$3 Ramen Vs. $79 Ramen • Japan

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  • Rashad Evans
    Rashad Evans 14 soat oldin

    happy birthday Rieeee

  • Kimberly Almendras
    Kimberly Almendras 15 soat oldin

    Im crushing on Andrew

  • bluesss 149nsss
    bluesss 149nsss 16 soat oldin +1

    I like maggie kari😁

  • Mason Russell
    Mason Russell 18 soat oldin

    who else made some ramen while watching this

  • Nazir
    Nazir 19 soat oldin

    Try to $$$$ Instant Noodles pls

  • William Volodarsky
    William Volodarsky 21 soat oldin

    fat guys should do this series

  • bk playz
    bk playz 21 soat oldin

    u want suc u pay 3 dorra dorra is dollar in a more asian way me no rasict doe me only want 3 dorra

  • ItzYoshinon [60Hz]
    ItzYoshinon [60Hz] Kun oldin

    You guys amazed with the soy sauce.... But in here... Indonesia... Almost everyday we eat something with soy sauce 😂

  • Boba Slime Studios
    Boba Slime Studios Kun oldin

    0:38 The floss is cut off... rip floss

  • bitch
    bitch Kun oldin

    Mami Rie

  • JJ X
    JJ X Kun oldin

    who else thinks rie is just a beautiful soul

  • Mark Sawyer
    Mark Sawyer Kun oldin

    Ummm... as a working class foodie, I guess my alarms go off when the camera shifts to slow motion for the $79 version... fetishize much? I'll stick with the wonderful options in my price range....

  • Beatrice Serdean
    Beatrice Serdean Kun oldin

    I don't think a bowl of ramen deserves that much

  • im not real
    im not real Kun oldin

    Ichiraku ramen in Naruto would be 10000000$

  • LavenderRose Tea
    LavenderRose Tea Kun oldin

    Not enough gold 😂

  • Mico Sta Ana
    Mico Sta Ana Kun oldin

    I don't like ramen the reason is
    * I don't know how to use chop stick *

    • LavenderRose Tea
      LavenderRose Tea Kun oldin

      It's actually pretty easy 😂 but you could use a fork i guess

  • SpirallyXD
    SpirallyXD 2 kun oldin


  • Letícia Sampaio Queiroz

    those guys made me want to visit japan so badly

  • Julian Mendoza
    Julian Mendoza 2 kun oldin

    Frenchfrie straw

  • Mufazzil Zargar
    Mufazzil Zargar 2 kun oldin

    How many Naruto fans are here?

  • Alexanders VeryOwn
    Alexanders VeryOwn 3 kun oldin

    All of these made me hungry. Ima go tomorrow and eat ramen in little tokyo now😤

  • RizenTube 8
    RizenTube 8 3 kun oldin

    Omg the thing about the fries was so true!

  • Seven Deadly Sins Escanor

    If you eat ramen while watching this, your ramen will taste unbelievably good

  • Environmental Music Collection

    "I'm gunna try the pork" lol

  • JJ Gaming
    JJ Gaming 3 kun oldin


  • Flash
    Flash 3 kun oldin

    They gay

  • Merpedy
    Merpedy 3 kun oldin +30

    who wants ramen?
    ( • - •)
    / ⊃🍜
    cost is 1 like

  • Sindy Batista
    Sindy Batista 3 kun oldin

    4:18 looks just like the anime’s 😭. It’s also so sweet that he’s been there since high school :)

  • Cheesky TORRES
    Cheesky TORRES 4 kun oldin

    They should make 50 cent brownie vs 51 cent brownie

  • SteamSteak IsAlive
    SteamSteak IsAlive 4 kun oldin


  • Brettney Smith
    Brettney Smith 4 kun oldin +1

    *I had to make some Ramen just to watch this video ugh!*

  • Edwin Sánchez
    Edwin Sánchez 4 kun oldin

    4:14 Imao, My camera man😂

  • Cindy O
    Cindy O 4 kun oldin

    I loved the first cook, he was so affable.

  • Lolz Zaxtrino
    Lolz Zaxtrino 4 kun oldin

    Eat-a-ducky-must, say it quickly

  • WhozManzIzDiz
    WhozManzIzDiz 5 kun oldin

    Why does that guy that was interviewed at suba noodle look like a villain from a chinese drama/movie? Like if you also think so.

  • Anna T
    Anna T 5 kun oldin

    i literally pay around $12 for ramen in the US wtf

  • Fiona Ladaga
    Fiona Ladaga 5 kun oldin

    Why am i watching this??? Now I'm hungry

  • Celestial Cinderella
    Celestial Cinderella 5 kun oldin

    I’ve never had ramen...
    I really want some now!!

  • Mike Hosanna
    Mike Hosanna 5 kun oldin

    ...these videos make me so hungry...

  • BADASS Gemini
    BADASS Gemini 5 kun oldin +1

    I just love JAPAN.💗

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson 6 kun oldin

    Have you done the sushi exploration yet??? I absolutely love this channel. If I were filthy rich I would pay to run these tour... Drem Big.

  • Bill Addison
    Bill Addison 6 kun oldin +1

    Best ramen in Japan is in the South, in Fukuoka for example. All that fancy stuff in the last one definitely isn't a good ramen. You want traditional ramen and focus more on the broth and how it's made. Usually from boiling a pig's head for like a week.

    ROBLOX 6 kun oldin

    You know shabu shabu that guy said means COCAINE!

  • Charmaine CHAN
    Charmaine CHAN 6 kun oldin

    i really like fried dumplings BUT I NEVER KNEW THEY WERE CALLED GYOZA 😂

  • BossUpKai
    BossUpKai 7 kun oldin

    adam is the cutest out of all of them i swear

  • Fransisca Perez
    Fransisca Perez 7 kun oldin

    Y not try cup noodles an also egg roll

  • — milkysubs
    — milkysubs 7 kun oldin +1


  • — milkysubs
    — milkysubs 7 kun oldin +1

    i guess you could say the most expensive ramen is *top ramen*

  • El Taco Diablo
    El Taco Diablo 7 kun oldin

    Didn't ramen originate after world war 2, after japan and hiroshima bomb were destroyed, and a man made ramen to feed the masses?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 7 kun oldin

    Holy sh*t it gets better the "Deeper you get" XD

  • Alpha Queen
    Alpha Queen 7 kun oldin

    Ramen! RaMeN! rAmEn...RAMEN!

  • Dark Dragon of Gaming
    Dark Dragon of Gaming 7 kun oldin

    0:36 Three part ramen harmony!! Side note: Andrew's a bass?! Dang dude

  • Mutalé Malama
    Mutalé Malama 8 kun oldin +1


  • Christine Choi
    Christine Choi 8 kun oldin

    I'm a little upset that I'm finding this video a week after getting back from Japan :(

  • RamemBoy_Dan
    RamemBoy_Dan 8 kun oldin

    Now this is my type of video

  • Garin 123
    Garin 123 8 kun oldin

    Are they gay

  • n annto.
    n annto. 8 kun oldin


  • Rikity
    Rikity 8 kun oldin

    Wait... no eggs innit anywhere?

  • Daniel Inskip
    Daniel Inskip 8 kun oldin

    Jesus, I nearly just accidentally watched a Buzzfeed video.

  • Zion Mainframe
    Zion Mainframe 8 kun oldin

    why are they soooo cleannn

  • Tech Everything
    Tech Everything 8 kun oldin

    "Not to be racist or anything but Asian people are" 3:35

  • deni sherlock
    deni sherlock 8 kun oldin +1

    You guys didn't even try Ichiran. Best Ramen in Japan

  • Davor Juretic
    Davor Juretic 8 kun oldin

    Slicing Iberian ham with such a small knife is simply funny. Cooking Iberian ham is not funny. It's a blasphemy! ha-ha

  • Ek Raksmey Somaly
    Ek Raksmey Somaly 8 kun oldin

    7:31 Adam face is so cute

    JAYASHREE CHOUDHURY 8 kun oldin +1

    Marry me Rie!

  • Kalani Ruiz
    Kalani Ruiz 8 kun oldin +1

    Rie is incredibly HOT!!!

  • Nxke
    Nxke 9 kun oldin

    the american naruto

  • Stripes Without A Tiger

    watching this drooling & eating my 20 cent ramen

  • Rinaree
    Rinaree 9 kun oldin

    W-hat is ramen ? Lmao like I’ve heard of it before but I’ve like never had it so I don’t really know what I’m missing out on.

  • black boy
    black boy 9 kun oldin

    I was smelling the Ramen

  • Dexter
    Dexter 9 kun oldin

    Where is naruto

  • DragonBacon
    DragonBacon 9 kun oldin

    I am a ramen addict

  • Gabriel Paulo Nginhena Gabita

    7:31 adam be like

  • Dennis Thiha
    Dennis Thiha 10 kun oldin

    and im here eating pasta

  • Joseph Sierra
    Joseph Sierra 10 kun oldin

    The 8 dollar ramen looks like the naruto ramen a little

    ETERNAL REST 10 kun oldin



  • Christopher Ramos
    Christopher Ramos 10 kun oldin

    This... Should be a series!

  • Dante Garcia
    Dante Garcia 10 kun oldin


  • C_Quik_
    C_Quik_ 10 kun oldin

    Anyone else realize steven is left-handed?

  • Imaginethat
    Imaginethat 11 kun oldin

    Just to feel fancy I put boiled eggs in my ramen 😭and its actually delicious

  • missSs
    missSs 11 kun oldin

    The way they describe how the food taste like is just everything!

  • CutieKatie YT
    CutieKatie YT 11 kun oldin

    We all know that Ichiraku ramen is the best ramen. I have people to support me, (Consisting of Naruto and all his Clones)

  • Yann del Fresno
    Yann del Fresno 11 kun oldin

    4:22 thats doraemon

  • Wei Wang
    Wei Wang 11 kun oldin

    China next

  • Master of puns
    Master of puns 11 kun oldin

    People who wear glasses understand this problem...

  • Patrick Luu
    Patrick Luu 12 kun oldin

    Instant noodle squad where you at?

  • Ant Clark
    Ant Clark 12 kun oldin

    no losers all good!

  • Gerald Hardy
    Gerald Hardy 12 kun oldin

    international students buy the $79 ramen

  • Logan Breit
    Logan Breit 12 kun oldin

    why the HECK NUGGETS am I watching this when I'm craving comfort food????

  • Dark Puzzle
    Dark Puzzle 12 kun oldin

    I love the last owner's voice!! 😍😍

  • AlexOfoorGang
    AlexOfoorGang 12 kun oldin

    Go to 9:56


  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin

    I ate like 72:20

  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin

    13:00 = 1am u know?

  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin


  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin

    Highlight blue

  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin

    4.10 its ok

  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin

    13.10 Ramen is 2x fatter than eating on a morning (Unhealty If you eat at night )

  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin


  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin


  • Adian Chew
    Adian Chew 12 kun oldin