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  • Anwar Jibawi
    Anwar Jibawi  11 kun oldin +1907

    Thanks for watching!

  • Hani Issa
    Hani Issa 11 soat oldin

    Anwar you are my favoutite youtuber 😍
    I'm from syria

  • Gigi Bruce
    Gigi Bruce 12 soat oldin

    Anwar Jibawi😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • عاصف الفرا
    عاصف الفرا 12 soat oldin

    لما قال بتشبه امك متت 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Chocolate Noob
    Chocolate Noob 12 soat oldin

    You met Steph Curry!

  • Cobra Bull
    Cobra Bull 14 soat oldin

    usually men bring woman to parents house to introduce and staysb at mealtime,but you brought a men and you also,so and plus the whole family were the same,so it means at the table were only you anwar and you new friend,you like men anwar?

  • Hi O
    Hi O 20 soat oldin

    This looks like a comedy movie

  • Brandon AC3
    Brandon AC3 21 soat oldin

    Anwar And Curry

  • 7aneeno khalid
    7aneeno khalid 23 soat oldin

    The best youtuber in the world ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Michael Carriere
    Michael Carriere Kun oldin

    Sponsored by Brita

  • AL- Otaku Rx
    AL- Otaku Rx Kun oldin

    Anwar is the bast

  • Kayoz
    Kayoz Kun oldin

    Is this that famous basketball player?
    Sorry I'm not American

  • Rosemary Londoño
    Rosemary Londoño Kun oldin

    is that curry

  • l sucideblunt l
    l sucideblunt l Kun oldin

    When he dabbed😂

  • Devesh Shinde
    Devesh Shinde Kun oldin +1

    Good one...... Bro

  • Abdul Moiz NIAZI
    Abdul Moiz NIAZI Kun oldin

    I want Anwar to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan

  • DabLoud
    DabLoud Kun oldin

    You know you've made it big on UZclip when Stephen Curry features you.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 kun oldin

    Your videos are always too serious. Some time I even felt embarrass because it felt like fcking real shlt man. Good job anyway

  • Slime girl Amiyah
    Slime girl Amiyah 2 kun oldin

    When you hit your hand 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vanessa Rice
    Vanessa Rice 2 kun oldin

    When the doorbell rang I thought it was my own so I went to the door😂

  • kamzcool
    kamzcool 2 kun oldin

    OMGGGGGGGGG how the heck am I a week LATE... I am so sorry Anwar!! uuwaaaaiiinnn!!!
    damn still the best sketch, actor, director etc etc in the hood! ya know what i am sayin' .... !

  • Ola Lolo
    Ola Lolo 2 kun oldin

    ههههههه انور احب جميع فيديوهاتك عندك كوميديا مو طبيعيه 😍 تحياتي الك

  • azza A
    azza A 2 kun oldin

    Stephen 💚💚

  • Macky D.
    Macky D. 2 kun oldin

    Anwar always kills me

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 2 kun oldin

    Is anwar friends with Steph? 2nd (I think) video with him.

  • G4GameBattles
    G4GameBattles 2 kun oldin

    Yo did dad say "n word give me a beat" xD

  • Lee Adam
    Lee Adam 2 kun oldin

    I really wanted to hear the rap tho...

  • Kyoro Ng
    Kyoro Ng 2 kun oldin

    "Hey bro, you look a lot like your mum man"

  • the fighter
    the fighter 2 kun oldin


  • Oaatmeaaal tastesbad
    Oaatmeaaal tastesbad 3 kun oldin

    1:48 pause it there, make it a meme, He be like "I aint never see these clouds before 😍"

  • krazy gaming
    krazy gaming 3 kun oldin

    wow u met stephen curry😮🤥🤥😰

  • Desmond GR
    Desmond GR 3 kun oldin

    Whats the outro song?

  • Freddy Staal
    Freddy Staal 3 kun oldin

    Grandpa and dad are so funny 😂

  • Edna Achieng
    Edna Achieng 3 kun oldin

    Anwar : I'm sorry dude, they're insane.
    Curry : It's your family dude, I'm having a blast!

  • tasneem Alajoure
    tasneem Alajoure 3 kun oldin

    أنت رائع

  • G Mary
    G Mary 3 kun oldin

    Because of Anwar's bro code I found Lele,Hannah,Inanna

    And this video is hilarious

  • shoaiba khann
    shoaiba khann 3 kun oldin

    We r watch in India for ur good work

  • Musical Dreams
    Musical Dreams 3 kun oldin

    Holiday season is around the corner and this video got us giggling our way into it 😂

  • Shervin 021
    Shervin 021 3 kun oldin

    That was gay, no content

  • shacian muto
    shacian muto 4 kun oldin


  • Serlina Ading
    Serlina Ading 4 kun oldin


  • Nabiha Radwan
    Nabiha Radwan 4 kun oldin

    I love Stephen Curry

  • Michel Johnson-Figueredo

    Incredibly cringy

  • sufanaverse roblox
    sufanaverse roblox 4 kun oldin

    stephennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn curryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • kingoftrolling lol
    kingoftrolling lol 4 kun oldin +1

    Hay Anwar, it's the kids that you meet arcade

  • mohamed khaled
    mohamed khaled 4 kun oldin

    this looks like an indian father

  • Shay Munoz
    Shay Munoz 4 kun oldin

    Honestly, buying one

  • Sayed yasir Shah
    Sayed yasir Shah 4 kun oldin

    M sorry anwar but u r getting down ...if u don't have enough funny stories then take a gap ...m sure u will get the better one u r spoiling the standard of ur recent videos...think about it..

  • old pump
    old pump 4 kun oldin


  • kiki skylar
    kiki skylar 4 kun oldin

    Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abul Kashem
    Abul Kashem 4 kun oldin

    i wated it after playing basketball lol

  • Mauwa Jordan
    Mauwa Jordan 4 kun oldin +1

    I wanted to hear the whole song🤣❤️

  • JibbyZXD
    JibbyZXD 4 kun oldin

    Omg this video was hilarious! And I am so jealous that my cousin met Stephen, (even tho basketball ain’t my thing) the vid was still good!

  • Dre Nisay
    Dre Nisay 4 kun oldin


  • i could die with phobia

    Anwar seems like the young Adam sandler but the smaller version.

    or its just me?

  • Unity Of Naais
    Unity Of Naais 4 kun oldin

    Isn't that dad character get up of Anwar Jibawi looking like Ranveer Singh?

  • Fatemeh Khalafat
    Fatemeh Khalafat 4 kun oldin

    I like the mom lol

  • Aisha Sultan
    Aisha Sultan 4 kun oldin

    I wish it could be longer or a full movie

  • j cap
    j cap 4 kun oldin

    Hey you missin your older brother gino d acampo..😂

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 4 kun oldin

    I want that Steph Christmas sweater lmao

    WOWIE TV 4 kun oldin

    Sub me niggas

  • Addae Whitsitt
    Addae Whitsitt 5 kun oldin

    Funniest video I've seen in a minute

  • ArqishPrasla
    ArqishPrasla 5 kun oldin

    Funny it’s thing ever

  • taco cats
    taco cats 5 kun oldin

    My family whenever my friends aren't over

  • DESAVocal #16
    DESAVocal #16 5 kun oldin

    Is he gonna make a video with Lele next??😂😂

  • Gentel Man
    Gentel Man 5 kun oldin

    Stupid video

  • Nuran nuran
    Nuran nuran 5 kun oldin

    anwar i have a question for u are u muslim i think u are i watch your vine with bro logan and juampa and u said as a driver u said allhumdolilah my wife gave birth so yhe:)

  • Johnny pierre
    Johnny pierre 5 kun oldin +1

    Imagine actually thinking this is funny

  • Watav Kiddie
    Watav Kiddie 5 kun oldin

    wat is this cringe

  • love dove49
    love dove49 5 kun oldin +1

    Stephennnnn curry😍😍😍😍😍😗

  • The Shopping Bag
    The Shopping Bag 5 kun oldin

    Hey! Im a thrifting youtuber from Ontario, Canada🍁 Check my channel ! I sub all subbies right back!! Any support at all is lovely!💜

  • Glib Davidyuk
    Glib Davidyuk 5 kun oldin

    My parents when my black friend come over

  • FleX_Razor
    FleX_Razor 5 kun oldin

    What did I just watch ohh wait I know now a dad dabbing and trying to floss and rapping xD

  • Kingsears 99
    Kingsears 99 5 kun oldin

    This is so cringe

  • Ruben Eker
    Ruben Eker 5 kun oldin +1

    OMG! is much funny and god all subscribe and like

  • Abby’s World :3
    Abby’s World :3 5 kun oldin

    *”# Dad Where the fun is a-*

    *Takes paper and rips and eats*

  • Daniyal Arshad
    Daniyal Arshad 5 kun oldin

    Your first boring video

  • Lubna helly
    Lubna helly 5 kun oldin

    Woooow steph is here ☄️😍😍

  • Robenson Alerte
    Robenson Alerte 5 kun oldin +1

    The whole LEG

  • Yvng Béast
    Yvng Béast 5 kun oldin

    Stephen:you look a lot like your mom man
    Anwar:I don’t see it

  • Jade Tejeda
    Jade Tejeda 5 kun oldin +1

    I'm happy u included Stef curry shout out to him ima big fan he's my most favorite

  • Travis Brownie
    Travis Brownie 5 kun oldin +1

    *”ThE wHoLe lEg”*

  • Masjuice23 F
    Masjuice23 F 5 kun oldin

    Where did curry pull that Brita container out from? His butt?

  • persian heros
    persian heros 5 kun oldin

    very beauty ... especially In the role of your mother ... good luck brother

  • Walker Loftin
    Walker Loftin 5 kun oldin

    This was halarious good job man

  • Express Official
    Express Official 5 kun oldin +1

    Wtf people find something funny in this video? Its just awkward video.

  • Keith Pritchett Jr
    Keith Pritchett Jr 5 kun oldin

    “You look a lot like your mother”
    “🤔 I don’t see it.”

  • Wasabi Polar Bear
    Wasabi Polar Bear 5 kun oldin


  • Wasabi Polar Bear
    Wasabi Polar Bear 5 kun oldin


  • Fake Shroud
    Fake Shroud 5 kun oldin

    BB ki vines

  • Soccer Freestyles
    Soccer Freestyles 5 kun oldin

    U have bottle of water and yourself

  • حيدر امير
    حيدر امير 5 kun oldin

    متابعك من العراق تحياتي لك انور وان شاء الله نشوفك في هوليوود

  • Meme Lahib
    Meme Lahib 5 kun oldin

    Omg my uncle used to love that basketball player i love him to

  • Maryam Fahd
    Maryam Fahd 5 kun oldin

    Cool bro even me and anwar are from the same country

  • Thuy Wittstock
    Thuy Wittstock 5 kun oldin +1

    One like on this comment is one three for Steph Curry next game

  • Flixzers Blixzers
    Flixzers Blixzers 6 kun oldin

    I thought in the the thumbnail there were two Anwars until I read the title

  • Haneen Abdelaal
    Haneen Abdelaal 6 kun oldin +1

    The grandpa had me dying

  • zlarkthrshr God
    zlarkthrshr God 6 kun oldin

    Que no anwar jibawi se llamaba el miracle- ?

  • Hush Whisper
    Hush Whisper 6 kun oldin

    My Christmas Gift to the World uzclip.net/video/BYD2irfjc38/video.html

  • reem a
    reem a 6 kun oldin

    when the dad was 'shook' and then the jingle 2:18