Reasons Why McGregor Lost To Khabib!!!

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  • Joylandi 7-Okt, 2018
  • If you watched the fights last night, we saw Conor lose via RNC. Let’s talk about why he actually lost. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE.
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Fikrlar • 599

  • that dude
    that dude 11 kun oldin

    As a Conor fanboy, I have to strongly agree with what you're saying especially the second reason! Conor trying to wrestle with khabib was just plain stupid! Simple!

  • bhunep neppoho
    bhunep neppoho 16 kun oldin

    Khabib won because his fighting way is boring he always win with same tactics all time

  • De8dwergjes
    De8dwergjes Oy oldin

    So much the same answers, did you guys eat parrotmeat?

  • sirj j
    sirj j Oy oldin +1

    I think that in round 1 when Conor failed to spring back up from Khabib close range wrestling hold on the ground. Conor had no gurantee it would work and if it did not he would be repeatedly wasting large amounts of energy way to early. On on semi-related matter when Conor also lost to nate diaz due to over aggressive midrange offense as opposed to as he did in his rematch counter attacks and low kicks

  • Cheeky Creations
    Cheeky Creations Oy oldin

    He mainly lost because he was too scared about Khabibs wrestling which is McGregors weakness. This lead to him just focusing all on his ground game, and underestimated his stand up game. After that 2nd round when Khabib dropped McGregor, that was it for Conor, he had lost.

  • The Casual Citizen

    McGregor is not in the same league as Kabib. This will be proved in the rematch. McGregor will be humiliated again.

  • Mehmet Celikay
    Mehmet Celikay Oy oldin

    Main reason is because he is dumbass chicken coward..!!
    Gone glory motherfucker !!

  • Angelo Maraboli
    Angelo Maraboli 2 oy oldin

    The reason is simple! Conor is very overrated thanks to the ufc hype machine and Dana

  • Hell Boy
    Hell Boy 2 oy oldin

    Conor ain't stupid. Hes actually got one of the best fight IQs

    • Angelo Maraboli
      Angelo Maraboli 2 oy oldin

      STFU idiot! if he is so smart at fighting why does he always try to make his opponents angry and not concentrate on their fights? why doesn't he like to fight the best at their best? Siver, Aldo, Mendes, Alvarez, Poirer and Diaz

  • Future UFC champion
    Future UFC champion 2 oy oldin

    100% agree. that might be the worst McGregor I have ever seen

  • A Kay
    A Kay 2 oy oldin

    By far his on another level. He gave him a beating of a life time.

  • KhalifaAdina Saed
    KhalifaAdina Saed 2 oy oldin

    Donkey McGregor fake fighter watch all match

  • Tony Kerr
    Tony Kerr 2 oy oldin

    Conner waS out classed

  • Tony Kerr
    Tony Kerr 2 oy oldin

    Khabib beat Connor in all boxing wrestling

  • Tony Kerr
    Tony Kerr 2 oy oldin

    Khabib the boa constrictor

  • david villa
    david villa 3 oy oldin

    There is no need any scientific analysis. Conor was simply weak for Khabib. He was definitely far away from Khabib’s level

  • Farid Marzai
    Farid Marzai 3 oy oldin

    Cornor lost because Kabib squeezes like a python and he is undefeated yet. He squeezed the shit out of Connor

  • Farid Marzai
    Farid Marzai 3 oy oldin

    Even if Cornor get ready, he would not do shit. He was ready but a pigeon is nothing for EAGLE so please stop saying shit. Despite Cornor cheated through out the whole fight but he lost.

  • Imtiaz Mir
    Imtiaz Mir 3 oy oldin

    It seems that khabib iz more skillfull nd has more tools in his arsenal.good luck khabib.

  • Roy boy
    Roy boy 3 oy oldin

    Remember Conor is a businessman multi millionaire and your broke making you tube videos

      MMA BARBER LIFE  3 oy oldin

      You McGregor nuthuggers are the worst! So what does that make you? He’s a “businessman multi millionaire” and “I’m broke making UZclip videos”. What does that make you? A broke dude leaving UZclip comments. Remember this, I talk and you listen, McGregor talks, and you listen. Who’s really on the bottom?

  • Balam Kharngi
    Balam Kharngi 3 oy oldin

    For me i think conor lost is because he came to the ufc with one goal in mind ie., to win two gold belts... After he got what he want... He is like everyone else content with his life...

  • ahau oxlahun
    ahau oxlahun 3 oy oldin

    You are totally overthinking this fight buddy. Nate Diaz said it best...
    Real people fight. Rich kids should never ever ever fight. Conor lost because his game is full of holes and he is a one trick pony.
    He talks shit to piss off much smaller dudes and counters with that left as they stupidly rush in.
    Every single fighter that has calmly stood their ground has embarrassed him. Where's that KO power everyone talks about.
    Nate choked him out and made him turn tail and run for his life in the rematch.
    A 30 pounds lighter Mayweather absorbed everything Conor had before TKOing him.
    Khabib straight up rag dolled him on the ground and outclassed him standing.
    Conor lost because talk doesn't win fights. Fighting wins fights and Conor is a hype train without the skills to back up his talk.

  • primetime5000
    primetime5000 3 oy oldin


  • Saatym #####
    Saatym ##### 3 oy oldin

    Conor said he was prepared because he can't tell people that he is not prepared and show his opponent that he is weak.
    Fuckin idiot don't make bullshit
    If u join mma will u tell ur opponent that i am not prepared for fight.
    The reason was simple khabib was better than him.

  • J Bayawon
    J Bayawon 3 oy oldin

    Conor was way more prepared than Khabib...
    Conor had so much more preparation time...
    Khabib was actually unprepared for the fight because he just recovered from an injury, but he really is a natural fighter...

  • Robert Parkreiner
    Robert Parkreiner 3 oy oldin

    Damn, chill, dude. You are too stressed and invested in this analysis. Breathe

  • David Goliath
    David Goliath 3 oy oldin

    You did not listen to John Kavanaughs interviews apparently. He explained what the game plan was and they followed it.

  • akshay sahay
    akshay sahay 3 oy oldin

    Plus he was pessimistic in his approach. They have this game plan of not coming out of takedown and not take any damage and just simply loose the round.

  • akshay sahay
    akshay sahay 3 oy oldin

    The only reason he lost because he was not relying on his skill.

  • Hadi Bouk
    Hadi Bouk 3 oy oldin

    go khabib sobhallah wel hamdoulillah

  • Hadi Bouk
    Hadi Bouk 3 oy oldin

    khabib la like a tgv on the octogon connaît is like an old train an also u forgot.the essentiels done and i seen a true wrestlet avaient an irish bitch doll a
    so he buisness was done baby and there was an islam things witch ylu never understand it called darba ilahy

  • 1994ever
    1994ever 3 oy oldin

    I have only one good reason why Connor lost 1. Because khabib is just on another level Connor couldn’t keep up with him

  • yacine ch
    yacine ch 3 oy oldin

    Coner get fucked so hard

  • chris taylor
    chris taylor 3 oy oldin

    Leading to the fight the Irish trash was cocked out and drunk while performing his pathetic show boating!

  • qasim abdul
    qasim abdul 3 oy oldin

    The power and strength simple bro

  • Brick Stoney
    Brick Stoney 3 oy oldin

    Conor lost the fight so there would be a rematch more money believe that.

  • Michael Ralston
    Michael Ralston 3 oy oldin

    The 2 big points in the fight were (1) Conor got caught in two minds - thinking Kabib was going for a takedown - allowing Kabib to hit him on the feet (2) Conor's only chance in this fight was his movement and speed on the feet - but it seems like Conor has slowed down and is now past his prime. Conor's speed is the reason for his supreme confidence, and the reason he could break all the rules and transcend the usual MMA rule that wrestlers dominate. But it appears as though Conor is slowing down. If so, I doubt that Conor will fight much longer, because he has a very risky style that relies on speed and movement. Conor was a fire-cracker, and he may have now fizzled out. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Kamal Ahmed
    Kamal Ahmed 3 oy oldin

    Fool lost because he fought Khabib that's the only reason. Its Khabib Time

  • Iskandar Shah
    Iskandar Shah 3 oy oldin

    One is all talk and do it for money and the other would die for honour and family.

  • Ben Lundgren
    Ben Lundgren 3 oy oldin

    Conor seems to be headed down the well beaten path of letting all the stardom get to his head, and detract from actually being a good fighter. Once all the fame and other time commitments come like other businesses (whiskey, for one), you have less time to train and focus. He's lost what got him to where he is and he's about one more loss away from losing his star power and being just another fighter. There's so many hungry, talented fighters in line that could beat him. Any of the top 5 guys would probably be at least a 50/50 match so conor is not as far ahead of the pack as he once was. Has to be a terrible feeling for him.

  • Kevin Kong
    Kevin Kong 3 oy oldin

    Conner is a striking machine he has no business being on the ground

  • John DeVilbiss
    John DeVilbiss 3 oy oldin

    Look, good video... But UFC created Connor's persona, a fancy Frankenstein. Connor got used to favoritism of the UFC because he made them great amounts of $$. But there are consequences to corruption. Look: Though he lost the fight, Connor got paid. Khabib didn't. The Commission paid Khabib only 50% for the fight. Khabib doesn't care. It all reveals how the UFC is entirely responsible for Khabib jumping over the fence, and how utterly antiKhabib they are. But they got whipped, making news of a different kind

  • Taimoor Kiani
    Taimoor Kiani 3 oy oldin

    Conor is a whisky promoter lol not fighter.. He has tongue.. Khabib has punch...

  • Taimoor Kiani
    Taimoor Kiani 3 oy oldin

    Do you mean Khabib did nothing lol

  • impatient potato
    impatient potato 3 oy oldin

    every round was interesting you dummy

  • WWE Superstars
    WWE Superstars 3 oy oldin

    Irish gorilla is dead against russian bear

  • Bill Sye
    Bill Sye 3 oy oldin

    You have correct words
    Conor should have never tried to wrestle with kabibe
    He should have done what u said
    Conor was not ready for him
    Sadly I like kavanar as a manager but the game plan was all wrong
    Nate beat him the first time
    So Conor had to go back learn from his mistakes and come back to win
    Conor has to regroup learn
    From how he lost and take that and do it again

  • ronnie castleberry
    ronnie castleberry 3 oy oldin

    Dude! You're so unprofessional. You have the hiccups?

  • hasha k-b
    hasha k-b 3 oy oldin

    Bcz Khabib is another Muhammad Ali.

  • Saint Niko
    Saint Niko 3 oy oldin

    What are you talking about dude. First, not a rear naked choke ok. Did you even see the fight? Second and hear me - being a Russian - conor LOST FOR TALKING SHIT

  • guysmalley
    guysmalley 3 oy oldin

    Conor can never catch up with Khabib’s wrestling, and the core fitness he has

  • David Carter
    David Carter 4 oy oldin

    conor could just train in wrestling for the next decade and he would still be light years behind Khabib.

  • skullier13
    skullier13 4 oy oldin

    There's actually 12 reason why mcgregor lost that fight... The proper reasons...

  • etownbrawler1
    etownbrawler1 4 oy oldin +2

    Wow some people really know nothing about MMA!!! Conor was 100% ready for the fight and his coach even came out and said he was in the best shape of his life!! Why can no one just admit that Khabib is just superior to Conor ??? Why do you have to make excuses to ''why he lost'' . Khabib has the best ground game in the UFC , but you say ''conor could of escaped on the ground'' lol.. Khabib has been able to do the same thing to all 27 of his opponents on the ground and many have had a way better ground game then Conor! The pressure Khabib puts on his opponents on the ground has shocked everyone that has ever faced ,but you think ''Conor could of escaped'' I really think you know nothing about mma because if Conor would of tried to escape he would of used up so much energy when Khabib was in a dominant position !! People need to praise Khabib for his performance ,not make excuses for why Conor lost !! They can fight another 5x and i don't think the outcome will ever be different. Wow it is amazing how people really think that Conor could of done this or that but he never , no he just couldn't because Khabib is by far the best ground game in the UFC!!!

  • Artur Chmiel
    Artur Chmiel 4 oy oldin

    he's back on drugs which is very visible!!!

  • Bucky Preseau
    Bucky Preseau 4 oy oldin

    Connor just became unlikable. He became more and more difficult to watch and listen to. Khabib Just whooped his ass, severely. Because khabib was the better fighter argument over. I would like to see Connor go back to the drawing board rebuild his fucking game, rebuild his attitude, and come back the likeable relatable fighter that he started out as.

  • MrYakoeroe
    MrYakoeroe 4 oy oldin

    conor will never be ready for Khabib.

  • Mighty wee
    Mighty wee 4 oy oldin

    the real reason conor lost = Khabib better than conor.... that true fact.

    • Mighty wee
      Mighty wee 3 oy oldin

      +Mark C khabib hit conor face not only on the ground....

    • Mark C
      Mark C 3 oy oldin

      Only on the ground

    MGTOW MUSLIM 4 oy oldin

    Neck crank bro

  • sameer zayed
    sameer zayed 4 oy oldin

    This guy that made this video a real dumb mother fucker

  • sameer zayed
    sameer zayed 4 oy oldin

    One reason why Connor lost you fucking ghetto bitch is cause khabib is a real fighter that took Connor poor virginity khabib is the champ of ufc get ready bitches

  • Mike Ikeda
    Mike Ikeda 4 oy oldin

    Conor got a reputation by beating fighters who were smaller and Conor and a longer reach. He is a loudmouth punk. The following fighters can beat Conor: Tony Ferguson, Kevin Lee, Max Holloway at 145 or 155, Brian Ortega at 145 or 155. I think a healthy Nate Diaz will beat Conor too.

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee 4 oy oldin

    Terrible assessment:
    1. Conor is many things, but dumbass and unprepared he is not. If you've actually paid any attention in his previous fights his grappling and take down defense has improved tremendously over time, and undoubtedly he was preparing for the grappling war with Khabib which is why he had Dhillon Danis in his camp. To say he wasn't as good as Khabib is very fair (who is?) - to say Conor is a dumbass is fucking stupid.
    2. You calling out Conor for him saying he's "ready" in the prefight leadup and when he gets outperformed you call him a liar is also naive, stupid and shows your lack of understanding in athletic competition in general. What do you think he's going to say...that he's not prepared? Why do you take these statements at face value? Of course Conor is going to talk up his own game wherever he can - only a loser with a loser's mentality is going to publicly disclose he's not ready - how fucking stupid would that be? Never mind that its his coach's responsibility to come up with the preparation over camp - and if you don't think that they've attempted to cover all these deficiencies in his game is idiotic. You think we all know something that their coaches don't know about Conor?!?! Give your head a shake.
    3. Calling out Conor for "trying to wrestle" Khabib as if he chose that pathway is also fucking retarded. There was no way that he was willfully engaging Khabib in a grappling contest - he did everything he could to control distance and keep it on the feet. Idiots like you tend to forget that sometimes the opponent might have had something to do with directing where this fight went - and that's exactly what happened. Khabib forced Conor into a wrestling match. Do you honestly think that Conor chose to grapple with Khabib who is a world champion in combat sambo?!? GTFO of here.
    4. So you think that Conor could get up to Khabib's level of wrestling in "a year or two"?!!?? Really? See, now that's funny because I highly doubt that you could count on one hand the number of people in the world would get up to Khabib's level after a lifetime of training - not just "one or two years". You talk like Conor just needed to put in a few more hours of training and then he would have whooped Khabib's ass?!?! Again, are you this stupid? Khabib is just better than Conor and he will always be better than Conor no matter how much training Conor does. Not everyone can be a world champion calibre grappler.
    And by the way - Dhillon Danis IS A WORLD CHAMPION GRAPPLER. You called Conor's training partners sub-par?!? C'mon. What do you think Conor should have done - go to the MMA field and pick another Khabib off of the world champion combat sambo tree to train with?!?!?
    5. You say Conor had opportunities to stand and he didn't?!?? when and where? That never happened. If you recall in the first round Conor stuffed one takedown and got taken down only once, and he did actually did get onto his feet successfully. He did much better than most analysts thought he would. He stuffed all 3 takedown attempts in the 3rd. For the entire fight he stuffed 4 of 7 takedown attempts and got up on two of them - it was the last one that did him in of course. In your analysis you're making shit up just to talk trash about him.
    6. You said he was "undisciplined"?!? How? Because Khabib got 2 of 3 takedowns in the first two rounds? Khabib shot from long distance and once managed to pick an ankle...what is he supposed to do about that? Conor's a striker - he can't stand back 10 feet the whole fight, he does have to get into striking range if he wants to lay a hand on him.
    You sound like a guy who expected Conor to win this fight and was surprised when he didn't. Anyone with any knowledge in this sport knew Conor had no hope in this fight.

  • Jada Berry
    Jada Berry 4 oy oldin +1


  • TheMrEpicsounds
    TheMrEpicsounds 4 oy oldin

    He lost because he was on that PROPER ASSWHOOPING it's on the canvas!

  • William
    William 4 oy oldin

    You sir are a god damn idiot. The two year lay off may have had something to do with it. He is a two division champ. Beat the best in the game.

  • Gow Anderson
    Gow Anderson 4 oy oldin

    Conors game plan was to let khabib wrestle himself out the first two rounds .khabib fades in the later rounds /3/4 conors tactic was working and in round 3 we started to see conor tee off on khabib resulting in khabib losing the first round of his career, round 3 .would like to see what changes both teams make in rematch

  • tony Lorns
    tony Lorns 4 oy oldin

    Of course CM will say what he's going to do before a fight man what you expect him not to ? He has to say that he's a salesman at the end of the day as well as s fighter. It's called " hyping it up" That's was a very naive comment man. 🤣. Also another factor not saying he would of won but 2 years out without a single warm up was a huge disadvantage. Also I am not sure he was bothered about winning or not meaning a lack of desire not hungry enough.

  • Randy Dela Cruz
    Randy Dela Cruz 4 oy oldin

    He lose the fight because he is weak and stupid.

  • themann0001
    themann0001 4 oy oldin

    Khabib also came prepared. There are two fighters. It's called shit talking

  • Erik Petersen
    Erik Petersen 4 oy oldin

    This is all a sugar coded way of saying he was not the superior fighter. He did prepare very heavily for the fight- but that wasn't good enough. Khabib then boxed with Conor in the third round and landed almost punch for punch. Conor could not prepare for this kind of a fighter because he not equipped to fight this type of fight. Period.

  • Jimmy McGreedy
    Jimmy McGreedy 4 oy oldin


  • B G
    B G 4 oy oldin

    conor lost Mach why regan he is big mother fuck

  • Rasheen Treadwell
    Rasheen Treadwell 4 oy oldin

    He lost because he was rusty. His downfall was getting taken down in the first rd. That took some of his energy.His timing was off. No footwork. No headmovent. He didn't throw enough strikes. He didn't gage his distance well. Everything about him was off that night. He was not the same. He missed so many punches. He was jus off. He came as prepared as he could be after a 2yr layoff. A rematch will be interesting.

  • Javier Davila 1950
    Javier Davila 1950 4 oy oldin

    Connor got a gallon size of a can of whoop ass. He wants more? I don’t think so.

  • Pablo Garrido
    Pablo Garrido 4 oy oldin

    Thank everyone know the match.

  • Sckott Tailer
    Sckott Tailer 4 oy oldin

    Was not rear nked choke it was neck crank on jaw you don't know shit

  • Gino Ait
    Gino Ait 4 oy oldin

    No Sir, The raison Conor lost the fight is because Khabib is stronger and Smarter.. A one point of the fight khabib slapped Conor and again stood toe to toe with him in boxing.. Conor cheated several times. I can go on and on khabib is far superior than Conor and no comparison at all between the two

  • Yay Uu
    Yay Uu 4 oy oldin

    Dude you fight khabib and beat him and had no chance period

  • billblackhart
    billblackhart 4 oy oldin

    Neck crank

  • Fabian Gutierrez
    Fabian Gutierrez 4 oy oldin

    One more thing . Connor made the serious mistake of questioning khabibs honor. He fucked up there . he's bullshit antics brought him an ass whooping he had never gotten.

  • Fabian Gutierrez
    Fabian Gutierrez 4 oy oldin

    Bro . you have no idea about fighting. You live in a fantasy world. Your 3 reasons are non sense. First of all no one in the UFC can wrestle w khabib. He is at another level period !!! Conner had no option to do anything . khabib dictated the direction the fight went. Second khabib put so much pressure the whole fight , that Connor got tired. Once your tired against khabib, game over. Third khabib is bigger and stronger than Connor.. Now that's why Connor got mauled . total domination .

  • Giddi Bawz
    Giddi Bawz 4 oy oldin +2

    No it's Coke, Alcohol and lack of wrestling skills 😂 Khabib is miles ahead and has gravity on his side. He was too dominant and people knew it before it went down.

  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers 4 oy oldin

    But Khabib's fights are boring as fuck!!! McGregor brings the buzzz

  • Lia Zoi
    Lia Zoi 4 oy oldin

    Why he lost this fight? Because he is genius. He made it looks bad to get an MMA fight with Mayweather. Another 100M money.

  • william g
    william g 4 oy oldin

    conner wrote some checks he couldnt cash

  • jason x x
    jason x x 4 oy oldin

    I'm a conor fan.. i agree

  • Benny Ferns
    Benny Ferns 4 oy oldin +1

    hey you shut up your Fucking mouth, he was fully prepared for the fight, becoz it was not arranged for the last moment, n not only he would have acted the way he was acting , it's very good the dirt filde has lost the one who has no maners, he was too pride ,

  • Krucial Entertainment

    Simply cos Khabib was stronger than him!

  • Justin Davitt
    Justin Davitt 4 oy oldin

    Who the fook is this guy?

  • D Jay
    D Jay 4 oy oldin +1

    The reason why Conor lost this fight n the only reason is that Khabib was better the reality is no at present is ready as demonstrated by his record. Ps Conor didn't have a choice in this fight Khabib is the Bruce Lee of wrestling n grappling. Barber life l been following Khabib for nearly 10 years from his sambo world champion days l knew he would not win as with most fighters, barber this guy Khabib is special it might not look like it but this dude trained with ed Ruth and there sessions are legendary Khabib was able to take him down. Knowing this l know the fight with Conor was about money for Conor.

    • Alphawolf07
      Alphawolf07 4 oy oldin

      stop your stupid Bruce whatever comparison to khabib. khabib is a pro fighter and the other guy was a film star.

  • faizal playoz
    faizal playoz 4 oy oldin

    Right now best contender for.khabib iz tony ferguson..and connor iz nate diaz

  • JAMAC Shrf
    JAMAC Shrf 4 oy oldin +1

    You can come up with a Billion Ways "McCrabber " could or should have done, but the end result would always be an Eagle win.

  • kadir josef
    kadir josef 4 oy oldin

    A Day Conor McGregor will never forget kkkk 6 oct 2018 when the respected LION khabib beat Conor kkk .. A holly word McGregor will always remember ALHAMDULILAAH .. well done KHABIB

  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio Hernandez 4 oy oldin

    Connor would have to train another 5-10 years to deal w khabib wrestling. He’s so smothering the way he locks his legs over yours. Did that to my wife was pretty effective lol.

  • TheDomLouis
    TheDomLouis 4 oy oldin

    The main reason why he lost the fight was because he lacks conditioning!! He's never taken it seriously because he tries to finish fights in 1-2 rounds. Once you gas, logic and all your MMA training goes out the window, FACT! If Connor could make sure he lasts 6 rounds at constant pressure (I bet Khabib can), then he has the ability to think straight and strategise how to dismantle Diaz or Khabib. As long as he relies on his knock out and doesn't make it up with conditioning, every fighter going forward just needs to wait until he gases out. Then move in for the kill.
    Lastly I don't think Connor has EVER had a mauling like this in his career. As a multi-millionaire, he won't want to fight Khabib. As the audio says "its only business" he doesn't have the attitude for fighting anymore. He'll do fights with other stand up fighters, where he has a chance. If Khabib beats him convincingly again, Connor draw for PPV drops to zero. He becomes the guy who talks the talk but can't back it up.

  • Roger Haenga
    Roger Haenga 4 oy oldin +1

    Connor lost truly coz his asshole dropped out thru his butt crack,n his balls shrivelled back up to a prune,..let's b real here

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 4 oy oldin

    Conor has the mind of a poser and heart of a quitter. He has no heart.. and at that khabib overall was the better fighter. no excuses. Nothing else can be said. Khabib is just the better fighter. Period

  • KageTrauma
    KageTrauma 4 oy oldin

    Ordell Robbie: "Reasons?! You wanna tell me the *reasons* why Conor McGregor lost?! Here's the *reason* he ain't worth a shit no more!"

  • Bilal Shoukat
    Bilal Shoukat 4 oy oldin

    Dear. Conner was gone far away frm hes limits he tried to mess with khabibs relegion islam and told him to drink alcohol then he abuses hes parents hes work thats it if some one abuses ur father or ur wife what u will do ask ur self. What khabib was done it was very right . If u cant repaect any relegion then u have no rights to say anything wrong abt any relegion. And Allah is with khabib.