Gordon Ramsay Helps Matilda Cook A Giant Burger

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  • Jacob Tanoura
    Jacob Tanoura 21 soat oldin

    A Ramsey sandwitch

  • 雪鈴蘭蝶
    雪鈴蘭蝶 Kun oldin

    Matilda: while your rubbish dad is correcting his...
    Me: ...,rubbish"...Gordon, you are so nice to your daughters but I wonder your response when Jack talk to with the same words...

  • [-APEX-]
    [-APEX-] Kun oldin +1


  • OmarAlhandoud
    OmarAlhandoud Kun oldin +2

    I sweat i want her to rub her bun on my head

  • David Smith
    David Smith Kun oldin

    Buh guh

  • Katie Wilson Gamer Girl

    Matilda: Did you just break my bun?
    Gordon: Nonono I just it a little bit unevenly...
    Matilda: WHAT?!? Your supposed to be a chef! 😂

  • Natty Gurl
    Natty Gurl 2 kun oldin

    I love watching Gordon get fucking toasted by tilly

  • PrinceOfParthia74
    PrinceOfParthia74 3 kun oldin

    think about being passionate about cooking and having a free master chef advisor available 24/7. dream career starter right there.

  • Simon Brooks
    Simon Brooks 3 kun oldin

    If one of Gordon's soux chef's cut a loaf unevenly like that, he'd go f**king ballistic about how useless they were

  • Sister Rory
    Sister Rory 5 kun oldin

    “ wile your *RUBISH* dad...”

  • Donna Pohner
    Donna Pohner 5 kun oldin

    You Brits make everything sound so elegant❤️

  • Ajse Marinkovic
    Ajse Marinkovic 6 kun oldin

    Why is she always cooking with her Hair down?? Disgusting

  • TrueRedZ
    TrueRedZ 6 kun oldin

    Jacks fav sauces are just the average sauces you would put on a burger 😂

  • Childish io
    Childish io 6 kun oldin

    I wonder who feeds the kids take a good guess

  • Patiko Kiknadze
    Patiko Kiknadze 6 kun oldin

    When you have no talent

  • Aronas king
    Aronas king 7 kun oldin

    but all other is good

  • Aronas king
    Aronas king 7 kun oldin

    way too mach bread

  • Dosuno Kioshi
    Dosuno Kioshi 7 kun oldin

    Dont copy your dad, so fakeee

  • Kyle-_-
    Kyle-_- 7 kun oldin

    thats not how you cut an onyon

  • 𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕦𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕋𝔸𝔼

    His daughter is gorgeous!

  • DFS 69
    DFS 69 8 kun oldin

    Jack had earwax for lunch

  • akholms
    akholms 8 kun oldin

    It’s so weird and cute at the same time because Gordon is always so angry and mad but when he was cooking with his daughter he was so happy 😁

  • Tee Flees
    Tee Flees 9 kun oldin +1

    what matilda's dad is Gordon Ramsay WHAT i wish gordan ramsay was my dad >:(

  • xLimited
    xLimited 9 kun oldin

    if i ever could wish for something, it would be to have a meal cooked by the man himself, Gordon. it's a wild dream of mine.

  • Duo_YT
    Duo_YT 10 kun oldin

    i am not food expert but i think the bun was too big

  • Lamar Is The Future
    Lamar Is The Future 10 kun oldin +1

    1:09 That’s what she said!

    • Jon Doe
      Jon Doe 9 kun oldin +1

      The more I replay it, the funnier it gets lol...

  • Tuấn Minh Nguyễn
    Tuấn Minh Nguyễn 11 kun oldin

    They have invented a new thing: Idiot bun

  • teebz R
    teebz R 11 kun oldin

    hope jack don't get hair in his burger

  • zaqwe
    zaqwe 11 kun oldin

    Wonder when she gonna start cursing like dad, would be epic.

  • Just The Dave
    Just The Dave 11 kun oldin

    TIP, NEVER ADD SALT UNTIL YOU MADE THE PATTYS!!! It adds a meatloaf texture.

  • Excalibur 801
    Excalibur 801 11 kun oldin

    Just like her dad

  • Jaden Soler
    Jaden Soler 11 kun oldin

    Btw tilly thick

  • ChelseaRavenFlame c
    ChelseaRavenFlame c 12 kun oldin

    It looks awful wdym

  • krkiva2
    krkiva2 12 kun oldin

    Jack: “Nice”

  • _OuTtA_ThIs_WoRlD 405
    _OuTtA_ThIs_WoRlD 405 12 kun oldin

    “Its raw you Idiot It’s FUCKING RAWWW 😡”

  • Airai Merkelbach
    Airai Merkelbach 12 kun oldin

    “What are you?!” 😂💀

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. 13 kun oldin

    Wow i've never seen any of Gordon Ramsay's kids. She's so bubbly.

  • Nick grrrs
    Nick grrrs 13 kun oldin

    i hope u had a bad day

  • Janessa Berrios
    Janessa Berrios 13 kun oldin

    That her dad I,m a big fun

  • FBR Clan
    FBR Clan 13 kun oldin

    What happen to jack

  • Macey Jo Ledson
    Macey Jo Ledson 13 kun oldin

    An idiot sandwich

  • Greta Hansen
    Greta Hansen 13 kun oldin +5

    ”What? You’re supposed to be a chef!”
    She’s such a savage, I love her 😂😂

  • Zara lara
    Zara lara 14 kun oldin +1

    Yup ... she said and that looks amazing just like gordon ramsey

  • Lewis Owen
    Lewis Owen 14 kun oldin

    That looks about as dry as Gandhi's flip flop, what a shame.

  • KingVision
    KingVision 14 kun oldin

    Matilda, i wanna be your husband.

  • Mary Moore
    Mary Moore 14 kun oldin

    Who is Jack

  • KrYPt GeNErAtiOn
    KrYPt GeNErAtiOn 15 kun oldin +1

    Tasty has joined the chat

  • Lone Ranger
    Lone Ranger 16 kun oldin


  • Val Hagans
    Val Hagans 16 kun oldin

    I love love there relationship especially when he talks to her about a potential boyfriend!!! They rock love there family and the show

  • Vexquoi
    Vexquoi 16 kun oldin


  • Chaxerii C
    Chaxerii C 17 kun oldin

    Mouthfull of bread

  • Chat noir X Marinette
    Chat noir X Marinette 17 kun oldin

    *puts head in between buns* "What are you?"
    Me:i remember this AN IDIOT SANDWICH! Lol

  • Abbie Clark
    Abbie Clark 17 kun oldin

    Imagine if he was actually like “ An idiot sandwich . “

    MARTIN KRPAN 17 kun oldin


  • Michael Gallemit
    Michael Gallemit 18 kun oldin

    And that (pause) looks (pause) amaziing

  • Justin Casioce
    Justin Casioce 18 kun oldin

    Rub your bun on your dads head, RUB YOUR BUN ON YOU DADS HEAD

  • Ben Boguski
    Ben Boguski 18 kun oldin +9

    2:12 tilly: it’s not a good idea to run your buns on your dads head

    Jack: nice

  • DouGamer 07
    DouGamer 07 18 kun oldin

    What are you?


  • Sean _
    Sean _ 18 kun oldin

    The only person that can roast Gordon is his daughter

  • Viri Bernie
    Viri Bernie 18 kun oldin

    Question is how is jack going to eat that thing

  • Mazen Malas
    Mazen Malas 18 kun oldin

    Pepa pig!?!!?!?!?

  • Azhar Valimahomed
    Azhar Valimahomed 18 kun oldin

    Gordon's a great dad to his kids

  • Artifical music
    Artifical music 19 kun oldin

    bet Matilda and jack have boom boom after there din dins

  • Alan_1212
    Alan_1212 19 kun oldin

    whata waste of meat

  • zKairoo
    zKairoo 19 kun oldin

    dry af

  • SuperSaiyaman3
    SuperSaiyaman3 19 kun oldin +1

    2:13 did she get this line from a porno

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 19 kun oldin

    The only one who can critic Gordon ramsay..... DUN DUN

  • The Arcade Player
    The Arcade Player 19 kun oldin

    I thought that there were to much bread.

  • Erikas Li
    Erikas Li 19 kun oldin

    Is that your sister?

  • Reece Williams
    Reece Williams 19 kun oldin

    Her voice over voice is so fucking irratating why does her dad let her embarrass herself by doing it

  • Shekinah Melci Ferrer
    Shekinah Melci Ferrer 20 kun oldin

    she sounds like her father🤣

  • Funky Gamer
    Funky Gamer 20 kun oldin

    Matilda definitely knows how to handle sharp knifes

  • Funky Gamer
    Funky Gamer 20 kun oldin

    Matilda has giant buns

  • Rihanna Jade Austria
    Rihanna Jade Austria 20 kun oldin

    2:02 "What are you?"


  • ChickaChickaSlimShady TwinBabys

    Bread with a side of burger

  • Javier Rodrigux
    Javier Rodrigux 20 kun oldin

    I'm over here wondering who tf is jack

  • Patrick Keefe
    Patrick Keefe 20 kun oldin

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee burger

  • Andrea M
    Andrea M 20 kun oldin

    2:06 “what are you?”

  • Ruta Ji
    Ruta Ji 20 kun oldin

    man this is good shes the vood side of gordon so that means that shes good as wel but she dosent use bad words

  • Muhammad Saad
    Muhammad Saad 21 kun oldin

    It’s gonna be massive

  • JOKER 69
    JOKER 69 21 kun oldin

    what a bitch she is abusing her own dad

  • Chroniclolmunchtise _
    Chroniclolmunchtise _ 21 kun oldin

    I would literally die if Gordon flipped out on her

  • Steven Camire
    Steven Camire 21 kun oldin

    woman version of her dad, awesome

  • Edy Madia
    Edy Madia 21 kun oldin

    The British version of Dora the Explorer...

  • Jasmine Joseph
    Jasmine Joseph 21 kun oldin

    The patty to bun ratio is a tad too uneven

  • Jina Abdel Massih
    Jina Abdel Massih 21 kun oldin

    What an adorable daddy, ughh I just die out of his cuteness how he is with his kids it melts my heart

  • Full Velocity
    Full Velocity 22 kun oldin

    I can’t with her accent dude

  • Farhan Mustafa
    Farhan Mustafa 22 kun oldin

    # who is Jack ?

  • Jake
    Jake 22 kun oldin

    She is so fucking anoying

  • Nguyen Minh Phuong
    Nguyen Minh Phuong 22 kun oldin

    Sorry but tasty productions version was so much better

  • Rex Celosia
    Rex Celosia 22 kun oldin

    what the heck happen ro gordon ramsay

  • Dr. Elshaimaa
    Dr. Elshaimaa 22 kun oldin


  • yangw1
    yangw1 22 kun oldin +1

    Tasty did better....

  • Vloggin' Vlogs
    Vloggin' Vlogs 22 kun oldin

    She's a wife material.

  • The-He Yabasawa
    The-He Yabasawa 22 kun oldin

    I wouldn't eat the buns after I saw all the things that happened😌

  • Bob White
    Bob White 22 kun oldin

    Who Jack?

  • PøtatøKatz Yt
    PøtatøKatz Yt 22 kun oldin

    Gordon has a daughter??? @.@

  • Jenny and Ryan
    Jenny and Ryan 22 kun oldin

    She talks about food just like her dad. It’s so sweet

  • Cyndi Nunez
    Cyndi Nunez 22 kun oldin

    I can’t even cook beans

  • tatiana
    tatiana 22 kun oldin

    Lol.. You can tell that is his favourite daughter/child. Their relationship is so warm and playful