2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!

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  • Mehak Mehta
    Mehak Mehta 2 soat oldin

    Can we please have a 4.7 inch iPhone again 😫 with the home button?

  • Lmaoo Limfaoo
    Lmaoo Limfaoo 4 soat oldin

    Apple really need need to slow down for phones And release more airpods

  • Random Middle Schooler
    Random Middle Schooler 5 soat oldin

    all the haters commenting are watching on lifes good phones (lg)

  • Jim Chen
    Jim Chen 14 soat oldin

    So excited! I can't wait to get an iphone 8 plus for 299 with trade in!!

  • b r i t t a n y !
    b r i t t a n y ! 17 soat oldin

    YESSSSS APPLE GOING DOWNNNN 😂😂ima start laughing when apple goes broke 😂😂

  • Honda Game
    Honda Game 17 soat oldin

    i have iphone 6 and it was working fine but all of a sudden this year its been have lots of problems. I only use it for txt or phone calls. I never browse the internet or watch videos. I feel like apple is purposely doing this so you have to get a newer model.

  • Miledi Trujillo
    Miledi Trujillo 19 soat oldin +1


  • Joshua Bouie
    Joshua Bouie 19 soat oldin +1

    They all copy Samsung ugh 😑

    • Joshua Bouie
      Joshua Bouie 19 soat oldin +1

      Samsung need to buy Apple out are just there iOS an trash the copy cat 🐈

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 20 soat oldin

    I’m here with a 6s ready to upgrade to a se god dam it

  • Space Ship
    Space Ship 23 soat oldin

    Please stop with this bullshit rumor lol. Every year you say the same shit, and every year you’re wrong.

  • Irshad Ali
    Irshad Ali Kun oldin


  • Elijah Romo
    Elijah Romo Kun oldin +2

    All they have to do is lower the price...

    Simple as that🤷‍♂️

  • Royadi Nglibir
    Royadi Nglibir Kun oldin

    Like iPhone alumunium ,,,iPhone 4 5

  • Katerina Kuball
    Katerina Kuball Kun oldin +1

    My OCD hurts. 0:44

  • N eo
    N eo Kun oldin

    You must be tone deaf to ignore the change to USB-C from lightning.

  • Natalie _Creates
    Natalie _Creates Kun oldin

    I get that you need to pay the bills.. but three midroles

  • Alex Sebastian
    Alex Sebastian Kun oldin

    How much is iphone xi price

  • Agnes Akakwam
    Agnes Akakwam 2 kun oldin +2

    Yes I would love to hold one of the xi with 4 camera 6.5 inch cool ...

  • john doe
    john doe 2 kun oldin

    Hard to please? They haven’t produced anything worth are money they just expect us to form a line and buy the same product they released last year..want sells? Give your customers something worth getting out of bed for.

  • Lonellama4500
    Lonellama4500 2 kun oldin

    We need the finger print on the back of the phone on the apple logo

  • Uzayr Jamal
    Uzayr Jamal 2 kun oldin

    They just need to make their phones a lot cheaper

  • Tony
    Tony 2 kun oldin

    Brainwashed sheep only buy into this crap.to just show off to ppl they dont even like to ppl who dont even care.

  • WarShock12 Gt
    WarShock12 Gt 2 kun oldin +1

    No notch but don’t you realize when you watch a video it’s like an iPhone 7

  • WarShock12 Gt
    WarShock12 Gt 2 kun oldin +1

    iPhone 9??? Lol

  • Jessica Eblen
    Jessica Eblen 3 kun oldin

    🗑 they should call it the I phone 📲 T for straight trash.. behind is and understatement..

  • Racquel Pring
    Racquel Pring 3 kun oldin

    Iphone X-pensive

  • OPJuiceBox
    OPJuiceBox 3 kun oldin +3

    Waiting until the release of iPhone 11 so I can buy the iPhone 4 😩😩💦

  • OPJuiceBox
    OPJuiceBox 3 kun oldin

    Basically it looks like a iPhone 5 with iPhone X features

  • Bhaskar Bhattacharjee
    Bhaskar Bhattacharjee 3 kun oldin

    Iphone 2019 should include
    Type-C port
    A new design like 2018 ipad
    Atleast 12w fast charger in the box
    A Type-C to 3.5 mm dongle
    A smaller notch

  • Lily Rats
    Lily Rats 3 kun oldin

    Well when prices go down more cheaper phone for me!

  • 75ur15
    75ur15 3 kun oldin

    Sad for me, the download speed is already about the same but uploads...way faster on 4g......sad day for my wifi

  • Leo Nichols
    Leo Nichols 3 kun oldin

    I’m gonna stay with my XR for now

  • Keenan Francis
    Keenan Francis 4 kun oldin

    Lol I doubt the notch is why people not buying the phones...I have a XS max and it’s basically the same phone with a better camera which is apples problem on a general scale for $1000-1400
    Edit: for $1000-1400

  • Your Viral Chamber
    Your Viral Chamber 4 kun oldin +1

    All the things i want: Fingerprint censor on the apple logo, apple logo lights up, dark mode, no beauty mode automaticly. Also i want headphone jack :) thanks.

  • Mark Law
    Mark Law 4 kun oldin

    If they bring back that old school SE design it will help huge in sales. That was the best design of a phone

  • DaStoiba
    DaStoiba 4 kun oldin

    Wäre übel geil das Design!

  • Alex Jako
    Alex Jako 4 kun oldin

    Firstly Apple Lower your fucking prices
    I think that iphones are better than android
    i can do the same things with my note 9 and pay less.How ever i personally prefer the ios system than android much more and i think that ios is way better than android
    but as o said before i can do the same things and pay less
    Apple should really lower the prices in the next phones that come out in 2019
    For a matter of fact i think that the expensiest phone should cost 900-950 dollars and they should release only 2 phones
    Then i am gonna buy an iphone every year
    Easy as that

  • Apple fan boy and Flight fan of the world 2019

    The new iPhone Xi price is $1500 for the 64gb.

  • B2K10
    B2K10 4 kun oldin

    Got bad news for ppl... that notch isn’t a big deal. And Face ID works just fine and it’s badass that apple got it to work so well. I don’t care about nano seconds that the finger print scanner gives u. We are spoiled just sayin

  • Gabriella Grandine
    Gabriella Grandine 4 kun oldin

    it looks chunky

  • Pubg Mobile
    Pubg Mobile 4 kun oldin

    Umm... iPhone X R ----> iPhone XI R
    What’s so hard about that

  • ErionPTheAwesomeAnimateGuy 2019

    2016: No headphone jack
    2017: No home button
    2018: No 3D touch
    2019: No wired charging
    2020: No volume buttons
    2021: No keyboard
    2022: No safari
    2023: No lock screen
    2024: No iOS upgrades
    2025: No app store
    2026: No home screen
    2027: No iPhone
    2028: Apple goes out of business

  • Đại Ca Mày Thien
    Đại Ca Mày Thien 4 kun oldin

    The price without tax on iPhone = eh?!
    The price after tax on iPhone= smh, nah!!!

  • XxSporTonxX YT
    XxSporTonxX YT 4 kun oldin

    I like this better than the new one you introduced the squared camera and I hope Apple would make this one

  • Chris Nikes
    Chris Nikes 5 kun oldin

    Best iphone for me is still 6S/6S Plus because of the headphone jack.

  • Loges Siva
    Loges Siva 5 kun oldin

    This best desine 3camra

  • ssugar strongfire
    ssugar strongfire 5 kun oldin

    i’ll wait for it ready to buy

  • Immature Fights
    Immature Fights 5 kun oldin

    I am still her with this same old dumb ass iPhone 6 working my way up to the XR and Apple decide to already do a 11??????NO SUS DAT AINT IT

  • Jaspal Kaur
    Jaspal Kaur 5 kun oldin

    Lest face it! in MAYBE not even 5 years from now, a iPhone would probably cost like 5k 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Ali
    Michael Ali 5 kun oldin

    Lol apple not going to do half the things you say. They will be putting only lg screens and reduce quality for extra profit. They have no choice to make back money. Have fun dreaming. Business doesn't work the way you say it is.

  • Reel Fishing
    Reel Fishing 6 kun oldin

    Heck yeah... there’s always a CAP... after awhile people just don’t want the same thing over and over .
    Agree with the lack of tec falling behind the others
    Heck Florida already have 5LTE or 5G that was back in 2017

  • Big Momma
    Big Momma 6 kun oldin

    Dude! You Are A Cutie!!!!! Lovin_it

  • Magic Bread
    Magic Bread 6 kun oldin

    yes but what about the headphone jack?

  • iamSoSwift
    iamSoSwift 7 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who does not like the big screen design? I appreciate the old design with the button and touch id more than where Apple is going. I think the iPhone 8+ is the last iPhone I'll ever use.

  • D K
    D K 7 kun oldin

    They need to have a fingerprint on the screen

  • Ivan Richard Mamuyac
    Ivan Richard Mamuyac 7 kun oldin

    Watching this on my iphone 9

  • Andres Dominguez
    Andres Dominguez 7 kun oldin

    This shit gay ass fuck

  • Kaitlyn Wages
    Kaitlyn Wages 7 kun oldin

    iPhone has started to kinda... suck. They are extremely expensive, kinda ugly, pretty much the same as a samsung... people just think its cooler because it's the og...

  • Tyrea Jenae
    Tyrea Jenae 7 kun oldin

    Where’s the 9? ... the 11 though 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Red X Gaming
    Red X Gaming 7 kun oldin

    I hope that Apple will stop innovating thier ridiculously overprice phones

  • Connor South
    Connor South 8 kun oldin


  • reed
    reed 8 kun oldin

    Video starts at 2:50

  • FSM Logic
    FSM Logic 8 kun oldin +1

    Pls pls pls can I have the blue iPhone XR in the back

  • Mei Sama
    Mei Sama 8 kun oldin

    Iphone! yeah u iphone bring me innovation and xcitement coz u so damn xpensive and boring

  • Tuna Dilek Aras Zaman
    Tuna Dilek Aras Zaman 8 kun oldin

    I dont care. I stop buying iphone after 8plus. Dont let this guy make you believe iphone is coming with a revolutionary model. Its not happening after 8 plus. Cameras are going horisantaly then vertically . Thats all. Huawei is the new thing all around the world👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 wishing it quits android os

  • LB Goon
    LB Goon 8 kun oldin

    They need to bring the finger print back the iPhone just look like android now & they taxing for the iPhones & bringing em out to fast

  • Darryl Learie
    Darryl Learie 8 kun oldin

    I want an iPhone with a stylus and be able to shoot in 3D!
    If they’re going to add more cameras - why the hell cant they add an extra camera for 3D! Ugh!

  • urltheplural
    urltheplural 9 kun oldin

    I want a new iPhone, but they are way too expensive. I used to buy a new iPhone every year, but I stopped at the 7 Plus and I’m still using it. Boom.

  • Donut Pug Gaming
    Donut Pug Gaming 9 kun oldin

    Watch the iphone 11 be only $400

  • King Al
    King Al 9 kun oldin

    It’s the same phone

  • bharat tavri
    bharat tavri 9 kun oldin

    But is it fake video.

  • Fnafan YT and more
    Fnafan YT and more 9 kun oldin

    More like fake iPhone leaks

  • Army 7
    Army 7 9 kun oldin

    I have an iPhone X but I am sad
    Why is apple releasing an new phone every year
    This is year a new phone will be released and iPhone X will be old
    And blah blah blah

  • og bobbyjohnson
    og bobbyjohnson 9 kun oldin

    Youre gay

  • terason ongard
    terason ongard 9 kun oldin

    Crazy i phone XL

  • S.L.H Animation
    S.L.H Animation 10 kun oldin

    I'm still waiting and saving my money for a hologram iPhone 😅😅

  • Kradox_YT Agario
    Kradox_YT Agario 10 kun oldin

    This is crazier than marvel endgame

  • Braeden Schulz
    Braeden Schulz 10 kun oldin

    I just ask for a bigger battery, a good screen, and good cameras

  • icecool1616
    icecool1616 10 kun oldin

    Why so long for the out out date technologies where you get it all with the huawei phones now . Its way ahead of Apple . like 5 years ahead and much Cheaper as well . you get everyhting you wireless charger , case , screen protector , a pen .

  • numbersix100
    numbersix100 10 kun oldin

    It’s nothing to do with “people not being excited anymore”, Apple are treating their customers like fools charging 30% more than is reasonable. It started with the iPhone 8 and has got worse and worse.
    Apple should sack their entire marketing management team, they’re morons who appear to be hell bent on destroying Apple

  • Mr Selma
    Mr Selma 10 kun oldin

    They should put the jack connection back..... pretty simple, u can’t charge and listen

  • Alice *
    Alice * 11 kun oldin

    Who wants a stylus? - Steve Jobs

  • Joshua Wadsworth
    Joshua Wadsworth 11 kun oldin

    Love the video I think the iPhone 11 will be my phone that I’m going to get depending on the price but if every or the majority of it is true will be a awesome phone for everything that I need to do some times I think that technology has gotten to much for the Face ID wish they would bring back the home button on the iPhone that would be coming up that’s one reason why I did not get the XR or the XS

  • Biszaal Tech
    Biszaal Tech 11 kun oldin

    EverythingApplePro, the first UZclip channel I have subscribed to. When you used yo hide your identity. I really love your content and videos. After watching to your videos and other youtubers. I have started my own channel recently. Thank You for inspiring people.

  • Thaihick
    Thaihick 11 kun oldin

    Nếu iphone như vậy quả thật nó khá đẹp chắc chắn và khác biệt

  • I know I’m wrong And your right

    Id rather watch a parody of the new iPhones because they always come out true.

  • Chino Black
    Chino Black 11 kun oldin

    I’m staying with my Max

  • __
    __ 11 kun oldin

    I dont think its that people are hard to please because as apples sales are dropping, competitor sales are rising. This is a clear indicator that they're simply not pleased with apple anymore. The ever increasing prices with minimal practical uses makes it not a smart choice. get rid of the notch. drop the price improve the camera and stop making the OS stupid. Apple favors form over functionality and until they change that, they're going to keep having to blame their customers for sales drops in order to keep blindly pushing forward with zero accountability.

  • bananapie
    bananapie 12 kun oldin

    im still using my iphone 7 tho..

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis 12 kun oldin

    New upgrade
    .....finger print and no notch ....( people go crazy )
    And its gunma cowt a thousand more bucks ....

  • Jayla wright
    Jayla wright 12 kun oldin

    I get my phones for free with my contract so I can wait until the iPhone 11 comes out so I can have it I was going to get a ten R but it depends on when the 11 comes out.

  • Emmett Flores
    Emmett Flores 12 kun oldin

    Cool! Hopefully the new iPhone will be over $2000 for the base model.

  • donald gibbs
    donald gibbs 12 kun oldin

    Probably will be switching to Samsung in 2019!!!

  • bagziezzi773 Lyn
    bagziezzi773 Lyn 13 kun oldin

    wowlphone is great but high price

  • Nathalie Johnson
    Nathalie Johnson 13 kun oldin

    My Dream iPhone
    -IPhone 5s build
    -Expandable storage(they could even make their own apple Sd cards)
    -Actually compete with android specs
    - more advance camera
    - bring back the headphone jack (not everyone wants to buy wireless headphones like me)
    - Less strict software
    - I don’t really have anything negative to say about the notch, I actually don’t mind it..but for ones that do have it that you can take it off like how androids with the notch do

  • Unstoppable 2
    Unstoppable 2 13 kun oldin

    Where’s the 9?

  • MacSlish
    MacSlish 13 kun oldin

    No wonder no one buys them. My man their fkn 1 grand. The things you can get for a grand.

  • A Really Random Channel

    When I was at vodaphone, the staff said they will make the iPhone 9. So that means seven didn’t eat nine

    MR PONFAR M 14 kun oldin

    When the Notch goes away i go back to apple. I hate the notch!!!!