Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

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  • Joylandi 1-Dek, 2018
  • Get ready, mortals. Our girl's gone full witch. Join Sabrina as she navigates the Path of Night while holding on tight to her friends who walk the Path of Light. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina continue on April 5.
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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 | Teaser [HD] | Netflix
  • HordiqHordiq

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  • hall s
    hall s 21 soat oldin


  • Siobhan Paterson
    Siobhan Paterson 23 soat oldin

    damn this show is good

  • vrxsns
    vrxsns Kun oldin +1

    Ummm what’s going on between harvey and roz? It’s fucking weird, roz is sabrina’s best friend

  • Cool Clock Ahmed
    Cool Clock Ahmed Kun oldin

    Jews pushing satanic garbage. Imagine muh shock

  • Rebecca Bishop
    Rebecca Bishop Kun oldin

    Anyone else think the "do it" voice sounds like Nick? 🧐🤔

  • Ritsukaberry
    Ritsukaberry Kun oldin

    I knew she was gonna hook up with Nick.. =\

  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez Kun oldin +1

    Can’t wait to see when Sabrina well take down the Dark lord

  • Emily Branham
    Emily Branham Kun oldin

    The CW has left the chat

  • linaanil 2
    linaanil 2 Kun oldin +2

    NOOO SABRINA AND HARVEY i need them to stay together i dont want her and nick :(

  • Maria Babanioti
    Maria Babanioti Kun oldin

    If Netflix cancels this ima cancel Netflix !!

  • Talita Moreira
    Talita Moreira Kun oldin

    Name music please

  • The Chef
    The Chef Kun oldin

    Man..i really thank netflix for this..

  • Gabrielle Don
    Gabrielle Don 2 kun oldin +1

    00:21 👀oh no

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 2 kun oldin

    Oh my Satan! I can't wait for April.

  • Guadalupe Tadeo
    Guadalupe Tadeo 2 kun oldin

    Holy shit

  • Emanuelly Marques
    Emanuelly Marques 2 kun oldin

    What is SONG??

  • Emanuelly Marques
    Emanuelly Marques 2 kun oldin

    Qual é esse música?

  • Sun Bun
    Sun Bun 2 kun oldin

    Is .32 Harvey or nick ?

  • Holosexual
    Holosexual 2 kun oldin +3

    So I kinda think that the love stories are gonna be
    -First brina and Harvey get back together
    -then they break up
    -then sabrina&nick and Harvey&roz get together
    Just my theorie

  • cheyenne Perkins
    cheyenne Perkins 2 kun oldin


  • Rapha Silva
    Rapha Silva 2 kun oldin

    Qual o nome dessa musica?

  • Abbey Taylor
    Abbey Taylor 2 kun oldin

    I want Sabrina to be with nick way more then Harvey

  • Efreet Kotori Itsuka
    Efreet Kotori Itsuka 2 kun oldin +1

    was that Cerberus?

  • María
    María 2 kun oldin

    Nick+Sabrina 😍

  • Luana Fratias
    Luana Fratias 2 kun oldin

    sabrina e nick que casal meus amigos que casal❤

  • Sara Lin
    Sara Lin 3 kun oldin

    I hope there is no cheating... Harvey will always be my favoured

  • josmar tecson
    josmar tecson 3 kun oldin

    How many episodes to this midwinter tale

  • lhar andrew
    lhar andrew 3 kun oldin

    APRIL 5

  • imnotmakingvideosrry
    imnotmakingvideosrry 3 kun oldin +2

    if this trailer isn’t a 2019 mood i don’t know what is

  • ralmcg
    ralmcg 3 kun oldin

    There is some news, albeit from months ago, that could determine where CAOS will be, if there are more episodes past Part 2. Here's the article. If the streaming service comes to fruition, the show might be on it since it is a Warner Bros. production.

  • Yasin Baahar
    Yasin Baahar 3 kun oldin +1

    Anyone knows what is the name of music? 😐

    • alejandraaa
      alejandraaa Kun oldin

      “Cherry Bomb” first recorded by The Runaways but this seems to be a version by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

    • Esteban Ramirez
      Esteban Ramirez 3 kun oldin +2

      Cherry bomb by the runaways

  • Clarity Flores
    Clarity Flores 3 kun oldin

    The scene with Harvey and Sabrina GOT ME FUCKED UPPPPPP!!! I NEEEDDD

  • peyton rot
    peyton rot 3 kun oldin

    Omg I'm so excited of this season

  • ralmcg
    ralmcg 3 kun oldin +2

    We know that Sabrina practically sold her soul to Satan for powers, even if they were for a good purpose. My theory is that Satan knows that she isn't fully evil so he will threaten more bad things to make her do his evil bidding Will Sabrina get more corrupted as time goes on? Stay tuned.

  • Reinhard Regulus
    Reinhard Regulus 3 kun oldin

    Solo entre para decir que me tienen hasta la verga los comerciales en UZclip de Sabrina, pensaba verlo pero en vista de que joden como mierda con su publicidad solo diré...vallanse a tomar por culo pendejos!!

  • Imani Howard
    Imani Howard 4 kun oldin

    you know what. i was literally thinking about listening to cherry bomb before the video started

  • Felicitas Lopez
    Felicitas Lopez 4 kun oldin

    no que es ponía en Netflix el 15 de diciembre??????

  • Carla Müller
    Carla Müller 4 kun oldin

    Nick and Sabrina 😍

  • Pedro Lucas
    Pedro Lucas 4 kun oldin


  • exylir
    exylir 4 kun oldin +1


  • Cherry Pop
    Cherry Pop 4 kun oldin +1


  • tushar das
    tushar das 5 kun oldin

    Hi from India. Waiting 🙆💁🙋🙇🙏🙌🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😎😋😍😘😇

  • M A
    M A 5 kun oldin

    Hope they fix Sabrina’s wig, looks pretty obvious on the holiday special...

  • Lilacprophecy
    Lilacprophecy 5 kun oldin


  • Aime Vargas
    Aime Vargas 5 kun oldin

    I literally repeat this trailer since it came out, I love the series is one of my favorites, and I really scream with excitement when I saw Harvey and Sabrina kissing, I have to admit that Sabrina makes a nice couple with Nick, but I go more on the side of Harvey, but I would not mind having a period of time with Nick because they are cute together and at this stage Sabrina will be a little different than before, but always at the end I will want him to choose Harvey because I love that couple

  • Debora Marcopito
    Debora Marcopito 5 kun oldin

    Amoo essa série!!

  • kyla dizon
    kyla dizon 6 kun oldin

    ff to april pls!!! aaaaahh welppp i ship nicholas & sabrina so muuuuch ;((

  • Sophie Fleming
    Sophie Fleming 6 kun oldin


  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez 6 kun oldin

    I gotta benge watch season one first

  • Niya  Reddy
    Niya Reddy 6 kun oldin +1

    I cant be the only one thinking she kind of looks like a blonde Hermione 😂

  • artsyanimates
    artsyanimates 6 kun oldin

    They're coming out with a season two?

  • Michelle Conradie
    Michelle Conradie 6 kun oldin

    Oohhh myy wooorrdd so excited now.

  • Faithful Ukufa
    Faithful Ukufa 6 kun oldin

    4 months ;( well at least it’s not 2 years.

  • σ єтєяησ ηєóƒιтσ

    🌒🌕🌘 💜 🌒🌕🌘

  • Sol Camacho
    Sol Camacho 6 kun oldin

    I can't with Harvey and Roz...

  • Jay M
    Jay M 6 kun oldin

    Flowers in the attic

  • Saima Alam
    Saima Alam 7 kun oldin

    Can you please tell me the name of the background song?

  • Francis J
    Francis J 7 kun oldin


  • gyloir
    gyloir 7 kun oldin

    Seriously going to be pissed if Salem is left mute again, why on earth would you literally make him not talk on the show? That was a huge part of the comic as well as the 90's show. It feels like Deadpool in the Wolverine movie all over again when you've got a great character that has some amazing lines and banter and then you make them the complete opposite of why people loved them.
    Hopefully that's something that's rectified with this new season.

  • Nuria Elias
    Nuria Elias 7 kun oldin

    ¿como se llama la canción que aparece de fondo en el video?

  • Nuria Elias
    Nuria Elias 7 kun oldin

    What is the name of the song that appears in the background in the video?

    • Nuria Elias
      Nuria Elias 7 kun oldin

      +KIM Thank you

    • KIM
      KIM 7 kun oldin

      Nuria Elias The runaways cherry bomb

  • Sweet & Hot
    Sweet & Hot 7 kun oldin

    No,just no.

  • Del Zav
    Del Zav 7 kun oldin

    Does anyone agree that Zee and Cheryl look related?

  • Kira Radz
    Kira Radz 7 kun oldin

    I'm slightly annoyed that at 0:03 the reflection and her don't match up

    • Samakka
      Samakka 7 kun oldin

      lmafo are they using a green screen mirror or something wtf

  • Mateusz 555
    Mateusz 555 7 kun oldin

    but the real question is when Lucifer will drop

  • Ena
    Ena 8 kun oldin


  • Ena
    Ena 8 kun oldin +10

    This better be nick and Sabrina’s season

  • dahlia raizel
    dahlia raizel 8 kun oldin +1

    Can anyone tell if this is worth watching?

    • Matthew Walrod
      Matthew Walrod 7 kun oldin

      It Really dark

    • Jorge Himenez
      Jorge Himenez 7 kun oldin

      dahlia raizel it totally is! It starts off slow but it's all around a great show 💞, you should def give it a chance.

  • MHALEYD 98u12
    MHALEYD 98u12 8 kun oldin


  • Анастасия Матях

    0:28 wow, they're going to summon Astaroth

  • itzpaige_ y
    itzpaige_ y 8 kun oldin

    When is it coming out!!!

  • AthenaGoddess
    AthenaGoddess 8 kun oldin

    That looks even better than the first season. Praise be to Satan.

  • Does it suck?
    Does it suck? 8 kun oldin +8

    False God shes beautiful

    Praise satan

  • Inés Barrachina
    Inés Barrachina 8 kun oldin

    omg the runaways music and Sabrina😍

  • Lunar Skies2
    Lunar Skies2 8 kun oldin +1

    Is this the last season? Please say it's not it's such a good show!!!

  • Suay Devrim Nemli
    Suay Devrim Nemli 8 kun oldin


  • Elexa127
    Elexa127 8 kun oldin

    I hope they don't ruin it like how they ruined Riverdale

  • 7pro Gaming
    7pro Gaming 8 kun oldin

    Hail satan

  • i don't know how 2 read

    *i am the only here want to join a satanic cult after watching sabrina*

  • NaijaGerd
    NaijaGerd 9 kun oldin

    I gotta say, the show kinda felt silly at the beginning. But, it eventually grew on me around Ep4 upwards.

  • Quennie Medrano
    Quennie Medrano 9 kun oldin +20

    Omg I love Sabrina and Nick together😍😍😍

  • It's all good
    It's all good 9 kun oldin

    I find Sabrina extremely charming. But now she’s sexy and charming. Nice

  • Yunis World
    Yunis World 9 kun oldin

    Yaaaaassss I’ve been waiting for so long

  • gabriela fonseca
    gabriela fonseca 9 kun oldin

    What is the name of this song?

  • Morgan!
    Morgan! 9 kun oldin

    Thank the devil for this show

  • L3murL0rd
    L3murL0rd 9 kun oldin

    Perfect Song Choice!

  • psypants
    psypants 9 kun oldin

    Woah, was not expecting a new season so soon! That's great though because the first season was excellent. Only one improvement required: more Salem, you dicks!

  • Elina Gonzalez
    Elina Gonzalez 9 kun oldin

    Really it has to be April 15,2019

  • Officialkayystacks Tv
    Officialkayystacks Tv 9 kun oldin

    Can't wait💪

  • Gamze GG
    Gamze GG 9 kun oldin +3


  • Braelyn
    Braelyn 9 kun oldin

    Only 45 seconds long but dang, what do we do with this information?!

  • Basti
    Basti 9 kun oldin +72

    I want more Salem (the Cat) in the Season (Meow)! xD

  • Alexandra Grunwald
    Alexandra Grunwald 10 kun oldin

    0:32 I guess we gotta see Nick and Sabrina❤️😍

  • Roongtiwa Sri
    Roongtiwa Sri 10 kun oldin

    Waiting for sabrina

  • Sunnyboi 18
    Sunnyboi 18 10 kun oldin

    Edgy sabrina be edgy

  • Kvng Strong
    Kvng Strong 10 kun oldin

    Love Sabrina omg! Netflix you go!

  • Mary Grace Angela A. Enriquez Timajo

    What’s the title of this song?

  • Alexander Prime
    Alexander Prime 10 kun oldin +4

    Smh this girl has the power to defy physics and she still acts like a lil thottie

    • eclipse
      eclipse 4 kun oldin

      Alexander Prime 💀💀💀

  • Shannon Foster
    Shannon Foster 10 kun oldin

    Yaaaaas. Can’t wait

  • CGM Show
    CGM Show 10 kun oldin

    Dam feel like it just came out a month ago already pushing season 2