George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush (Full Eulogy)

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  • Joylandi 5-Dek, 2018
  • Former President George W. Bush tears up while eulogizing his father, George H.W. Bush, at a state funeral in Washington.
    The 43rd president said his father, the 41st president, taught him how to lead.
    "He showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country," Bush said. "When the history books are written, they will say that George H.W. Bush was a great president of the United States."
    Bush's eulogy ended on an emotional note. Concluding his remarks, he added through tears: "Your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. The best father a son or daughter could have."
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  • malke ahmed
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  • El Trollo
    El Trollo Kun oldin

    Why isn't he stuttering and fucking up?

  • Lokester
    Lokester Kun oldin

    But he didnt cry when he caused 9/11 ._.

    • Lokester
      Lokester Kun oldin

      The world may never know

    • xiaobai5
      xiaobai5 Kun oldin

      He didnt cause 911,but he cried actually

  • Lilspice
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  • Kendal. Wigan
    Kendal. Wigan Kun oldin

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  • David Arroyo
    David Arroyo Kun oldin

    Fcukn neighbors...with theirs thoughts and voices that still feel as though they need to be heard.

  • Steven sloan
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    Make that 1001 reasons why I love and respect George W

  • Francis Allen
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    Your father was a fucking murdering piece of shit

  • 27111977 Sabri
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  • Polly Sage
    Polly Sage Kun oldin

    Does anyone remember the whole cop-a-feel moment when senior groped a woman... or the fact that both father and son are international war criminals...

  • Rusty Blades
    Rusty Blades Kun oldin

    Big old lefty here. Trump makes me think Bush was a great POTUS.

  • Rodolfo Preciado
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  • Gabe King
    Gabe King 2 kun oldin

    George Herbert Walker Bush dies..... former US President... and the fucking media can't shut their mouth for one day ?
    Talking about God damn Trump ? How absolutely disrespectful.

  • Kloth Talk Champs
    Kloth Talk Champs 2 kun oldin

    Who else got that letter

  • Kloth Talk Champs
    Kloth Talk Champs 2 kun oldin

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  • Kloth Talk Champs
    Kloth Talk Champs 2 kun oldin

    We know The military kill bush

  • scentless_ apprentice
    scentless_ apprentice 2 kun oldin

    That ending was sad😭

  • Ron Sugg
    Ron Sugg 2 kun oldin

    Rest in hell, senior. Son too.

  • Mitchell Albrecht
    Mitchell Albrecht 2 kun oldin

    George W Bush is about the only person in 21 years not to tell me to go pound sand. But that's exactly where many belong, in the sand, man!

  • Mike Riyahi
    Mike Riyahi 2 kun oldin

    He s gone to hell and u will too ass hole murderers

  • Jeffrey314159
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  • Dimitrios Giouzeroglou

    Now this Bastard can go to a thousand points of light,and after that straight to hell,you old bastard,how many people died of this two cocksucker,George ,and junior bush,fuck him ,he deserves to putt that body in a dumpster,and throw it in to the garbage

  • 0 HIROYUKI 0
    0 HIROYUKI 0 2 kun oldin

    Now he knows that feeling when a middle eastern kid loose a parent .

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  • Dan Shirk
    Dan Shirk 2 kun oldin

    sorry cant get past the idiotacy of this person...put his crusty ole ass in the ground already

  • Onyx Sith
    Onyx Sith 2 kun oldin

    I like how while watching this, I have my background on black screen, so all other colors on screen are the red, white, and blue 👍

  • George B
    George B 2 kun oldin

    W had something to prove and he let the neocons talk him into a ridiculous war that costs tens of
    thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and endless misery. This disastrous decision has destabilized the Middle East for at least the next generation. His father had the wisdom and foresight to get in and get out.
    Now he’s happily retired in Texas, while countless families mourn their dead and countless veterans struggle with PTSD or other catastrophic injuries. How does this guy sleep at night?

  • George Shaw
    George Shaw 2 kun oldin

    Good riddens

  • samuel jackson
    samuel jackson 2 kun oldin

    Do you know where he's being buried.

  • Hassen Briba
    Hassen Briba 2 kun oldin

    De quel héroïsme parle t'on des 600 enfants tués pendant le bombardement de Bagdad. Ou celui d'être au service du boss de la Manhattan chase bank. Le jugement suprême démontrera la preuve luceferienne de ce crime sans nom. Une protection périphérique de la colonisation sioniste et une exploitation de l'or noir.

  • Francisco Williams
    Francisco Williams 2 kun oldin

    His momma looks like the oatmeal man

  • Waleed Al-waleed
    Waleed Al-waleed 2 kun oldin

    He is a Killer fuck him and his father

  • thinasadime •
    thinasadime • 2 kun oldin

    Insert me, an Iraqi, rolling my eyes so fucking hard lmao

    ANDRE L 2 kun oldin


  • modarXmodar
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    Shut up, war criminal!

  • Michael Anderson
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  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 2 kun oldin

    GUILTY OF 911

  • Lori Hamblin-Longoria
    Lori Hamblin-Longoria 2 kun oldin

    What an eloquent eulogy. I appreciated the humor as well as the sentimental moments spoken. Most of all, I feel the congeniality of all parties coming together as one. Wonder what this world would look like if this were the case each day in all countries?

  • DailyVlogWolf
    DailyVlogWolf 2 kun oldin

    Bush Sr is 94 and Bush Jr is 74 im guessing having kids at a young age your kid is in his 70s when the farther should of been gone years before your kid is old age. but i may be Canadian but to the President who was before Bush jr took over May He #RIP. at least Bush Sr was able to witness and see how his son Bush Jr could handle the ATTACK of 9/11

  • Messi is batter than Penaldo

    War lord

  • J Tt
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  • Choff C
    Choff C 3 kun oldin

    God Bless The Bush Family..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 3 kun oldin

    How is it that 8 thousand ppl put a thumbs down to this video. Put your political agendas away and admit that was a touching eulogy for his father!

  • Abdulelah Qutub
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    What a fucking dumbass piece of shit

  • Mary Ahern
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    Breaking news!!! Son cries at fathers funeral!

  • Do Not Meddle With An Compute

    Don't blame the puppet blame the puppet masters.

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy 3 kun oldin

    Boy the media has really talked sweetly of GHW Bush the last few weeks. Memories are short. Everyone forgets how they trashed him on a daily basis. Even when he got NATO support to remove an oppressive military from Kuwait. The left was full of insults. Especially the media.

  • 6969 subsciber with out a video

    why are people hating on a dead man.....

    Like give him a break he dead

  • EZ_ 070
    EZ_ 070 3 kun oldin

    wow great title. What did you expect him to do, sing and dance?

  • Francisco Williams
    Francisco Williams 3 kun oldin

    Cracker what bout 911 n Iraq hurricane catrina

  • Francisco Williams
    Francisco Williams 3 kun oldin

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  • Francisco Williams
    Francisco Williams 3 kun oldin +1

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  • all free 100% free
    all free 100% free 3 kun oldin

    Now he is in hell with all other evil world leaders ...

  • Jammstah
    Jammstah 3 kun oldin

    'The best father a son or daughter could have' - I felt like crying myself :(

  • G Jay
    G Jay 3 kun oldin +1

    Father and son are war criminals.

  • CJ Kukiela
    CJ Kukiela 3 kun oldin

    "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful. And so are we. They never stop thinking about ways to harm our people and our country. And neither do we."
    -George Bush

    THE AIRPLANE CHANNEL 3 kun oldin

    Why in the fucking shity world is the stupid Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton sitting there at a republican funeral

  • Rev Dr Felix Nwosu
    Rev Dr Felix Nwosu 3 kun oldin

    May his gentle soul found peace in the blood of the righteous . A great leader in human history . Farewell

  • Tony
    Tony 3 kun oldin

    Perfectly said!

  • Bigheadtf
    Bigheadtf 3 kun oldin

    Hells Basement coming to THEM ALL...

  • Dick Cheney
    Dick Cheney 3 kun oldin

    Hey, look all my friends!

  • relicofgold
    relicofgold 3 kun oldin

    Holy fuck. One mass murderer eulogizing another. That people would listen to dumbya's speech about his Panama-invading, lying, CIA-head, entitled, rich, frat-brat, secret-society father is beyond me. Go ahead. Waste your time on a war criminal.

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  • Bernardo Carpio
    Bernardo Carpio 3 kun oldin

    After Pres.Reagan all US Pres. were dumb.!!smh

  • Tuto Tutot
    Tuto Tutot 3 kun oldin

    excellent speech by the best American president for Africa

  • Gabriel Andy Fono
    Gabriel Andy Fono 3 kun oldin

    waouh i a m still crying while watching this video

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 3 kun oldin

    what part of bush term in office was with dignity in iraq

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 3 kun oldin

    wonder if bernie madoffs funeral will be like this ?

  • OfficialPierrePieroh
    OfficialPierrePieroh 3 kun oldin

    Was it just me or did George W Bush did his dad proud?

  • Lues Times
    Lues Times 3 kun oldin


  • Alex Vieira
    Alex Vieira 4 kun oldin

    When does he turn into a reptilian?

  • CC
    CC 4 kun oldin

    I bet virtually every one of the sick, wicked comments below are liberal dimwits that constantly criticize trump for spreading hate - yet all of you haters are so much worse than anything he has done or said. Haters are losers and you hypocrites will someday learn, either on earth or in hell, that the only way to change this world is through love, giving and putting others before yourselves. I'm sure I will get dozens of you haters telling me to get cancer, hope i die, or hope my loved ones get killed. You are ruthless people that think you are better than everyone else. Newsflash: you are the lowest of the low. Turn to the light or enjoy your pathetic lives as you continue to contaminate this world with darkness.

    • Ross B.
      Ross B. 2 kun oldin

      So in the same paragraph you call people sick, wicked, dimwit, losers who can rot in hell, the lowest of the low who live pathetic lives and contaminate the world with darkness, while lecturing us to spread love and put others first. Maybe you should take your own advice.

  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Wayfaring Stranger 4 kun oldin +23

    Please put politics aside and just appreciate a sons love for his father

    • 7625e
      7625e 11 soat oldin

      can't. not when someone has killed hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT families. imagine if some overseas previous President had died and everyone had reverence for him but he also in war had somehow managed to kill your mom, or dad, or sister, or brother, or cousin, or grandparents, or friends or all of them. And he died...... would you celebrate that mans life? Now i know or can only hope when you wrote your comment you didn't have any of that in mind, which is 100% completely understandable. I just wanted give you some perspective on why the man might go to hell.

    • mar
      mar 16 soat oldin

      bqq in hell

    • Arrell Ehn
      Arrell Ehn 2 kun oldin +2

      Naaa phuk that... his policies still live on.

  • Robert Sharif
    Robert Sharif 4 kun oldin

    RIP President Bush. Looking forward to Trump's death.

  • Hunter Hill
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  • Jude Gomez
    Jude Gomez 4 kun oldin

    2 Grandes héroes el señor senador John McCain de Arizona y el señor ex presidente George W Bush padre Dos Grandes héroes en esta bendita nación después de Dios y fortaleza el ex presidente George W Bush por la pérdida de su padre y su madre Dios bendiga esta nación y a las familias como ellos de Héroes

  • Peter potato
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  • Rivers Bliss
    Rivers Bliss 4 kun oldin

    Prescott Bush taught them well.

  • Rivers Bliss
    Rivers Bliss 4 kun oldin

    May the hundred of thousands of people he brutally murdered tat never got to his age rest in peace.

  • Star Blue
    Star Blue 4 kun oldin

    Look at Donald Trump😂omg he looks so unhappy

  • Greg Harris
    Greg Harris 4 kun oldin

    What fucking hypocrits

  • number 1 basher
    number 1 basher 4 kun oldin

    he sound like forrest gump

  • frank 1040
    frank 1040 4 kun oldin

    The same kind of tears he showed on 9/11, acting is their business.

  • anthony mack
    anthony mack 4 kun oldin

    who cares

  • Tyler Ries
    Tyler Ries 4 kun oldin

    9/11.... that's all I'm gonna say.

  • argaen21
    argaen21 4 kun oldin

    Ibfeel nothing for this man.

  • Luis F. Muñoz
    Luis F. Muñoz 4 kun oldin +2

    My dad was an asshole, I am an asshole and I hope my kid will be an asshole too.
    I just hope 911 truth will come out before he dies to see him in jail with Dickface Cheney.

  • everett norris
    everett norris 4 kun oldin

    From Prescott Bush till the present this family along with the Clintons defy the American justice system to punish them. They are above the law of the land. And yet the media for a solid week treated H.W. like he were a saint. How disgusting! Like the Queen of England the Bushes and Clintons can not be punished!

  • Robert S. Finnegan
    Robert S. Finnegan 4 kun oldin

    "Waaaa!" A drunken war criminal sheds bogus tears over his Satanic father.

  • Robert S. Finnegan
    Robert S. Finnegan 4 kun oldin

    Poppy Bush's Seed And Bitter Harvest: Half Truths / History (Part 3):

  • Newman
    Newman 4 kun oldin

    Alright, seriously, y’all need to shut the fuck up and let a son mourn the loss of his father

    DEXTER MORGAN 4 kun oldin

    All you idiots dont seem to mention the atrocities sadaam husein commited. FUCK IRAQ AND ALL YOU IRAQIS. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  • Jimmy JONES
    Jimmy JONES 4 kun oldin

    i dont know why we didnt just topple saudi Arabia , like iraq ....well i know why iraq ...a couple reasons for iraq.... maybe its because we actually control ,or israel and usa control saudi arabia.