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  • Joylandi 8-Noy, 2018
  • oh boy i am not a cook.
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  • KomediyaKomediya

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  • Peyton Stubblefield
    Peyton Stubblefield 24 kun oldin

    I love your intro song lol

  • Danielle Brabant
    Danielle Brabant 25 kun oldin

    Okay but the man in the MOBO shirt I need to marry

  • jaimelynn610
    jaimelynn610 25 kun oldin

    Your intro/theme song is probably my #1 favorite from the vlogsquad 🥰
    You & Zane are my favorite too. I don’t think David is as good/funny as you and Zane 🥳

  • Angel Angus
    Angel Angus 26 kun oldin +1

    “they’re light brown”😂😂

  • kelly robinson
    kelly robinson 29 kun oldin

    Mmmm. Made me hungry! Keep yo the hard work! I'm loving it

  • Rj Helm
    Rj Helm 29 kun oldin

    The amount of relationship tension that these two give off is fuckin cringe

  • rach
    rach Oy oldin

    we need more link >:(

  • Anna Reome
    Anna Reome Oy oldin

    i wanna do this rap challenge w my friends now 😂

  • Joseph Ruiz
    Joseph Ruiz Oy oldin

    EVOO isn’t great to cook with. More of a topper

  • Caelyn C
    Caelyn C Oy oldin

    Hot mess, oh yess. Me rapping lol

  • mami wolfie
    mami wolfie Oy oldin

    why does scott and kristen remind me of julien and jenna in this vlog omg, the similarities are uncanny

  • nansa X2
    nansa X2 Oy oldin


  • Lily G
    Lily G Oy oldin

    The title of this vid is my life story. Frr

  • Alivia Taylor
    Alivia Taylor Oy oldin

    You and Everyone in the blog squad is hilarious! I love watching the videos!

  • maridiaries
    maridiaries Oy oldin

    the girl from the video looks like the girl filming WOOOOOWW so craaaazyy

  • Sallyanne Wyllie
    Sallyanne Wyllie Oy oldin

    Kinda feels like watching Jenna watch Julien cook - the stress is real for Kristen

  • Charlize B
    Charlize B Oy oldin

    This video is now my favorite. It was so simple, but it was so great because the editing was so good. Also Kristen's easter rap was fire. I laughed so hard at minute 5:13 and 9:37, i was crying. Was having a shity day and watching your videos made me less sad. Thank you

  • Breyana Lovick
    Breyana Lovick Oy oldin

    So what your saying is.. the carpet does NOT match the drapes 🤣

  • Simone Donnelly
    Simone Donnelly Oy oldin


  • perla683ify
    perla683ify Oy oldin

    "Ginger with beach blonde hair" ha ha 😋

  • Maria Vazquez
    Maria Vazquez Oy oldin

    omg AND you cooked the veggies where the chicken was cooked!!! My heart is breaking

  • Maria Vazquez
    Maria Vazquez Oy oldin

    Please tell me you washed your hands after touching that chicken!!!!

  • ***Jintaekook ***

    I love Scott’s cooking video.

  • Hannah Paynter
    Hannah Paynter Oy oldin

    I was about to scream at the screen when he was gonna scrape the chicken with the sharp side of blade too kristen lmao that was like jammed into my head in foods class 😂

  • Rylee Sampson
    Rylee Sampson Oy oldin


  • Zebulon Zanzwhan
    Zebulon Zanzwhan Oy oldin


  • jaquilin T
    jaquilin T Oy oldin

    Ur a master chef scot! Is there anything u can’t do?

  • Rylee Spencer
    Rylee Spencer Oy oldin

    2:54 im so dead

  • Nathan Canady
    Nathan Canady Oy oldin

    He spelled forest wrong. How is no one mentioning this

  • Raven Simone
    Raven Simone Oy oldin

    “UGHHHH you have a boyfriend” LOL i’m done

  • Laura Kuster
    Laura Kuster Oy oldin

    Scotty’s vlogs!! You’re doing great sweetie 🥰 also Kristen impressive rap skillz 🤩

  • Megan Smithers
    Megan Smithers Oy oldin

    Wait i just realized how weird it is that Scott's hair, beard, & eyebrows are all different colors

  • 방탄소년단TAE'S

    Scotty is husband material

  • Jenel T
    Jenel T Oy oldin

    Scotty being all sad and in a hurry while cooking and Kristen trying to encourage him is the sweetest thing😩

  • Jenel T
    Jenel T Oy oldin

    I swear I really live for Heath and Scotty’s friendship. Goals. More.

  • Sophiya S
    Sophiya S Oy oldin

    Scotty please do a music video for your song Awkward pleaseeee or post a lyric video

  • Lizzylazzy gaming

    I'm server lyrics depressed rn after this video

  • zeinawali shaheera
    zeinawali shaheera Oy oldin +1

    That was great.

  • zeinawali shaheera
    zeinawali shaheera Oy oldin +1

    You know what I'm going to do a Productivity Pact too.

  • j w
    j w Oy oldin

    Y'all are cute. Fuck you. Ily Link.

  • Haiven Jay
    Haiven Jay Oy oldin

    Scott I actually wouldn’t mind you starting a series where you follow Kristen’s cooking videos and she try’s your products.

  • Ness E
    Ness E Oy oldin

    Love you Scott ❤

  • kathleen c
    kathleen c Oy oldin

    it looks like the krabby patty that was given to the health inspector in spongebob

  • Tifa Thomas
    Tifa Thomas Oy oldin +1

    I really enjoyed this

  • Darrian Ford
    Darrian Ford Oy oldin

    boy, I cannot handle touching raw chicken

  • M Fabez
    M Fabez Oy oldin

    Scott being an Aries in the kitchen

  • Nick Sypherd
    Nick Sypherd Oy oldin

    "Forrest" lmao

  • Michelle Tänzler

    Lately you use your new intro more and since then I always give your video a thumbs up as soon as it starts playing :)

  • Sophia Law
    Sophia Law Oy oldin

    what's the spray scotts using on the veggies?

  • Lauren
    Lauren Oy oldin

    I cringe at people calling them goals when they cant see all the tension and hatefulness between the two of them. Sad stuff really.

  • imantonija w
    imantonija w Oy oldin

    I just love you Scotty you are very special ti me❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • imantonija w
    imantonija w Oy oldin

    What the hell Kristen raps lol I'm amazed she's actualy great I love it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Josie Flores
    Josie Flores Oy oldin

    Light Brown*

  • Samantha Montes
    Samantha Montes Oy oldin

    Scott is so happy I’m thriving

  • Tyra Walker
    Tyra Walker Oy oldin

    who the hell was writing the words on the screen lmao they spelt forest wrong

  • Bradley Parker
    Bradley Parker Oy oldin

    why did you spell forest that way???????

  • Trix
    Trix Oy oldin

    Scott ik your not going to see this but what’s the song you played during the cooking part when Kristen was eating

  • hayley johnson
    hayley johnson Oy oldin

    he's definitely an aries

  • Grace Fredrickson

    Is Scotty an Aries? He reminds me of Julien in the kitchen
    Edit: I just looked it up and he is an Aries!! You can definitely tell😂

  • Roland Herbert
    Roland Herbert Oy oldin


  • Myra Vega
    Myra Vega Oy oldin

    The cooking part reminded me of Jenna and Julian hahaha

  • Abigail Wolf
    Abigail Wolf Oy oldin

    post more chicago tickets i wanna see you so bad

  • Alexa Calderon
    Alexa Calderon Oy oldin


  • Maryam Girl
    Maryam Girl Oy oldin


  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith Oy oldin

    Ummmmm the ultimate clickbait, a score of 7 does not suffice as a “fail” my friend

  • Gabi Merlo
    Gabi Merlo Oy oldin

    Lol when you put that little edit on y'alls faces 😂

  • Béatrice Ghattas

    I love you Scotty but this is not how you grate a carrot

  • edgar.
    edgar. Oy oldin

    Hehehe, I love y'all

  • Sawyer Strain
    Sawyer Strain Oy oldin

    anyone know the song?

  • omegaprank pictures

    AWKWARD for the music video

  • Siara Sigle
    Siara Sigle Oy oldin

    I was waiting for Scott to cut his finger on the grater and kristan saying I told you sooooo 🙂 ALSO YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE COOKING VIDEOS! They are fun and make me wanna eat more healthy foods

  • Nevaeh frison
    Nevaeh frison Oy oldin

    Kristan snapped love it

  • Eduardo D.
    Eduardo D. Oy oldin

    I wasn't expecting to know about the colors of ur pubis

  • Olivia Ferguson
    Olivia Ferguson Oy oldin

    I love this

  • Jenna Stewart
    Jenna Stewart Oy oldin

    kristens rabbit rap was more fye than any scotty song

  • Ashlyne’s Vlogs

    Who else sings along to the intros lol😂😘💙

  • Andrea Lara
    Andrea Lara Oy oldin

    i literally laughed so hard the whole video

  • Marissa Torres
    Marissa Torres Oy oldin

    You’re doing well Scotty 🙂

  • Marie Alexandra
    Marie Alexandra Oy oldin


  • Stephanie Hernan
    Stephanie Hernan Oy oldin

    Loveeeeeee the freestyle segment

  • Jaquelin Galicia
    Jaquelin Galicia Oy oldin


  • Life With Yana
    Life With Yana Oy oldin +1

    Call me so I can get it juicy for ya😭

  • Clara H
    Clara H Oy oldin


  • papiargentino
    papiargentino Oy oldin

    got a chef ramsey add before the video started, the irony

  • Hi Kwisten
    Hi Kwisten Oy oldin +1

    I’ll add 😎 for every like

  • 1DeLaWaRe4
    1DeLaWaRe4 Oy oldin

    i'm drunk and and i i suck and i suck but you deserve applauuse !! YES!!!

  • Ava D
    Ava D Oy oldin

    Does Scotty and Kristen’s cooking segment remind anyone else of Jenna and Julian? lol

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat Oy oldin

    i like the subtle parts in the video where Scotty plays the music from his album.

  • Kelly Anne
    Kelly Anne Oy oldin

    Kristen is eating chicken again??

  • Shau Snow
    Shau Snow Oy oldin +1

    I like Jackie Chan movies and Jim carry movies 😂 😂 😂 scott

  • Devon Breezy
    Devon Breezy Oy oldin +4

    Adderall is a wonderful drug

  • awesome5657blink
    awesome5657blink Oy oldin +1

    The cooking segment reminded me of Jenna and Julien soooo much!

  • Mads
    Mads Oy oldin +3

    2:59 “they’re light brown” 😂💕
    I have that same colander!!

  • Stephanie Munoz
    Stephanie Munoz Oy oldin

    when you run out of content so you just remake your girls

  • IsThisMikeOn
    IsThisMikeOn Oy oldin

    For some reason I really enjoyed this video and couldn't stop laughing 😂😂

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley Oy oldin

    Need to change intro, Heath is is your new best friend

  • Alexis Brianna
    Alexis Brianna Oy oldin

    7:18 i dont know why i find that so funny "OaAaH iTs hOt"

  • Desanka Stojanovska

    The videos are getting better and better 🤗

  • K Schwa
    K Schwa Oy oldin +3

    Wyatt reminds me of Finn wolfhard

    • Sophia Flor
      Sophia Flor Oy oldin

      K Schwa omg I thought the same thing