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  • Lotus
    Lotus Kun oldin

    I just wanted to see Ian and Charley in the same picture to confirm they weren't the same person

  • brooked
    brooked 19 kun oldin

    charlie looks so done with it lol me too

  • prince yoongi
    prince yoongi Oy oldin

    AHH if i met john i would pass out haha STar WarS f9ifijsndfdi

  • Jessica Bess
    Jessica Bess Oy oldin

    Dude interview Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr.

  • aung khant
    aung khant Oy oldin

    Where is the reaction where they found out it was a joke by a fellow castmate? I just started watching smosh and i like but where is that part? Fuq

  • Kobbra 2004
    Kobbra 2004 2 oy oldin +1


  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie 2 oy oldin

    John Boyega's awesome!😹😹😹

  • Bacon Sizzle
    Bacon Sizzle 2 oy oldin

    Lost it at 3:00

  • Егор Цыба
    Егор Цыба 3 oy oldin +1

    Last Ian video in SMOSH

  • d
    d 3 oy oldin

    PLEASE the behind the scenes

  • Quire
    Quire 4 oy oldin

    I mean the prank interviews are back but back then with just Ian and Anthony were a lot better and funnier... =,(

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      Quire yeah he was haha

    • Quire
      Quire 3 oy oldin

      trmnblck True but Anthony was funny as hell

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      Quire actually i think shayne's more entertaining

  • 2nd Draft
    2nd Draft 4 oy oldin

    I can't watch these because there so embarrassing

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin +1

      2nd Draft that's the point

  • Daniel x Dream
    Daniel x Dream 4 oy oldin

    why isn’t charlie with the gang

    ATOMIC AVENGER 4 oy oldin


  • Cycrostic Gayms
    Cycrostic Gayms 4 oy oldin

    my bottom half would be m🌚lester m🌚🌚n ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • TheMacGamer1253
    TheMacGamer1253 4 oy oldin +1

    Shayne’s southern accent sounds kinda like George Bush.

  • MicTGG / MichaelTheGamerGod

    wtf am i doing with my life.

  • ChileDudeProductions

    Charlie day aka Ian’s dad

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades 4 oy oldin

    i just commented in a vid where they forced Joven to talk to Emma. and i said, Ian if you keep this up it ain't gonna be funny cause they will do it to you. and all i'm gonna say is... karma's a bitch. i was right

  • ZEROweapon
    ZEROweapon 4 oy oldin

    Ian kind of looks like Charlie.

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    This video was more entertaining than the movie itself.

  • The Creed
    The Creed 4 oy oldin

    I'm actually wondering if they just agreed to doing this, or you just payed them

  • PunkyPlayz
    PunkyPlayz 4 oy oldin

    Where’s Anthony

    • PunkyPlayz
      PunkyPlayz 3 oy oldin

      trmnblck hmmm.... nah.

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      PunkyPlayz it does :/

    • PunkyPlayz
      PunkyPlayz 3 oy oldin

      trmnblck but it never gets old

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      PunkyPlayz the same joke on every video is tiring

    • PunkyPlayz
      PunkyPlayz 3 oy oldin

      trmnblck it was a joke

  • bigbro2014
    bigbro2014 4 oy oldin

    How was this a disaster. Gotta get that ad revenue somehow 👌

  • Lana Huertas
    Lana Huertas 5 oy oldin

    More of these interviews pleaseeee

  • grace Sidney
    grace Sidney 5 oy oldin

    charlie day is a fucking blessing

  • Aalexiyah Sorrells
    Aalexiyah Sorrells 5 oy oldin

    You should do a interview prank on Chris Hemsworth

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur 5 oy oldin

    Charlie and Ian are twins...!!??!!!!

  • Purpleky
    Purpleky 5 oy oldin +1

    Piff the magic kaiju

  • tamara sky
    tamara sky 5 oy oldin

    It's not the same

  • MatthewGorilla
    MatthewGorilla 5 oy oldin

    Do Tom Holland : D

  • Shizah Naqvi
    Shizah Naqvi 5 oy oldin

    Anthony and ian were better at this

    • Shizah Naqvi
      Shizah Naqvi 3 oy oldin

      trmnblck nope ur new hoe

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      Shizah Naqvi shayne's better

  • berns jose
    berns jose 5 oy oldin

    i miss anthony

    ANOVER FAMILY 6 oy oldin

    Nice funny prank

  • lynx lot
    lynx lot 6 oy oldin

    Cailee is so adorable!

  • Mackenzie Cutshaw
    Mackenzie Cutshaw 6 oy oldin

    Isn’t Godzilla considered a Kaiju

  • hackedrobot
    hackedrobot 6 oy oldin

    Infinty war

    SOPHUS KENJI 6 oy oldin

    Can you interview Tom Holland

  • Adil Ahmed
    Adil Ahmed 6 oy oldin

    This was some cringey shit

  • RioIsHere
    RioIsHere 6 oy oldin +1

    I actually can’t stop laughing

  • Ivan M
    Ivan M 6 oy oldin

    There not as good without Anthony

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      Ivan M it's better

  • K T
    K T 6 oy oldin

    Shayne has absolutely no shame and its awesome.

  • Ruth Estrada
    Ruth Estrada 6 oy oldin

    Pupcific rim puprising

  • Ruth Estrada
    Ruth Estrada 6 oy oldin

    Im a fan of John Boyega

  • Jan St.
    Jan St. 6 oy oldin

    Is no one adressing how much ian looks like charlie day?

  • Lydia
    Lydia 7 oy oldin

    That’s our way of greeting people... OH! Ok!

  • Shiv Gharu
    Shiv Gharu 7 oy oldin +1

    This is better than the movie

  • Christian Indra darmawan

    Its better with anthony

  • Rubin van Velthoven
    Rubin van Velthoven 7 oy oldin

    I kinda liked the movie. The first one is a lot better tho

  • TheSophinaaa
    TheSophinaaa 7 oy oldin

    Oh I wanted to see their reaction when they realised it was a prank

  • Kun Lin
    Kun Lin 7 oy oldin

    Whats that girls name?

  • NateDogSturdikat
    NateDogSturdikat 7 oy oldin +1

    Maybe the best one yet

  • TheLukas Goodman
    TheLukas Goodman 7 oy oldin

    that was great

  • Pxl99
    Pxl99 7 oy oldin

    Man i think its sad that they replaced anthony with shane

  • Alexander050101
    Alexander050101 7 oy oldin +1

    I wanna see their reactions after they find out they're being messed with

  • Dyy Xyd
    Dyy Xyd 7 oy oldin

    that was shit thought it was a interview

  • Ангел василев

    Some genuinely made me chuckle others were too slapsticky and out of place and didn't really fall into the rithum of the conversation well enough to be funny.

  • SkyHighGuys
    SkyHighGuys 7 oy oldin

    So glad Anthony is gone. So cringeworthy

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      SkyHighGuys anthony literally did this like a hundred times

  • Kids N' Play
    Kids N' Play 7 oy oldin

    this was good!! HELLO SMOSH! heard of you guys because you're number 7 on the top 10 most subscribers list!!! so amazingly awesome!!! Have a great day and give us some pointers if you can.

  • Slayer Blue
    Slayer Blue 7 oy oldin +1

    Can't stop laughing

  • Debbie K
    Debbie K 7 oy oldin

    John is looking around like "is this even real?!" WTF 😂

  • Clara Frydenberg
    Clara Frydenberg 7 oy oldin

    I'm... crying

  • M Mugi
    M Mugi 7 oy oldin

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. it is not the same as when Anthony and Ian used to do it

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      M Mugi it's better with shayne

  • Bitch, i'm Madonna
    Bitch, i'm Madonna 7 oy oldin +1

    Cringe.bro, the actors weren't feeling it at. All.

  • Occboc
    Occboc 7 oy oldin

    The cringe

  • LynXX GAming
    LynXX GAming 7 oy oldin

    Why shayne 😟

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      LynXX GAming bc he's the funniest in smosh

    NO ONE CARES 7 oy oldin


  • Audry Mendoza
    Audry Mendoza 7 oy oldin

    John is so cool

  • Amber Roblox & more
    Amber Roblox & more 7 oy oldin

    I adore this film my favourite film ever!

  • the epicgeekster
    the epicgeekster 7 oy oldin +2

    this is cringy but I love it 😂

  • Amy-Louise Alexander

    Charlie Day and Ian Hecox looks alike

  • Jericho Blair
    Jericho Blair 7 oy oldin

    I actually saw the movie and thought it was good but this has made me love it so much more for some reason

  • steve mathews
    steve mathews 7 oy oldin

    does no one see that Ian and charlie day look the same

  • Spacealpaca
    Spacealpaca 7 oy oldin +1

    And that guy should have sang mans not hot

  • Spacealpaca
    Spacealpaca 7 oy oldin +1

    Try ready player one that movie was amazing

  • Britt Duran
    Britt Duran 7 oy oldin

    is it me or Ian looks different dunno thinner maybe dont know what it is.

  • 2 Legit 2 Quit
    2 Legit 2 Quit 7 oy oldin

    John Boyega also acts in Star Wars

  • WeakNinja
    WeakNinja 7 oy oldin

    my favvourite movie

  • Nadz 76
    Nadz 76 7 oy oldin

    finn from star wars

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 7 oy oldin

    the cringe

  • Mars Mulder
    Mars Mulder 7 oy oldin

    I would've walked out of that interview after 2 minutes of that shit.

  • Smaug
    Smaug 7 oy oldin


  • JaceC
    JaceC 7 oy oldin

    Ian and charlie look so alike

    CHAD TURNER 7 oy oldin

    i love how john was like dafuq?

    CHAD TURNER 7 oy oldin

    this was hilarious and Yasuraka ni nemuru Mako

  • Mitch Stacey
    Mitch Stacey 7 oy oldin

    How do any celebrities come on this an not know whats going on

  • Tazzy
    Tazzy 7 oy oldin

    Shiiiiiet Scott looks almost exactly the same as his dad

  • Cam R
    Cam R 7 oy oldin +1

    I swear I watched this video too many times. Help.

  • MatthewTriola
    MatthewTriola 7 oy oldin

    Ian and Charlie Day. That would be a good skit video

  • groovyheck
    groovyheck 7 oy oldin

    is it just me or do ian and charlie look kinda alike.

  • Romain Lefebvre
    Romain Lefebvre 7 oy oldin

    Importance everybody include sense warm intention PM technological dump

  • Felipacho
    Felipacho 7 oy oldin

    Without Anthony, it isn't the same.

    • d
      d 3 oy oldin

      Felipacho it's better

  • Duhasianboi
    Duhasianboi 7 oy oldin +1

    *Clicks on video and looks to the side and sees Loki interview with Anthony with Emo hair*


  • Mick
    Mick 7 oy oldin

    Aw man I miss Anthony.

  • SofusBastian
    SofusBastian 7 oy oldin

    WAIT is that Charlie from its always sunny in Philadelphia

  • Emerald Slayz
    Emerald Slayz 7 oy oldin

    Jk kidding dont try my other comment XD

  • J0sh109864
    J0sh109864 7 oy oldin


    CARIVIVI 7 oy oldin


  • Seoyoung Choi
    Seoyoung Choi 7 oy oldin