K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends

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  • Joylandi 3-Noy, 2018
  • K/DA Ahri, K/DA Evelynn, K/DA Kai’Sa, and K/DA Akali take the world stage with their debut single. Keep the show going on the Rift with these new Epic skins.
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    K/DA - "POP/STARS"
    Featured artists: Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns
    Written by: Riot Music Team and Harloe
    Korean translation by: Lydia Paek and Minji Kim
    Produced by: Riot Music Team
    Mixed by: Riot Music Team
    Mastered by: Riot Music Team
    Vocals performed by: Madison Beer, Miyeon of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon of (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns
    Additional vocals by: Harloe
    Vocal production by: Riot Music Team
    Executive Producers: Riot Games & Justin Tranter
    Fortiche Prod
    You know who it is
    Coming 'round again
    You want a dose of this
    Right now
    It’s K/DA uh!
    I'm a goddess with a blade
    소리쳐봐 내 이름
    잊지 못하게
    Loud loud loud loud
    I could take it to the top
    절대 멈추지 못해
    내가 끝내주는
    Bad gal gal gal
    And when I start to talk like that (like that)
    Oh you won’t know how to react
    I’m a picture perfect face
    With that wild in my veins
    You can hear it in my
    Growl, growl, growl, growl
    So keep your eyes on me now
    무엇을 보든 좋아할 거야
    닿을 수 없는 level
    나와 대결 원한 널 확신해
    We got it all in our hands now
    So can you handle what we’re all about
    We’re so tough
    Not scared to show you up
    Can you feel the rush now?
    Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down down down
    They could try but we’re gonna wear the crown
    You could go another round round round round round round round
    Wish you luck but you’re not bringing us down
    We go hard
    Till we get it get it
    We go hard
    We so in it in it
    Only winning winning now
    Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down
    You ready for this? (Let's go!)
    See 언제든지 내 모습 magic
    단 한 번에 내가 잡어
    절대 기죽지 않지 uh!
    Pow pow 네가 뭘 알아
    견딜 수 없어, 원해도.
    원하는 게 얼굴에 보여
    I’m trouble and you’re wanting it
    I’m so cold
    When I move that way
    You gonna be so blown
    I’m the realest in the game uh!
    Say I’m on fire with a blade
    You’re about to hear my name
    Ringing in your head like oh
    So keep your eyes on me now
    무엇을 보든 좋아할 거야
    We’re so tough
    Not scared to show you up
    Can you feel the rush now?
    Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down down down
    They could try but we’re gonna wear the crown
    You could go another round round round round round round round
    Wish you luck but you’re not bringing us down
    We go hard
    Till we get it get it
    We go hard
    We so in it in it
    Only winning winning now
    Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down
    Oh... 난 멈추지 않아
    Oh oh we go hard
    Oh oh we POP/STARS (stars), stars (stars)
    Ain’t nobody bringing us
    Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down down down
    They could try but we’re gonna wear the crown
    You could go another round round round round round round round
    Wish you luck but you’re not bringing us down
    We go hard
    Till we get it get it
    We go hard
    We so in it in it
    Only winning winning now
    Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down
    Tracks and albums from the makers of League of Legends: uzclip.net/channel/UCJEGvSZnQ1pkVfHO8s5G8hA
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    Itz_Wik A 13 soat oldin +1

    KD/A just finessed BlackPinks Crown with only one song 😂 I said it. Haters @ me

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    Crysty MGC 13 soat oldin

    this made me reinstall league of legends and i still don t know if it s a mistake or not XDD

  • Matthew Slater
    Matthew Slater 13 soat oldin

    Where's my Star Guardian Urgot skin

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    This song made my day

  • Zeus Rai
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    Catchy sounds

    SSP AMV 13 soat oldin

    Even idols need to wash clothes. That's what I learned from this video.

  • Emma2525
    Emma2525 13 soat oldin

    Alguien que hable español? :'v?

  • Baekhyuns Eyebrow
    Baekhyuns Eyebrow 13 soat oldin

    To be honest... I wouldn’t consider this as KPOP. This is POP. It’s 99% POP anyway. It really depends on how much of a certain language there is. This song has mostly English so it’s a pop song.

  • Ares Vlogz
    Ares Vlogz 13 soat oldin +1

    Never played league, first game I get when I get my new rig.

  • Strawberry Taetae
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    How many feminazis did this trigger?

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    Please do a rock song with Male cast. Thanks.

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    They should give this treatment to Pentakill as well. Bravo on the animation especially.

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    I'm the only one to love evelynn's parts?

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  • Jenn x Penn
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    imagine kda to use this 4 girls as an official band member, and every music they make they will feature it. THAT WILL BE SO COOL

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    Quốc Củn 13 soat oldin

    OMG nó hay

  • tanweichen123
    tanweichen123 13 soat oldin

    the animation and the back ground and the details!! GOD THIS IS JUST WAYYYYYYYY TOO GOOD

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    Ali Colak 13 soat oldin +1

    abııı cok hossss yaaaaaaaaaa

  • Zakwan Azani
    Zakwan Azani 13 soat oldin

    I'm getting hooked to this. And I don't even play LoL or listen to any K-pop.

  • adamik17
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    High budget music video.

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  • Najemniczkas
    Najemniczkas 13 soat oldin

    And guess what
    You guys wouldn't have this Akali skin... Heck, you wouldn't have Akali in game at all if it wasn't for the team that worked for her, encluding one person who, after really hard work on mechanics of Akali, got middle finger into the face from Riot...
    I just didn't like LoL as a game (after I got sick of it) and Riot for how they were managing the changes till now.
    Now I hate Riot and wish them all the worst. But I do hope the employees will get what they deserved for everything they did for this game

  • shankar mani
    shankar mani 13 soat oldin

    nevermind me came for my daily dose

  • I know Karatae
    I know Karatae 13 soat oldin

    The animator and the editor need an Oscar. Period

  • hope estheim
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  • Yolexis Gaming xD
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    Is So good XD
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    Actually makes me wanna ply the game

  • Samantha Moosesister
    Samantha Moosesister 14 soat oldin

    Excuse me Riot Games, I don’t see any credit to who animated this. Did you exclude the animators like you did the creator of Akali? You are one nasty company to your employees, please credit the animators because they worked hard and you didn’t give any credit to them.

    • Andrés Velazquez
      Andrés Velazquez 14 soat oldin

      And they are the ones who animated Get Jinxed, Ekko: Seconds, RISE and Warrios. It's an animation company who works quite often with Riot.

    • Andrés Velazquez
      Andrés Velazquez 14 soat oldin

      It's in the description

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