UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor Face-Offs at Media Day

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    Blondes are awesome. Women fighters

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    Nice khabib bhai

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    Dong ngopo to kui kok ditemokno malah mecicil matane

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    Well done khabib

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    Only time I wanna see the females is during the posing in high heels and dresses.

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    khabib is the best

  • Live from Legendland HI

    Khabib's reaction to McGregor's racism, thuggish behaviour, insults towards his family and faith should be scrutinised. But in America, only the Muslim can be judged.
    In absolutely sensational scenes just hours ago, Dagestani grappler and UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defended his title in a ferociously dominant display against his toughest and most controversial opponent yet, Irish superstar Conor McGregor.
    This fight was the biggest in the history of the sport, billed as a clash of fighting styles which also subsequently developed into a clash of personalities and culture, with McGregor’s flamboyant, drink-fuelled Western persona colliding with Nurmagomedov’s icy calm and conservative Muslim demeanour.
    The Dagestani champion mauled the brash former “champ champ” - as McGregor calls himself - taking down the Irishman repeatedly, subjecting him to an absolute skull-shattering ground-and-pound that lasted for an excruciating two minutes, before using his terrifying wrestling skills to neutralise McGregor on the ground with a rear naked choke turned neck crank. As Khabib warned before the fight, it was certainly a long night for Conor.
    However, controversy struck immediately after the bout, with McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis being described by veteran UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan as having hurled abuse at the reigning champion.
    Khabib, renowned for his composure, shocked the world by vaulting the octagon and getting into a fistfight with Danis before being pulled away by security. Conor, who was still recovering from his ordeal at the hands of Khabib, was inside the cage at this point when he threw the first punch at Khabi's entourage and was duly punched back by another Dagestani.
    Both fighters had to eventually be escorted out of the building, with promotor Dana White refusing to gird the champion’s belt around Khabib’s waist for fear of inflaming tensions.
    Compare and contrast Dana White's response to Conor's savage attack on the UFC bus in April with Khabib's outburst last night.
    White was keen to justify and downplay what Conor did by saying that this was what happens in Dublin if one person attacks another's friend, and that's just the kind of guy Conor is. Yet after Khabib's reaction to more than half a year of attacks and abuse from Conor and his camp, he said that he was disgusted and left sick by the champ's actions. How is that remotely balanced, fair and non-discriminatory?
    Whereas the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which sanctioned the bout, refused to authorise Khabib’s fight purse being paid to him pending an investigation, while McGregor got paid.
    McGregor got away with far worse
    It is important to understand the background to why Khabib reacted the way he did.
    In my estimation, lesser men than him would have used far greater levels of violence than he did, and far sooner. Indeed, a lesser man has been using violence, intimidation, thuggery and vile racism to get his way and stir up a fight with the champion - none other than Conor McGregor himself.
    In April this year, Conor gathered a crew of several dozen thugs from Dublin, bundled them onto a private jet, and flew to New York in startling scenes where he and his friends were caught on camera attacking a UFC bus that Khabib was sat on before his championship bout against Al Iaquinta.
    In a crazed rage, Conor threw a metal dolly through the bus window, causing harm to fellow fighters including Michael Chiesa who sustained damage to his eye from the shattered glass.
    Conor’s justification was that Khabib had “slapped” his friend, fellow MMA fighter Artem Lobov, when video evidence most certainly shows no such slap. While Conor admittedly was lampooned in the media, ultimately he had to serve a five day community service sentence but was otherwise relatively unscathed.
    Taking his hatred for Khabib even further, Conor called his father a “quivering coward” in an Instagram post less than two months before last night’s fight, and during the pre-fight press conference placed his own brand “Proper 12” whiskey in front of the conservative Muslim fighter.
    Not only was that highly offensive to Khabib, but Conor then went ahead and attacked his manager Ali Abdelaziz using despicable Islamophobic slurs and branding him a terrorist. Conor insinuated that he was linked to the 9/11 bombers but eventually turned informant on his former conspirators.
    Khabib is still the champion
    His inflammatory comments about Khabib, his family, friends, religion and country are not the only time he has misbehaved with little to no consequences, as multiple UFC champion and MMA legend Randy Couture noted on his personal Facebook page.
    Conor has taken belts off of opponents, thrown water bottles at pressers, and of course used inexcusable racism. Yet we are now supposed to all believe that Conor was a victim after last night’s events?
    Conor has been extraordinarily violent outside of the cage, racist, Islamophobic, and generally abusive in a manner that transcends the trash talk that these fights are famous for.
    He took his hatred of Khabib and used his superstar platform to amplify his very personal attacks against the champion, before his bravado came crashing down around him and he ended up tapping to a sublime performance by the grappling master.
    Conor’s behaviour does not excuse what happened after the bout as Khabib should have shown some restraint, something he acknowledges and has apologised for. But we should be able to at least understand why Khabib would have reacted in the way that he did.
    Seeing the avalanche of criticism that has descended upon him smacks of racism.
    Why is Conor allowed to get away with a litany of abuses while still being lauded as a “great performer”, “showman” and “champion”, while Khabib is vilified as someone who has completely let down the expectations we collectively have of him as a champion?
    To hear former champion turned pundit Michael Bisping, one would think Khabib committed an equivalent amount of violence, hate speech and general misbehaviour as his now crushed Irish opponent.
    Yet, where was Bisping’s and others’ criticisms of Conor’s blatant and disgusting Islamophobia? Condemning his violence is one thing, but staying relatively silent on his abhorrent views and racist outlook just because it is “trash talk” is irresponsible and reckless.
    It gives the impression that there is one moral standard for Conor and yet Khabib will be crucified for allowing a chink in his otherwise gleaming armour of exemplary conduct throughout his 27-0 career as one of the greatest fighters in combat sport history.

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    4:51 whats her name man she is stunning

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    Man girls are fine as hell.waterson on point😍

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    Essa Felice tá ridícula com esse vestido. Parece que deve ser se alguma criança e geladeira está apressada e vestiu a primeira roupa que encontrou.

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    whos the girl in pink dress?

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    We got a dyke in the UFC wtf hell nah

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    Tony with the stupid sunglasses on once again with no sun, sunglasses caused his last injury

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    Volkov is so freaking tall.

  • undisputed, undefeated and not guilty

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    5:12 😂

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    Clickbait asshole... no Conor and khabib in this video, so if that’s what you’re looking for, hit that dislike button on the video.

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    I've never seen anyone make Lewis looks so short, not even Ngannou, is Volkov a damn giraffe? Anyways, they both are tough, is gonna be a great fight

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    Wow how many fight is that

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    The cringe

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    Damn tony looks so much bigger than pettis

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    Beat his ass Pettis !!!!

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    Hmm, I personally don’t think female fighters should wear high heels when during face off, simply because it’s a false sense of perception, makes them look taller than they actually are.
    Only during face off.

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    4:27 Hot damn!👀

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    2:01 I thought it was McGregor at first until I saw the opponent, he didn't look like Khabib...too much Proper Whiskey for me😐😮

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    Dana White is worth 600 million and he looks like he shops for clothes at the good will.

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    1:45 - Kate and Juliet from Lost? They're still at it, all these years.

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    This is a big fight but I don't think it's gonna hit 3M ppv buys

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    Video title "UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor Face-Offs at Media Day"
    Video description "See all the fighters, minus Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov face off at the UFC 229 Media Day."

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    4:44 Dana wanted to feel those hot bodies

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      Dana can bang any slut he wants....especially in vegas

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    where the hell is the face off we all where looking for and again for the 4th time click bait on youtube No Conor or Khabib ? why have that in the title if its not true!!

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    Felice HErrig is jacked!

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    4:42 Lord Have Mercy...................

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    derrick Lewis gunna get that 3rd round ko. #ufc229

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    These face offs are super cringe

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    Would definetly not say not to any one of those ladies, id let her brake my nose anytime she felt like it

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    4:37 whos that woman in black? Damn she's hot

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    Can you imagine being Danas old best friend, like Tito and Chuck, and you still have to fight at 50 because you fell out with the king

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    Wer is khabib andconor

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    Cooner fans can't stop talking about his money, but then they call everyone else "jealous" LOL

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    Khabib is such a bitch. He is supposed to weigh in last but he weighed in first because he is afraid of Conor and he was suffering from the fatness.

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    Gray Maynard still tryna do this. Dude should have just retired after he knocked himself out during the Emerson fight.

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    The tall blonde in high heels looks special while there's nothing special on the men side.

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    Sorry to say but cute Michelle is going to get fucked up by that man in the pink dress

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    i, Sir John Bikdikus Mcgregor, silent king of Ireland warns boy Condor Mcgorilla that if he don't win dat fight shit, i'll ban his clan asses out of ireland for eternity!

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    Conor came in overweight his brought is show money and left it in his pockets now hes a Heavyweight

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    Felice Herring should retire she cares more about trying to get attention than training she was quoted saying " She could take the belt off any man " so we should appreciate her effort her ground and pound is nice hope to see her stand up showcased

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    6 Oct

  • Don't Fear The Reaper

    Tony Ferguson gets injured and gets stripped right away. Colby Covington refuses to fight due to nasal congestion but gets to keep interim belt. Dana, Trump, and Covington are having a threesome over this.

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    Conor "I have fought no one at 155 but they gave me the championship fight anyway" Mcgregor (AKA paper champ)

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      That would make sense if he hadn't knocked out the Undisputed lightweight champion. Pretty sure that makes him champ, and he hasn't Lost That belt to anyone, it was taking from him for inactivity I get that. But you're right, he's the champ, and he's got a lot of paper too.

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    Why does tony look like an action figure 6:46

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      Why does shit come out as brown

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      Why does shit stink

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      He just has massive Bruce Lee lats underthere

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      Because he redesigned his kitchen as he keeps saying, hope he hasn't lost the plot.

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    Aspen Ladd is the hottest girl in this card

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    Gosh nobody could dress for shit in this lineup. The one that looked classy was Michelle. As for the guys, they're all a lost cause. The camera man behind Dana had better dress sense. He at least matches. Showtime wasn't too bad.. .the rest were horrific. If you have bad fashion sense, don't toddler your way through it n dress yourselves in whatever. One guy had a blue blazer, some kind of TX button up underneath, orange copper croped half cargo/half trouser look exsposing bare ankles no sock look in gym shoes. Wow 😂😂😂 They should just do a basic Diaz all black to save themselves when in doubt. Guys clothings are the most simplest to put together yet they still get it wrong every time lol. Conor needs to school these fighters in basic casual. His suits are an acquired taste, but his casual attire follows the basic formula. Its not rocket science.

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    McGregor got choked out by pothead Nate who barely fights. Got knocked out by a 50 year old retired boxer who cant read. Got choked out by an unranked fighter, Joe Duffy early career.
    Tapped out to a nerd named Sitenkov who cant fight for shit.

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      You must really hate McGregor. You say the same comment on every video.

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      And then gets smothered by...... a 100 million pounds

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      Kabib also lost a ufc fight to tiabiau most hardcore ufc fans know thia

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      +Mitch Dabitch lazy but efficient.

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      X Mursalov do you just copy and paste this on a bunch of videos? It’s this same exact comment and you write it everywhere

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    Aspan Ladd looking crazy good ! Curved to the tee

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    michelle is so f hot

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    Do not like how Aspen Ladd screeched like a banshee in her last fight to get the ref to stop it when she wasnt even hurting her opponent. But MAN i also did not realize how hot she is.

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    Dominick Reyes by slaughter.

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    Tony as legit as anybody has ever been in the lightweight division. People like to hate on him while he keeps finishing guys. Conor had ONE fight at lightweight, Tony and Khabib are the kings of this division. If Conor don't finish quick, we all know his cardio can't stand up with these guys.

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    Anyone else just skip to Michele’s leg and a$$?

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    Im confused af, why tony has a belt? Is that fight w petis for the belt??

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    Man girl in the grey skirt and pink dress sexy af

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      I'll let her fart in my face.

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      Jason Li FOOK U

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      +David Calderon He's being sarcastic.

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      Alex ronda ? U dumb at. Ufc noob. Thats aint ronda fucking idiot. Thats why I hate ufc now. Nothing but dumb new fans

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      +Alex lol

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    Who is in the pink dress?

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    Khabib fans 20% ufc fans 80% rag heads fuckin riders 👊🏻🤴🏼👊🏻🤴🏼

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    So fucking cringy when Tony entered with the fake belt.😬😖🤣😭

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    Let's give dislike to this video..why people lie? Well I know, for 💵. UZclip shouldn't give a sh*t for this kind of people.

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    Can’t wait until Michelle Waterson & Felice Herring get it in!! Michelle is gonna scissor the shit outta her ✂️

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      i would smesh Felice..2 bad she's ugly as fook

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      Someone getting their haircut ?

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      Please tell me that fight is not on the main card...im sorry,,,this is a UFC pay per view,,,n waterson gets waaaay too many opportunities ...i just find her very cheesy, and don't enjoy any of her fights...Pettis vs ferg check,,black beast vs Drago check,,,osp vs reyes check, conor vs khabib check...i just don't see waterson sliding in with these fights..

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      Felic is soooo hot but getting older

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    Ferguson is such a pile of shit

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    Tony still wearing shades and pretending to be champ.

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    that blonde with the pink is sexy afff

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      +Mike Oxlong facts

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      +Mike Oxlong lol

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      I would suck farts out of both there arses

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      Mercedes Benz //AMG nah her opponent is hot and cute. Pink colour one dressing sense is horrible

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    Volkov is the real life Liam Neesson

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      +Emre Doruk who is Liam Neeson?

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      @Compton OTLW i was tried to point out that Liam Neeson is living in real life already but u still don't understand don't u? :)

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      Volkov is the real life Ivan DRAGO

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      +Emre Doruk Volkov

    • Emre Doruk
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      Who is "Real life" Liam Neeson then ? :) Confused

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    2:46 Girl just got out of school and had to head to face offs against her 40 something year old gym teacher.

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      5 out of 6 of them chicks were hot!

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      Lmfao 😂😂😂😂

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      She looks like a lesbian skateboarder

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      the ladies have got some leg definition damnn

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      +Noah Bird I'll agree with that because every woman gym teacher I had look just like that you knew they were a dyke

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    Conor or khabib ????

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    If conor and Pettis both pullout then there is a chance for khabib vs tony

    • Double D
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      McGregor never pulls out you bloody bastard

    • Stevenwxyz Games
      Stevenwxyz Games 4 oy oldin

      not saying anyone would pull out, just saying conor has never pulled out and khabib has a long history or pulling out of fights last minute. I doubt either will pull out just saying conor 100% wont pull out.

    • Don't Fear The Reaper
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      Stevenwxyz Games , pullout king? LOL I"d rather see Tony destroy khabib too, but fight is on, nobody's pulling out.

    • Stevenwxyz Games
      Stevenwxyz Games 4 oy oldin

      khabib is the pull out king... would more likely be tony vs conor.

    • Alex
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      Dana White will fight Khabib is Conor pulls out.

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    28.0 🐣🐤🕊🐓😂😂😁😁

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    Click bait

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    I guess McGregor and Khabib
    are to Big or to Dangerous to be doing these face offs..
    Anyways Khabib (Gaybeeb) getting knocked the foook out

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      +Mr Anonymous wheres ur mom?telm her to get ready to suck my big black cock lol

    • Mr Anonymous
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      We got a deal,if connor wins you slit your throat.

    • Louhan Naval
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      +Mr Anonymous dont care with ur analyst,now deal or not?

    • Mr Anonymous
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      +Louhan Naval I'm a Realist...Yes khabib is a a great pressure fighter who can wrestle sick (that's why he's undefeated)
      but Connor stand up is amazing he's a counter puncher who has only improved his hand skills training for mayweather,now I believe Connor has good ground game we just don't get to see it, he knows how to avoid that situation..
      you telling me someone with a great fighting brain/success & skills) who's got a lot to risk isn't gonna master ground work after Chad and Diaz

    • Louhan Naval
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      Gaymcgregor fans,lets put something on it?if conor lose let ur moms suck my cock okay

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    Hello Michelle Waterson 💘👊

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      I AM MICHELLE WATERSON, HELLO, please donate to help me fight i need $10,000

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      I'll sniff that ass like it's a garden full of roses 🌹 🌹

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      Fuckin men.. Never change🤣🤣🤣 i fell for that too 😅😜😜

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      I will sleep with my face between that sweet ass. 👅👃👅👅

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      That ass

    IAMJUDAH 4 oy oldin

    Glad to see my guy Grey Maynard back and i hope he gets the win so he can get one last run and eventually contend for the title again

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    Tony the real champ !! So happy your back champ and hurry up and get your belt back , I can’t wait, god I’m happy 😃😎💪🥑💪

    • shaverma
      shaverma 4 oy oldin

      Tonya u mean?

    • WARRIOR #21
      WARRIOR #21 4 oy oldin +1

      Fake Champ fake Mexican simply just a fake!

  • Gribble Dribble
    Gribble Dribble 4 oy oldin +11

    Woman vs Drag Queen?

    • Nes D
      Nes D 4 oy oldin +1

      thought the same thing lol

    • paul tak
      paul tak 4 oy oldin +2

      Gribble Dribble Yeah shes more man than most men ... her coach should tell her to ease off the man juice