DeVon Franklin On 'The Truth About Men', Mastering The Dog, Love Vs. Lust + More

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  • MegaDavidhd
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  • Patrick Cuddy
    Patrick Cuddy Kun oldin

    This interview made me happy. Damn do a LOT of girls cheat though too.

  • Love C
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  • The Life Of Me In Poetry!

    I hate how they put everything on men! What about the hurt women have caused men?? Damn is it all our fault? There are some trifling women out there too!!

  • Jason P
    Jason P 2 kun oldin

    You not gon' trash talk spankbang my G. #ClicksAnotherEpisode

  • Olivia Octavia
    Olivia Octavia 2 kun oldin

    It’s never too late, but it’s also never too early. Most women get hurt/broken before they’re even 20.

  • WhoIsJiminy
    WhoIsJiminy 3 kun oldin

    You know what’s really sad is that I’ve been looking for a man like Devon to look up to. All throughout my life, I’ve had so many men I looked up to for relationships and they all cheated. That was always hard to make sense of, but to finally have a black man speak on being faithful to a woman is so important.

  • Peculiar Royalty Tv
    Peculiar Royalty Tv 4 kun oldin

    A great interview.

  • Rahquieh Bryant
    Rahquieh Bryant 4 kun oldin

    Top 3rd best interview.

  • Jackie Alfaro
    Jackie Alfaro 4 kun oldin

    Been watching this for 16 min. & just realized Envy isn't there.

  • Accari Cuvell
    Accari Cuvell 4 kun oldin

    Super Simp

  • JinGai
    JinGai 4 kun oldin

    Damm he don’t know shit about white men he just know about black man and no white guys don’t speak ghetto

  • GoodChristianLady
    GoodChristianLady 4 kun oldin

    Devon did not speak truth about men....

  • GoodChristianLady
    GoodChristianLady 4 kun oldin

    This is pure anti-men by feminists. Feminists want innocent men to apologize for their “wrongdoings” and feminists never apologize for their wrongdoings. Feminists want to be first in everything. Their feelings to be considered first instead of their husbands’ feelings. They think they are more important than men which is untrue. Feminists think they are better or do better than men. The point is men are head of the house and wives are to be submissive. I did not even hear Devon on dr.Oz stating to put God first. He said to put women’s needs before men’s needs. Feminists only care about themselves and use men to get what they want or need by controlling them. I love alpha men, they are nice and loyal and will not let feminists control or walk all over them. I would be glad to be housewife and loving my husband and doing anything for him and put him above everything else except God...

  • Evi Idoghor
    Evi Idoghor 4 kun oldin

    Speaking on the pornography issue, if it’s spoken about from the angle of sex trafficking, maybe people will understand how destructive that industry is. Most of the girls who appear in those movies are doing it against their will, they are slaves to their masters, and often use drug and alcohol to numb their pain. When people keep searching for and watching porn, they are creating a demand for the movies, hence helping in the process of scouting young women for this industry. It is not just about our insatiable thirst for lust, it is about the lives of innocent people, who don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Most of them end up taking their own lives, the industry is abusive. Say no to pornography. You could save a life.

  • Bad Boaz
    Bad Boaz 4 kun oldin

    Like this book gon stop women from dealing with these types of dudes. Yeah right😂😂

  • Mercy H
    Mercy H 4 kun oldin

    Such amazing information Devon provided.

  • Eshoemaker
    Eshoemaker 5 kun oldin

    Don’t care for this show. Minister Farrakhan is a racist!

  • zantrail
    zantrail 5 kun oldin

    Lust of the flesh well said Mr Franklin

  • Davida Green
    Davida Green 5 kun oldin

    This interview is DEEEPPP! When he talked about the church I FELT that!

  • caren ceban
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  • Rogelio Acosta
    Rogelio Acosta 5 kun oldin

    Great interview.

  • VICKTA_4
    VICKTA_4 5 kun oldin

    That book was written only for Bow Wow, it don't apply to the rest of us

  • S. Asante
    S. Asante 5 kun oldin

    That "hitting ROCK bottom" comment Devon made was oh sooooo real!!!.

  • S. Asante
    S. Asante 5 kun oldin

    What a great interview

  • Vvs Zda
    Vvs Zda 5 kun oldin +1

    Very educative but what about women THEY CHEAT TOO

  • Julius Lewis
    Julius Lewis 5 kun oldin

    Mr. Franklin is such an encouragement. He constantly challenges the status quo and calls us to be our best selves as men! I pray this book truly changes the narrative and makes us step up to the plate of responsibility. Salute.

  • R. M.
    R. M. 5 kun oldin +1

    "Sometimes the only thing a man will understand is pain....A man who's really in touch with the Master in himself, when the woman steps away, its a catalyst for change."
    I'm going through this right now! My girl of 5 years (on & off) wants nothing but space and time (w/ no deadline in sight) and its killing me! We've never gone w/o speaking, so this is torture. I've literally begged for her to start fresh but she needs to see a change in behavior, over time. That immediately sparked the need for change and the process of doing the work. I need to be a better man, and it took her cutting me off to take it serious. The scariest part is not knowing whether she'll fall out of love with me, start dating and fall for someone else, or just not want me back at all. She can be pretty cold when she's over something. We never had a cheating issue, more so not being vulnerable, verbal abuse, and treating her as if she wasn't good enough. Just trusting and believing that God will show her my efforts and restore her faith in me being the man she can trust to grow old with. I'm all the way committed to this hit CTG at 37 and it's hitting me at 33. it's time! These are definitely hard times though man smh

  • RicoLamar987
    RicoLamar987 5 kun oldin

    That’s why men shouldn’t get married young, you are setting yourself up for some serious failure & instead of writing a book for women & teaching them how to deal with men. Write a book for men on how to master ourselves

  • mbgxxx
    mbgxxx 5 kun oldin

    Y'all want a man to go against his nature and downgrade tobthese European ideals. But I do agree communication

  • Broderick Daniel
    Broderick Daniel 5 kun oldin

    @25:37 Angela is a lowkey savage 😂😂

  • Chris Washington
    Chris Washington 6 kun oldin

    The porn part threw me off


    Tired of the I don seen the light ass niggas telling on us ... women don’t tell on each other. This nigga trying to dumb us down there is some truth in it but it’s some real bullshit

  • jurmae stcatherine
    jurmae stcatherine 6 kun oldin

    Lovvvvveeeee thissss interview

  • Pyno- Mars
    Pyno- Mars 6 kun oldin

    He is amazing 🙏🙏🙏

  • Vlog Centre 95
    Vlog Centre 95 6 kun oldin

    Here we go once again with yet another attack on masculinity. I don’t condone sexual harassment however, The men out there that are raping women are a very small percentage of the male population which should be dealt with accordingly. I do gotta say that It’s so ironic how you as the author of the book is telling other men that they need to man up when you don’t have any balls yourself. Why don’t you cut out your politically correct bullshit and tell the truth like it is because lets be honest that same masculinity it’s what makes a woman crave a man. Women are turned on by that same masculinity who can provide and keep things in order. It makes them feel protected. Women are turned on by the aggressiveness of a man who has the confidence and courage to approach her and ask her for her number. Manginas like you and these fucking feminist bitches in this country have spent many decades emasculating men, shaming men for being men and trying to restructure manhood that when is finally time for that man to be a man and he can’t do it, now he’s weak. You see alot of these women love the idea of an effeminate emotional man or a “trained dog” in a relationship so that he is weak therfore they can gain control but God forbid some thug is breaking inside the house, only then women will want a vicious bad boy to awaken that animal inside of him to go take care of that thug. And that’s the problem. Alot of females want their cake and eat it too. They want men to be men only when it’s convenient for them. I pray to God that we never encounter a WW3 , a catastrophic event or some economic crisis where money don’t matter anymore, no more government assistance, no more food in the super markets. Only then you bitches will want men to be more masculine, aggressive and strong to battle the enemy, restructure buildings, roads, bridges, fix buses and fix airplanes. We will have to hunt, to fish, to kill to protect our women and children. We will have to build homes for shelter, and start fires from scratch to keep them warm in the winter, fight tooth and nail with anyone who tries to invade the territory. That will be the day that men will have to be MEN. And only the strong will survive. I’m not against you trying to empower or please women with your narrative but just don’t bash one gender to appease the other

  • will anderson
    will anderson 6 kun oldin

    I swear this is my testimony man I hate that I did so many women wrong. I’m truly sorry 😐. Thank God for my wife.

  • Chief Campbell
    Chief Campbell 6 kun oldin

    Great interview. All Facts.

  • B. Starr
    B. Starr 6 kun oldin

    Intelligence is sexy AF

  • Ben Judah
    Ben Judah 6 kun oldin

    6:30 of course the book is for WOMEN. They're the only ones who'd purchase it

  • Ben Judah
    Ben Judah 6 kun oldin

    Women are the largest group of book purchasers. Pandering to women is a lucrative hustle

  • Ben Judah
    Ben Judah 6 kun oldin

    Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man spiritual edition

  • Snap Back
    Snap Back 6 kun oldin

    I always tell my baby father this my exact words are don’t harbour feelings -we need to communicate- and I been trying to tell him to heal his child hood issues as I heal mine and let’s be better parents and he is nothing like his father

  • Nadiushka Suely
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  • Tameka Anderson
    Tameka Anderson 6 kun oldin

    Lol. Great Convo! I definitely want the book. And I like to hear him speak.

  • Ms Ra'Chelle Sunshyne
    Ms Ra'Chelle Sunshyne 6 kun oldin

    This Message is so POWERFUL for Woman to understand why Men are built the way they are. Sometimes its hard to hear the truth!!!!

  • Agent002 Scoops22
    Agent002 Scoops22 7 kun oldin

    Best interview of 2019!

  • sha brown
    sha brown 7 kun oldin

    This is about more than cheating. I didn't have an infidelity issue, it was neglect and selfishness. When I finally challenged his behavior it ended our 6 year relationship. I had to choose me since he stopped.

  • geminidrums
    geminidrums 7 kun oldin

    Envy did not want any of this Fire!! that's why he is not here.

  • RubZ
    RubZ 7 kun oldin

    I need that jacket he got

  • O Fresh
    O Fresh 7 kun oldin

    “Anything we suppress, we empower to destroy us.”
    This was great!

  • OnlyHere 4theComments
    OnlyHere 4theComments 7 kun oldin

    Just bought the book. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Cyril M
    Cyril M 7 kun oldin

    I just noticed.... Envy...

  • Choppin It Up Wit Hen
    Choppin It Up Wit Hen 7 kun oldin

    I’ve cheated and I agree with everything he was saying. I got this urge to just keep doing it over and over. No feelings was involved. I’m trying to learn to tame the dog lol

    MOSES SCRIPTURAL 7 kun oldin

    Female's are the freaking problem more than men. Everything a man do is to please a woman. This is a "man of God". He should know this. How many great men fall because of women??

  • Lou
    Lou 7 kun oldin

    It’s not of God. Don’t do it !! Porn, masturbation, Lust, Adultery !! All of these things is not of God.

  • Lari tv
    Lari tv 7 kun oldin

    I love Charla, he's so honest & transparent. Free thinker. I've never heard someone on a such a big platform be so honest to say he don't know who he is.also to do the inner work he's doing & encouraging other men to do the same. God bless n thank you 😁

  • y r
    y r 7 kun oldin

    You don’t know shit about Japan 23:20

  • Cesley Ranee
    Cesley Ranee 7 kun oldin

    Wait... you want women to love you through mastering YOUR dog? All the while your dog is mangling her and her heart, confidence, self-worth, emotions, finances, etc. How about we get back to raising sons to be men instead of perpetual sons... move around.

  • charlita25
    charlita25 7 kun oldin

    “Dual identities “ some men have triple identifies ... quadruple identities

  • charlita25
    charlita25 7 kun oldin

    I enjoyed the 1st book . This one should be good too

  • Stanley Dunbar Jr.
    Stanley Dunbar Jr. 7 kun oldin

    Black women are one of the biggest markets in the US, when you cater products/services to them they buy. Great hustle lol

    • Stanley Dunbar Jr.
      Stanley Dunbar Jr. 6 kun oldin

      I don’t know, only God knows his heart. Motive matters

    • Thabang Kabo
      Thabang Kabo 6 kun oldin

      is there anything wrong with the pastor hustling while meeting people's needs? They gotta eat

  • Eric Blackmon
    Eric Blackmon 7 kun oldin

    Truth! This book will is a must read! It will help us all grow. I challenge all kings to pick this up & read it with your friends, spouse or yourself.....Keep Rising🌹

  • Martha Kilpatrick
    Martha Kilpatrick 7 kun oldin

    Megan feeding him!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Need4TandF
    Need4TandF 7 kun oldin

    No capital no power, no power no respect. Help support the Urban Development Group plan to build capital, power and respectability in our communities today.

  • Tiffany Hill
    Tiffany Hill 7 kun oldin

    Can't wait to get it!!!!

  • Queenfisa
    Queenfisa 8 kun oldin

    In the first 2 minutes of this interview, I love this book already!

  • Sun Spear
    Sun Spear 8 kun oldin

    What happens if the consequences "come home to roost"? 🤔(a fatal attraction). Think about it.

  • Greg
    Greg 8 kun oldin

    He is reminiscent of Marc Lamont Hill, the beige version

  • Kimberly Clinger
    Kimberly Clinger 8 kun oldin

    So you’ve been faithful 3 outta 20 years of marriage and you want to change the narrative of the black family?..🤔

  • Steven K
    Steven K 8 kun oldin

    Any Empirical Evidence for these claims? Lol

  • Karina Kelly
    Karina Kelly 8 kun oldin

    I have a son now. I'm reading this book and all the books on healthy manhood. Lord, I pray you give Moms a heart the wisdom to guide our little guys to become men after your heart, who know, accept and love themselves, and lead their families in the fear of the Lord, in truth, with strength, compassion and honor. May we raise children- especially boys- who won't have to recover from their past. Amen.

  • azsmoothe
    azsmoothe 8 kun oldin

    Much respect to Charlemagne for getting to the point where he can admit that he doesn’t know who he is anymore. After you strip away all of the false ideas of who you thought you were, that’s where you’ll end up. It may be uncomfortable at first, but embrace it, and you will find a place of peace like never experienced before. Having a clean slate of identity will allow you to truly be moved solely by the spirit of the world, rather than ego. 🙏🏾

  • Charmaine Brim
    Charmaine Brim 8 kun oldin

    He’s so well spoken and knowledgeable of his experiences. I’m getting my book tomorrow! ✊🏾

  • Jackie Elam Live
    Jackie Elam Live 8 kun oldin

    If he does not step up, step away 🔥🔥🔥 He’s operating from the pain of the woman he loved that he loss. It’s so deeply painful to realize this truth. As deep as the heart ❤️ would hurt to walk away, sometimes the love she has for him is so deep and real, she knows that his healing is best in his life at the present moment. That requires maturity to understand where he is & how much he actually have to give and how she should move going through the mess with him, or just step away for a season or two. Love, respect, consideration, effort, etc. should be reciprocated.

  • Jackie Elam Live
    Jackie Elam Live 8 kun oldin

    Much needed conversation 🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥

  • adam taghavi
    adam taghavi 8 kun oldin

    He’s super smart for releasing this book at this time of all this man hating feminist push. He about to cash out with all these women buying his book.

  • Sacramento Honey
    Sacramento Honey 8 kun oldin

    This was very profound. Thank you for taking the steps in the right direction. This is a win-win situation for both the man and the woman.

  • Loredana Cardillo
    Loredana Cardillo 8 kun oldin

    Fouck you bastard negri

  • Loud Sounds
    Loud Sounds 8 kun oldin

    Charlemagne out here getting free therapy hahahaha

  • Melinda Galles
    Melinda Galles 8 kun oldin

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  • Lashanda Daniels
    Lashanda Daniels 8 kun oldin

    Great interview 👏🏾👏🏾

  • MT S
    MT S 8 kun oldin

    How many times did he say "and that's why I wrote this book".

  • Clam Chatta
    Clam Chatta 8 kun oldin

    I never hear this! It’s so beautiful

  • Clam Chatta
    Clam Chatta 8 kun oldin

    Wow! I’m trippin right now.

  • Tony Don
    Tony Don 8 kun oldin

    Interpretation: "how to immasculate a man" ....Having a selfish impulse to gain financially is not a detriment and is sometimes needed, you cant always live FOR others sometimes you gotta takle care of yourself unless your in a relationship. He should have kept it to the sexual appetite thing and done instead of this extra b.s

  • Jasmyne Wells
    Jasmyne Wells 9 kun oldin

    He dropping gems & some of it was over Yees head

  • StlBelle H
    StlBelle H 9 kun oldin

    Dogs are loyal, stop bashing animals.

  • diamond chinnery
    diamond chinnery 9 kun oldin

    "To say that a man is heterosexual implies only that he maintains sexual intercourse exclusively with the opposite sex, i.e. women. Everything or almost everything that is of love, most straight men reserve exclusively for other men. The people they admire; they respect; they worship and worship; they honor; whom they imitate, worship and with whom they create deeper ties; to whom they are willing to teach and with whom they are willing to learn; those whose respect, admiration, recognition, honor , reverence and love they wish: these are, mostly overwhelming, other men. In their relations with women, what is seen as respect is kindness, generosity or paternalism; what is seen as honor is the placement of the woman in a dome. Of women they want devotion, servitude and sex. Male heterosexual culture is couples; she cultivates love for men.” - Marilyn Frye

  • sausage party
    sausage party 9 kun oldin

    Fucc is this think like a man 2 bullsht ass pseudo intelligence

  • N Roberts
    N Roberts 9 kun oldin +1

    He has a beautiful mind

  • Shabbazz Valley
    Shabbazz Valley 9 kun oldin

    If it don't apply let it fly fellas 😂 Im 22 been single since highschool, I knew 16 I had a lot of growing to do a d didn't deserve a women then the time will come . And like every relationship its gonna have it's problems but at least lying a d cheating won't be one

  • Psalm 144:1 Maccabees
    Psalm 144:1 Maccabees 9 kun oldin

    Galatians 5:19-21
    19 When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, 21 envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

  • j Camacho .
    j Camacho . 9 kun oldin

    uall trippin I dnt cheat. leave that for boys. I'm a man

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  • Арсар Молдалиева


  • Carnell Young
    Carnell Young 9 kun oldin +1

    While everyone is going on about Killer Mike, This is who y'all really need to be listening to. DeVon speaks that realness from life and experience is the 1% that has taken the time and effort to truly self improve instead of blaming women and society.

  • Love 23Amazed
    Love 23Amazed 9 kun oldin

    As women you cant keep feeding,the dog and complain,when,it,barks women,dont suport this sexual revolution,it,will only destroy you further. Ecspecially,black women. Posting twerk videos having,no,discipline with uour bodies,and,then being angry at men for,treating,you how,you portray yourself. You have to,take accountability so many women,argue that sex before marriage is ok and,there is nothing wrong,with that thats the problem as well. You dont want to,take accountability

  • Catch My Drift
    Catch My Drift 9 kun oldin

    Something about having a father that's been around kind of makes you have the same gene in you. Self control and awareness will help you, my only problem is porn. I'm not the cheating type but my energy goes towards that.

  • Roberto Brown
    Roberto Brown 9 kun oldin

    Meghan Good sucking the life out of my nigga 🤣🤣🤣