The Mind of Shane Dawson

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  • Joylandi 10-Okt, 2018
  • Learn about the man that uncovered the truth about Tanacon, the dark side of Jake Paul, because now it's time we go inside the mind... of Shane Dawson.
    Part 1 of a 58 part series.
    Ian Hecox
    Shayne Topp
    Keith Leak Jr
    Olivia Sui
    Courtney Miller
    Damien Haas
    Reed Brice
    Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ian Hecox, Monica Vasandani, & Ryan Finnerty
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
    Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
    Editor: Mike McNeal
    Producer: Kristina Nikolic
    Production Manager: Jon-Michael Burgess
    First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
    Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson
    Art Assistant: Jake Sperling
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
    Gaffer: Trent Turner
    Grip: Josh Pitruzzello
    Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
    Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
    Costume Supervisor: Cassidy Combs
    Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel
    DIT: Zack Bass
    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
    Senior Design: Ness Cardano
    Senior Design: Ness Cardano
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    C.Kaydee 206 21 soat oldin

    Do you have IBS

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    angela barth 23 soat oldin

    this HILARIOUS

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    Bread Bread Kun oldin

    Who else loves Shane Dawson 😂♡

  • Lord Zanthar Teh Allen

    6:50 Was that Shane?

  • Central Hawk
    Central Hawk Kun oldin

    I hate that I laughed at ibs, this video is so childish but so funny.

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  • dezzy bear
    dezzy bear Kun oldin

    Holy shit I haven't watched smosh in years omfg they look so different

  • Dex- SKA-b
    Dex- SKA-b Kun oldin

    Im surprised that shane didnt comment on this

  • Replying R
    Replying R Kun oldin

    The mind of idiots

  • Andronikos Zantis
    Andronikos Zantis Kun oldin

    I want Shane to react to it !! Its amazing

  • The Chosen Failure
    The Chosen Failure Kun oldin

    The mind of Shane Dawson. That’s implying he has brain cells I don’t buy it.

  • plague plays games
    plague plays games 2 kun oldin

    Isn’t the “actor” that plays Shane in this video named Shane

  • A. Aziz
    A. Aziz 2 kun oldin

    OMG Ian!
    Keep your pants up to your knees while on the toilet, in case someone walks in on you.
    Geez Lousie!

  • Isidora Galvez
    Isidora Galvez 2 kun oldin

    Omg the mind of jake paul but it is not jake paul it is shane

  • Kenz
    Kenz 2 kun oldin

    When Shane’s content is leagues above yours and you make a bad parody of him to try to tap into his success. I used to watch smosh when the content was still good

  • wheredidsadiego
    wheredidsadiego 2 kun oldin


  • Layne Solis
    Layne Solis 2 kun oldin

    I’m un subscribing

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    Delaney Spencer 2 kun oldin

    Where is part 2????

  • Delaney Spencer
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  • Melowca
    Melowca 2 kun oldin +2

    First time I laughed at a Smosh vid in a while..

  • TheMysteryGamer
    TheMysteryGamer 2 kun oldin

    Knew it.

  • Rahel Awat
    Rahel Awat 2 kun oldin

    Butthurt shane 14 year old moron fans who disliked this video, 10 second of this video is much better than the entire 8 episodes, at least they did not prompt Jake paul

  • Blue Bid
    Blue Bid 2 kun oldin

    why alot of people in the comments thinks that this video is supposed to offend Shane..

  • Razza Anonymous
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  • ChritoadTheToad 12
    ChritoadTheToad 12 3 kun oldin

    4:09 You get it.

  • ChritoadTheToad 12
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  • sophie bowden
    sophie bowden 3 kun oldin

    I hope that email is real so bad 😂🤣

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    Do you have IBS?

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    Do you have IBS

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    Im- andjshshahdhgf

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    Nezha Vuitton 3 kun oldin

    Hey, at least Shane still makes original videos... or videos at all 😂😜

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    Riley Pikachu Gaming 3 kun oldin

    Do you have IBS

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    do you have ibs

  • ThunderhunterFTW m
    ThunderhunterFTW m 3 kun oldin

    me, a lonely person: "HOLY SHIT I GOT A TEXT MESSAGE"
    (hoping one of my "friends" actually wanna talk)
    (turns out to be my mom)

  • Auschwins
    Auschwins 4 kun oldin

    Finally, a none repetitive or overused format video

  • michel myers
    michel myers 4 kun oldin

    Magic pocket slave monsters!!

  • Ned Noodle
    Ned Noodle 4 kun oldin +2

    The part with Shane as Tana got me

  • Akshay Peddada
    Akshay Peddada 4 kun oldin

    Hey Smosh, imagine if Shane Dawson would react to this video.

  • Khaleesi Mother of Drag


  • xMayahxX
    xMayahxX 4 kun oldin

    The JoJo siwa impression made me laugh so hard lmao

  • ItzFlo
    ItzFlo 4 kun oldin

    Do u have ibs?

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos ?

    Do you have ibs

  • Joanne Finlay
    Joanne Finlay 4 kun oldin

    OMG hahaha this was great and I'm sure when Shane watches or watched this he was laughing his nut off too. Great work!!

  • Pessimist Kai
    Pessimist Kai 4 kun oldin

    anthony should have played Shane! xD

  • Maya
    Maya 5 kun oldin +1

    the shadeeee

  • OOF
    OOF 5 kun oldin +1

    This video was kinda good for once

  • CheezY Cyclone
    CheezY Cyclone 5 kun oldin

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  • Eden Lul
    Eden Lul 5 kun oldin

    iNabber has reached peak evolutionary form

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    8-Bit Animation 5 kun oldin

    Do you have IBS?

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    Do you have ibs

  • Violet Baudelaire
    Violet Baudelaire 5 kun oldin

    This is great hahah

  • Gamer Virus
    Gamer Virus 5 kun oldin

    Now that Ian has glasses it’s just throwing me off from the reason of the video and that he sounds a lot different from when Anthony was still on smosh

  • Tarik
    Tarik 5 kun oldin +2

    I haven’t watched smosh in years but I loved this 😂😂😍 reminds me of what smosh originally used to be 💕💕

  • Willshell 3009
    Willshell 3009 5 kun oldin

    Do you have IBS

  • Mllr hr
    Mllr hr 6 kun oldin +1

    love it

  • KustomiseT
    KustomiseT 6 kun oldin +1

    Wow Smosh has changed a lot. I stopped watching them like 4 years ago probably I don't know when. I was searching up videos about Shane because of the recent video he made about ASPD's.
    This was really funny and good, and then I was like "I should subscribe to this channel"; and I already had subscribed previously. Well, was worth it. Don't know what happened between, like why I didn't like them or did they get better, did they change something. Still, all of you nice job! Keep it up, I'm proud of you! (h3h3)

  • BlackEagleGamer
    BlackEagleGamer 6 kun oldin

    i think its kinda sad seeing how smosh has developed getting worse and worse every year and especially now that they sold it changing from a bunch of friends making videos out of passion to just employees. working for a company and i used to love smosh so it hits me kinda bad

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog 6 kun oldin

    Hey Ian, doue yuo hov ibs?

  • abdullah bsoul
    abdullah bsoul 6 kun oldin

    1:23 the most accurate af shane face ever

  • Wael D.
    Wael D. 6 kun oldin

    I died

  • Lva Maira
    Lva Maira 6 kun oldin

    Is Courtney suppose to be INabber😂

  • Eze10gun
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  • Cameron Peterson
    Cameron Peterson 7 kun oldin

    I haven't watched Smosh in years and just recently heard the channel is going dark because of Defy and I really don't like a majority of their content now anyways but I gotta say, this was pretty hilarious lol

  • Belle’s Journal
    Belle’s Journal 7 kun oldin

    Finally somebody said something about his camera!

  • Castro Comics
    Castro Comics 7 kun oldin

    OMG!!! HE... HAS... IBS!!!

  • Cali.TV
    Cali.TV 7 kun oldin

    sick roast video ian i actually made a rap that sums up all the youtubers and why they arent uploading frequently as effective... except smosh ofc

  • Ham Ham
    Ham Ham 7 kun oldin +1

    *at least it’s shorter than the original*

  • Stupidity Evolved
    Stupidity Evolved 7 kun oldin

    Not enough ads 1/5

  • Daniel
    Daniel 7 kun oldin

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  • Vermillion Umbrella
    Vermillion Umbrella 7 kun oldin

    To everyone offended, watch the big foot video smosh did. Guess who acted in it.

  • skate fast eat ass
    skate fast eat ass 8 kun oldin

    im gonna shit

    DJ PLAYZ 8 kun oldin

    Oh my gosh this is crazy i just got a text oh oh wait its just my mom

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    this is so funny😂😂😂

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    actualgenuinehorse 8 kun oldin

    i love you ian hecox

  • Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers

    an actual good smosh vid

  • Itzia Padilla
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  • Array
    Array 8 kun oldin +30

    Literally the best smosh video in like 6 years

  • Bronson Contreras
    Bronson Contreras 8 kun oldin

    This parody was par for the course and was predictable because of that but I disliked due to the fact that Ian had not milk in his bowl. The mess would have been funny.

  • cicirunner
    cicirunner 9 kun oldin

    The IBS theory is on point

  • Daniel Chen
    Daniel Chen 9 kun oldin

    This is kinda like the content Anthony makes now

  • Myst Bowdre
    Myst Bowdre 9 kun oldin +2

    Don't be doing my Queen Shane like this guys

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    Taurus X Queen 10 kun oldin

    Best Smosh video I've seen in nearly a decade.

  • Alberto Monteon
    Alberto Monteon 10 kun oldin

    Bigfoot is gay

  • Immortal Kdude
    Immortal Kdude 10 kun oldin

    Lol 😂😂
    I miss shane conspiracy facts

  • Edgardo Montes
    Edgardo Montes 11 kun oldin

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  • Shane's daughter
    Shane's daughter 11 kun oldin

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    This is so passive aggressive 😂😂

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    An Addict 11 kun oldin

    Lmaoo this is so true

  • gibberish ed
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    awww there was a missed joke. Shane Dawson has IBS and is BS :>

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