I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

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  • Joylandi 30-Sen, 2018
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  • TheTfroggy912
    TheTfroggy912 3 soat oldin

    Honestly the Netflix wasn’t that bad for a first go!

  • Syl
    Syl 4 soat oldin

    I could never do this because I'm left handed

  • Rhiannon Richey
    Rhiannon Richey 5 soat oldin

    Wow I just began learning calligraphy too!! I'm no good at it now but hopefully I'll get better🤣

  • Abby Meyer
    Abby Meyer 6 soat oldin +1

    It’s a *CRIMESCENE*!

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith 6 soat oldin

    damn his handwriting looks almost like mine

  • nate the man
    nate the man 12 soat oldin

    Your letter bought me

  • Crazy Communist
    Crazy Communist 13 soat oldin

    For any people who know urdu,arabic,persian it pretty easy to do calligraphy i've tried

  • danny doddy
    danny doddy 16 soat oldin


  • CuteSuperParrot /cat
    CuteSuperParrot /cat 20 soat oldin

    Sooo cute !!! :)

  • omegamer226
    omegamer226 23 soat oldin

    I came here to watch this because its my birthday

  • Georgia Smith
    Georgia Smith Kun oldin

    Woah- I'm watching this for the first time on my birthday lol

  • Galaxy Simmer
    Galaxy Simmer Kun oldin +1

    Who noticed Jazz’s spelled his name Tazza in calligraphy

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Kun oldin


  • J D
    J D Kun oldin

    *the office meme*

  • artificialcolourz eee

    *jazza loves yo*

  • Joselyn Fullmer
    Joselyn Fullmer Kun oldin

    Anyone else LOVE the Bob Ross reference?

  • Lucas Maxwell
    Lucas Maxwell Kun oldin

    Green day is the best band ever

  • Aarya Gourkar
    Aarya Gourkar Kun oldin

    Wait a minute.......
    I have a horrible handwriting so dose that mean I can be a doctor too🤔

  • 黃石TheYellowStone

    OMG Perfect straight lines!!!!!

  • Rraven'sCat
    Rraven'sCat Kun oldin

    You realize that you can do calligraphy easier with a brush pen

  • BlockedOrRemoved
    BlockedOrRemoved Kun oldin

    Started yesterday, totally fell in love with it :)

  • Mohammad Majali
    Mohammad Majali Kun oldin

    From were do you get a calighraphy pen 🖊and inks?

  • franchenne
    franchenne Kun oldin

    bruh you dipped too much ink 😔

  • raybriel mundo
    raybriel mundo 2 kun oldin

    i am a drawer and gamer yet my hand writing has the readability of a carving on obsidian in a 0% light room

  • SlenderServin
    SlenderServin 2 kun oldin

    when jazza keeps shoving skillshare in your face but you're broke :(

  • Jenniplite IDK
    Jenniplite IDK 2 kun oldin

    I love calligraphy so I also enjoy watching the struggle of trying to learn it because I can't do it. xD

    • Jenniplite IDK
      Jenniplite IDK 2 kun oldin

      Dang, the advancement of his calligraphy is incredible.

  • Cheesy Potato
    Cheesy Potato 2 kun oldin

    Wholesome content

  • FNAFKB02 !!!
    FNAFKB02 !!! 2 kun oldin +1

    What if Jazza tried to draw with calligraphy pens???

  • BTS x army x bt21
    BTS x army x bt21 2 kun oldin

    Uhmmm as long as u learn the basics and have good cursive then u can do it!!!

  • BTS x army x bt21
    BTS x army x bt21 2 kun oldin

    I don’t get why some artists have terrible hand writing I can draw too and ppl expect me to have terrible hand writing but nope I actually have good hand writing

  • D K
    D K 2 kun oldin

    I can draw well but my handwriting is crap

  • FlairzX
    FlairzX 2 kun oldin

    Jazza should try graffiti handstyles

  • Annie Miller
    Annie Miller 2 kun oldin

    You definitely don’t know how to use fountain pens

  • Spandan Sakpal
    Spandan Sakpal 2 kun oldin

    watching someone improving is soo satisfying 😍😇

  • king monarch
    king monarch 2 kun oldin

    You should try to draw a highly detailed ww2 drawing scene using no color

  • merdologia Com .
    merdologia Com . 2 kun oldin

    3:00 the pen moved

  • Caitlyn Ruffin
    Caitlyn Ruffin 3 kun oldin


  • Fride Stokke Dyb
    Fride Stokke Dyb 3 kun oldin


  • Mario Lostaunau
    Mario Lostaunau 3 kun oldin +1

    You like jazz

  • joseph c-m
    joseph c-m 3 kun oldin

    Imagine spelling it wrong 😄

  • GachaTuberHail
    GachaTuberHail 3 kun oldin

    There is also a different type pf calligraphy with a brush tip :3

  • Lil •Anete• TM
    Lil •Anete• TM 3 kun oldin

    calligraphpfy isnt good for left handed

  • Amazonian Princess
    Amazonian Princess 3 kun oldin

    You should do a skill learning UZclip vs skill share.

    A.J EDITION 3 kun oldin


  • NCT_yonieee
    NCT_yonieee 3 kun oldin

    I do Calligraphy and I was cringing and laughing it reminds me of how I started

  • Little Elana
    Little Elana 4 kun oldin

    “I’m gonna use my crown nib....”
    Me: **thinks of Harry Potter writing to Tom Riddle**

  • Makayla Johnston
    Makayla Johnston 4 kun oldin

    The NETFLIX is not all that bad

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    try do calligraphy and being a left handed

  • Dj Murphy
    Dj Murphy 4 kun oldin

    This is not calligraphy jazza

  • Animinations
    Animinations 4 kun oldin

    0:36 I thought he said pretend to learn

  • Hadashi Yamada
    Hadashi Yamada 4 kun oldin


  • M Silas
    M Silas 4 kun oldin

    ...you have no idea how to lightly use the ink you don’t need to dip after every single stroke

  • Abhimanyu Anandan
    Abhimanyu Anandan 4 kun oldin

    I'm an artist and I also have a sucky handwriting

  • spriteyzYESplz
    spriteyzYESplz 4 kun oldin

    this makes me feel like i'm playing a medieval game

  • genericgarbage
    genericgarbage 5 kun oldin

    smh, I'm good at calligraphy but I suck at drawing.
    I just saw SoupSalad 804 say
    "If you can't write calligraphy,

    you draw calligraphy

    It's amazing how stuff becomes easy by changing it's name"
    I'm gonna start writing drawings

  • Junior Pup
    Junior Pup 5 kun oldin

    I’ve tried and I would love to do this but I’m a lefty so it smudges all the time :/

  • Siomonte
    Siomonte 5 kun oldin

    without having much knowledge... from my school days I can tell you: you push too hard

  • Giant Robot
    Giant Robot 5 kun oldin

    I learned calligraphy in fifth grade, and we had to write a whole letter to someone in an 'old time-y' fashion. It was fun once you got used to it.

  • Becky Leeson
    Becky Leeson 5 kun oldin

    Your art is pretty good! Also, that love letter just touched my heart.

  • FlippyPenguinZ Z
    FlippyPenguinZ Z 5 kun oldin

    Only happy accidents

  • Orca Tsunami
    Orca Tsunami 5 kun oldin


  • For4You
    For4You 5 kun oldin

    I want to klick hert button but it dosen"t egzist and i`m sad cause od this disaster :C

  • MAllen12346
    MAllen12346 5 kun oldin

    13:08 Jazza has a stroke and sounds like bill cosby

  • Half Blood Prince29699
    Half Blood Prince29699 5 kun oldin +1

    Wow! You are a quick learner👍

  • Elyan Kitty124
    Elyan Kitty124 5 kun oldin

    I cried while watching him write happy birthday :) a happy cry...WOW...a proud fan I'm just Proud

  • _Winter Flake_
    _Winter Flake_ 5 kun oldin


  • Shae W
    Shae W 5 kun oldin

    Turn the pen to 100o to the right to stop it stabbing the paper like 4 ok on a clock of there were a clock

  • Heather Russell
    Heather Russell 5 kun oldin

    My handwriting looks similar

  • I.M YRA
    I.M YRA 6 kun oldin

    I cant do that in 1 day damn wow

  • Ashley L
    Ashley L 6 kun oldin

    How does an artist have bad handwriting lol

  • CrazyComedyKid
    CrazyComedyKid 6 kun oldin

    5:28 Whatever, I thought it was dope.

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 6 kun oldin

    I almost slept through all of it

  • pawoffals Gaming
    pawoffals Gaming 6 kun oldin

    R u fokin gay

  • pawoffals Gaming
    pawoffals Gaming 6 kun oldin

    Thats my normal hand writting xD

  • Gabriela Diaz
    Gabriela Diaz 6 kun oldin

    -“How to write using calligraphy”-

    “How to fit in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”

  • Oliver von der Meden Klein

    13:52 Im all the way up

  • Mohammad_jazzar Muslimin

    'Only happy accidents' like that reference

  • Leonel
    Leonel 6 kun oldin

    he sounds like Sebastian from Black Butler while writing that letter-

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 6 kun oldin

    I recommend for beginners to try using a big permanent marker first before you start with the ink

  • Hudson Ren
    Hudson Ren 6 kun oldin

    That narration though

  • Meow meow I love cats
    Meow meow I love cats 6 kun oldin

    *says he will make the Netflix logo*
    Me: *Doesn't trust him*
    Lol jk I just wanna say this pls don't hate I love Jazza :)

  • Sugarskull
    Sugarskull 7 kun oldin

    I wish I could write like that

  • Dessie Stone
    Dessie Stone 7 kun oldin +1

    Okay UmMMm 7:42 is my m000D

  • Miguel Mata
    Miguel Mata 7 kun oldin

    Well now you are a mess of inc

  • Crystal Hotham
    Crystal Hotham 7 kun oldin

    omg i write like u
    on lists

  • Lydia Gonzales
    Lydia Gonzales 7 kun oldin

    When I first started calligraphy this is how I was. Much better now tho!!! I have the worse handwriting ever, but my calligraphy is great

  • Jj5900
    Jj5900 7 kun oldin

    Only trhe jazza fans will realize how ling hes had that backround wall

  • Mjeahs
    Mjeahs 7 kun oldin

    OMG!!! Youre so qute! Why havent i found you and your wonderful "mojo" before??

  • Haven Blocker
    Haven Blocker 7 kun oldin

    What kind of ink did he use

  • Smol Kawaii Fangirl
    Smol Kawaii Fangirl 7 kun oldin

    *as a left handed person, this is a NIGHTMARE*

  • Hasmin Pelecia
    Hasmin Pelecia 7 kun oldin

    Because of this I want to try Calligraphy right now 😂😂😂

  • Kim Lim
    Kim Lim 7 kun oldin

    Make an art piece using calligraphy pens and calligraphy inks

  • pop cutie
    pop cutie 7 kun oldin

    Omg! Wow! Yes

  • Love Plabbashy
    Love Plabbashy 7 kun oldin

    My face when he did it 🤯

  • Lexie Pilgrim
    Lexie Pilgrim 7 kun oldin

    His handwriting is just cursive, and pretty neat if you ask me .3.

  • no name326
    no name326 8 kun oldin

    congrats jazza

  • Crab Gal
    Crab Gal 8 kun oldin

    When you were writing minimum I honestly thought it was a video from the subreddit you were talking about

  • dustywatermelon 58
    dustywatermelon 58 8 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who cried in the end

  • Lavisha Rajwani
    Lavisha Rajwani 8 kun oldin

    mine is worse

  • Lauryn Heathcote
    Lauryn Heathcote 8 kun oldin

    Now try drawing with it