Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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  • Joylandi 5-Noy, 2018
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  • Kay Gaming
    Kay Gaming 3 soat oldin

    Who else is cancer

  • Positive Strength
    Positive Strength 4 soat oldin

    I don’t like what I got for a Gemini ::

  • No videos and 10,000 subscribers

    Where r all the Taurus ♉️???

  • pxstelmilk MSP
    pxstelmilk MSP 6 soat oldin

    Oml the gemini one looks so disgusting xd

  • KGargoyle: ART!
    KGargoyle: ART! 9 soat oldin

    I agree very much with sag, aquarius, and pisces (according to the stereotype. I don't necessarily think it applies to people, but like it as a mythology and I think you translated it well.) I'm personally not a fan of the scorpio or leo one really but *shrug

  • Kimora Peoples
    Kimora Peoples 15 soat oldin

    I’m my opinion I think Leo’s dessert looked amazing 😉

  • iiTumbling Sisters
    iiTumbling Sisters 15 soat oldin

    I’m cancer but I don’t like recess.......

  • Jim _luvsU
    Jim _luvsU 15 soat oldin +2

    This is how many people are Virgos

  • Mimi Land
    Mimi Land 17 soat oldin +1

    As a capricorn AND a Hispanic just give me a couple scoops of dulce de leche ice cream and I'll be satisfied😌

  • noice
    noice 19 soat oldin

    Im a cancer and turns out i have a hella large Reese cup.

  • Fahad Zulfiqar
    Fahad Zulfiqar Kun oldin +1

    Spicy hot cocoa . Ew.

  • Cindel Melody
    Cindel Melody Kun oldin +1

    As a Scorpio I have the right to say that hot chocolate ain't a dessert 😂

  • Aldc Train
    Aldc Train Kun oldin

    Cancer check!
    Who else?

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas Kun oldin

    I am a cancer and I hate recces peanut butter cups

  • Likacute
    Likacute Kun oldin

    2019 Like
    Leo comment

  • Rosie Gold
    Rosie Gold Kun oldin +2

    July 27th
    -not a trendsetter
    -not really generous

  • Shanu Bag
    Shanu Bag Kun oldin

    I am Sagittarius but I hate apples and bananas (and the desert too 😑)

  • WolfShire
    WolfShire Kun oldin

    Who else absolutely loves the leo dessert? And who else actually is a leo?

  • Cookiiez
    Cookiiez Kun oldin

    I’m an Aquarius and I can confirm that I am experimental, the most intelligent person in my class, and..
    *_qUirKY aNd nOt lIke otHer giRls_*

  • Venkat Venkat
    Venkat Venkat 2 kun oldin

    I don't like bananas

  • Alive !
    Alive ! 2 kun oldin +1

    As an Aries I don’t approve this

    I like chocolate

  • Megan Haanstra
    Megan Haanstra 2 kun oldin

    i´m gemini but i hate coconut so no thnx

  • Chaddy Ormillo
    Chaddy Ormillo 2 kun oldin

    This is amazing an easy to prepare deserts. If youre going to host and throw a party for friends and budget friendly. I love my sign Libra you can do so much for a muffin a lot of ideas you can infuse. I love Leo though but oozing in diabetes ❤💙💚💜💛💖💋

  • Everything Emily
    Everything Emily 2 kun oldin

    Libras always get boring stuff

  • FunnySide TV
    FunnySide TV 2 kun oldin

    What! I've been eating somebody else's foods!!!! Plus I loooooove meringues ( Taurus)

  • k k
    k k 2 kun oldin

    This is soo wrong

  • Eden Alistair
    Eden Alistair 2 kun oldin +1

    HAHA BEACHES I GET THE GIANT CHOCOLATE BALL!!!!!! (See what I did there)

  • Arfa Mo
    Arfa Mo 2 kun oldin

    I am Pisces.🐬🐬🐬🐬🐳🐳🐳 and I got aquarium cookies! Matching matching.

  • Helloim apersonya
    Helloim apersonya 3 kun oldin +1

    Your right i do love vanilla and white chocollate and you guessed my favorite colors too blue and navy

  • Sunset Lover
    Sunset Lover 3 kun oldin

    Man, I’m a Pisces and my only 2 hated desserts are both used: cookies and white chocolate rip

  • sleepy kitty
    sleepy kitty 3 kun oldin

    Me: What’s with all this fruit...
    *Wheres the chocolate..*

  • kalonice St. Moss
    kalonice St. Moss 3 kun oldin +1

    I’m a Gemini
    I’m not sharing the desert recipe/actual dessert with anyone Bc it meh food.
    (Watermelon dessert pizza!)

  • *Miserable thot*
    *Miserable thot* 3 kun oldin

    Can I do libra without the rum? I'm just 14.

  • momoxsans 29
    momoxsans 29 4 kun oldin


  • ink. izzE
    ink. izzE 5 kun oldin

    5:44 NO!

  • Freya Dolch
    Freya Dolch 5 kun oldin

    Holy shit this is so accurate(for me at least) I’m a cancer and I’m literally in my bed right now eating peanut butter cups 😮😮😮

  • Laura Moonlight TM
    Laura Moonlight TM 5 kun oldin

    RIP Pisces

  • Shayla Alice
    Shayla Alice 6 kun oldin +1

    I’m a Leo ...

  • PrettyLittleMinxxx
    PrettyLittleMinxxx 6 kun oldin +1

    Wait guys I'm 21st of May any that never came up only 20th and 22nd they skipped 21st so what does that mean for me

  • Falling for Deborah
    Falling for Deborah 7 kun oldin +2

    Libra has rum in the recipe
    I'm 15
    But having alcohol in my recipe totally speaks to me because i know when I'm 21 it'll be my water 😂

  • RtestEmma :3
    RtestEmma :3 7 kun oldin

    scorpio gang were y’all @ ?

  • * paintedrainclouds *
    * paintedrainclouds * 8 kun oldin

    I’m a Libra....

  • Felma Yap
    Felma Yap 8 kun oldin

    press x to doibt

  • SnowFox 2074
    SnowFox 2074 8 kun oldin

    This is the definition of food-porn

  • YTBones
    YTBones 9 kun oldin

    I am a Gemini and I love fruit, and that almost made me nut in my pants.

  • Bee Out Of The Box
    Bee Out Of The Box 9 kun oldin

    Pisces got the worst

  • manga macha
    manga macha 9 kun oldin

    Sees her zodiac sooo simple A FREAKIN tart never eaten a tart before filled with peanut butter me never eaten peanut butter sees chocolate me like yum yum just because i as a cancer am romatic does not mean you have to base a desert solely on valentine it does not even look good especially peanut butter from wut i have heard is soo sugary really next do your research before just making valatine chocolate for your lover!!! I am romantic i agree still

  • HS L
    HS L 10 kun oldin +1

    I'm Libra, anyone else?
    Artistic, some people say I am
    Charming, not at all, I'm ugly and I have a bit autism
    Joyful, everyday is sad except when I'm finally alone

  • Brittany Nguyen
    Brittany Nguyen 12 kun oldin

    That poor kiwi lost half of itself into the trash.

  • Sparkly84
    Sparkly84 12 kun oldin

    I got these cute aquarium cookies!

  • cutie tv
    cutie tv 12 kun oldin


  • Awsome Adventures
    Awsome Adventures 13 kun oldin

    September and im virgo but that is my ideal desert

  • Rose Cupcake
    Rose Cupcake 13 kun oldin

    Of course my dessert is a cupcake. What else could it possibly be?

  • Carlos Ramses Gonzalez Bustos

    OMG Aquarius looks awesome! I love things that looks like other things!!!
    Pd: more than the half ended with bad desserts, LOL

  • Kylie Altimus
    Kylie Altimus 13 kun oldin

    I am a cancer and peanut butter cups 🥜are my favorite thing ever!! (Other than bread🥖🥖🥖

  • Lilly Gacha
    Lilly Gacha 13 kun oldin

    Im a leo, and firstly YASSS I LOVE THAT DESEERT and secondly how do you come up with these genius desserts and thirdly wouldn’t eat any of the other desserts so good job? Also how do u remove so “ carefully “ when ur a Leo lol I don’t got no time or patience for dat xD

  • Loonytunes 96
    Loonytunes 96 13 kun oldin

    Sagittarius stole my hear- I mean stomach!

  • Spoodaman
    Spoodaman 14 kun oldin

    I am a capricorn and tbh I don't like chocolate that much, dark is better. I also don't like microwaved stuff. Not true.

  • Addilynn Shae Henson
    Addilynn Shae Henson 14 kun oldin

    I would have to politely disagree with but but on the inside be disappointed that I would get fruit for desert.

  • Reagon Shoaf
    Reagon Shoaf 14 kun oldin

    I’m an Scorpio XD

  • Emily Harris
    Emily Harris 14 kun oldin

    I iz happ with my dessert...but not breakfast.. ps ima ♐️ I’m cool with deep fried DELICIOUSNESS but not 🍅🥬soft boiled egg soup 🤮

    • Emily Harris
      Emily Harris 14 kun oldin

      No seriously watch the zodiac breakfast video and you’ll see what I mean.

  • MusicalGabby
    MusicalGabby 15 kun oldin


  • Kurtandblaine_Gleek
    Kurtandblaine_Gleek 15 kun oldin

    This is wrong this should be based on your personality ...

  • Gacha_official Fox
    Gacha_official Fox 15 kun oldin

    Mines makes me feel so boring to everyone else's (mines is a choclate muffin)

  • Sofy Cool
    Sofy Cool 15 kun oldin +1

    My zodiac sign very accurate Leo ♌️ i looveeeee chocolate

  • Lilya Nur
    Lilya Nur 15 kun oldin

    im pisces i hate sugar cookies

  • Arelia Haywood
    Arelia Haywood 15 kun oldin

    Sagittarius was false ON SITE!!! I hate fried fucking apples!

  • Emery J Kolb
    Emery J Kolb 15 kun oldin

    I am Aries lucky me

  • Rita McCartt-Kordon
    Rita McCartt-Kordon 15 kun oldin

    Where can you get the recipes?? Their site? I don't DO Facebook!

  • Eloise P
    Eloise P 15 kun oldin

    I'm cancer
    But I hate peanut butter cups

  • GOogle ACCOUgt
    GOogle ACCOUgt 16 kun oldin

    Yas suckers I got a giant peanut cup, I cancer BTW

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 16 kun oldin

    I am a ♋ and that is 100% true

  • Lydia Fabela
    Lydia Fabela 16 kun oldin

    ...................all these cool ass desserts. And you give me fucking dessert spaghetti?

    screw you.

  • The lil weirdos
    The lil weirdos 16 kun oldin

    Mine is so for me ( leo)

    SILVERHD 16 kun oldin

    As a Gemini and fruit lover... This video couldn't be more right 😂😂😂

  • Sofia Trimmer
    Sofia Trimmer 16 kun oldin

    Yayyy I’m Leo ♌️

  • Georgette Thomas
    Georgette Thomas 16 kun oldin

    Chocolate Leo

  • Stephanie Sarkis
    Stephanie Sarkis 16 kun oldin

    TBH I'm a libra and I hate cupcakes and pineapple soooo could u make another

  • Laurena VX
    Laurena VX 16 kun oldin

    Arquarious and I thought mine looked disgusting and I hate strawberry

  • The Crazy Gecko
    The Crazy Gecko 16 kun oldin

    I’m a Gemini and literally the only food in my dessert that I like was the watermelon.

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 17 kun oldin

    I'm Leo and tbh I am so happy with mine ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

  • Ellie Islington
    Ellie Islington 17 kun oldin


  • Gacha TalEnny
    Gacha TalEnny 17 kun oldin

    I'm a Virgo
    Well I guess I love chocolate and cake pops.

  • Sara Anjum
    Sara Anjum 17 kun oldin

    I need to make mine when I get back to england you got mah loves right

  • Sara Anjum
    Sara Anjum 17 kun oldin

    Just saving mah time don't mind me 10:50

  • hib n
    hib n 18 kun oldin +3

    Seriously I'm a scorpio and I don't like spicy hot chocolate give me cookies.

  • •ʟɨʍɛ ċaҡɛ•
    •ʟɨʍɛ ċaҡɛ• 18 kun oldin

    Whos Gonna be a Madlad and Start Eating all The Deserts But Dosent Care if They're a Taurus or Not? :D *tHIs GaL--*

  • Syntax Error
    Syntax Error 18 kun oldin

    i knew it hahaha..

  • Snail Family Productions

    I'm Gemini......I don't like watermelon or coconuts.....gimmie my fricken chocolates!!!! >:P o.O
    EDIT: My mom's is Leo and she hates chocolate and loves watermelon, apricot, coconut and any fruits....
    I hate my life.

    • Leeloo Wheeler
      Leeloo Wheeler 18 kun oldin

      i'm a scorpio and mine was okay but i'd rather be a leo or pisces
      my mom wouldn't like her dessert either. (she's a pisces)
      first, she's gluten free
      second, she hates most fruit flavors

  • Gacha Horselover
    Gacha Horselover 18 kun oldin

    IM NOT VIRGO! i mean I dont act anything like a Virgo I act like a Agarius But im not sure which One i am

  • -sweet_tooth-
    -sweet_tooth- 18 kun oldin

    my mom is a cancer so i can approve and that is her fav food/dessert

  • Sama Ahmed
    Sama Ahmed 19 kun oldin


  • Rubi Ahmad Wijaya
    Rubi Ahmad Wijaya 19 kun oldin +4

    I'm sagitarius.
    - i love fruit
    - i love fried food
    - i love chocolate
    - i love honey
    That's my thing

  • Moony MoMo Bear
    Moony MoMo Bear 19 kun oldin

    Mine is cancer ;-;

    My grandpa died because of cancer ;-;



  • Julia DZ
    Julia DZ 19 kun oldin

    See I'm a Libra and all that desert said for me was something I wouldn't eat it's like give me chocolate

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 19 kun oldin

    Aquarius was mine! Might explain why I like the Ocean!

  • Joshua Reid
    Joshua Reid 20 kun oldin

    capicorn where are you

  • Heather Schrempf-White
    Heather Schrempf-White 20 kun oldin

    I'm a Gemini. Saw the word watermelon.
    Me: Okay. You can stop right there. No need to go any further. You have already figured out my favorite dessert.
    Continues to watch and sees the Cancer dessert.
    Me: *I take everything I just said back*
    Continues to watch and sees all the other delicious deserts.
    In all honesty, I don't think your zodiac sign gas anything to do with your food preferences. I love these dessert ideas though.

  • Manga girl
    Manga girl 20 kun oldin

    You can’t tell me what my desert sine is

  • Leah Mea Fortes
    Leah Mea Fortes 20 kun oldin

    why do scorpio have chilli flakes btw i'm a scorpio