The 1975 - 102 (Acoustic)

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  • Joylandi 29-Noy, 2018
  • A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships - Out Now
    Directed by Giorgio Testi
  • MusiqaMusiqa

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  • Jack Carlile
    Jack Carlile 3 kun oldin +1

    I love this song so much! Matt is so inspirational to me 😊 I’ve done a cover of this song on my channel, please let me know what you think! I’d really appreciate it if you could like this comment as well so that others can see! Thank you so much 😁 x

  • Rhea Sharma
    Rhea Sharma 4 kun oldin +1

    this is my funeral song just saying

  • jalapeno daddy
    jalapeno daddy 6 kun oldin +1

    I wonder what it's like to sing these songs when you've moved on and found the love of your life

  • V K
    V K 8 kun oldin

    I love this ♥️

  • 조한희
    조한희 10 kun oldin

    love it

  • Richard Montenegro
    Richard Montenegro 11 kun oldin

    Efecto Robbers :(

  • Jack Carlile
    Jack Carlile 11 kun oldin

    Hiya fellow Matt addicts! First of all, this is my favourite song right now. This studio version is just about perfection. Please check out my music and let me know what you think! If you enjoy The 1975 you should hopefully like mine. Give this comment a like as well please so others can see! Xx

  • Jay Ingram
    Jay Ingram 12 kun oldin

    620 people with no fucking idea

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 12 kun oldin

    THEY FINALLY MADE ANOTHER VERSION! Is it weird I still like the other one though?

  • Anne with an E
    Anne with an E 13 kun oldin

    This is my lullaby for 5 years now. Couldn't sleep without it. And now it's out, not so secret lullaby anymore.

  • SunkSD
    SunkSD 13 kun oldin

    we're all such amazing collections of missed romantic moments or fairytales gone wrong, due to our youth or ignorance. I've always loved reading the comments of the original version and these ones do not disappoint either. As someone who's loved and lost I can appreciate y'all sharing your stories, so thanks.

  • Yaman Ersun
    Yaman Ersun 14 kun oldin

    still not on spotify??

  • Saleem Bassadien
    Saleem Bassadien 15 kun oldin

    I swear this is the toughest level of friendzoning ever....

  • Saleem Bassadien
    Saleem Bassadien 15 kun oldin

    Oh, Matty, who broke your heart, man?

  • John Cluphf
    John Cluphf 16 kun oldin

    At 1:52 there's a big bang like someone dropped a mic on the floor. Scared the shyt out of me lol. Had my headphones on blast.

  • KrissyLovesPeace x
    KrissyLovesPeace x 17 kun oldin +1

    You don't need my presence, you have my heart

  • EMILY ☆
    EMILY ☆ 19 kun oldin

    today I turned 17, i still remember the day I first downloaded this song on my shitty god knows what phone when i was 12, it was this song that made me a part of this family.
    As I've grown up, I've had many experiences where I have liked someone and they haven't liked me back in that way but stayed close friends and vice versa. It's a pretty shit feeling, that i think we will all experinece. But when it does happen, i reach for this song and sit on the river bank near my house, late at night, enjoying the company of the stars.
    This song is very close to my heart, yeah thank you for reading my shitty life experineces. Feek free to leave yours in the comments to keep me company

  • Kiddo
    Kiddo 19 kun oldin

    Please don’t be cross with us for finding this. We’ll keep it a secret i promise

  • 5 : 41
    5 : 41 19 kun oldin

    Lyric Video of 102 - The 1975

  • Karalynn Cromack
    Karalynn Cromack 19 kun oldin

    Ugh. This is confronting me

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  • shivs_ow
    shivs_ow 21 kun oldin

    come on exist in spotify please

  • Goat Out
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  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 23 kun oldin

    Nah nah the capo just can’t jump from the sixth to the third fret...

  • sakarithegamer
    sakarithegamer 24 kun oldin

    i remember when I found this song like 4 years ago, still on repeat.

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  • Steve Capogna
    Steve Capogna 24 kun oldin

    I smoke my cigarette in the rain to this song

  • Jay Ingram
    Jay Ingram 25 kun oldin

    Hey guys I am a humble writer from scotland . looking for people to check out my simple and honest song ideas, peace and love to the 1975 the greatest band around atm . peace

  • Nachiketa Roy Soni
    Nachiketa Roy Soni 25 kun oldin

    *Underrated Song of the Year*

  • Mellete Cruz
    Mellete Cruz 26 kun oldin

    this is so good but I love the raw version

  • Abbie Ruth
    Abbie Ruth 27 kun oldin

    Yup here again and still crying lol

  • ProSquatch
    ProSquatch 27 kun oldin

    Spotify olease

  • Abbie Ruth
    Abbie Ruth 28 kun oldin

    I come back and watch this every day. Never gets old. So so beautiful.

  • tessaescdnh
    tessaescdnh 28 kun oldin

    finally there is an official cover but please stop over there. this is our secret song :(

  • Seasaidh Ní Ainifín
    Seasaidh Ní Ainifín 29 kun oldin

    You did it! Thank you x

  • Bob Ruperts
    Bob Ruperts Oy oldin

    hard to swallow pill: quite a lot of people did actually already know this song but didn't pay much attention to the original recording's audio quality didnt make it sound as good. a lot of people like it now cuz the good audio really adds to the atmosphere of the song and gives it the justice it deserves. it was never really a secret. it was a diamond in the rough. pls stop complaining about its surge in popularity. had it been released like this years ago, it'd be just as popular.

  • Michael Elijah
    Michael Elijah Oy oldin

    this song was made for late night's like this

  • rita nia
    rita nia Oy oldin

    Paling habib nya lagi kerja kan? Ini paling tim nya aja,, 😊

  • Parth Naruto
    Parth Naruto Oy oldin +1

    Put this on spotify pls

  • piper sawatsky
    piper sawatsky Oy oldin

    can we please have this on an album, or at least spotify, please

  • Jess Read
    Jess Read Oy oldin +1

    Well we're here
    We're at the common again
    Smoked six of the ten fags that
    I only bought an hour ago
    Said well I
    I like the look of your shoes
    I like the way that your face looks when
    I'm arguing with you
    And so when, when we all grow old
    I hope this song will remind you that
    I'm not half as bad as what
    You've been told
    When I knock
    At a hundred and two
    And I see your pyjamas
    I can't stop smiling at you
    And that's why we're here
    We're at the common again
    I've been pouring my heart out
    Towards your optimistic grin
    Said well I, I
    I like the cut of your jib
    I like the way that your face looks
    When you're yapping on about him
    I button this shirt
    I found your smell
    And I just sat there for ages
    Contemplating what to do with myself
    I called you up
    At a hundred and two
    We just sat there for ages
    Talking about that boy
    What was getting onto you

  • keenz
    keenz Oy oldin

    wow FUCK i remember listening to this years ago what dkdhmdhdjdhd I’m sad

  • fernanda v
    fernanda v Oy oldin

    this is the type of song you listen to at 3 in the morning crying over a love you never had but lost

  • sick kid
    sick kid Oy oldin +2

    _She used to say that "we'll live forever, and love forever"... Then she Killed our love... And she Killed me too..._

    • yikes
      yikes 13 kun oldin +3

      sick kid what is this

  • Jamie Hingerz
    Jamie Hingerz Oy oldin

    Anyone got the guitar chords for this?

  • Valeria Santiago
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  • Thepeacemaker6342

    I waited years for this

  • mjuhyw3wft5sbt5wbw n5 wji7ki7w6

    This song is so sad😞

  • Sarah Powers
    Sarah Powers Oy oldin

    🎶But. On. This. Shirt.......................... Ifoundyoursmell....🎵

  • Zeynep Beyaz
    Zeynep Beyaz Oy oldin

    muslum baba sewimden ayrildim bu sarkiyi dinlemek icin

  • Chris Wells
    Chris Wells Oy oldin

    Still prefer the park bench version.

  • Tatiana Pasquali
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  • Chelseah Healy
    Chelseah Healy Oy oldin

    I am: emotional

  • Erika Gutierrez
    Erika Gutierrez Oy oldin

    Why isn't this on the album 😭😭

  • Melanie Ostani
    Melanie Ostani Oy oldin

    Kala mo nakakatuwa ka matty

  • Faces RS
    Faces RS Oy oldin

    I guess were at a common again 😭

  • Phúc Nguyễn
    Phúc Nguyễn Oy oldin

    should try to play at 1.25 speed :v

  • Blog Lindona
    Blog Lindona Oy oldin +1

    OMFG ! ♥ :')

  • daniela ju
    daniela ju Oy oldin

    Esperé años para que la vuelva a cantar

  • Lina M. C.
    Lina M. C. Oy oldin

    I still get fucking butterflies while i listen to this

  • A.J. Barron
    A.J. Barron Oy oldin

    I like that its live but all the room noise is kind of annoying

  • Jennevieve Mae Doromal

    Why am I crying ??


    con esta canción me voy a la chucha! :'( malditos los amoo!

  • Abby Jayne
    Abby Jayne Oy oldin

    thank you

  • Romy Suter
    Romy Suter Oy oldin +7

    i liked this boy. he was one of my very close friends and it turned out that he liked me back. we started dating and i think i fell in love with him. we spent a lot of time together, a lot of late nights spent listening to music and talking and laughing. he brought out the best in me.
    after a while, i began to feel like i needed some space and decided to end things with him. almost instantly, i regretted what i'd done. i really missed him and felt like i needed him back. he, on the other hand, moved on.
    now, four months later, he's dating another girl and i'm still heartbroken. we're still very close friends and i often talk to him about why i'm sad. that's why the line "i've been pouring my heart out towards your optimistic grin" hits so hard.
    i'm really hoping that maybe, some day in the future, the time will be right for us to get back together again. but for now, alex, you'll never read this, but i'm just letting you know that i still love you and i think i will for quite some time.

  • Martius Dawn
    Martius Dawn Oy oldin

    Nothing is more painful than watching someone who you loved loving someone else.

  • j burq
    j burq Oy oldin

    Can you guys please do a cover of "Save it for Later" by the English beat. It would be amazing

  • gokhan akgun
    gokhan akgun Oy oldin

    Different language Same pain

  • Prabowo Sutantyo
    Prabowo Sutantyo Oy oldin

    Seriously, drop an acoustic album already!

  • Kalleb Juan
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  • Sovan Pong
    Sovan Pong Oy oldin +2

    Full lyric for 102:
    [Verse 1]
    Well, we're here
    We're at the common again
    Smoked six of the ten fags that I only bought an hour ago
    Said, 'Well I, I like the look of your shoes
    I like the way that your face looks when I'm arguing with you'
    And so when, when we all grow old
    I hope this song will remind you I'm not half as bad as what you've been told

    And when I knock at a hundred and two
    And I see your pajamas
    I can't stop smiling at you

    [Verse 2]
    That's why we're here, we're at the common again
    I've been pouring my heart out towards your optimistic grin
    I said, 'Well I, I like the cut of your jib
    I like the way that your face looks when you're yapping on about him'
    But on this shirt I found your smell
    I just sat there for ages contemplating what to do with myself

    I called you up at a hundred and two
    We just sat there for ages
    Talking about that boy what was getting on to you

  • x squared
    x squared Oy oldin

    Back again

  • Isaa Villalons
    Isaa Villalons Oy oldin

    someone to talk? lol

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  • Neverstopalice
    Neverstopalice Oy oldin

    missed this so bad

  • Angel Leah Lacaba

    I keep on finding myself to this video, listening and listening. I would never stop

  • Sanvari Malik
    Sanvari Malik Oy oldin +1

    can i cry? plis. :')

  • Claire Alfafara
    Claire Alfafara Oy oldin +1

    honestly gives me life is strange vibes. this would be an amazing song to include in the LiS soundtrack

  • Meg
    Meg Oy oldin

    This is beautiful 😭

  • Samuel Colunga
    Samuel Colunga Oy oldin

    They're much better acoustic

  • Laughing Emoji
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    petition to put this on apple music

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  • Ester costa
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  • Yanuar Gilang Ramadhan

    Why this song isn't available in spotify?

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  • Rajaa Khalid
    Rajaa Khalid Oy oldin

    Please be about Halsey.

  • Cloghopper0326
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    I have been waiting so fucking long for this to actually be a confirmed track on their album😍😍😍I cant wait for notes❤❤

  • Shamrock Lady
    Shamrock Lady Oy oldin

    Can this be downloaded from any streaming service? Like apple music? I can’t find it.

  • valentine
    valentine Oy oldin

    I am in love with his voice, seriously

  • 란스 김
    란스 김 Oy oldin

    Please do Nana

  • Daniel Paraízo
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    Nice song, guy 🇧🇷🤘❤

  • Daniel Paraízo
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    Caralho canta demais mano esse cara, curto muito esse tipo de música americana, n consigo entender tudo mas é o tipo de Música q mais gosto... Aqui n Brasil não é tão bem conhecido

  • Cami Zayas
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    i love him so much

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    this video is ASMR

  • Katalina Hatfield


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    Tu voz me hace sentir triste y feliz 👼👼

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    This was my secret!!!!!