"
    "You know what? I'll just leave."

  • hama bead heaven
    hama bead heaven 27 kun oldin

    What does 86 mean?

  • Eli Hernandez
    Eli Hernandez 27 kun oldin

    *Drops some oil into the ocean*
    *That's it, 86 the Earth*

  • Sneaky Sloth
    Sneaky Sloth 27 kun oldin


  • Razorback
    Razorback 28 kun oldin

    86 her job. And the restaurant.

  • Max4114
    Max4114 28 kun oldin

    got a toddler in the kitchen

  • Michael Morley
    Michael Morley Oy oldin +1

    86 THE CUSTOMERS....

  • Pupitar_YT Tatairwan

    She 86 Gordon's anger

  • indy shep
    indy shep Oy oldin

    I don't know how anybody works for that woman cuz I would have quit immediately.

  • Veton Ademaj
    Veton Ademaj Oy oldin +1

    Go commit 86

  • Al-Shara Husein
    Al-Shara Husein Oy oldin

    THE CUSTOMERS ARENT HAPPY, 86 the customers you guys!

  • Manuel Ruiz
    Manuel Ruiz Oy oldin


  • Lewis Bulled
    Lewis Bulled Oy oldin

    What does 86 mean? I'm British!

    • David Campbell
      David Campbell 29 kun oldin

      I'm not sure if other countries do it but in America when a restaurant legitimately runs out of something they 86 it. it just means not available but it's the fastest way to say it that works universally across their country

  • Kaiserr
    Kaiserr Oy oldin

    The chef should 86 herself

  • Aki Greus
    Aki Greus Oy oldin


  • The Randomizer
    The Randomizer Oy oldin

    1:33 86 the sweet potato fries you got the cooker

  • Jacob Cotter
    Jacob Cotter Oy oldin

    Steak is overcooked in stead of getting another one and cooking it less blames it on the steaks and throws them away lol

  • Gardragon
    Gardragon Oy oldin

    86 the pride! We have no Pride!

  • Anna Cohen
    Anna Cohen Oy oldin


  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Oy oldin

    Can someone please explain to me what 86 that mean?! I’m so confused

  • Bagget Spagget
    Bagget Spagget Oy oldin

    Commit Soap Meal

  • Leafyisnthere
    Leafyisnthere Oy oldin

    Shouldve 86 herself

  • J A
    J A Oy oldin

    69? 👀...89 that shit

    AGEMO Oy oldin

    86 the owner!

  • Michael Demarco
    Michael Demarco Oy oldin

    86 the 69

  • Naruku2121
    Naruku2121 Oy oldin

    Wonder what teaching her numbers was like..

    "What comes after 1 and 2?"


    "I're not wrong but--"

  • Yellow Flashies
    Yellow Flashies Oy oldin +1

    I‘m honestly triggered. This lady here just denies fucking money while other people can‘t have have a CHANCE at earning it...

  • AZTenor94
    AZTenor94 Oy oldin

    Oh sweet lord, this is embarrassing...

  • sharp 1
    sharp 1 Oy oldin

    Its 2018 BITCH

  • jason cr.
    jason cr. Oy oldin

    Oh my gawsh.

  • Joey Lopez
    Joey Lopez Oy oldin

    Silverware is dirty.
    86 all spoons, knifes, and forks!

  • Michael Dario Pellittieri


  • elena v.
    elena v. Oy oldin

    I, lady, you can't run a business like this (lol I burst out laughing tho)

  • Joe King
    Joe King Oy oldin

    “Can we get these mats out of here”
    She’s literally 86ing the mats

  • Amy Bee
    Amy Bee Oy oldin

    Seeing those steaks thrown in the bin by that fucking psycho actually hurt. Those animals not only lived and died horribly but their bodies were completely wasted. That kind of needless waste is just immoral and wrong.

  • Bruce Lamberton
    Bruce Lamberton Oy oldin

    What an absolute fucking idiot. People like her do not deserve to own restaurants, as it their staff who pay for their stupidity.

  • morgan coon
    morgan coon Oy oldin

    That cook with the dreads is hot af

  • TQY production
    TQY production Oy oldin

    86 the customers

  • Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin

    I'm extremely confused by what I'm seeing

  • Jordan Gullickson

    86 the fucking water guys someone got h2o in their water

  • Chief
    Chief Oy oldin

    I love how she started reciting shit she’s heard gordon say from tv when he starts talking to her about it

  • Adam Rosli
    Adam Rosli Oy oldin

    Whats 86

    • Khani Xia
      Khani Xia Oy oldin

      Adam Rosli take off the menu

  • Adwi Iwda
    Adwi Iwda Oy oldin

    WTF is all this 86 thing thats going on?

  • Richie Noxon
    Richie Noxon Oy oldin

    Delusional Chancellor 66's almost everything

  • S3an's special elf no.385

    The chef cute af 😍

  • w wishh
    w wishh Oy oldin +2

    1:33 "86ed the sweet potato fries and we got the mother fuckers are cookin"
    But I understand his anguish....he is more concerned about the restaurant than the owner herself

  • kateofthecity
    kateofthecity Oy oldin

    "Can we get these mats outta here?"
    I'M DEAD.

  • Louis E
    Louis E Oy oldin

    I would quit on the spot if I worked there

  • Demetrius Hunt
    Demetrius Hunt Oy oldin

    86 the water it not wet enff

  • Demetrius Hunt
    Demetrius Hunt Oy oldin

    She should be order 66 on here

  • hockeytaint22
    hockeytaint22 Oy oldin

    This can’t be real

  • Alipapapapapapi
    Alipapapapapapi Oy oldin

    "I got explosive diarrhea"
    86 the toilet paper you guys

  • chop sticker
    chop sticker Oy oldin

    What does that even mean

  • XGamingNerdX
    XGamingNerdX Oy oldin

    How do you fuck up french fries enough to 86 them? :-/

  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall Oy oldin

    this can't be real, you'd be out of business in a week

  • ThaSpoda
    ThaSpoda Oy oldin

    What is 86?

  • superfurball89onyoutube

    86 is my favorite fucking position

  • InfamousX
    InfamousX Oy oldin

    “We’re losing money here!”.....
    “86 the money!”

  • S L
    S L Oy oldin +4


  • Samantha Indelicato

    I stubbed my toe 86 my feet.
    The customer is choking 86 the customer.
    My brain has a screw loose 86 my head. 😂😂 my restaurant is awful 86 the restaurant.

  • Norton the Mormon

    The chef with dreads looks like Vince Vaughn playing a role in a 2000s comedy

  • MH United
    MH United Oy oldin

    You no like? 86.

  • Barrett Gonda
    Barrett Gonda Oy oldin

    Someone 86 this white crazy bitch

  • Add some lotion Add some motion

    86 the mats

  • Queenofawesome25 L

    If I was the waitress I would have quit fuck that.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Oy oldin

    86 the emails...

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Oy oldin

    Fallout 86, your future is gone.

  • RaGe Unknown
    RaGe Unknown Oy oldin +1

    Customer farted “86 THEM”

  • Elk
    Elk Oy oldin