I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

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  • Joylandi 30-Sen, 2018
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  • PolyWolves
    PolyWolves 13 daqiqa oldin

    I really enjoyed this concept and watching you learn

  • M
    M Soat oldin

    My significant other has been a calligrapher for years, I am an artist and use fountain pens, thanks for the fun of showing another impatient artist that Calligraphy is not easy, good effort.......lol.

  • Unfriendly Introverts

    I laughed at the end I almost joked on a piece of my cake

  • Petrus Schalkwyk
    Petrus Schalkwyk 2 soat oldin

    Bro hire gana bryk the pen

  • Kil, Nikil
    Kil, Nikil 2 soat oldin +1

    Fun fact: pianos are shit costly.
    Fun fact 2:the plural of piano is pianos not 'pianoes'

  • Kil, Nikil
    Kil, Nikil 2 soat oldin

    Caligraphy, yay

  • Mikael Matti
    Mikael Matti 2 soat oldin

    I liked the first one more. Is it just me?

  • Rabbit Girl
    Rabbit Girl 2 soat oldin

    You are the satisfiying boi now!

  • B Al
    B Al 3 soat oldin

    Who else thought the first one wasnt that bad ? 🙂
    Edit : the most beautiful ending , liked and subscribed !

  • RazzelDraws
    RazzelDraws 9 soat oldin

    This was..so cringy I was no jazza!! That's not how you dip the pen!! 😟😵

  • jammi •
    jammi • 9 soat oldin

    when i tried calligraphy, i was told to go thicker on the down strokes, and it really helped

  • taehyung’s gucci
    taehyung’s gucci 10 soat oldin

    i do calligraphy for fun, but i use a brush pen instead of an ink pen/fountain pen, i feel like it’s more convenient😂

  • Joanie Whittemore
    Joanie Whittemore 11 soat oldin +1

    When you played the clip from the office, I thought of the birthday party Jim and Dwight planned for Kelly : “it is your birthday.”

  • Sage Oblouk
    Sage Oblouk 12 soat oldin

    You saying that you have bad hand writing is an insult to everyone else.

  • Kkimchee Ent.
    Kkimchee Ent. 13 soat oldin

    This has to become a whole playlist!! Need more

  • OrangeC7
    OrangeC7 13 soat oldin +1

    Honestly not to be narcissistic or anything, but I think my handwriting is good and yours is better than mine.

    ISAI CARMONA 13 soat oldin

    The end is so x-tra😂

  • Zebra Man
    Zebra Man 13 soat oldin

    Art challenge with These materials only

  • robersusa
    robersusa 14 soat oldin

    7:52 is a paradiddle! If you know what that is, like this comment.

  • Rebeca Longfinger
    Rebeca Longfinger 16 soat oldin

    At first I thought it was him doing it.

  • sorry m8
    sorry m8 16 soat oldin

    Can I have that for my birthday on January fourth?

  • Squooshy's art & nightcore corner

    Next 2,000,000 videos: “And that’s why this video is sponsored by skillshare

  • CC87
    CC87 17 soat oldin +1

    Every good artist has terrible handwriting

  • Flakk The Gamer
    Flakk The Gamer 17 soat oldin

    Looks like Ja33a

  • Wolves2468
    Wolves2468 18 soat oldin

    When he pushed back on that pen I cringed so much

  • BangoJango
    BangoJango 18 soat oldin +1

    I would be happy with the first thing you did I’m terrible 😂

  • Grace Lackey
    Grace Lackey 19 soat oldin

    "There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents" Me: WHERE ARE THE HAPPY LITTLE TREES?

  • Nikki2005gold Luton
    Nikki2005gold Luton 19 soat oldin

    Lmao I'm an artist and I suck at handwriting too XD

  • Ramm Stein
    Ramm Stein 19 soat oldin


  • Invinci-Creep 7049
    Invinci-Creep 7049 21 soat oldin

    4:35 gizzy gazza

  • Atomys
    Atomys 22 soat oldin

    Jezza loves yoghurt (just like terry)

  • Death Arcana Azuma
    Death Arcana Azuma Kun oldin

    Do you know how to write Hebrew? Anyone who've seen my handwriting believes that I write Hebrew 😓.......
    Also, you can use some of these nibs for manga and comic drawing.

  • Erza scarlet
    Erza scarlet Kun oldin +1

    You suck at handwriting too?! Me too man, I draw like a master but my writing looks like a 5 year old's

    • Mirmico Time
      Mirmico Time 20 soat oldin

      Erza scarlet I am joining the club to I have like does same hand writing as a kid who learns to write

  • V3N60 360
    V3N60 360 Kun oldin +1

    Idk man it's cursive and not only I'm in jail from school but I'm getting tazed aswell

  • ThatCatRat
    ThatCatRat Kun oldin

    For a second I thought it said “Happy bi***”

  • Hafsah :P
    Hafsah :P Kun oldin

    Truly amd touching letter 😢

  • Eriender Calluna
    Eriender Calluna Kun oldin

    Its very funny and entertaining to watch and at the same time it encourage me that practice really makes us do better.

  • MrStephan246
    MrStephan246 Kun oldin

    That letter though

  • Frederik List
    Frederik List Kun oldin

    I think what you're doing wrong is trying to draw the letters rather than writing them

    • Frederik List
      Frederik List Kun oldin

      I mean speeding up your movements alone will make the strokes look much cleaner

  • Toshi Kudo
    Toshi Kudo Kun oldin +1

    No mistakes just happy accidents
    - Bob Ross

  • Jessie Ruka
    Jessie Ruka Kun oldin

    Hahaha Gazza instead of jazza 😂😂

  • lemoon
    lemoon Kun oldin

    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy hobo

  • Kim Sakura
    Kim Sakura Kun oldin

    Ehh u should use brushes cause i use em'

  • Lightning Phoenix
    Lightning Phoenix Kun oldin

    Jazza, to do Calligraphy, you need patience and delicacy. These are not your normal pens and pencils.
    I'm just glad you don't use Glass Pens, you'd break them just by gripping them.

  • karan Kerai
    karan Kerai Kun oldin

    I'm a calligraphy artist and I know its hard to learn go check my Instagram as art by Karan Kerai you will see their some awesome art works and calligraphy

  • ShamW0Wzer
    ShamW0Wzer Kun oldin

    "The quick brown fox **jumps..."

  • owenfordeart
    owenfordeart Kun oldin

    he learnt that quick....why does his love letter sound like an M&S advert loool,
    this reminds me of lower school handwriting book lessons, man where did I go wrong I think my life has reversed I used to write like an adult when I was a kid, my two year old can structure lines better than me.

  • Tyler Pape
    Tyler Pape Kun oldin

    The letter at the end was the best lmao

  • Narutoast
    Narutoast Kun oldin

    This freakin inspiration of a man! Jazza, your artwork is amazing *not to mention you can draw and paint in different styles besides your own while I can't even draw in the Simpson style* you can sing, you're an awesome dad *from what I've seen on videos anyway*, you constantly find different things to do and show us *like the making art out of garbage video* and not only that but you keep edging everyone of us forwards, you're hilarious and have a Ridiculously huge heart. Thank you Jazza, your one of the main reasons for me wanting to become a better artist!

  • Elizabeth Stone
    Elizabeth Stone Kun oldin

    Try it with a Crayola marker it works

  • Keen
    Keen Kun oldin

    I loved this more than I probably should.

  • Emma Noël
    Emma Noël Kun oldin +5

    I took an art class for 6 years and we learned a LOT of calligraphy because my art teacher loved adding words and quotes into pieces. Calligraphy was fun until you got that one calligraphy pen that some six year old used before you and the nib is stuck super wide open because the kid pressed down so hard on it or they didn’t clean off the remaining ink so it’s a clumpy, goopy mess. The struggles. 😩😂😂

  • Sean W
    Sean W Kun oldin

    Now draw something with the pens like a dragon or something

  • SomeGayBoi
    SomeGayBoi Kun oldin

    I made not be good at calligraphy but everyone came to me for bubble letters in elementary school.. And I'm still proud about that.

  • lps dew drop
    lps dew drop Kun oldin +2

    I think my mom taught me when I was about...... 10? Errr, tried too. XD

  • RLS0812
    RLS0812 Kun oldin

    RIP all those poor nibs !

  • Ginge chicken
    Ginge chicken Kun oldin

    It is hard, I can do it but not as well as you 😂

  • Padrig Gallacher
    Padrig Gallacher Kun oldin

    I'ḿ 20 years old and I've been doing calligraphy for around 7 years now. From my experience theres one comfort when it comes to showcasing your work. You the artist, see more flaws in your work than the spectator. Small details stick out and draw your attention away from how the it looks as a whole. Your netflix piece was quite good for a first attempt. I wouldn't beat yourself up as much as you did

  • Tia Leung
    Tia Leung Kun oldin

    My friends say I write in calligraphy normally.
    I have issues

  • Emma & Evalynn
    Emma & Evalynn Kun oldin

    Jazza try using brush pens! They produce more modern Calligraphy and are way easier to use! I do Calligraphy and my favourite brush pens are the tombow fudenoske and tombow dual brush pens! SO GOOD! They can also be used for colouring 😃

  • Kan Rup
    Kan Rup Kun oldin

    Its true tho doctor handwriting Ive known tends to be bad...probably writing too fast

  • Thomas-Jack Lewis-Brown

    loved, loved, loved the double character mash-up Bob Rosuigi was my favourite though!!!

  • Klaevin
    Klaevin Kun oldin

    here in france, we are forced to use fountain pens and write cursive all the way through middle school. while fountain pen technology has gotten better since when my grandparents had ink pots on the corners of their desks, sadly, cursive and western fonts are made for right handed people, so I've always written bad...
    but at least, the first time I picked up a calligraphy pen, it looked like your third attempt; and not your first !

  • Takoda Watts
    Takoda Watts Kun oldin

    i love bob ross, and i love you for referencing him

  • Opticendymion 96
    Opticendymion 96 Kun oldin

    I think I fell in love

  • Sprinkles 1
    Sprinkles 1 Kun oldin

    I’ve been doing calligraphy since I was about eight. I’ve got a lot better since I started but let me say you were a lot better than me when I started.
    I have a couple of tips for you.
    1).dont press to hard
    2).you have to much ink on your pen
    3).dont stop in the middle of a word
    Other than that your doing amazing 😊

  • FciscoDraws
    FciscoDraws Kun oldin

    you just got to see my handwriting

  • Frank Greaves
    Frank Greaves 2 kun oldin

    OMG ur handwriting looks IDENTICAL TO MINE
    Let's go like if u have bad handwriting

  • Selena Smith
    Selena Smith 2 kun oldin

    I loved this, im so satisfied now lol

  • Imran Kamal
    Imran Kamal 2 kun oldin

    I like the Netflix from the start

  • Germaine C. De Mesa
    Germaine C. De Mesa 2 kun oldin


  • Ire Nomine
    Ire Nomine 2 kun oldin

    Still looks beautiful even with those smudges

  • George Angelos
    George Angelos 2 kun oldin

    No Mistakes Only Happy Accidents I Believe in that to in Drawing Mostly

    HUSKY LOVER VLOGS 2 kun oldin

    I love calligraphy

  • Viral Destruction
    Viral Destruction 2 kun oldin

    I just realized it is my birthday today!

  • MelmanOfDaSouthh
    MelmanOfDaSouthh 2 kun oldin


  • Jerden Caday
    Jerden Caday 2 kun oldin

    Calligraphy: how my friemds write vs how i write
    Btw you can pick up ink from previous words

  • Sushi
    Sushi 2 kun oldin

    At least the paint splatters looks nice as background when they dry

  • Alpacu
    Alpacu 2 kun oldin

    Me and him said literally at the same time after liquid gold...

  • sammi Bulmer
    sammi Bulmer 2 kun oldin

    Calligraphy is a series of strokes strategically placed to form letters.
    You dont form a whole letter in one stroke.
    Never move backwards with the nib.

  • Iva M
    Iva M 2 kun oldin

    You’re so talented

  • Iva M
    Iva M 2 kun oldin

    RIP Bob Ross 😭

  • Layla The Dancer
    Layla The Dancer 2 kun oldin

    Upstrokes put let pressure
    Downstrokes our more pressure (-:

  • OnyxFox 09
    OnyxFox 09 2 kun oldin

    There is something htat i'm better than you

    SLASH 2 kun oldin


  • bethany otte
    bethany otte 2 kun oldin

    That was the best outro I have ever seen! It gave me a good laugh over it!

  • Ava Dennison
    Ava Dennison 2 kun oldin

    If you are left handed you are screwed.

  • Maskalaska Essade
    Maskalaska Essade 2 kun oldin

    I am in a bad place today, and the "Jazza Loves you" did actuaply make me feel better. So, thank you! ^///^ You do good work.

  • Dale Mango
    Dale Mango 2 kun oldin

    I do the old english font as my handwriting and its not a slow process either

  • Kittygirl 2.o
    Kittygirl 2.o 2 kun oldin

    you said "no mistakes just happy accidents" thats on a bob ross shirt

  • Silas
    Silas 2 kun oldin

    Actually really like the first Happy Birthday.

  • Daffodil
    Daffodil 2 kun oldin

    Very beautiful writing
    “The quick brown fox jumped over the-
    Me- ah yes, the original “the quick brown fox”
    “Over the lazy hobo

    Me- angry turtle noises

  • Squidnee Flea
    Squidnee Flea 2 kun oldin

    I actually learned calligraphy for living skills, freshman year of high school.


    *High-Quality VS Low-Quality*

  • Kylie Gilbert
    Kylie Gilbert 2 kun oldin

    I will never be as good as Jazza at calligraphy. Why? Because I’m left handed! :(

  • Asterix 19
    Asterix 19 2 kun oldin

    I hope you will make a series of episodes while learning CALIGRAPHY!!

  • Lancer Creep
    Lancer Creep 2 kun oldin

    I dont Know if its just me but the writing you did with the blue ink has something that gives it the look of expansive art XD

  • Nalora
    Nalora 2 kun oldin

    Even more satisfying to watch someone make huge improvements than to watch a master imo, it's like Ah! There you go!

  • Sketch :D
    Sketch :D 2 kun oldin

    Life hack use stencils

  • Prince The Cat
    Prince The Cat 2 kun oldin

    With the power of skillshare, Jazza learned to love again.... The end.