Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

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  • FIFS forever
    FIFS forever Kun oldin


  • Janet Miranda
    Janet Miranda Kun oldin

    The Fenty foundation looks really good on camara💖

  • Mandie EMUA
    Mandie EMUA Kun oldin

    Fenty fenty fenty!!!!

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith Kun oldin

    I find a foundation that looks good then a month later it doesn’t match any more due to how much or little sun I got. There’s also the powder that can change how a foundation looks.
    My vote two faced

  • Avery Field
    Avery Field Kun oldin

    I think the Makeup Forever looks the best

  • Camara Hosier
    Camara Hosier Kun oldin

    James I don't care what shade of foundation you where. You look beautiful and handsome whatever you prefer I love you James!

  • M. Lynn Madison
    M. Lynn Madison Kun oldin

    Too faced

  • bazz AJ
    bazz AJ Kun oldin

    Too faced for sure

  • Kassidi Durkee
    Kassidi Durkee Kun oldin

    Def fenty

  • Ellie
    Ellie Kun oldin

    Definitely FENTY!! second - Too faced ~

  • Alissa Bonillas
    Alissa Bonillas Kun oldin

    I think fenty

    PAIGE EISWERTH Kun oldin


  • Brian Leister
    Brian Leister Kun oldin

    Umm. Sister. How can you honestly call yourself a beauty guru if you haven’t mastered the most basic skill in makeup artistry? 🤷‍♂️

  • Lauren Wiltsek
    Lauren Wiltsek Kun oldin

    milk makeup foundation was the best, especially once powder, blush, and bronzer would be added

  • Maddie Demps
    Maddie Demps Kun oldin

    Too faced !!

  • Im JaeBum
    Im JaeBum Kun oldin

    Dior, Milk, and Makeup Forever is a no

  • Lucy C
    Lucy C Kun oldin


  • Makennah Tatum
    Makennah Tatum Kun oldin

    Woah, Fenty Looks Pretty Good!

  • Turiana Riley
    Turiana Riley Kun oldin

    Too face and Fenty!!!!!

  • RKMtoy gamer
    RKMtoy gamer Kun oldin

    Tip...Swatch on ur neck...

  • Gabriella Larson
    Gabriella Larson Kun oldin

    Too faced and/or fenty

  • Gavin Long
    Gavin Long Kun oldin +1

    GO AWAY!!!!

  • briannaxbananaxmania

    Too faced and Fenty were my faves!

  • Nicole Cruz
    Nicole Cruz Kun oldin


  • Deja Rhodes
    Deja Rhodes Kun oldin

    I love Fenty and Morphie 🤤🤤

  • Its _ Shyun
    Its _ Shyun Kun oldin

    I can barely afford ONE

  • D'Arcy George George

    the morphe looks the best

  • Priscilla Ann
    Priscilla Ann Kun oldin

    You should use milk foundation on your neck

    • Priscilla Ann
      Priscilla Ann Kun oldin

      And the fenti one on face hope I spelled that right

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Kun oldin

    Sis. You have got to blen a little and let it oxidize lol.

  • Amber Henderson
    Amber Henderson Kun oldin

    honey please have jeffree star choose your foundation

  • Kate Taylor
    Kate Taylor Kun oldin

    Too faced and Fenty

  • skz rap line
    skz rap line Kun oldin

    "this game is.. so hard"
    me playing _any_ sport

  • Nicholas Felix
    Nicholas Felix Kun oldin


  • Senneth1
    Senneth1 Kun oldin

    Fenty was the best match and it gave you a more youthful glow!

  • Selam Taylor
    Selam Taylor Kun oldin

    James, we love you but.......I have to disagree with you......I like Fenty better

  • Mvy Bby
    Mvy Bby Kun oldin

    Finally, our sister found his colour! Not that he looked bad before, anyway. No matter how off the foundation was compared to his skin, he made it look fab. Love!

  • Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    “Wait have I been lying to myself this whole time? Am I really cool toned?”
    ~James finally getting some sense in his head

  • Karli Rasmussen
    Karli Rasmussen Kun oldin

    Fenty or dior

  • elshibabe Moo
    elshibabe Moo Kun oldin

    gently and too faced yaasss

  • Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    All the ones he said were to light would have been perfect 😂

  • Ashley Bender
    Ashley Bender Kun oldin

    Matte= Fenty
    Dewy= Too Face

  • Breanna Armer
    Breanna Armer Kun oldin

    You just got a new subscriber😉 Sorry I didn't subscribe sooner😊 Love you my queen 😘

  • Kiki’s Corner
    Kiki’s Corner Kun oldin

    I think that the best ones are the makeup forever and the fenty foundation

  • Ana Carolina Romaro


  • Yo Hey Hello Its Haley

    The Fenty and the Morphe foundations looked the best to me!!

  • Bellarides
    Bellarides Kun oldin

    FENTYYYYYY it looked amazing on your skin !

  • Vina
    Vina Kun oldin

    I absolutely love the Too Faced foundation, I think it matches so well

  • Liz murphey
    Liz murphey Kun oldin

    James you are awesome and so so sweet. I think the reason you have a hard time with matching is because you have cool tones on your face and chest while your arms and legs are warm tones from the sun. I think the too faced and fenty are the best. Keep in mind that your skin tone may change through out the year if you are outside a lot. Ignore the haters honey! You're a make up guru and you made it this far wearing the wrong fountain color! The make up industry better watch out now!!

  • tamika lang
    tamika lang Kun oldin


  • Maryam Azizi
    Maryam Azizi Kun oldin

    fenty and morphe were the best

  • Blossom and Birch Soap


  • Yasmine Taylor
    Yasmine Taylor Kun oldin

    Fenty 100%%%%

  • silvana Life ,diy and challenge

    Acaso soy la uní da que habla español cool el video👍

  • Mia Scofield
    Mia Scofield Kun oldin

    Why Don’t you use one that works on your neck and chest there and then one that works well on the face and blend together at the jaw or something?

  • Dude It’s Malorie

    Too faced I love you james

  • Miranda Josd
    Miranda Josd Kun oldin

    either fenty or Dior air flash !!!!

  • Chalenea Cox
    Chalenea Cox Kun oldin

    I match my foundation to my chest, that way I don’t have to drag it down past my neck! I think swatching on your chest and matching it is the best way to look all one color, in my opinion. That being said, my neck and chest are all the same color so I have it a bit easier! Hope that helps!

  • Brooks Hilton
    Brooks Hilton Kun oldin

    Fenty was a perfect match wow

  • Rylyn Grant-Groves
    Rylyn Grant-Groves Kun oldin


  • Tessa Woodly
    Tessa Woodly Kun oldin

    Too faced or fenty. Maybe milk because you contour a lot and it will probably bring the shade down a little and look better because I know you don’t care for fenty.

  • Ginny Glezou
    Ginny Glezou Kun oldin

    Dior, fenty, Morphe!

  • Brooke Shimek
    Brooke Shimek Kun oldin

    Makeup forever fenty

  • Jade Fortner
    Jade Fortner Kun oldin

    Your videos amaze me every time I watch them, you are an awesome sister and I love that you keep going no matter what anyone says. I will forever love you, James.

  • Katie Sams
    Katie Sams Kun oldin

    They probably love him at Sephora

  • Jacob Hendrickson
    Jacob Hendrickson Kun oldin


  • Elizabeth Texaj
    Elizabeth Texaj Kun oldin

    I liked the Fenty and Too Faced

  • Autumn Wenck
    Autumn Wenck Kun oldin

    fenty sis

  • Joslyn Brown
    Joslyn Brown Kun oldin

    Morphe wins

  • Yuchen S
    Yuchen S Kun oldin

    Fenty beauty foundation

  • Tessa Woodly
    Tessa Woodly Kun oldin

    Sister self tan

  • Bruce
    Bruce Kun oldin

    Girl, you have to start embracing Fenty in your life.

  • Emma Olazabal Salgado

    Fenty or morphe

  • Hannah Knoll
    Hannah Knoll Kun oldin

    Fenty, Dior, and too faced

  • bark thedog
    bark thedog Kun oldin

    I threw up after the ball dropped 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Madalyn Jones
    Madalyn Jones Kun oldin

    Either too faced or fenty

  • Shemari Blackwood
    Shemari Blackwood Kun oldin

    Fenty and Too Faced

  • ZesterPosey
    ZesterPosey Kun oldin

    I feel you sis, I struggle with my color too! I’m different shades everywhere 😂😭but I think Dior & morphe fit the cutest 💓

  • Natalie Johnson
    Natalie Johnson Kun oldin

    2nd to last looks great!!

  • shammy
    shammy Kun oldin

    TOO FACED!!! fenty was really close too!!

  • Tori Kelly
    Tori Kelly Kun oldin

    Too faced

  • River W
    River W Kun oldin

    The elf and milk ones probably would fit me!

  • Reese Kennedy
    Reese Kennedy Kun oldin

    Hey James I think if u go one shade lighter in the morphe foundation because it looks amazing on your skin ❤️👍🏻❤️

  • Angie Virone
    Angie Virone Kun oldin

    your vibe

  • Walls of Dolls
    Walls of Dolls Kun oldin

    the milk foundation was way to light but it looked GORGEOUS on the skin

  • Karah Allred
    Karah Allred Kun oldin

    Morphe, Dior, and fenty

  • Danka Amorim
    Danka Amorim Kun oldin

    Dior and Fenty >>>>>

  • Paula Wilkinson
    Paula Wilkinson Kun oldin

    Fenty was my fav tho ps love you and your chanel ❤😍😘

  • Paula Wilkinson
    Paula Wilkinson Kun oldin

    I think 5 and 6 we're a very good match

  • Allyssia Alexandra
    Allyssia Alexandra Kun oldin

    Fenty definitely matched you the best.

  • Holly Woods
    Holly Woods Kun oldin

    I was using classic ivory forever. Oddly what gave me the best match was a soft ivory with wet and wild. I swear all the ivory shades wet and wild has is pretty great.

  • Diana Ramírez
    Diana Ramírez Kun oldin

    I feel like i just spend half of my life on this video so morphe

  • Breanna Hernandez
    Breanna Hernandez Kun oldin

    Are u married

  • Mackenzie Evans
    Mackenzie Evans Kun oldin +1

    Nothing better that starting off the year with sister James... 😉

  • Abby Strak
    Abby Strak Kun oldin

    I like too faced born this way most

  • Avacado 33
    Avacado 33 Kun oldin

    Morphe for sure

  • Leslie Infante
    Leslie Infante Kun oldin

    He does his makeup good like if u agree

  • Quetzaly C.
    Quetzaly C. Kun oldin +1

    Morphe and Fenti seemed to match better

  • Kimmy K
    Kimmy K Kun oldin

    Two-Face nude looks amazing! As a viewer from my view, it is almost a perfect match! (Because no one is perfect but Jesus) aside from that, it is a perfect match!

  • Brianna Schierberg
    Brianna Schierberg Kun oldin

    i like the fenty foundation the best on you!

  • Mariah Joy
    Mariah Joy Kun oldin