Cute Ethma Moments

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  • Keya Menon
    Keya Menon 14 soat oldin

    Ya she’s like you that’s why u guys are great for each orher

  • Patricia Raya
    Patricia Raya Kun oldin

    Thats not emma in the bed it's James

  • Karla DeJesus
    Karla DeJesus 6 kun oldin

    2:34 that’s what she said! 🤔😂😂

  • Kloves Dolantwins
    Kloves Dolantwins 10 kun oldin

    Ethan look at Emma twice on to glasses thing

  • maya bryndza
    maya bryndza 11 kun oldin

    this vid made me not belive

  • GhadeerARMY ALWAYS
    GhadeerARMY ALWAYS 23 kun oldin +1

    I’m so excited for the announcement
    Where *Emma Chamberlain* being 18 years old and then there gunna *DATE*

  • Esmeralda Gonzalez
    Esmeralda Gonzalez 27 kun oldin +1

    1:51 who saw Ian

  • Kenneth Jones
    Kenneth Jones Oy oldin +1

    3:14 That jawline tho

  • Agatha Beatrice
    Agatha Beatrice Oy oldin

    "why does it smell like barbecue sauce"
    "It smells like barbecue sauce???"

  • Kaelin Alyssa
    Kaelin Alyssa Oy oldin

    The ship has sailed

  • Kaelin Alyssa
    Kaelin Alyssa Oy oldin


  • Rosa Meli
    Rosa Meli Oy oldin

    Why is it that Emma And Ethma are always siting together?..

  • Katherine Dickinson

    1:49 brother ian behind ethan??

  • Ruby
    Ruby Oy oldin +1

    5:47 *holy crap gray is so freakin cute*

  • TEA Time
    TEA Time Oy oldin

    they probably are together but ethan is 18 and emma is still 17 so no techinaly allowed yet ;)

  • Mary Katherine Divine

    At 1:23 Grayson says “I get you, meaning him and James, and Emma get- then stops and saids nvm 🤔

  • Sunshine Scrunchies

    Emma wears the same clothes bc she is always staying at Ethans place and has no clothes there😏

  • Sunshine Scrunchies

    Ohhhhh Emma is a SNACCCCK! Imagine Ethan saying that...........*on camera*

  • Katie X
    Katie X Oy oldin

    They get so close in videos and your like it’s the right time to make out 😂

  • Livi Holland
    Livi Holland Oy oldin +1

    The editing 👏👏

  • Vicky B
    Vicky B Oy oldin

    i stan

  • Kiara Jade
    Kiara Jade Oy oldin +1

    *Anyone?? Who’s channel and what is it called at **5:53**?*

    • Kiara Jade
      Kiara Jade Oy oldin

      Thank you!

    • Emma Horne
      Emma Horne Oy oldin

      Kiara Jade turning me into an la girl it’s on Emma’s channel

  • haylito
    haylito Oy oldin +1

    Omg not to be rude... but there soooo bad at hiding 😂😂

  • Shakira Dimas
    Shakira Dimas Oy oldin +1

    They are so cute

  • Olivia’s Vids
    Olivia’s Vids Oy oldin

    Flash back mary makes a comback from 5:52 onwards lol

  • Nicole Stein
    Nicole Stein Oy oldin +1

    Am I the only one who noticed that in the road trip part it looked like Ethan and Emma are holding hands but she cut it off??? TEA

  • rena her
    rena her Oy oldin

    I'm always gonna laugh at 2:40 and 2:44

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty Oy oldin

    That was Grayson

  • Lexi Moshi
    Lexi Moshi Oy oldin

    2:30 what was that video?

  • Unicorn_loving_ savege

    When it said that she said she liked Ethan more than Grayson 🤫

  • iiiKxistina
    iiiKxistina Oy oldin


  • agfhhdhucvjuv Jekkeondjj

    at 1:51 the person in the back looks like brother Ian

  • Deleted By12
    Deleted By12 Oy oldin +1

    Can I mention at 0:48 how eathan is tryna lean into Emma however she rests her entire body into Grayson so Gema forever 😂🥰

  • Heiress Addyson
    Heiress Addyson Oy oldin

    James Charles over here looking like flash back Mary again

  • toe sippin
    toe sippin Oy oldin

    why were they actually trying when they were singing

  • Marie Bermea
    Marie Bermea Oy oldin

    1:50 was that Ian in the back ground

  • keke vlogs
    keke vlogs Oy oldin

    I thought they were siblings

    • Nikki Counts
      Nikki Counts Oy oldin

      Ethan and Grayson is but Emma nd James are there friends don't you just love all of them together when there're together the videos are so lit

  • Mariah Lily
    Mariah Lily Oy oldin

    They are the worst at hiding it😂

  • Emma Sterckel
    Emma Sterckel Oy oldin +1

    1:51 you can see Ian behind Ethan #exposed 😂

    • favorr
      favorr 27 kun oldin

      ok but theres no ship wtf. its either ean or ithan and they both sound like their names I'm MAD

  • Tea Sippers
    Tea Sippers Oy oldin

    3:49 im dying skkksks

  • Kyle Muncal
    Kyle Muncal Oy oldin

    Do people really believe this crap

    • Kyle Muncal
      Kyle Muncal Oy oldin

      Clumsy Mendes - Imagines its fake they’re paid and I don’t see what’s entertaining about this sorry for being rude I just don’t really understand how people find this entertaining

    • Clumsy Mendes - Imagines
      Clumsy Mendes - Imagines  Oy oldin

      Kyle Muncal if I didn’t then why would I make this video and it’s not crap🙃

  • Asmr With Peyton!!

    2: 38 Emma has a tampon string 😂😂

    • Emma Horne
      Emma Horne Oy oldin

      Asmr With Peyton!! It was the string from her shorts

  • M C
    M C Oy oldin

    Is it just me or do you guy's see Grayson in the background when Ethan and Emma are talking and his face just looks annoyed or over it, and he acts rude towards her sometimes. Like see how his smile slowly fades from 2:22 - 2:37

  • Shazazz_Lolz z
    Shazazz_Lolz z Oy oldin

    I think they are purposely dropping hints, but technically Emma is underage and they don’t want to get discriminated by haters. SO they’re dropping hints for real fans to pick up on. It’s just a theory

  • Riley Hernandez
    Riley Hernandez Oy oldin

    and emmeh
    emmeh nEeDs
    emma needs
    becuz shee

  • Mia White
    Mia White Oy oldin

    the last one ......... SO TRUEEE

  • KrYToS Games
    KrYToS Games Oy oldin


  • Carolina Gonzalez

    It’s hecka funny when James says “Don’t be fucken rude!!” Can you make a compilation of him saying that!!🤣😭💀

  • Oline Holm
    Oline Holm Oy oldin

    When he sang “baby” in the song she zoomed in on Ethan

  • The Gab Life
    The Gab Life Oy oldin

    Who noticed in every video Emma and Ethan always sit next to each other.

  • Ally Martinez
    Ally Martinez Oy oldin

    Y’all should follow me on sc @allymartinez76 ........ I just need like..... clout..... ya know ........... ILL ADD YALL BACK🤞

  • Laci Wenzel
    Laci Wenzel Oy oldin

    The finger at 5:04 😂

  • Yo it’s Jenna
    Yo it’s Jenna Oy oldin

    James & Gray are fourth wheeling lol

  • Moonlight Studio
    Moonlight Studio Oy oldin

    1:50 who saw Ian in the back

  • S̤̮i̤̮s̤̮t̤̮e̤̮r̤̮ S̤̮q̤̮ṳ̮a̤̮d̤̮

    1:49 u see ian coming down the stair

  • Fatima Editzz
    Fatima Editzz Oy oldin

    This has nothing to do with ethma. But pause the video at 2:58 James trying so hard so they could hear his voice

  • Sister Lauren
    Sister Lauren Oy oldin

    Betchya you won't like and pin this comment

  • fairlylocalmemer
    fairlylocalmemer Oy oldin +4

    I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of Ethma and I really don’t want to get out of it

  • Lynne Vlogs
    Lynne Vlogs Oy oldin

    Would Emma and Ethan dating be illegal bc he is over 18?

  • Samantha Diaz
    Samantha Diaz Oy oldin

    mendes army forever💛

  • J.a.J Studio's
    J.a.J Studio's Oy oldin

    is it just me or in almost every sister squad video ethan and emma are always sitting together

  • lina behe
    lina behe Oy oldin

    Am I the only one or do I have the feeling that emma likes ethan and ethan likes emma but that grayson likes emma and james likes grayson????❤️

  • 2O17
    2O17 Oy oldin


  • Lola Saucier
    Lola Saucier Oy oldin

    1:46 he said are you serious not she’s cute 🤦‍♀️

  • Ghofran Alahmadi
    Ghofran Alahmadi Oy oldin

    Emma’s so freakin cuuuuttteee❤️❤️❤️

  • Tin Dang
    Tin Dang Oy oldin

    can we zum in ethans neck his swallow while look at emma which is his thirsty 5:54

  • jaybugg18
    jaybugg18 Oy oldin

    y’all need to stop making Ethma videos, you can obviously see it’s effecting Ethan and Emma in every recent video. It’s making them feel awkward so y’all need to stop. It’s ruining there relationship between each other.

  • Nour Rihani
    Nour Rihani Oy oldin

    Did anyone notice sister ian at 1:50

  • Emilygreen
    Emilygreen Oy oldin +1

    Grayson+James=Jameson ( idk I just came up with it😂)

  • P_ aigem
    P_ aigem Oy oldin

    Is it just me or did the guy in the background @1:50 look like Ian( James’ brother)!

  • Monse Lopez
    Monse Lopez Oy oldin

    I love how when they were singing the Bruno Mars song when they said baby she pointed the camera at Ethan😍😍❤️

  • Sienna Sundberg
    Sienna Sundberg Oy oldin

    There probably hiding it because Ethan’s 19 and Emma’s 17

  • Vanessa Valles
    Vanessa Valles Oy oldin +3

    Did you noticed that when the song says baby she zooms in el ethan

  • Clovers Face Channel

    Ethan and emma have the same phone case

  • Billies Bxbie
    Billies Bxbie Oy oldin

    All the 103 dislikes are gremma stans

  • Tatum Louthan
    Tatum Louthan Oy oldin

    At 1:49 you can see sister Ian in the back

  • Maya Mikaylaa
    Maya Mikaylaa Oy oldin

    Ok is it just me or did u see sister ian in back of eathan

  • Nicole Fenyus
    Nicole Fenyus Oy oldin

    I literally love this channel its Shawn Mendes(I love him) AND the sister squad!!!

  • Kelsey Dunkel
    Kelsey Dunkel Oy oldin

    *ethan flexes his jawline when he’s next to her*

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez Oy oldin +6

    3:46 I assume that space between James and Ethan are Emma and Gray has the chair awwww poor babby

  • Keily Portalatin
    Keily Portalatin Oy oldin

    Didn’t even realize this was a Shawn account loving this EVEN MORE!!!!

  • Casey Gilbert
    Casey Gilbert Oy oldin

    Wait are they together

  • Lara C
    Lara C Oy oldin

    Whats the music at 6:08

  • Folasade Olafimihan

    This shows how broke I am. (NOTE: Please don't take anything I said offensively)

  • Not Available
    Not Available Oy oldin

    ”Emmeh needs money becuz she...” she what Ethan, she what?👀

  • Tayla Brown
    Tayla Brown Oy oldin

    Lol guys I can do Ethan’s turtle face🐢

  • Liyana Nur
    Liyana Nur Oy oldin

    Can wait for ethma time on their vlogs😀😍💓❣️

  • Lmao Aubrey
    Lmao Aubrey Oy oldin

    Okay Idk why alot of pwople are in love with grayson but I like ethan better.Cant jsu be me!

  • papi
    papi Oy oldin +2

    2:00 it wasn’t her phone case it was her phone so it would be easier for her to edit the video. Oof

  • MelodyThePotatoe
    MelodyThePotatoe Oy oldin

    “Bae gave me permission.” they are “trying” to hide it. DoesnT.

  • Xx Sraw Xx :
    Xx Sraw Xx : Oy oldin

    Omg I ship it

  • HeyMiaa
    HeyMiaa Oy oldin

    At 2:16 he looked like Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Jazmin Jimenez
    Jazmin Jimenez Oy oldin

    At 2:47 when it said baby it whnt to ethen Emma haves a baby

  • Sabrina Padilla
    Sabrina Padilla Oy oldin +9

    PLOT TWIST: Emma is actually dating Sister IAN 😂😂 jk jk

  • random shett
    random shett Oy oldin


  • Grace Garbison
    Grace Garbison Oy oldin

    Also can we just take a second to appreciate Graysons eyebrow thing going on if you pause it at 1:46💕

  • Pancho Daniela
    Pancho Daniela Oy oldin

    She is so lucky

  • Grace Garbison
    Grace Garbison Oy oldin

    Bro I never noticed but at 1:49 if you change the playback speed to 0.25 you can see sister Ian in the background😂😍❤️

  • Arianna G
    Arianna G Oy oldin

    4:40 Aww that was so cuteeee. Ethan looked at Emma and smiled (the smile he did was so cute😍)

  • Insanity K
    Insanity K Oy oldin


    • Arianna G
      Arianna G Oy oldin

      He said "u serious?" The person who made the video just put that there because that's what he's probably thinking