Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing

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  • Joylandi 15-Apr, 2019
  • Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ever tried. How does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up against the other flagship devices like Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate X and others? Are foldable smartphones the future of smartphones? Computing devices in general? Enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on video.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  5 kun oldin +14629

    Galaxy Fold or Mate X?

  • Reu Quizam
    Reu Quizam 11 soat oldin


  • ItsdaJusto 713
    ItsdaJusto 713 11 soat oldin

    Android trying 2 hard 2 outsell/outdo the iPhone... Gang Gang!!! 😂😂😂📱

    ROCELLE PEDAD 11 soat oldin


  • bryan yap
    bryan yap 11 soat oldin +1

    you might as well buy a nokia touch screen and a tablet its cheaper

  • agnes bennetts
    agnes bennetts 11 soat oldin

    From reports I've been hearing, they break very easily...

    • Rob
      Rob 11 soat oldin +1

      Yeah RIP

  • Martin Benoit
    Martin Benoit 11 soat oldin

    At $2000 either, must be a billionaire NOT millionaire or absolutely insane. I don’t mind going in the store and play with it, but sincerely what kind of world are we living in, of course I am 55 been there did it, thank God my daughter who’s doing amazing in University, 3rd yr agrees with me and my wife.
    New Tech yes it is new and great, do you have a clue how many times I said that in my life. More will be revealed, in 10 yrs the fold will be used as a hammer or to put your cup of Joe on. !
    FYI your a born salesman. Unfortunately unlike a friend of mine he went into private jet sales. Today he could buy a massive % of Samsung.
    Try unboxing and selling million dollars item instead, minimum !

  • Joji Joji
    Joji Joji 11 soat oldin


  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 11 soat oldin

    Bitch how the fuck does the glass fold

    • Rob
      Rob 11 soat oldin

      It's not glass, it's plastic and it dies after a day of use. Read the news.

  • Ghost Buster
    Ghost Buster 11 soat oldin

    samsung is paying youtuber for the promotion of this shitty phone

  • Sumi Suji
    Sumi Suji 11 soat oldin +1

    Who else is thinking how the case will be😂😊😂

  • Yeah Ight
    Yeah Ight 11 soat oldin

    Does he get to keep all of them?

  • Your Average Builder Pro
    Your Average Builder Pro 11 soat oldin

    Flip phone v2

  • Aleksandra Molchanova
    Aleksandra Molchanova 11 soat oldin

    I would kindle the shit out of it. Love reading from my Samsung S9.

  • liza oterblad
    liza oterblad 11 soat oldin

    i would 100% break that phone in 1 second of owning it.

  • karan verma
    karan verma 11 soat oldin

    its awesome but expensive

  • You Cuber!
    You Cuber! 11 soat oldin

    But than... it breaks

  • wafermelon
    wafermelon 11 soat oldin

    "you close it down it's like closing a laptop, it's ready for the pocket"
    Yes, i always put my laptop in my pocket when I'm not using it.

  • You Cuber!
    You Cuber! 11 soat oldin

    Later is this fold fOLD

  • Mika Tachibana
    Mika Tachibana 11 soat oldin

    The price of this is 1980 usd and if you convert it to php it would be 102,326.40


    • Rob
      Rob 11 soat oldin

      Why is your currency a programming language?

  • Harley Matheson
    Harley Matheson 11 soat oldin


  • Daniel 12345
    Daniel 12345 11 soat oldin

    Apple users have left the chat.

  • YisianPlayz
    YisianPlayz 11 soat oldin

    Lewis Hilsenteger is a clickbaiter.

  • Matthew Allman
    Matthew Allman 12 soat oldin +1

    Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time taking this seriously because of Lew’s bias to Samsung/Android.

  • prem s
    prem s 12 soat oldin

    Thank god i don't like smart phones

  • Momo Bastogne
    Momo Bastogne 12 soat oldin

    How much it coast

    • Rob
      Rob 11 soat oldin


  • Lord Shaxx
    Lord Shaxx 12 soat oldin

    I feel like this is gonna flop really bad

    • Rob
      Rob 11 soat oldin

      Already did. Watch the news

  • AlsteinLe
    AlsteinLe 12 soat oldin

    Galaxy F L O P
    Oh wait D.
    Looks good.

  • Matthew Allman
    Matthew Allman 12 soat oldin

    If Apple were to put out something this crappy, Android users would ridicule them immensely. I, as an Apple user, see the potential of this foldable phone, and conclude that even if Apple made something like this, and found a way to eliminate all the foldable screen issues, and make it look beautiful as most Apple products are, I still wouldn’t be interested.
    Good on Samsung to rush to be the first to put out a foldable smartphone. But they should’ve waited until a) they perfected their table mode OS, and b) thoroughly perfected their build quality. Because as much as I roast Samsung, the one thing I always give them credit for is that their phones for the most part are well built. This is not, by any stretch of the imagination, and it tips their hand just enough for other companies, including Apple, to take their time and do it better.
    Samsung just put out their version of BlackBerry’s Playbook... and it essentially killed the company. The Fold won’t kill Samsung, Samsung is too big and popular. But this will definitely set them back some. Especially since this is supposed to be a premium device with a $2000 price tag

  • Javier A.
    Javier A. 12 soat oldin

    Too large. Could be smaller, less tall, to make a screen when it's openings of 18:9. Also when it's closed, more screen would be used, being more similar to a normal phone size

  • Aoife McMahon
    Aoife McMahon 12 soat oldin

    How would you get s case for if

  • Beto Alvarez
    Beto Alvarez 12 soat oldin

    It’s already haven problems Apple rules !

  • deequu
    deequu 12 soat oldin

    That is quite ugly. It’s not even full screen on the outside screen. Doesn’t matter that there is an inside.

  • Otakuu.
    Otakuu. 12 soat oldin

    Samsung: *foldable phones*
    Phone case companies : ಠ_ಠ

  • Archana Singh
    Archana Singh 12 soat oldin

    Thanos destroyed half of the galaxy.
    Samsung folded the galaxy.
    Galaxy: am I a joke to you?

  • somesh sujan
    somesh sujan 12 soat oldin

    Can u give me one phone

  • Diegoscomeback
    Diegoscomeback 12 soat oldin

    if Steve Jobs is alive, he’ll be telling his engineers “i want, to unfold the foldable phones, using one hand only! Get it done.”

  • tushant n
    tushant n 12 soat oldin

    how about pubg?

  • Emma Jenner
    Emma Jenner 12 soat oldin

    okay but the folded version straight up looks like a tv remote

  • Photography Girl
    Photography Girl 12 soat oldin

    I’d love to see how they make the phone cases

  • Jing jing
    Jing jing 12 soat oldin

    I'm wondering what phone does he use🤔

  • Tyrone Spears
    Tyrone Spears 12 soat oldin

    When is that coming out?

  • Bar Games
    Bar Games 12 soat oldin +1


  • blazzee hazzee
    blazzee hazzee 12 soat oldin

    huawai mate X is way better designed

  • ᅚBlank
    ᅚBlank 12 soat oldin +1

    A lot of gimmicks come and go, but I can see foldable phones being the norm in the future. It's simple to use and very applicable when wanting to access tablet sized screen real-estate. When the tech and design improves, I would definitely buy one.

  • Robxrt
    Robxrt 12 soat oldin

    Ain’t nobody want that weak ass shit

  • WingedFish 117
    WingedFish 117 12 soat oldin

    Honestly the supplementary display sucks the huawei fold phones orientation works better

  • T- Bloke
    T- Bloke 12 soat oldin

    Samsung Galaxy Fold unfolding

  • RobbieDobLob
    RobbieDobLob 12 soat oldin +1

    It is a really good tablet but the phone screen is to small

  • ajai srivastava
    ajai srivastava 12 soat oldin

    Technical guruji copy!!

  • An00bis
    An00bis 12 soat oldin +1

    "Let's keep making phones progressively bigger until we literally have to fold it in half to the size they were ten years ago."

  • Bugz Buggy
    Bugz Buggy 12 soat oldin

    cant use screen protector cant use case...can you shut up ugly phone

  • Tthe Second
    Tthe Second 12 soat oldin

    This is amazing. It’s something that I would actually upgrade to. The case for this should be interesting.

  • Carzeh
    Carzeh 12 soat oldin

    Is it waterproof?

  • Rzo2934 P
    Rzo2934 P 12 soat oldin

    Its still just a phone and another on the road distraction.......

  • Bugz Buggy
    Bugz Buggy 12 soat oldin

    can you stop showing that ugly phone

  • well well Navarro
    well well Navarro 12 soat oldin


  • sara abedi
    sara abedi 12 soat oldin

    Sooo cool

  • Kids Ammash
    Kids Ammash 12 soat oldin

    How the eff r they gonna make a case for this

  • Sedem Potakey
    Sedem Potakey 12 soat oldin

    very nice but subscribe to my channel it i just sarted if i get 1k views i will give you a 1phone x and samsung you are the best UZclipr

  • Mr BennPulse
    Mr BennPulse 12 soat oldin

    Did this one break like 80% of the others cool concept but not exactly there yet Samsung

  • Friendly Gamer
    Friendly Gamer 13 soat oldin

    How much is that? I want it so bad

  • Joe Chan
    Joe Chan 13 soat oldin +1

    At this rate by 2050 people be making origami cranes out of their phones.

  • Marlena Aleksiuk
    Marlena Aleksiuk 13 soat oldin

    😁 i whant this

  • JEB 04
    JEB 04 13 soat oldin

    Wonder how many people gonna snap this lol

  • DarkCinema
    DarkCinema 13 soat oldin

    Breh when you watch anime on that shit like my hero academia everybody be like YO WTF

  • Ayl Tan
    Ayl Tan 13 soat oldin

    It is cute. But I don't see anything new and unique about it. Except its foldable. I mean. Its to expensive! It's just a folable samung galaxy s10

  • Brabus 76
    Brabus 76 13 soat oldin

    Its too big... bigger than my Tron disc on my back!

  • momo abad
    momo abad 13 soat oldin

    on sale this xmas.. unless apple suprises us with something else..

  • 이주영
    이주영 13 soat oldin

    한국인 나와라

  • Peter Lo Yuan Lai
    Peter Lo Yuan Lai 13 soat oldin

    I can only imagine how people would break it

  • nickn
    nickn 13 soat oldin +1

    The tablet market may disappear if defects in Galaxy folds are corrected as much as possible.

  • Natsumi Akira
    Natsumi Akira 13 soat oldin

    Just by looking im getting the feeling its really fragile

  • Chris Jenkins
    Chris Jenkins 13 soat oldin

    All I know is..... I just contributed to the 12+ million views you have on this phone... feeling like a pebble in the pond right about now.

  • Yanko Stoyanov
    Yanko Stoyanov 13 soat oldin

    Dude, phones were folding a long time ago - motorola v220 :D :D

  • NattzBenzedrine
    NattzBenzedrine 13 soat oldin

    Is it just me or does my man sound like mandark low key?
    Ha-Haha-ha-hahhahaha-ha.. you hear it

  • Enes Balıkcı
    Enes Balıkcı 13 soat oldin +1

    Huawei mate x

  • Enes Balıkcı
    Enes Balıkcı 13 soat oldin +1

    Huawei mate x

  • Enes Balıkcı
    Enes Balıkcı 13 soat oldin +1

    Huawei mate x

  • Enes Balıkcı
    Enes Balıkcı 13 soat oldin +1

    Huawei mate x

  • Enes Balıkcı
    Enes Balıkcı 13 soat oldin +1

    Huawei mate x

  • Enes Balıkcı
    Enes Balıkcı 13 soat oldin +1

    Huawei mate x

  • R34P3R
    R34P3R 13 soat oldin

    What a waste of fucking money

  • Mathias Nørregaard Adelborg

    Sooner or later. Iphone Will be making an iphone fold Phone 😂 like if you Think that too


    Samsung: release a foldable phone. Case creators: WHY!!!!!

  • Trevor Mwendwa
    Trevor Mwendwa 13 soat oldin

    Crap. I must have this now 😔

  • shane o neill
    shane o neill 13 soat oldin

    So, where do you buy a protective case for it?

  • Creed Palmer
    Creed Palmer 13 soat oldin

    Sick, now we can switch from a shitty phone to a shitty tablet ON THE GO WOOHOO

  • upul sanjeewa
    upul sanjeewa 13 soat oldin

    please don't waste your money 😉😉

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison 13 soat oldin

    What about cases how will that work

  • 타우캉
    타우캉 13 soat oldin +1

    Son H M 7

  • Darksoulmaster
    Darksoulmaster 13 soat oldin +1

    Pls noname companies! Make cheap shitty versions of this!!!!

  • 타우캉
    타우캉 13 soat oldin +1

    형님 여윽시 존잘이십니다!ㅕ

  • It_Is_ Ahmad_Gaming
    It_Is_ Ahmad_Gaming 13 soat oldin

    It is Not the First Foldable phone
    I ve a flip phone which is 7 years old

  • squishy booty
    squishy booty 13 soat oldin

    I dont really like the shape of it when its folded. Looks like a long remote with a cheap screen. Would be better with a nice screen on the outside

  • Exo Rev
    Exo Rev 13 soat oldin

    Greates unfolding video yet

  • unicorn makin
    unicorn makin 13 soat oldin

    Blackpink is so lucky cause they have one of that

  • bright Auzzie
    bright Auzzie 13 soat oldin +1

    Samsung: DiD YoU GuYs WAnT A FoLdInG PhOnE?

  • Drawde
    Drawde 13 soat oldin

    I would say the ‘phone size’ screen is too thin on the long edges but still very, very, very, very awesome from someone who prefers Apple.

  • D4N13L 12345
    D4N13L 12345 13 soat oldin

    Samsung Note X Samsung Galaxy Note + Samsung Galaxy F