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  • Joylandi 22-Fev, 2017
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    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Keith Leak
    Noah Grossman
    Shayne Topp
    Paula Barkley
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ryan Finnerty, Kurt Maloney
    Produced by Ryan Todd and Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
    Music by Peter de Leon
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
    Director of Photography: John Jimenez
    Editor: Michael Barryte
    Line Producer: Michelle Holman
    Production Coordinator: Brianna Hinojosa
    First Assistant Director: Sean McCullough
    Art Director: Lindsey Liberman
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
    Assistant Camera: Kyle Haubert
    Key Grip: Patrick Egan
    Grip: Lee Eisenhower
    Sound: Ivan Harder
    Makeup: Paula Barkley
    Wardrobe: Felicia Cowley, Feleicia Martin
    DIT/Media Management: Gabe Laguer
    Assistant Editor: Katie Reed, Matt Duran
    Behind-the-Scenes: Phil Mohr
    Post-Production Supervisor: Michael Barryte
    Colorist: Mike Burton
    Production Assistant: Brandie Rovito, James Thornton, Kevin Fernandez
    Art Dept Production Assistant: Beau Miller
    Written by: Peter de Leon
    Performed by: Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Keith Leak, Noah Grossman, Shayne Topp
    Produced by Peter de Leon
  • KomediyaKomediya

Fikrlar • 11 200

  • Mickey D
    Mickey D 16 soat oldin

    I’m sorry but OVERWATCH IS BETTER

  • 313 ص
    313 ص Kun oldin

    Too far

  • wigless
    wigless 4 kun oldin

    Anyone is listening to this cause it reminds them of the good times in Paladins ?

  • Sophia Pearce
    Sophia Pearce 5 kun oldin

    I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nicole LaBoyne
    Nicole LaBoyne 7 kun oldin


  • Gelo Villanueva
    Gelo Villanueva 14 kun oldin

    Play overwatch

  • Jaime Monte
    Jaime Monte 15 kun oldin

    The chorus is off and as a smol theater girl, I’m mad.

  • Ben Welsh
    Ben Welsh 15 kun oldin

    I was suprised how good Keith was at singing

  • Sandwich Sauce
    Sandwich Sauce 15 kun oldin

    0:40 Shane dancing in the back XD

  • Clayds
    Clayds 19 kun oldin

    1990 advertisement style in 2017.

  • Pro Skittle
    Pro Skittle 20 kun oldin +1

    Every ttv ever

    ALIYOOOW YEAH YEAH 22 kun oldin

    Olivia did the best and TOO MUCH!!

  • JackOLantern
    JackOLantern 23 kun oldin +1

    I didn't know that young Steve Jobs was in smosh

  • Vlad Piroshki
    Vlad Piroshki 28 kun oldin

    i wish Valve would sponsor Smosh

  • Duke Uchiha
    Duke Uchiha Oy oldin +1


  • Mohammad Eskandari

    So Gary is the Paladin Ninja?

  • Freya Raynor
    Freya Raynor Oy oldin

    Shayne: ways remember to stay hydrated, it's just a better way to live

    PAPAER Oy oldin

    It is a Nice song but fuck paladins its just an oversat spinoff Anyways!

  • g5g5g5 aj
    g5g5g5 aj Oy oldin +1

    What about...


  • Oliver Swarth
    Oliver Swarth Oy oldin

    Overwatch is better than paladins

  • Fe4RLess S
    Fe4RLess S Oy oldin +1

    What happened to Dr.Wassar is sad!

  • Toxic Np
    Toxic Np Oy oldin

    1:39 Olivia that leg tho😂

  • RandomRohan
    RandomRohan Oy oldin

    keith sound like a sexy pharell

  • Cingkin YT
    Cingkin YT Oy oldin

    I'm playing paladins

  • Czarccheus B
    Czarccheus B Oy oldin

    *ahem* Overwatch Fan Here

  • loving it wheels#4 6

    Shaynes acsent makes these

  • Rowan Lourenco
    Rowan Lourenco Oy oldin

    Yay people acknowledging Paladins

  • Galaxii
    Galaxii Oy oldin +3

    75% I love the hair and outfit choices!
    3% I love Keith's voice(Im one of the three percent)
    12% Olivas Voice Tho
    9% omg why paladins( ITS A SPONSOR JEEZ)
    1% random things

  • Carol Ramos
    Carol Ramos Oy oldin

    who the hell are all these people? I know it's been a while since I watched any smosh (10 years) but it used to be just ian and Anthony.

  • Aithan Godinez
    Aithan Godinez Oy oldin

    0:41 look at Shayne🤣

  • Shannon O'Rourke-Hudson

    I love Courtney’s singing!!!!!!

  • Damián Kňazeje
    Damián Kňazeje Oy oldin

    Replay buttons, costs 0 likes 0:15 0:15 0:15 0:15 0:15 0:15

  • 1000 Subscribers without any videos?

    Shayne scares me

  • Lord Taeer
    Lord Taeer Oy oldin

    Looks EXACTLY like Overwatch

  • Manny DZ
    Manny DZ Oy oldin

    Omg what fuck did I just watched? O.o

  • William Sanchez
    William Sanchez 2 oy oldin

    Yo I played this game!

  • WishiWashi Gaming
    WishiWashi Gaming 2 oy oldin

    This video is the reason I got paladains

  • Leon Davies
    Leon Davies 2 oy oldin

    I dont think alot of this is true after 1000 hours of this game a diaper,losing friends and drinking red bull nah mate but still love the vidio

  • Reeper_Ollie
    Reeper_Ollie 2 oy oldin

    I feel like this is less a song about advice and more about getting money from an ad

  • Sailormoonfan 19
    Sailormoonfan 19 2 oy oldin

    I main ash cause I can't afford any other characters like if you are same

  • skylar
    skylar 2 oy oldin +2

    courtney-pretty good yeah
    olivia-omg stop screaming mom
    Keith-marry me

  • Maya Singh
    Maya Singh 2 oy oldin +2

    Paladins is just the trash version of overwatch

    • Swift
      Swift Oy oldin

      Maya Singh I agree

  • IMoonling
    IMoonling 2 oy oldin

    I love that they joke at it being basicly overwatch

  • Amaia Pearce
    Amaia Pearce 2 oy oldin

    Shayne was so funny!!!!!!

  • John Newman
    John Newman 2 oy oldin

    *Ogrewatch is better*

  • Bananza
    Bananza 2 oy oldin

    Poor Dr. Wasser :'(

  • FoxTrix
    FoxTrix 2 oy oldin +3

    Plot twist - it's not sponsored by paladins!!

  • great_ guy
    great_ guy 2 oy oldin

    Can you make a overwatch one pls shan was my fav

    QUEEN INFINTY 2 oy oldin

    Paladins is a copy of overwatch. Great tips tho LMAO

  • TeddyTatorTots22 Yeeet

    You know how to play the best , play overwatch instead

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 2 oy oldin


  • Good Gregory
    Good Gregory 2 oy oldin

    I like how Courtney and Keith are the only ones who sang.

  • Eve sanders
    Eve sanders 2 oy oldin

    Is it just me or is Keith REALLY good at singing.

  • Kian Mundy
    Kian Mundy 2 oy oldin

    *cough* cheap overwatch

  • Adrien._.Playz_ Gacha

    Is this on itunes?

  • Adrien._.Playz_ Gacha

    Its soo god

  • Adrien._.Playz_ Gacha

    Teh song is soo god not good

  • Garry Cadet
    Garry Cadet 2 oy oldin

    Paladins is just something to play because people can’t afford overwatch still Paladins suck

  • Garry Cadet
    Garry Cadet 2 oy oldin

    Paladins suck

  • Ninjasdiaper
    Ninjasdiaper 2 oy oldin +2

    Just play overwatch.

  • Chelyce Watson
    Chelyce Watson 2 oy oldin

    Omg Keith has an awesome singing voice!

  • Heat_ Wave123
    Heat_ Wave123 2 oy oldin

    Not even Overwatch,Did you guys stoop into a new low.

  • H B
    H B 2 oy oldin

    Paladins is a copy of overwatch

  • Hello Person
    Hello Person 2 oy oldin

    I have a weird feeling this is sponsored

  • BrokenShadows528 Games

    Paladins is AWESOME

  • Kevin Gaming168
    Kevin Gaming168 2 oy oldin +1

    That looks like overwatch

  • Connor Gale
    Connor Gale 2 oy oldin


    *No thanks*

  • IamKota808
    IamKota808 2 oy oldin +2

    I prefer overwatch

  • Sofia DeMeo
    Sofia DeMeo 2 oy oldin

    Poor sasha

  • Lps Lemon
    Lps Lemon 2 oy oldin

    2:00 I already chose mccree

  • Dev Doddapaneni
    Dev Doddapaneni 2 oy oldin

    Mccree haha

  • Sofia DeMeo
    Sofia DeMeo 2 oy oldin

    Not to far at all

  • A.C Clemont
    A.C Clemont 2 oy oldin

    I hate how they use mechanical key sound effects on a membrane keyboard.

  • Chip
    Chip 2 oy oldin

    Paladins is shit

  • Elliot Rodger
    Elliot Rodger 2 oy oldin

    Helvian....We got something big for ya

  • PandaMasterCharles
    PandaMasterCharles 3 oy oldin

    Nah you forgot that you have sure to make atleast 3 litres of sweat when sitting down

  • Cranky
    Cranky 3 oy oldin

    Courtney’s good at singing

  • Unicorn Imagination
    Unicorn Imagination 3 oy oldin +4

    I watched this video so many times in a row so catchy

  • Rick Struk
    Rick Struk 3 oy oldin

    OMG I'm just playing paladins right now have you got the update with Imani I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Schuler
    Peter Schuler 3 oy oldin

    This is how I already live.

  • Lil Wigglez
    Lil Wigglez 3 oy oldin

    theres no good comments about olivia i frankly think she did freaking amazing - she cant sing but she did really good in this video

  • Pro Ly Gaming
    Pro Ly Gaming 3 oy oldin +1


  • youragoner 723
    youragoner 723 3 oy oldin

    Paladins*cough overwatch cough*

  • Spanish Pig
    Spanish Pig 3 oy oldin +1

    0:01 no.

  • suzie quach
    suzie quach 3 oy oldin

    Keith is the best singer ever

  • Lil Wigglez
    Lil Wigglez 3 oy oldin

    I wanna bE trAcER..

    sorry wrong song and game

    SLXSHER 3 oy oldin

    Lol he doesn't even have a mechanical keyboard

  • toby dixon
    toby dixon 3 oy oldin

    thats really catchy

  • Diamond Pro
    Diamond Pro 3 oy oldin

    Paladins best game ever

  • Julianna Silva
    Julianna Silva 3 oy oldin +1

    Everyone is singing except Oliva

  • Misfortune Follows
    Misfortune Follows 3 oy oldin +1

    After watching this I want to shoot myself in the head...


  • Hdh Ydhdb
    Hdh Ydhdb 3 oy oldin

    Guys im ranked sixth in the wolrd for this game and i didnt have to do all that in fact i only play 1 hour a day

  • Sprinkle Xtreme
    Sprinkle Xtreme 3 oy oldin

    If you want to be number 1

  • Ninjajack 64
    Ninjajack 64 3 oy oldin

    The best part was that all their voices were ridiculous

  • DoraPlaysGacha :3
    DoraPlaysGacha :3 3 oy oldin

    *Totaly not sponsered by Paladins..*

  • Christo hill
    Christo hill 3 oy oldin

    Paladins graphics suck

    • creepy
      creepy 3 oy oldin

      and that's fine just keep it to your self

    • Christo hill
      Christo hill 3 oy oldin

      I do

    • creepy
      creepy 3 oy oldin

      look no one cares keep it to your self

    • creepy
      creepy 3 oy oldin

      look keep it to your self no one cares

    • Christo hill
      Christo hill 3 oy oldin

      creepy dcdkzkadwl8 hell no it’s a fact

  • OmgAlli XD
    OmgAlli XD 3 oy oldin

    And this is how ninja became popular and good at fortnite

  • extreme gaming
    extreme gaming 3 oy oldin

    Hell no palladins you mean overwatch

  • FireAndIce 0327
    FireAndIce 0327 3 oy oldin

    My first time watching and the only thing I can relate is Cheetos and no changing clothes for a while

  • no
    no 3 oy oldin

    Where's Ian?