Take A Break - Walmart

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  • Joylandi 1-Noy, 2018
  • James Corden heads to Walmart to give an employee a break, and learns the finer art of greeting everyone with a smile and choosing the highest quality items for online orders. And he finds the perfect spot to catch a quick nap on the job.
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  • HordiqHordiq

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  • Javi del Val
    Javi del Val 6 soat oldin

    Lmfao he thrashed the whole shit up he's such a punk

  • sally abed al-aal
    sally abed al-aal 13 soat oldin


  • joshua Santos
    joshua Santos 15 soat oldin

    When James went into the DVD pit, I thought he was going to pull out into the woods.

  • Tay Brook
    Tay Brook 15 soat oldin

    James is me while shopping lmao😂😂😂

  • lloyd
    lloyd 15 soat oldin

    Fucking love James corden😂😂

  • _ AvocadoGirl _
    _ AvocadoGirl _ 19 soat oldin

    James would be a great Walmart employee 😂😂

  • XnotYas
    XnotYas 19 soat oldin

    I hate it whenever tv hosts goes to public places and act not responsible like that

  • gabe robinson
    gabe robinson 21 soat oldin

    James: *Dives into bucket of DVD's*
    Crowd: *Applause*

  • منوعات_ Mix
    منوعات_ Mix 22 soat oldin

    uzclip.net/video/26nim8h0SBw/video.html the best house in the world

  • lizabethxx27
    lizabethxx27 22 soat oldin

    There's no way that 10ft rule is a real thing I've never had anybody talk to me at walmart

  • Jessi tyson
    Jessi tyson 22 soat oldin

    "is this Disney?"
    *Mmm no*
    " WILL IT DO!?"

  • Kennedy Polzin
    Kennedy Polzin Kun oldin

    The employee really sounded pissed like my gosh he’s funny

  • chelsey doty
    chelsey doty Kun oldin

    Obnoxious and disrespectful

  • Iara Bautista
    Iara Bautista Kun oldin

    Well.. I guess like kate 😊😍

  • nonye bizzn
    nonye bizzn Kun oldin

    this was hilarious

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah Kun oldin +1

    5:48 LMFAOOO caught me so off guard

  • Teagan Piazza
    Teagan Piazza Kun oldin

    Do people not realize that this is a skit? Like for real? With camera crew and all? THIS GOES ON NATIONAL TV. EVERYONE HAS TO SIGN A RELEASE TO BE ON TV. Jesus...

  • Amalia Garrido
    Amalia Garrido Kun oldin

    james-"don't worry ill lead u"
    *2 seconds later* bumps into something

  • PrincessKeena
    PrincessKeena Kun oldin

    I fucking love James he’s my favourite

  • WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    He’s soo damn cute&funny!!

  • RachelPlayzRoblox
    RachelPlayzRoblox Kun oldin

    Shanika HATES him lol

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best Kun oldin

    5:35 I'll guide you 😂

  • Professor Snippety-snaps

    K I work at a grocery store as a general clerk and work is boring and its not your stuff he’s wrecking. I’d love to get paid just to walk around with James cordon. It would be a story to remember, everyone’s taking it so bad y’all need to calm down

  • Diamond Dia
    Diamond Dia Kun oldin

    Well he is cool we all know that but sometimes hes kinda fake jokes are over and it looks so unnatural ... 🤔

  • Ruby Ling
    Ruby Ling Kun oldin

    1:13 love that naughty smile hahahah

  • Lillie Nicholls
    Lillie Nicholls Kun oldin

    She was looking so annoyed!

  • Jessie O
    Jessie O Kun oldin

    James made me die in this😭😂 it’s funny as I’ve been Walmart (from England) and it’s jokes seeing British people like James in this

  • Ct- 4040
    Ct- 4040 Kun oldin

    Always feel sorry for the people who have to clean up after them

  • Elliot Engblom
    Elliot Engblom Kun oldin

    asshole simulator 2000

  • catlaw1997
    catlaw1997 Kun oldin

    This is not funny at all. The Walton Multi Billionaires made their money off the backs of their employees, yet don't even pay them a living wage.

  • catlaw1997
    catlaw1997 Kun oldin

    Also, you need to be paid $9 /hour but be limited to 30 hours / week, so no benefits. So you need a second job, but you still don't get benefits or enough to earn a living wage. So, welfare gives you food stamps & medicaid, which tax payers pay for, so the Walton billionaires don't have to hire FT employees or pay them a living wage plus benefits. Republican voters are dumb AF for voting for this $hit.

  • PNW_EmilyAnn
    PNW_EmilyAnn Kun oldin

    This is ridiculously disrespectful, on par with all the shitty UZcliprs who try the same horrible content. I would expect better from someone on your level. How can you promote a store when all you did was walk through and destroy it? How can you expect anyone else to respect it and shop there if you couldn’t even contain your need to be a fucking five year old?

  • Ruski Momo
    Ruski Momo 2 kun oldin

    Lmao I got a *walmart ad*

  • illuminatiflatearthconfirmed bedelia

    The thumbnail is me diving into bed after a 5 hour shopping spree with my mom that I instantly regret after like 10 minutes 😂

  • Jaclyn Quimby
    Jaclyn Quimby 2 kun oldin

    5:44 i diedddd of laughter 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Girrafe Person
    Girrafe Person 2 kun oldin

    I loved when he was wearing the mask and he bumped into the makeup

  • Max_Kaylee_Mills
    Max_Kaylee_Mills 2 kun oldin

    I just want you to know that you can come to my Walmart anytime😂😂

  • Chick Vic
    Chick Vic 2 kun oldin

    omg lol I worked walmart 6 yrs if he worked there I wouldve had so much more fun .

  • jojo's world
    jojo's world 2 kun oldin

    I was laughing so hard

  • Lilinoe• Pineapples
    Lilinoe• Pineapples 2 kun oldin

    He should do target now lol😂

  • emilyfan505
    emilyfan505 2 kun oldin

    This bitch acting like this is how she acts everyday at work 😂 I have never seen a Walmart employee not in a pissy mood.

  • Ernest Hemingway
    Ernest Hemingway 2 kun oldin

    Tyler the creator carpool karaoke

  • Katherine Breeggemann
    Katherine Breeggemann 2 kun oldin +1

    This is pissing me off. Like he’s just destroying stuff. I hope his team helped clean up

  • Maddie Russell
    Maddie Russell 2 kun oldin

    This is amazing 😂😂😂

    JOJO__ KWEEN 2 kun oldin +13

    R.I.P Walmart
    R.I.P Shanika

    I’m Dying Right Now

  • Karen Janice
    Karen Janice 2 kun oldin

    that was rude

  • Ric Rags
    Ric Rags 2 kun oldin

    The detective inspecting the crime scene would hear a witness say "all she said was you're not in uniform until you're wearing a smile."

  • Sj Flow
    Sj Flow 2 kun oldin

    This was too cringe to watch lol. James should have hired Conan to do this. 😂😂

  • Sj Flow
    Sj Flow 2 kun oldin

    This was way too cringe to watch lol.

  • neo x culture
    neo x culture 2 kun oldin

    James is so funny lmao, I’m in class and I cant stop laughing

  • justin8771
    justin8771 2 kun oldin

    Stupid ass James too funny 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️he jumped in the dvd bin lol

  • George Lewis
    George Lewis 2 kun oldin

    Why they Blur the Phone NUmber?

  • The traveling steampunk Kitty

    ASDA is the Walmart in the U.K.

  • Mckayla Grxc
    Mckayla Grxc 3 kun oldin

    Omg 😂 I can’t with him

  • Amy Dontyouwannaknow
    Amy Dontyouwannaknow 3 kun oldin

    This is cringe

  • Mina Jacks
    Mina Jacks 3 kun oldin

    She was not having it😂😂

  • liz liz
    liz liz 3 kun oldin

    6:04 You can hear the employee say " James ! Ugh " 😤

  • liz liz
    liz liz 3 kun oldin

    3:35 " Oh my God this one just broke. " WHY IS THIS ME😭😂

  • Theatre Geek
    Theatre Geek 3 kun oldin

    Ouch.... I love you James, but as a retail worker, this hurts. I realize this is probably all staged but it still is just so honestly infuriating. Just to see all the displays being knocked down and you treating the store and employees the way you were, it was just painful. I still love you though

  • Jazmyne Navarro
    Jazmyne Navarro 3 kun oldin

    celebrities love each other, but watch, as soon as some of them are in front of real people, there's no love there.

  • paranoiddanny
    paranoiddanny 3 kun oldin

    i fucking love the take a break videos gah

  • paranoiddanny
    paranoiddanny 3 kun oldin

    ughhhhh james is literally me, just my entire personality, omg, just a big mood

  • paranoiddanny
    paranoiddanny 3 kun oldin

    I'm james and shanica is everyone within 10ft of me telling me no to roll melons

  • NamjoOns WiFu
    NamjoOns WiFu 3 kun oldin

    Can’t believe these employees take everything so seriously

  • B BFirst
    B BFirst 3 kun oldin

    The actual employee seemed annoyed I dont know if I like her...

  • Hugh M.
    Hugh M. 3 kun oldin

    I don’t believe you but another note. Subscribe to PewDiePie.

    • Hugh M.
      Hugh M. 3 kun oldin

      He needs to work on his accent it’s disappearing

  • Jewelly 900
    Jewelly 900 3 kun oldin +1

    Why are Americans overweight? Take a look at the size of their stores! Can’t even get off their backside to shop themselves

  • Doodle Stuff
    Doodle Stuff 3 kun oldin


  • Emily Rice
    Emily Rice 3 kun oldin

    Okay, but we have all wanted to do 9:13 at some point

  • Supp X
    Supp X 3 kun oldin

    Sometimes he ain't that funny!!

  • Maluzinez
    Maluzinez 3 kun oldin

    you didn't gave them a break, you made them lose their minds!

  • lana yaser
    lana yaser 3 kun oldin

    add me on snapchat zit_1234 just for friends

  • fullswing
    fullswing 3 kun oldin

    Why let this fat cunt into your grocery store? I'd be scared he would eat all the stock.

  • crystal sabbs
    crystal sabbs 3 kun oldin


  • chokingmonkeys
    chokingmonkeys 3 kun oldin

    This is genius :) and he's almost a person of walmart.

  • chokingmonkeys
    chokingmonkeys 3 kun oldin

    2:46 need to be a meme on loop

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 3 kun oldin

    Sooo funny

  • TunerUSA
    TunerUSA 3 kun oldin +2

    I GOT THE WALMART AD..............

  • Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Herrera 3 kun oldin


  • GuelphRacing
    GuelphRacing 4 kun oldin +1

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
    You have amazing creative potential. Have a wonderful day :)

  • Ava Wilson
    Ava Wilson 4 kun oldin

    A fucking Walmart ad came on halfway through this.

  • Silvia Villa
    Silvia Villa 4 kun oldin

    these were funny when i was unemployed 💀

  • PinkRoses
    PinkRoses 4 kun oldin

    What a nightmare! omg!! 😂😂

  • moneyboymusic
    moneyboymusic 4 kun oldin

    so funny i can watch this all day ..lol

  • 1 thousand subscribers with no videos??

    *gets a Walmart ad*

  • michael p
    michael p 4 kun oldin +4

    There was an ad for walmart in this video

  • Holly Boily
    Holly Boily 4 kun oldin

    I was crying because this is awesome

  • Serene Burrito0
    Serene Burrito0 4 kun oldin

    Nelk wannabe

  • Kayla •
    Kayla • 4 kun oldin

    *We’re not in uniform here until we have a smile*

    *Um idk what Walmart this is but my Walmart is the complete opposite*

  • Kunaifox
    Kunaifox 4 kun oldin


    AND I

  • Nick O
    Nick O 4 kun oldin

    Thanks for taking one for the team, America. Please keep him, sincerely, the UK.

  • theblueokapi YT
    theblueokapi YT 4 kun oldin

    7:37 That woman just agreed immediately wth-

  • Gummy bears 101
    Gummy bears 101 4 kun oldin

    I got a ad of Walmart delivery😂FBII


    Best James Corden take a break video

  • Emma Liliana
    Emma Liliana 4 kun oldin

    Who else got the Walmart ad?! 😂

  • Nate Gatsby
    Nate Gatsby 4 kun oldin

    Still more friendly and helpful than every walmart employee I've seen

  • Yasir Bajwa
    Yasir Bajwa 4 kun oldin

    I'm living for theese take a break sessions

  • Jennifer Hernadea
    Jennifer Hernadea 4 kun oldin

    i got a walmart ad before the vid.

  • Victor Ruggi
    Victor Ruggi 4 kun oldin

    Damn, James sucks more as a Walmart employee than as an Old Navy employee!