Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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  • Anya Jones
    Anya Jones 33 daqiqa oldin

    Strawberry sundae topping
    Me: Ya mean jam
    Oh and I don't want to be Libra anymore

  • Erin Taylor-Boltonx
    Erin Taylor-Boltonx Soat oldin

    Let's be honest the leo one is the coolest 👍🌈❤️💙

  • Aaisha
    Aaisha 2 soat oldin

    Im a carpricorn and I literally do this every single time 🙈😂

  • MultiKalula
    MultiKalula 3 soat oldin +1

    I am leo

  • Gacha Dawn
    Gacha Dawn 3 soat oldin

    My zodiac is aries.
    It had plenty white wine.
    I'm 13

  • talullah gardiner
    talullah gardiner 7 soat oldin

    The deserts kinda got basic towards the end🥺

  • bree
    bree 11 soat oldin

    I'm a cancer let's just say....i hate reeses

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 12 soat oldin

    I’m a Leo but I dislike ice cream and brownies, and messy food. That was a miss for me.

  • Bleeding Ink
    Bleeding Ink 13 soat oldin

    But I don’t like hot cocoa

  • Røsé Møøñ
    Røsé Møøñ 13 soat oldin

    So I'm a Pisces.. And I've gotta say Im not dissapointed xd

  • Taylor's Daily Mistakes
    Taylor's Daily Mistakes 14 soat oldin +1

    I'm a Libra and I HATE coconut

  • Epic Sam
    Epic Sam 14 soat oldin

    OH HELL NAH! Im a saggittarius and i would never eat that. I know i might get backlash but still thats disgusting as fu.. wait forgot there might children.....sorry

  • Kpop fan For life!!
    Kpop fan For life!! 16 soat oldin +1

    I am an cancer and the dessert looks really good! 🤤🤤 to bad I’m too lazy to make it 😢

  • Viceral
    Viceral 16 soat oldin

    Pina Colada is great and all but...
    Cancer got a Giant Reece's and leo got a big brownie chocolate ball and Scorpio got HOT COCOA and Sagittarius got FRIED OREOS AND CHOCOLATE BARS AND OTHER STUFF and Capricorn got a chocolate muffin and Aquarius got ice cream and brownie and- * bursts into tears *

  • Viceral
    Viceral 16 soat oldin

    Stop it.
    I feel attacked.
    How DARE you know that I like Pina colada better then most other flavors!

  • Viceral
    Viceral 16 soat oldin

    Honestly I'd just be happy with the sugar butter mixture.
    Any other Libras like this or just me?

  • Dawn Johnson
    Dawn Johnson 18 soat oldin

    Nope. Reese cups are gross.

  • Morgan Schiller
    Morgan Schiller 18 soat oldin

    Scorpio has me dead on!

  • its your girl zai
    its your girl zai 19 soat oldin

    Me:*is Sagittarius* no wonder I'm fat I like to deep fry stuf

  • Desiree Shelton
    Desiree Shelton 19 soat oldin

    I'm a cancer and I don't like peanut butter

  • Magdalena Correa
    Magdalena Correa 20 soat oldin

    I'm a Sagittarius and mine seems very appeasing and delicious, but everything looked so much better and tastier!!

  • Addi Ward
    Addi Ward 21 soat oldin

    Me: Loves chocolate
    Me: Leo
    yumm i got the best

  • Mohacsi Sara
    Mohacsi Sara 21 soat oldin

    Im a cancer lol

  • Horizon
    Horizon 21 soat oldin

    I am Aries , but I can't have alcohol ;-;

    ELLADA BOMBER 22 soat oldin

    I'm Gemini and cancer so I might try and mix these a bit

  • Pastel Queen
    Pastel Queen 22 soat oldin

    I'm a leo and I LOVED mine!

  • Katherine Nguyen
    Katherine Nguyen 22 soat oldin

    I’m Aquarius but..

    *i dont know how to swim*


  • Cindy_Playz
    Cindy_Playz 22 soat oldin

    So im a scorpio. We get fiery chilli hot cocoa. *I dont know how i feel about that...*

  • SądîęEşţěĺļă

    Mmm, the Aries one looks really good!

  • Kasey Playz
    Kasey Playz Kun oldin

    lol nearly everyone wants to eat any dessert but their zodiac sign dessert

  • Cloudy bug!
    Cloudy bug! Kun oldin +1

    I'm a pisces and I approve on the little aquarium dessert it's very cute! 👌

  • Emma Vorasane
    Emma Vorasane Kun oldin

    Aries looked awesome

  • Glenda Chappell
    Glenda Chappell Kun oldin

    Capricorn here, never would’ve eaten that, sorry

  • Brielle Bxtch
    Brielle Bxtch Kun oldin

    Not sure how I feel about mine 🤔(Taurus)

  • Harley _Playz
    Harley _Playz Kun oldin

    Mine is libra........
    I dont like pineapples.........

  • unknown person
    unknown person Kun oldin

    I watched a lot of food videos based on your zodiac sign and I must say this the least accurate...well atleast for me.

  • fallen_star_2319
    fallen_star_2319 Kun oldin

    "Spaghetti and Meatballs Sundae" THAT IS SPAGHETTI EIS AND YOU WILL ACCEPT IT.

  • Rainbow Youtuber
    Rainbow Youtuber Kun oldin

    I LOVE THE AQUARIUS ONE (mostly because im aquarius xD)
    BUT ALSO BECAUSE ITS ICE CREAM (and i like spaghetti!)

  • Terry The dragon
    Terry The dragon Kun oldin

    As an Aquarius, that dessert looks like some shit I'd make on a hungry sleepless night....awesome!!

  • Beau Hanlon
    Beau Hanlon Kun oldin

    Im a cancer and i dont like peanut butter

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams Kun oldin

    I’m a Capricorn but I clicked on the video just cuz I wanted that magic chocolate ball and to see how u make it 😂

  • Khorriedeyhn uwu
    Khorriedeyhn uwu Kun oldin

    Aquarius'(did I spell that right? Idk and I don't care) was fucking awsome and I'm stuck here with this "aquarium cookie" shit
    (No offense to anyone who liked it, it's just not my thing)

  • Sinpai
    Sinpai Kun oldin


  • SimonSHDs
    SimonSHDs Kun oldin

    Pretty sure they made the best ones for their signs

  • sophia SM
    sophia SM Kun oldin


  • Zebra Port
    Zebra Port Kun oldin

    THIS IS SO TRUE. I am a Cancer♋ and I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter 🍫🥜 uwu

  • Newyorkercookie :/
    Newyorkercookie :/ Kun oldin

    5:24 when you a Leo ♌️🍫🍓🍒

  • Manifest Shadow1
    Manifest Shadow1 Kun oldin

    Of course mine is a giant fucking Reese's

  • yoda_jedimaster _
    yoda_jedimaster _ Kun oldin

    I identify as all of them
    (I want all of them)

  • Purple Trash
    Purple Trash Kun oldin

    I love Cancers and Leos

  • Nerd A.F.
    Nerd A.F. Kun oldin

    Notice how on 5:40, it says shutterstock on the bottom left corner

  • AshasaysDuck
    AshasaysDuck Kun oldin

    Wrong. Very wrong

  • Witch_artist /liketoactlike Levi Ackerman

    I don't like cookies.... 🤐

  • ShesAllAlone Sigh.
    ShesAllAlone Sigh. Kun oldin

    *ayo it’s aquarius here*

  • Amelia Chase
    Amelia Chase Kun oldin

    I’m so jealous of cancer lol

  • The Gassy Potato Show

    Is a Virgo

    1 doesn’t like cake pops

  • k k
    k k Kun oldin +1

    Ewww I hate fruit and sorbet this is incorrect info😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒


  • letmesleep
    letmesleep Kun oldin

    I hate hot stuff and I'm a scorpio

  • Lexi Lawson
    Lexi Lawson 2 kun oldin

    Mine( Aquarius) is the best! I love spaghetti, and ice cream so yah😁👍🏻🤘🏻

  • Kady Ryan
    Kady Ryan 2 kun oldin

    8 am Libra and I would only eat the cupcake not the icing
    I am more of a chocolate moose garl

    CREEPYPASTAFAN 04 2 kun oldin

    I'm cancer and I HATE peanut butter XD

  • Kimberly Sloan
    Kimberly Sloan 2 kun oldin

    I'm a pisces and I would not eat or crave that the chocolate covered strawberries yes or some bread pudding with icecream and drizzled bourbon sauce is more me.....

  • Rainbow Youtuber
    Rainbow Youtuber 2 kun oldin


  • Rebekah uwu
    Rebekah uwu 2 kun oldin

    You’re literally kidding, I’m a Libra and while my dessert looks good, I don’t like Piña Coladas 😭 Oh well

  • Chloe Bengtson
    Chloe Bengtson 2 kun oldin

    Yay Scorpio!
    *Chili seasoning in Hot cocoa*

  • Toco Gaming
    Toco Gaming 2 kun oldin

    Im a leo and its a dessert of everything I like

  • Addison Ivy
    Addison Ivy 2 kun oldin +1

    I am a cancer, and my favorite food is peanut butter.. THIS IS SO SPOT ON.

  • Fiona’s Gaming, Animations, And More!

    Mine looks pretty good

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 2 kun oldin

    Vid:makes a spaghetti lind of desert
    Me:I hate spagetthi

  • Konks 4life
    Konks 4life 2 kun oldin

    Not accurate at all

  • Aaliyah Williams
    Aaliyah Williams 2 kun oldin

    aries- hate fruit but LOVE pineapple

  • Gabrielle Warren
    Gabrielle Warren 2 kun oldin

    Aries ♈️ gang were we at 💗💗

  • ARMY In da house
    ARMY In da house 3 kun oldin

    -Taurus part-
    Me: yay!
    Me after seeing they used acai puree: yeah no thank you

  • Omelettlie
    Omelettlie 3 kun oldin


  • BLACKPINK in ur areaa
    BLACKPINK in ur areaa 3 kun oldin

    Any scorpios here ??!! Only me ? 😐

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 3 kun oldin

    I'm a Gemini and I:
    - Hate Coconut
    - Dislike Watermelon
    - Have never tasted Kiwi
    ...I'm not joking, it does look nice but not really my type😫😫
    TBH, I perefer chocolatey types when it comes to dessert !! ( Like the dessert for Leo.. )

  • Filthy Grape
    Filthy Grape 3 kun oldin

    We’re my cancers at

  • Uni Playz
    Uni Playz 3 kun oldin

    Libra Is Mine ♎️

    HI I'M MOLBO 3 kun oldin

    I'm a Gemini and the one for us isn't something I would prefer .-.

  • kk
    kk 3 kun oldin

    as an aquarius, i was happy till they put the strawberry on it. no chocolate? or mint?

  • Steven Vajj
    Steven Vajj 3 kun oldin

    I’m a Gemini ♊️.
    I hate fruits in general, allergic to kiwi! Dislikes watermelon I hate coconut with a passion! Gross

  • The Unicorn Horn
    The Unicorn Horn 3 kun oldin

    im a virgo and my ideal dessert is cake filled with ice cream and French Maroons On top

  • Ytirox
    Ytirox 3 kun oldin

    Me; A leo:
    I.. can't eat brownies...

  • RegalArte 14*
    RegalArte 14* 3 kun oldin +1

    I'm so disappointed in mine (scorpio)

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow Rose 3 kun oldin

    I'm a Libra and i don't like cake or Cherry's... and i mildly dislike coconut and pineapple..... nice.

  • sleepy kitty
    sleepy kitty 3 kun oldin

    *Im pretty sure I was born in the wrong month..*

  • Broken Eve
    Broken Eve 4 kun oldin +1

    Not a fan of the Taurus one

  • Ubong Ngerong
    Ubong Ngerong 4 kun oldin

    Chilli flakes
    At first I thought it was disgusting
    But I was sooo wrong it's soo good

  • tango robotics
    tango robotics 4 kun oldin

    * gets chocolate muffin*
    * looks at the three points of Capricorn*
    Hey uhh cap..
    And your saying we are workaholic? Well fuck you too ill only make that chocolate muffin without those oats aswell!

  • devotee
    devotee 4 kun oldin

    leo: *social*
    me: AHAHAHAHHAHha......

  • Lisa A
    Lisa A 4 kun oldin

    Cancer is the best dessert(full stop)

  • Chazee Cheese
    Chazee Cheese 4 kun oldin

    I’m a Libra but I’m not really into fan of sweets.

  • Anika Williams
    Anika Williams 4 kun oldin

    I’m a cancer that doesn’t like peanut butter 😒

  • 너와 나Sachichuu
    너와 나Sachichuu 4 kun oldin

    I am a Leo and that looks REALLY good!

  • Nevaeh Price
    Nevaeh Price 4 kun oldin

    Can I change from an aries to a cancer please?
    Edit: Or even better, a Leo

  • Heather Sparks
    Heather Sparks 4 kun oldin

    Also Gemini (•~•)_/ actually I would eat that cut the blueberries

  • Heather Sparks
    Heather Sparks 4 kun oldin

    I hate these kind of videos were the slap down something with a zodiac sign,I'm a Aries and i would never eat that.Scorpios looked bomb though love spicy foods and chocolate 😍

  • Emily R.
    Emily R. 4 kun oldin

    1 - *hates white chocolate*
    2 - oh look, I’m allergic to dairy
    3 - I also *hate* cake pops

  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_ 4 kun oldin

    In cancer
    I don't like peanut butter :3

  • Joseph Clancy
    Joseph Clancy 4 kun oldin

    To those who are gemini, aries, scorpio, all others.....

    I feel bad for you
    To those who are cancer.....

    can I steal your dessert