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  • Sebastian Greene
    Sebastian Greene 18 soat oldin

    As an avid crystal user and a pagan, crystals can't attract spirits of any kind unless you specifically make that happen. Crystals are just a tool for whatever you're trying to do and otherwise they p much just sit idly.
    Unless they're attracted to her specifically but if she's not into the practice then I doubt that would happen

  • Sophia Mus-Talbot
    Sophia Mus-Talbot 21 soat oldin

    Could you guys PLEASE do a crossover with And thats why we drink?!

  • Harlee Rowland
    Harlee Rowland 23 soat oldin

    I think I’m the only person who caught Ryan’s Austin Powers reference at around 13:00. “I don’t know who’s that is, that’s not mine!” referring to a scene where security finds a penis pump in Austin’s bag and starts pumping it up, making the same sound Shane’s chair is

  • wolfkid werewolf channel


  • Rebek L’
    Rebek L’ Kun oldin

    An episode with Shane Dawson would be everything and I need that in my life

  • That one Gamer
    That one Gamer Kun oldin

    Visit annabell

  • finpin
    finpin Kun oldin

    As a skeptical person in general, I really like stones and crystals. Not for the vibes or the chakras or whatnot, but because they're very pretty and they just kind of LOOK magical.
    Anything that looks like a magical item from a fantasy video game? Yes please.
    This is why I have many unfilled leather journals with fancy clasps. Or cool feathers. Or just straight up acorns. And of course, many crystals.
    So ummm yeah having pretty rocks doesn't make you a believer in ghosts.

  • Sophia Jennings
    Sophia Jennings Kun oldin

    "yeah its a cowboy expression"

  • Joy Renee
    Joy Renee Kun oldin

    A Season Finale Haiku
    So no hot daga
    No Bergara guitara

  • Samantha Faye
    Samantha Faye Kun oldin

    I still want to know the background on the house and land, did anything horrific happen before they moved in?

  • Dustan Ramsay
    Dustan Ramsay 2 kun oldin

    also look into using Thermal stuff, everyone says "oh its a cold spot." like... that sways me more than talking boxes

  • Pluto H
    Pluto H 2 kun oldin

    There's no more hotdoga?

  • Devin Gamez
    Devin Gamez 2 kun oldin

    Yes, bring in Aj, and i have a theory that the things that Hannah’s son is seeing are not “good spirits”, I believe that Matilda is merely a mask for something very evil.

  • Ethong Bong19
    Ethong Bong19 2 kun oldin +1

    How would it be a smudge on the camera if the glowing dots dont move position while the camera moves?

  • Richard White
    Richard White 2 kun oldin

    I've never told anyone this, never had an appropriate time other than now. When I was about 7 years old I went into my parent's bed because I was scared I think. I was on the outside of the bed besides my mother. All of a sudden I saw my brother walk up to the side of the bed and just stand there. I remember that he appeared to be black and white, just like seeing him on a black and white tv. I reached out to touch him because he was just standing there, not moving, watching me. As I touched him he disappeared, he didn't walk or run away, just disappeared instantly. He was sleeping in the next room and when he slept nothing ever woke him up. I shared a bunk bed with him and slept on the top, so I know he was asleep when I left the room. I'm not sure if I were dreaming or imagining him, but I was freaked at the time. It never happened again. Now I'm not a believer in the supernatural, but I just always wanted to tell this story. I was young, but the memory is still vivid.

  • Belen R
    Belen R 2 kun oldin

    Ayee I subscribed😉

  • heidi larson
    heidi larson 2 kun oldin

    I have a picture a ghost on my phone...its crazy. It is completely unedited and the ghost is very noticeable. Its a little girl holding hands witH another ghost

  • Grace Leader
    Grace Leader 2 kun oldin

    “stock those stuffings” 😂😂😂

  • Jojo Yajj
    Jojo Yajj 2 kun oldin

    Shane’s laugh at the end is what I live for.

  • Diana S B
    Diana S B 2 kun oldin

    What am I gonna do without new episodes!!??

  • Sunjae Kim
    Sunjae Kim 2 kun oldin

    did RYAN ever see the four people in jackson's room?

  • Darren Lawson
    Darren Lawson 2 kun oldin

    You say wedding party but any ceremony would cover white outfits, even standing infront of a tree in a cornfield to trap a demon which later become part of the house as it was cut down.

  • Smiley face
    Smiley face 2 kun oldin


  • Sheri E
    Sheri E 3 kun oldin

    Sage and crystals isnt gonna cleanse your house from something like that, so hopefully shes taking more precaution than that. Also, yes i would get the carbon monoxide tested just to be safe. Hope all goes well!

  • Mad_Scientist17
    Mad_Scientist17 3 kun oldin

    Wanna see more hospital stuff!!

  • Tyler Strachan
    Tyler Strachan 3 kun oldin

    You guys should check out the keystone schoolhouse in Rapid City School house because its rumored the whole town is haunted

  • Monica Hernandez
    Monica Hernandez 3 kun oldin

    Look at them guns, damn Ryan

  • Yaretzi Rose
    Yaretzi Rose 3 kun oldin +1

    Go back again

  • chintastic
    chintastic 3 kun oldin

    lmao keep the end credits like that pls “this mug is actually empty” 🤣

  • kanna yoshi
    kanna yoshi 3 kun oldin

    Actually the thought of having a stranger living in the darkness forcing his/herself to live in the damn dark attic is far more creepier than ghouls

  • joshua martin
    joshua martin 3 kun oldin

    still good vids tho

  • joshua martin
    joshua martin 3 kun oldin

    obviously a bat

  • Mieke Verwey
    Mieke Verwey 3 kun oldin

    Look out, lads, we got us a smudge demon!

  • Rose Jackenson
    Rose Jackenson 3 kun oldin


  • Kassidy Russell
    Kassidy Russell 3 kun oldin

    Do you possibly think the knocking could be like pinecones? If there are big trees around the house, that could totally be the link to the knocks they hear.

  • i b
    i b 3 kun oldin

    You got me. I've been called to subscribe one too many times.

  • Jackie R.
    Jackie R. 4 kun oldin

    You guys should investigate into the whole Dear David thing!

  • mewlinneamew
    mewlinneamew 4 kun oldin

    Can you investigate the assasination of Prime minister Olof Palme (Sweden) as a true crime episode? It's really interesting and I want to hear different theories

  • mewlinneamew
    mewlinneamew 4 kun oldin

    I played Mortal Kombat and wrote stories of a man who killed people with axes as a 3 year old, my nightmares constisted of friendly crocodiles in a bus (I got on the wrong bus and it was full of dressed crocodiles)

  • Selena Aguilar
    Selena Aguilar 4 kun oldin

    I love the cell phone stabilizer/tripod, where do you find those?

  • Jawa Naddaf
    Jawa Naddaf 4 kun oldin

    Ugh I hate it when people say jawa from Star Wars cuz my name is Jawa and everyone is like are u from Star Wars

  • Rabita Iqbal
    Rabita Iqbal 4 kun oldin

    I love Shane's mug

  • Alyssa Hensley
    Alyssa Hensley 4 kun oldin

    Is it just me or did the whole time Hannah explained what she experienced did it sound like someone was actually living in the attic... like someone is squatting in the attic

  • Dana Orr
    Dana Orr 4 kun oldin

    Ryan was wrong , thanks to Shane I finally subbed....so I hope ghosts get u Ryan

  • H&H Productions
    H&H Productions 4 kun oldin

    6:09 Plot twist: Kermit the frog is haunting the house!!

  • ethan smith
    ethan smith 4 kun oldin

    will there be another season after this one?

  • Emily élioļyã
    Emily élioļyã 4 kun oldin

    Shane:u gotta subscribe.......
    Me look down at the sub button and going to press the subscribe button
    Ryan:I bet they are going to subscribe now..
    Also me:Holy sh*t he just predicted what I wanna do
    I know Shane didn’t only say u gotta subscribe but I am too lazy to write the rest....

  • Katherine Thompson
    Katherine Thompson 4 kun oldin

    Awww!!! Love you guys! I'm a believer but I do love Shane for being goofy and Ryan because he never ceases to give fear a funny twist. I would be shitting my pants and I'm sure Ryan is scared, but he just makes it hilarious! Keep it going ghoul boys. Can't wait for another season!!!

  • Holy Freeholy
    Holy Freeholy 5 kun oldin

    Vergara finally has 100% proof!
    : “IDK what that is”

  • madtomboy12
    madtomboy12 5 kun oldin

    that comment made me subscribe.

  • Thomas Albert
    Thomas Albert 5 kun oldin

    People thinking no one lives in the attic is how the Spider Man of Denver ended up happening.

  • masterchieflast
    masterchieflast 5 kun oldin

    Can you do part.2 i love this there is so weird stuff happening and I WOULD LOVE TO BELIEVE IN IT so please do more

  • Zane Randell
    Zane Randell 6 kun oldin

    Do aliens

  • JAK970000
    JAK970000 6 kun oldin

    I just binged through 144 episodes of supernatural, true crime, and postmortems without realizing I had caught up. What am I supposed to do now?

  • Kathykx Z
    Kathykx Z 6 kun oldin


  • Jacqueline Baker
    Jacqueline Baker 6 kun oldin

    Please do an unsolved on Kenneka Jenkins and Kendrick Johnson....

  • Jess B
    Jess B 6 kun oldin

    I came to just binge all of your videos, but now that I am finally caught up...
    I'm hooked.
    Ya finally got me boys. I'll subscribe. ✌️

  • Khushi Mehta
    Khushi Mehta 6 kun oldin

    Shane trying to communicate with AJ is how I interact with new people as well

  • Noe Guzman
    Noe Guzman 6 kun oldin


  • Manali
    Manali 7 kun oldin

    AJ must be eavesdropping...haha . ....

    • Manali
      Manali 7 kun oldin

      AJ did a really great job though

  • Karel Sitanggang
    Karel Sitanggang 7 kun oldin

    6:05 maybe its a hanger you know maybe like the shirt has a gap but i dont know FYi: i am a believer

  • TheDaisyfrias
    TheDaisyfrias 7 kun oldin

    Was the sally house video deleted? Why can’t I find it on their channel ?

  • jac
    jac 7 kun oldin +2

    i think those "eyes" were the buttons from that shirt hanging up. the ones that keep the collar down

  • Kaitlyn Kittle
    Kaitlyn Kittle 7 kun oldin +4

    Yeah, you really should use psychics more often.

  • James Davis
    James Davis 7 kun oldin +1

    We ALL know you both found the treasure. I've seen Shane at a 7/11 and he was buying lime cheetos and a pack of Black and Milds. I was behind him and what do I see on his wrist but a Rolex Submariner with diamonds in the band. I will say that his sweater was VERY dirty though so he seems humble still.

  • LeopardLover
    LeopardLover 7 kun oldin +5

    Can we buy Shane's mug? It's so funny!

  • mitch richardson
    mitch richardson 7 kun oldin

    it looks like the coat hanger

  • Emma Watson
    Emma Watson 7 kun oldin +6

    I want Ryan to crush my head with his biceps

  • Wendy Dawn
    Wendy Dawn 7 kun oldin +1

    Ryan, what if the ghost is Muslim, Hindu, or atheist and doesn't care about (your) holy water?

  • drunk. wxne
    drunk. wxne 7 kun oldin

    damn. i watched caroline when i was 6.
    and 12:43 , thank me later

  • Sze Ying Ong
    Sze Ying Ong 7 kun oldin

    I wanna hear what they're talking about at the end, I don't wanna hear that holiday music lmao

  • Sze Ying Ong
    Sze Ying Ong 7 kun oldin

    Also, kids tend to be more receptive to the supernatural so I'm not surprised that Jackson sees all these stuff

  • nat nise
    nat nise 7 kun oldin

    Can you guys go to suicide forest in japan

  • Stars AndOtherThings
    Stars AndOtherThings 8 kun oldin

    yo those "tiny eyes in the closet" look like the side view of a metal coathanger neck.

  • Carolyn McHugh
    Carolyn McHugh 8 kun oldin

    i actually wasnt subscribed and i just did so you got me

  • Christopher Saunders
    Christopher Saunders 8 kun oldin

    AJ and and Shane interview. Go!

  • Justine Griego
    Justine Griego 8 kun oldin

    You guys should go to Hotel Congress in Tucson Az b/c it has hella ghosts and a history with famous gangsters

  • lex s
    lex s 8 kun oldin

    That ending was the best

  • Vincent Cleniuk
    Vincent Cleniuk 8 kun oldin +82

    Hannah's House was a fine episode. Very entertaining. 50% CREEPY and 50% skeptical. Only 1 complaint: You should have worked the psychic for WAY more info.

  • Michaela Yen
    Michaela Yen 8 kun oldin +9

    I feel like Shane deserves mad props for navigating these social situations. It's awkward as hell to be buried in woo, especially when it seems to be really emotionally affecting people around you - and even more so if it's someone's source of income which is often the case for professional 'psychics'.
    So - yeah. Mad props. Also to any of the crew who are fans of replicable evidence. :/

  • Kerstin Johnson
    Kerstin Johnson 8 kun oldin

    What if you said to a ghost "Do you believe in ghosts"

  • NeRo Gamers
    NeRo Gamers 8 kun oldin

    You guys should do the sentential in park city Utah

  • Andrew Goodricke
    Andrew Goodricke 8 kun oldin

    Static cam in the attic? Ryan dont you mean the stattic cam?

  • Gabby Baudoin
    Gabby Baudoin 8 kun oldin

    For your next supernatural season you should definitely go to the Haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, TX

  • Joaquin  Hernandez
    Joaquin Hernandez 8 kun oldin

    You guys are awesome!!

  • Bonnie Cat
    Bonnie Cat 8 kun oldin

    Love love love these guys 😀

  • Stressed Peach
    Stressed Peach 8 kun oldin

    Please do the West Memphis three case !!! It's one of my favorite cases of all time and it would make an extremely interesting video. It was never officially solved and it never will be officially, if you look into it then you'll know why. But there's so many people involved in this case and it's so interesting. It's all about bad cops and flaws in the legal system. So please !! It would mean so much to me !!

  • Jake McCullough
    Jake McCullough 9 kun oldin

    More Ghoul Hunting!

  • Archee
    Archee 9 kun oldin

    Its known that people summon the devil to look into the past because satan/ demons know the past. one thing to test with aj is to ask about the future because no one knows that.

  • Makaylee Crone
    Makaylee Crone 9 kun oldin

    So sometimes if air filters are not properly fitted to vents they can slam when air is turned on/off. Did they check for that?

  • Abi Morgan
    Abi Morgan 9 kun oldin

    All I’m saying is, if you got ghosts in ya house just put camera everywhere cause apparently ghosts don’t like those and if they still be coming out then ya got proof 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Rae Carson
    Rae Carson 9 kun oldin

    Please have A.J. as a guest again next season. I appreciated his insight and would like you to have him in other episodes.

  • EJ Brophy
    EJ Brophy 9 kun oldin +9

    I love when they realize what the camera person is doing at the end

  • Holly Crispaldi
    Holly Crispaldi 9 kun oldin

    What is Shane always looking at when Ryan says the opening rift?

  • Stressed Peach
    Stressed Peach 9 kun oldin

    You guys need to visit the hunter museum and the museum next to it I'm downtown Chattanooga!! It's said to have a poltergeist that will throw things at you. And the museum next door is a civil war era haunted house !! You get two ghost in one !!

  • Katie Bergamo
    Katie Bergamo 9 kun oldin

    you got me on this one

  • Emma McElveen
    Emma McElveen 9 kun oldin

    I commented this on the last video about this...
    What if the little girl was given an exorcism, so she had a demon in her and maybe died with the demon in her body? The 2 men and 2 women were part of the exorcism team. Also maybe Donald is there to protect the family so he came with the family knowing that the demon and other ghosts were there that's why the medium felt a father figure but also bad energy. Idk if this makes sense but 🤷‍♀️
    I haven't finished the post mortem so sorry

  • Ethan Cavalet
    Ethan Cavalet 9 kun oldin

    You guys got keep doing this!!! I love all these videos and love seeing you guys go to different places and investigating them. Plz keep pumping the videos and seasons. And you guys should go visit the old cambria county prison in ebensburg pa. If you guys are still gonna do that kinda stuff.

  • amy xx
    amy xx 9 kun oldin

    Is it bad I prefer the spirit box more?

  • Levu Novović
    Levu Novović 9 kun oldin

    Next season,Amityville house