Gordon Ramsay Helps Matilda Cook A Giant Burger

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  • SMC! 4 Lyfe
    SMC! 4 Lyfe 18 soat oldin

    "OK, it's not a great idea to rub your bun on Dad's head."
    Words of wisdom.

  • Alex Mac
    Alex Mac 23 soat oldin

    i wanna pop her thing

  • Caroline Ogbode
    Caroline Ogbode Kun oldin


  • Yash Chauhan
    Yash Chauhan Kun oldin

    1:20 is a health code violation

  • Panda Warrior13
    Panda Warrior13 Kun oldin

    Her voice is just bad now. It was like screaming before

  • Chriib
    Chriib 2 kun oldin

    To much bread in proportion to beef

  • You see what i did there

    ‘That.. looks.. amazing...’ definitely gordon’s daughter

  • Daniel Heywood
    Daniel Heywood 4 kun oldin

    Epic meal time "Hold my beer"

  • CoyoteStarCraft69
    CoyoteStarCraft69 4 kun oldin

    What happened to Ramsay's leg?

  • Ahannamus Prime
    Ahannamus Prime 5 kun oldin


  • CrazyGoatLady
    CrazyGoatLady 5 kun oldin

    I watched this with my grandniece and she just loves Matilda. She is quite a fan at 8 years of age.

  • 6 66
    6 66 6 kun oldin


  • Dark Humor
    Dark Humor 6 kun oldin +1


  • ii Alyxis
    ii Alyxis 6 kun oldin

    What are you?!

  • Meg Wieting
    Meg Wieting 7 kun oldin

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to rub your bun on dad’s head either...

  • Kym Wheare
    Kym Wheare 7 kun oldin

    Gordon you have trained your children well Grasshopper.... So much RESPECT to you All !!! :-)

  • Karim Al Shafii
    Karim Al Shafii 8 kun oldin

    I love the way Gordon teached and supported his daughter. You are a good Dad indeed!

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank 8 kun oldin

    This is wholeSOEM

  • UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms

    2:10 He used that on..Hells kitchen XD

  • UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms

    Ramsay are you okay?

  • I made you read this.
    I made you read this. 10 kun oldin

    Tilly: it's not great to rub your buns on your dad's head
    Gordon: phrasing you fuckin' donkey!

  • PensiveGaming - Minecraft and more

    i d i o t s a n d w i c h

  • NaitNait
    NaitNait 11 kun oldin

    I wonder if Gordan messed up the cutting on purpose... Such a troll xD

  • mark zuckerberg
    mark zuckerberg 13 kun oldin

    its raw in the middle

  • sweetgirl4u247
    sweetgirl4u247 14 kun oldin

    They are so cute

  • FaZe Piggy
    FaZe Piggy 14 kun oldin


  • Silent Rice
    Silent Rice 14 kun oldin

    “Always be careful with your sharp knives” please tell me someone else saw her left hand finger placement

  • Troy Panek
    Troy Panek 15 kun oldin

    Gordon looks like daniel craig

  • Vision Hawk
    Vision Hawk 15 kun oldin +1

    Jack watches 2:08
    Jack: "Why did i eat this burger?"

  • Er Jo
    Er Jo 15 kun oldin

    Love him as a dad!

  • LilYeezy Jnr
    LilYeezy Jnr 15 kun oldin +1

    Learn it young property

  • Rida Amjad
    Rida Amjad 15 kun oldin

    Ohh your daughter 💕
    My favorite chef ❣ I'm from Pakistan 😍

  • Reicel Marquez
    Reicel Marquez 16 kun oldin

    1:13 awww father and daughter moment! 😍

  • Jr Aguinaldo
    Jr Aguinaldo 16 kun oldin

    Idiot sandwich 🤣

  • lisaa
    lisaa 16 kun oldin

    *_her voice is pretty interesting..._*

  • sᴏʟᴀx ѕιкιтσ

    Let’s remember jacks favorite word **”Nice”**

  • King Doge
    King Doge 16 kun oldin

    holy shit what the fuck happened to Gordon

  • Who am I
    Who am I 16 kun oldin

    Tastes lik shit

  • Chen Yang Eng
    Chen Yang Eng 17 kun oldin


  • Inafets yaw
    Inafets yaw 17 kun oldin


  • Bayrem
    Bayrem 17 kun oldin +1

    If your watching this from another planet hit like

  • phil swift is my god !
    phil swift is my god ! 17 kun oldin

    what happened too gordons foot?

  • Dom in the house 2
    Dom in the house 2 17 kun oldin

    What happen to Gordon

  • Likeabossposs Foster
    Likeabossposs Foster 17 kun oldin

    She's just waiting for sex like it you agree

  • Likeabossposs Foster
    Likeabossposs Foster 17 kun oldin


  • Stay_Mellow Kpop
    Stay_Mellow Kpop 17 kun oldin

    I can’t even make a decent tortilla

  • Old Childhood
    Old Childhood 17 kun oldin

    Why is Gordon Ramsay on CBBC, all he ever does is swear

    AMAL THOMAS 17 kun oldin

    What happened ramsay😖😟

  • Nell Lin
    Nell Lin 18 kun oldin

    What are you?!

  • Mosx21
    Mosx21 18 kun oldin +1

    People in africa could have eaten that kid!!

  • joylove307
    joylove307 18 kun oldin

    Dad? AHAahah can't relate

  • Pun Bishal
    Pun Bishal 19 kun oldin

    What are you ?😂😂. Gordon gets owned

  • Nicky G
    Nicky G 19 kun oldin

    not very sanitary for food🤣 especially for "Gordon Ramsay"

  • Ehlin Ong
    Ehlin Ong 19 kun oldin

    what happened to gordon lmfao?

  • Ehlin Ong
    Ehlin Ong 19 kun oldin

    i can't even cook a perfect sunny side up egg....

  • Ehlin Ong
    Ehlin Ong 19 kun oldin

    lmfao she talks just like her dad 🤣🤣🤣 it's weird they sound exactly the same

  • Tam Bo Yee
    Tam Bo Yee 19 kun oldin

    What happened to Gordon leg?

  • Unknown
    Unknown 19 kun oldin

    This is how Big Mac should look like

  • August’s OFFICIAL YouTube •

    Looks Nice. Buy wayyy to much Bread for me 😂

  • CrystalPaint {TheChannel}

    Yup. I like it :)

  • Jet Lumbre
    Jet Lumbre 19 kun oldin

    What happen to Gordon feet

  • Colby Brock Imagines
    Colby Brock Imagines 19 kun oldin

    2:06 HAHA!! Oh my god

  • Eat dis
    Eat dis 19 kun oldin

    "1:11 because its so big" lmfao, ITS RAAWWW!!

  • My Nibba
    My Nibba 19 kun oldin

    That loookks disgusting

  • Klaymore Morgan
    Klaymore Morgan 19 kun oldin

    Obviously Its dry, im not gonna eat that kind of burger

  • wolfieislazy
    wolfieislazy 19 kun oldin

    "what are you"
    Lol 😂😂❤

  • Amanda Banks
    Amanda Banks 20 kun oldin

    She's so fucking adorable

  • Jades Mangaco
    Jades Mangaco 20 kun oldin

    Like father, like daughter.

  • Zamora Deborah
    Zamora Deborah 20 kun oldin

    Who is jack

  • abez
    abez 20 kun oldin

    Lmao , "What are you" "I am an idiot sandwhich"

  • No Life Soccer Fan
    No Life Soccer Fan 20 kun oldin


  • Alexandre Gaming
    Alexandre Gaming 20 kun oldin

    Jack: *NICE*

  • knee gur
    knee gur 20 kun oldin +1

    I would fuck her so good with my throbbing cock

  • CheeseRitz420 0000
    CheeseRitz420 0000 20 kun oldin

    The description is okay..

  • ka por
    ka por 20 kun oldin

    What are you haha lol

  • Ferhana Farooqi
    Ferhana Farooqi 20 kun oldin

    How to eat this:|

  • mr high
    mr high 20 kun oldin

    I dont know why my eyes burnt from the screen when she said the onion burnt her eyes

  • Thukha Shan
    Thukha Shan 20 kun oldin

    Hey..i can fry an egg too

  • Random Loli
    Random Loli 21 kun oldin

    She didn’t add the lamb sauce...

  • Little_Blue Diamond
    Little_Blue Diamond 21 kun oldin

    Who is jack?

  • OkThenKaty
    OkThenKaty 21 kun oldin

    Her dad put his crutches all near the food then put the bread all on their face that’s just gross

  • Terror Tales
    Terror Tales 21 kun oldin

    her dads gonna cook the man that tries to wife her xD

  • Kamikaze Kabir
    Kamikaze Kabir 21 kun oldin +6

    When Tilly speaks I want to cut myself

  • Cardi Nia
    Cardi Nia 21 kun oldin +1

    I know I am only young but when I am older I wang to be a really good chef, then when I have kids I can pretend to be a chef and play with my kids. That would be MY dream!

  • The problem with your logic is,

    0:08 *insert Lenny face*

  • Daniel MOO
    Daniel MOO 22 kun oldin

    Those are some thick buns

  • Trung pham
    Trung pham 22 kun oldin

    I can’t believe that Gordon Ramsay daughter

  • sambhav jain
    sambhav jain 22 kun oldin +1

    Dont eat or support beef as it is made from cow and cow is a holy and sacred animal in india and cow is also worshiped in some parts of india please say no to beef🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  • Exluder 93
    Exluder 93 23 kun oldin +1

    the f is that ...... the br3ad is to f thick

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  • Khaizer Wasi
    Khaizer Wasi 23 kun oldin

    You are so funny with daughter why not ur employees

  • Greg M
    Greg M 24 kun oldin

    I believe Gordon Ramsay is the best chef in the world :) love you and your fam Chef !! :D

  • Kara Police
    Kara Police 24 kun oldin

    "Did you just break my bun?"

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Silk Road
    Silk Road 24 kun oldin


  • Liyir Tasar
    Liyir Tasar 24 kun oldin

    Gordon fuckin loves his kids man. Peace.

  • Zafir Ishtiyaq
    Zafir Ishtiyaq 24 kun oldin

    Where's the lamb sauce

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar 24 kun oldin

    Now it's time to call Hulk...

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE 24 kun oldin

    Gordon : No i just cut it a little bit uneven there
    lmaaaooo Gordon seems a bit unesay

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE 24 kun oldin +1

    I love how Gordon just stands there and doesnt scream or swear

  • james hyde
    james hyde 25 kun oldin

    Who cares about that douchebag