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  • Joylandi 22-Fev, 2017
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    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Keith Leak
    Noah Grossman
    Shayne Topp
    Paula Barkley
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ryan Finnerty, Kurt Maloney
    Produced by Ryan Todd and Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
    Music by Peter de Leon
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
    Director of Photography: John Jimenez
    Editor: Michael Barryte
    Line Producer: Michelle Holman
    Production Coordinator: Brianna Hinojosa
    First Assistant Director: Sean McCullough
    Art Director: Lindsey Liberman
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
    Assistant Camera: Kyle Haubert
    Key Grip: Patrick Egan
    Grip: Lee Eisenhower
    Sound: Ivan Harder
    Makeup: Paula Barkley
    Wardrobe: Felicia Cowley, Feleicia Martin
    DIT/Media Management: Gabe Laguer
    Assistant Editor: Katie Reed, Matt Duran
    Behind-the-Scenes: Phil Mohr
    Post-Production Supervisor: Michael Barryte
    Colorist: Mike Burton
    Production Assistant: Brandie Rovito, James Thornton, Kevin Fernandez
    Art Dept Production Assistant: Beau Miller
    Written by: Peter de Leon
    Performed by: Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Keith Leak, Noah Grossman, Shayne Topp
    Produced by Peter de Leon
  • KomediyaKomediya

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  • Zoe Beth Parent
    Zoe Beth Parent 7 soat oldin

    Yasss KEATH

  • idkhow but people still like me

    Top advice: already be tracer

  • TheBlue-R-I-S Justin

    I’m a downloaded as we speek

  • The Forceful AX
    The Forceful AX Kun oldin

    For some reason i went trough the entire video at x0.25 speed

  • MarkTheSavage 25
    MarkTheSavage 25 2 kun oldin

    Overwatch is better

  • tumber
    tumber 2 kun oldin

    Courtney is cute and so good at singing his voice matchs to that Song now you Are number one

  • Lets get 500 subs woth no vids!

    *iM aLrEaDy TrAcEr*

  • Kaylee Yeung
    Kaylee Yeung 4 kun oldin

    My life in a song

  • Msp Queen Wolf
    Msp Queen Wolf 6 kun oldin +1

    I play till 6:00am-12:00pm

  • ImJustXuan
    ImJustXuan 6 kun oldin

    who’s listening to this while playing paladins? XD

  • Zoe Cummings
    Zoe Cummings 7 kun oldin

    I love keth

  • - cobblestoneBoom -
    - cobblestoneBoom - 8 kun oldin +1

    But is this how you become tracer

  • Blue ops 324
    Blue ops 324 8 kun oldin

    When you realise that at the end it makes an Overwatch refrance

  • Ohkiiwii
    Ohkiiwii 9 kun oldin

    I’ve watched this video so many times,but I never played paladins...
    But now I playing it 24/7 and seeing this just makes me laugh :))

  • brawlhalla24 boi
    brawlhalla24 boi 10 kun oldin

    I love paladins

  • William Hand
    William Hand 10 kun oldin

    did you know Wasser mean water in German

  • nifflerguy gaming
    nifflerguy gaming 10 kun oldin

    Even shayne songs better with that weird voise them olivia can.

  • The Arkdenight's
    The Arkdenight's 14 kun oldin

    That game is actually super fun

  • tubby
    tubby 14 kun oldin


  • Marvelly 07
    Marvelly 07 15 kun oldin +1

    Shane the whole time!!! 😂👍👊😎🔥👑❤️

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    Everyone else: * actual singing
    Olivia: AAAAAAAAH

  • XXGrimCreeperXX
    XXGrimCreeperXX 16 kun oldin

    copy of overwatch

  • Washing Mach
    Washing Mach 16 kun oldin

    Overwatch is better. I love zenyatta

  • Washing Mach
    Washing Mach 16 kun oldin

    I love maldamba

  • Bree Postrk
    Bree Postrk 17 kun oldin

    Courtney is so cute with her hair like that

  • Noahtube Vlogs
    Noahtube Vlogs 17 kun oldin

    Noah you’re the best gamer
    Shayne you look funny
    Oliveu you look good in this close
    Courtney you look beautiful
    Keith you singed really good

  • Its KK
    Its KK 17 kun oldin +1

    2018 anyone

  • InfiresMan_ PugCake
    InfiresMan_ PugCake 18 kun oldin

    Didn’t they sneak in his house?

  • Brooke 123
    Brooke 123 18 kun oldin

    Shayne is hallarious

  • Z3R0 ProDucTioNs
    Z3R0 ProDucTioNs 19 kun oldin

    keith is rockin it doh

  • Lari Oliver Lievonen
    Lari Oliver Lievonen 19 kun oldin

    Do.nt play paladins its a copy ow owerwatch

  • Şílěnť Wřæth
    Şílěnť Wřæth 21 kun oldin

    But this wasn't even funny...😐🙄.....ian and Anthony would've done a better job

  • Kayleigh Insley
    Kayleigh Insley 21 kun oldin

    Shayne is hilarious

  • Eraserhead
    Eraserhead 22 kun oldin

    My new favorite character is toga

  • StickHorn
    StickHorn 22 kun oldin

    The time when smite was at the poster and not paladins 0:18

  • iDoruk
    iDoruk 23 kun oldin

    How do people think this is exaturated?

  • gameplay mania
    gameplay mania 24 kun oldin


  • osbely morales
    osbely morales 25 kun oldin

    What’s Paladins?

  • FoG_ Fusion
    FoG_ Fusion 25 kun oldin

    Payload? Ok this is clearly an OverWatch ripoff. Come on now. Be real here.

  • AB
    AB 25 kun oldin

    Paladins do you mean
    *Overwatch ripoff*
    Paladins has bad graphics

  • speeddemon150
    speeddemon150 25 kun oldin

    If you ask me, this is one of their best videos.

  • •Scf
    •Scf 26 kun oldin

    just be the ONLY gamer in the world

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 26 kun oldin +1

    You don’t drink water, we drink Gatorade

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen 28 kun oldin

    I thought this was sponsered by Overwatch for a second. LOL

  • Sir Meerkat
    Sir Meerkat Oy oldin

    1:36, took me so long to realize that he said “my eyes are OUCHY” instead of “itchy”

  • craggy
    craggy Oy oldin

    If he drinks to much of that redbull hes probably gonna die my best freind died becouse of those stupid energy drinks😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • popcamp 78
    popcamp 78 Oy oldin

    Uh guys paladins "stole" from fortnite 😂

  • roller dog
    roller dog Oy oldin

    Olivia's singing is so bad.

  • shadow kakashi403

    Have a lot of skins

  • shadow kakashi403

    And fortnite

  • shadow kakashi403

    I'm a God at padalans I'm the best

  • bionic gaming x
    bionic gaming x Oy oldin

    I want to be the best fucker like Logan paul

  • Roscoe Stephens
    Roscoe Stephens Oy oldin

    If everyone is ok with you I will get a new game

  • i like butter
    i like butter Oy oldin

    Nice smosh got sponsored by a ripoff of an ripoff!!

  • Sasukei Kun
    Sasukei Kun Oy oldin

    dude i love paladins haha

  • Hunter the Turtle

    Overwatch is way better than palidins

  • Peyton Hardesty
    Peyton Hardesty Oy oldin

    I adore Paladins it's my favourite game my favourite player is Fernando

  • Lily Wolfe Whiting

    My brother 👻👻👻

  • Z s
    Z s Oy oldin

    Black dude look like bowser

  • Konrad Schroeder
    Konrad Schroeder Oy oldin

    I love paladins thanks for making this vid 👍

  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi Oy oldin

    Wait why didn’t you just do overwatch

  • DailyGamer4Real
    DailyGamer4Real Oy oldin

    Lol I’m playing paladins right now

  • Plut o
    Plut o Oy oldin

    1:59 lol
    Which game do you guys prefer paladins or overwatch?

  • Nolan Holladay
    Nolan Holladay Oy oldin

    That diaper tho made me laugh so hard XD

  • Declan MacKinnon
    Declan MacKinnon Oy oldin

    Nobody fucking ever has played paledins... they are all too busy being shitty fortnite streamers

  • can we get 100 subs with no videos?

    Paladins lets go

  • Devbee
    Devbee Oy oldin

    If your a gamer always make real friend gamers they are the best

  • Brakat Hatem
    Brakat Hatem Oy oldin

    I love that game 🎮 💓

  • Xander Krolis
    Xander Krolis Oy oldin

    The song is quite catchy (*_*")

  • Caleb Boyce
    Caleb Boyce Oy oldin

    Best song ever my favorite song ever

  • Baran Karadavut
    Baran Karadavut Oy oldin


  • Banjo 2039
    Banjo 2039 Oy oldin

    I just realized that Smosh doesn’t do the shut up in the beginning of videos anymore

  • Crunchy Carrot90911

    Song really good but Paladins really?

  • Risward Tyler Duarte

    I loved the song!! Also i'm already pro no telling secrets to be pros piece!

  • CrazyComedyKid
    CrazyComedyKid Oy oldin +1

    Actually, yeah, this is sadly accurate.

  • Will Alexander Vlogs

    It did go to far it’s just right

  • Hyena Hearts
    Hyena Hearts Oy oldin

    Shane dancing in the background is fantastic

  • Spyros Karakanas
    Spyros Karakanas Oy oldin

    This game is just trash the only argument it can raise with overwatch is the fact that it's free oh wait TF2 exists there is really no reason to play this game

  • basilis bill
    basilis bill Oy oldin +1

    I love paladins

  • NinjaKid Always
    NinjaKid Always Oy oldin

    I love overwatch even though I have never played paladins but I will but I love 1:58

  • EdgeHead R
    EdgeHead R Oy oldin

    Even though theres no mcree 😂

  • MrVezhlys
    MrVezhlys Oy oldin

    Paladins mmm Perfect game

  • Haneen Alhmoud
    Haneen Alhmoud Oy oldin

    sponserd by paladin

  • Logan Cook
    Logan Cook Oy oldin

    Make one on fortnite

  • BTS 4life
    BTS 4life Oy oldin

    Gamers rule

  • RzRif
    RzRif Oy oldin

    Courtney and Keith can be a singer

  • RzRif
    RzRif Oy oldin

    I really like Courtney hairstyle

  • Vegito The best
    Vegito The best Oy oldin


  • Samurai_Shark 101

    Paladin's sucks overwatch is better

  • Little Insane Moments

    I will stay hydrated don’t worry

  • Trashdom
    Trashdom Oy oldin

    Is this the unfinished Overwatch?

  • Camrin Raley
    Camrin Raley Oy oldin

    Paladins is ruining lives

  • Teun Beesems
    Teun Beesems Oy oldin

    I love the song LG en paladins

  • Finsters Gaming
    Finsters Gaming Oy oldin

    Shayne dance moves are spot on and also Keith’s voice I like an angel

  • Just_a_kid
    Just_a_kid Oy oldin

    I luv paladins

  • cole 04
    cole 04 2 oy oldin

    (Overwatch is better)

    YOSEF HEH 2 oy oldin

    1:58 McCREE?
    Hi rez what are you doing xD

  • Daemien Claro
    Daemien Claro 2 oy oldin

    Is it me or the game paladins sucks. . . Anyone?

  • come pila sua vaca pila

    Overwatch is better than paladins

  • Alexzz gods
    Alexzz gods 2 oy oldin +1

    1:46 look at grandma's face...
    1 dislike👎 = 1 prayer