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  • Joylandi 13-Dek, 2017
  • Anti Santa Claus protesters have recently taken to the streets of Los Angeles, - reporter John Jackson investigates.
    Ian Hecox
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Sarah Whittle
    Joshua Mattingly
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ian Hecox, Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, and Ryan Finnerty
    Produced by Ryan Todd
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
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  • Vivi維維
    Vivi維維 Kun oldin

    Payday2 - Santa Workshop

  • Nothing to be seen Idc

    This is actrally somewhat of happening in holland bc st. Nicholas has a slave and people say they should get rid of him but its a legecy

  • Corrupt Angel
    Corrupt Angel 26 kun oldin

    🎶They know when you are sleeping, they know when you're awake. They know if you've been good or bad so be good for goodness sake.
    Oh, the goverment is coming to town🎶

  • Caleb Tan
    Caleb Tan 26 kun oldin

    2017 : lol I'm this is fake right ?
    2018 : oh nvm

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    And you cant spell Santa without Satan.

  • Gorillaz is my life


  • Gorillaz is my life


  • Leticia Muanda
    Leticia Muanda Oy oldin

    0:35 he said santa sacks and slud die but hes waring a santa shirt

  • KillianIsBetter ThanBae

    *What does Jesus have to do with Christmas???*

  • Michelle Cazares
    Michelle Cazares Oy oldin

    "What does Jesus have to do with Christmas?"
    As a Catholic, I'm offended by the stupidity. But I get it, it's a joke.

  • Crazy - G
    Crazy - G Oy oldin

    Oh no!!!!!

  • Vicki Gotschall
    Vicki Gotschall 2 oy oldin

    Why do I feel like people actually would do this

  • Nabranes TwistyPuzzler

    What’s a Hànickuh?

  • 2024Tegan R316
    2024Tegan R316 2 oy oldin

    They don’t get paid enough in China

  • Logan over night sensation Walke

    Great video loved it

  • Lilly Miller
    Lilly Miller 2 oy oldin

    That moment when the world is so messed up you thought the title was real

  • TheSecond ComingOof
    TheSecond ComingOof 3 oy oldin

    santa claus isn't real he is just a fairy tale

  • Jeejean Lim
    Jeejean Lim 3 oy oldin

    Plot twist: Santa is not real

  • Stefano Guerra
    Stefano Guerra 3 oy oldin

    Great social commentary

  • Charley the dancing radroach

    We dont have santa here in czech

  • Suja Pramod
    Suja Pramod 3 oy oldin

    Still miss Anthony

  • Austin Randall Vlogs
    Austin Randall Vlogs 4 oy oldin +1

    Jesus is the most important part of Christmas

  • Yoshilover321
    Yoshilover321 4 oy oldin

    1:16+. UNPAID INTERNS!

  • realsdjdjjd
    realsdjdjjd 4 oy oldin

    Lol the bank on Wilshire and Robertson, Beverly Hills, Ca I go to school at the place on that same street!

  • Emmy Aruba
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  • Yusuf's random videos

    I know this is a a parody but do they know that Santa isn't real

  • Simply Childlike
    Simply Childlike 4 oy oldin +1

    WE DONT WANT A WANT A SANTA WE DONT WANT A WANT A SANTA thank you smosh for my new outlook on life

  • Jake Henwood
    Jake Henwood 4 oy oldin +1

    Feline aids foundation?

  • Glorious Monkey Masterking

    Anti Santa... Santa.. Satan... I get why they hate Santa.

  • IDontKnowWhatToNameMyChannel


  • Jay Moroscak
    Jay Moroscak 5 oy oldin

    This video was on my birthday

    Very Unfortunate

  • Olli Hellen
    Olli Hellen 5 oy oldin

    Santa doesn't live in the north pole. He lives in the arctic circle

  • Gmngvlogs &MORE
    Gmngvlogs &MORE 5 oy oldin +1

    Antifa #2

  • A1Dari Clan
    A1Dari Clan 5 oy oldin


  • Nabeelzz
    Nabeelzz 5 oy oldin

    is this a fake protest

  • omaewa mou shindeiru nani?

    I'd let anyone celebrate hanuka with me.

  • Ryan WF
    Ryan WF 5 oy oldin

    I wonder how much Smosh's video offended people.

  • Consertino Miguel Santos


  • The Charmer
    The Charmer 5 oy oldin

    That boi ain’t real

  • The ROBLOX and vlog Margolis Chanel

    Stupid anti-Santa

  • Vsevolod KH
    Vsevolod KH 6 oy oldin

    In Ukraine Father Frost only leaves u gifts

  • Brooklyn Bullard
    Brooklyn Bullard 6 oy oldin


  • theblitz233
    theblitz233 7 oy oldin

    Mad beat you to this joke. They put Santa in jail and it was funny. Fuck off.

  • Dollarium
    Dollarium 7 oy oldin

    What does Jesus have to do with Christmas?😂😂😂

  • Bai5-32
    Bai5-32 7 oy oldin

    Lol the santa trailer thing was paused and the timer didnt work

  • Archie Walker
    Archie Walker 7 oy oldin

    lol 😂

  • Kate Patterson
    Kate Patterson 7 oy oldin

    This reminds me of smosh like four years ago

  • Hisham mahmud
    Hisham mahmud 7 oy oldin

    But im a Antisan.............

  • Vincent Meade
    Vincent Meade 7 oy oldin

    "what does Jesus has to do with CHRISTmas"

    key word CHRIST

  • Jocelyn Jadus
    Jocelyn Jadus 7 oy oldin

    but seriously tho 😂

  • Kevin Stomberg
    Kevin Stomberg 7 oy oldin

    I thought this was real befor i saw smosh and thought "ok this is a thing now"

  • hiwn192
    hiwn192 7 oy oldin

    Santa is Satan. He even watches girls shower.

  • Bi rb
    Bi rb 7 oy oldin

    santa: *circles the name sarah*
    me: whAt dId I DO?

  • Gabe Anderson
    Gabe Anderson 7 oy oldin

    2018 protest shenanigans in a nutshell

  • Aaron Hyde
    Aaron Hyde 7 oy oldin

    This is like every protest ever. Only the crazies go into the street in America.

  • pro.tect
    pro.tect 8 oy oldin

    Don’t worry b*tch the tanks and helicopters will probably be around a couple million bucks
    Also bringing them to a toy factory in China is just what you guys think Santa does but in China

  • Awall007
    Awall007 8 oy oldin

    Those drawings are so much better than any I've ever done :|

  • WitheredKey
    WitheredKey 8 oy oldin

    Their chanting is like the Fanta song!

  • PrimalPigeon
    PrimalPigeon 8 oy oldin

    legit all of the people on the Naughty List

  • TeeCan
    TeeCan 8 oy oldin


    LIAM CLUETT 8 oy oldin +1

    Is this an ANTIFA joke?

  • Mr. Miss your joke
    Mr. Miss your joke 8 oy oldin

    Where's Anthony

  • Dane Oceja
    Dane Oceja 9 oy oldin

    I thought this was legitimate

  • Matas G
    Matas G 9 oy oldin

    When you watch jake paul buy that merch

  • Noel Random
    Noel Random 9 oy oldin +1

    I thought this was by the onion

  • kaarel papsejev
    kaarel papsejev 9 oy oldin

    God damn hipsters

  • JeroenPlayzYT
    JeroenPlayzYT 9 oy oldin

    Animal cruelty the dears

  • marcus Thompson
    marcus Thompson 9 oy oldin +1

    Hey I just found thiz

  • Yo face
    Yo face 9 oy oldin

    If you rearrange the letters if Santa, you get Satan. Coincidence?! I think not!!

  • VoidMaster
    VoidMaster 10 oy oldin +1

    News flash : Santa isn't real.

  • Teo Kushnir
    Teo Kushnir 10 oy oldin

    actually, Chanukah is only for Jewish people

  • ProtoArrow
    ProtoArrow 10 oy oldin

    Next up Are Snowmen sexist?

  • MountainDew MobilePlebXx

    Why is it winter it is sunny

  • Mj Lane88
    Mj Lane88 10 oy oldin

    Not gone wrong gone bad

  • Dr. Incognito
    Dr. Incognito 10 oy oldin

    If you use captions the Operation Elf Snatch will be replaced by A Dumb Title by Ian

  • FortJuan Perez
    FortJuan Perez 10 oy oldin

    The people who Have no idea how Jesus Christ Is involved into Christmas are definitely Americans...

  • Cody The dog
    Cody The dog 10 oy oldin

    This is not ture

  • Naseem
    Naseem 10 oy oldin

    This video never got a million of views sad...

  • Dino Gt
    Dino Gt 10 oy oldin

    I swear smosh is getting better again

  • SennaCookie
    SennaCookie 10 oy oldin

    Lol, in the Netherlands there's basically a Santa that has a bunch of black workers and this stuff is basically what happens every year around the holiday

  • Like i care
    Like i care 11 oy oldin

    Why Smosh doing stuff about what people do in real life I mean they didn't make a video about what's trending and got famous for that

  • Vijdaan Siddiqui
    Vijdaan Siddiqui 11 oy oldin

    Santa also decides to be intolerant and that is also a crime! (I think)

  • Nirusu-kun
    Nirusu-kun 11 oy oldin

    this is soo real that i google if someoen already thought about it

  • Jio Avecilla
    Jio Avecilla 11 oy oldin +1

    Some of the children and hipsters always forget Jesus, while Santa p is the one who will always be remembered. C’mon guys, Santa isn’t real

  • Saguntum-Iberian-Greek Konstantinopoli

    Always fun to make fun of the stupid activists that complain for nothing

  • SndFX2
    SndFX2 11 oy oldin

    Guess they never learned the truth(your parents bought the presents and I'm not sorry for ruin your childhood.)

  • D.D.G.Gameplays
    D.D.G.Gameplays 11 oy oldin

    I wonder if Ian or Anthony ever watch there really old videos and get upset to see how shitty smosh has gotten

  • Pizza History Hardcore Hockey

    I don't know if this offends christians or Jews because wut bought HONICA

  • Ratimir Dragelj
    Ratimir Dragelj 11 oy oldin

    is this beacuse santa's slay

  • Slayer R.J.P.
    Slayer R.J.P. 11 oy oldin

    Its insulting for me.......Im christian.....why did they say jesus has nothing to do with christmas.......but still smosh is the best

  • yavuz_ege özdaş
    yavuz_ege özdaş 11 oy oldin

    this actually happend in Switzerland by the vegans

  • blank
    blank 11 oy oldin

    0:2 ha (kills self)

  • JuliaAnna Libby
    JuliaAnna Libby 11 oy oldin

    I thought it said "protesting satan" for a second XD

  • Super Tom Bros
    Super Tom Bros 11 oy oldin

    God damn millenials

  • Tirroticreeper11
    Tirroticreeper11 11 oy oldin

    Santa ain't real

  • Playboi Cactus
    Playboi Cactus 11 oy oldin

    They should have said operation elf of the self

  • Szymon Bartosiewicz
    Szymon Bartosiewicz 11 oy oldin

    More like 12 Years of Smosh.

  • kingmeme 0/50
    kingmeme 0/50 11 oy oldin +1

    I actually thought this was real.

  • Meg S
    Meg S 11 oy oldin

    Ian's eyes are so pretty 😍😍😍

  • Blood Moon Bobby
    Blood Moon Bobby 11 oy oldin