Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

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  • Sir Yeets A Lot
    Sir Yeets A Lot 9 soat oldin

    7:51 that sound....
    I've heard it before....

  • ghostoftime1
    ghostoftime1 10 soat oldin

    McCree is a legit badass.

  • MarcoM Falla
    MarcoM Falla 15 soat oldin


  • MarcoM Falla
    MarcoM Falla 15 soat oldin


  • Kailey Nichols
    Kailey Nichols 17 soat oldin

    I like how bob had a frickin Sign to fight with

  • IkerUs
    IkerUs 21 soat oldin

    they need a zen short

  • Mike Schuurbiers
    Mike Schuurbiers 22 soat oldin

    I want them to add like a duo of characters that you can kind of swap between that would be awesome. Like seeing the second character having the first one's back or something.

  • Student Danny Ho
    Student Danny Ho 23 soat oldin

    *You've never been one to shy away from a good tip*

  • Uh OK
    Uh OK 23 soat oldin

    *B O B D O S O M E T H I N G*

  • Raven Bearden
    Raven Bearden 23 soat oldin

    He's the most badass cowboy in the history of the wild wild west

    IFI PLAY Kun oldin

    Mcmeme > mcree

  • xavier time Li
    xavier time Li Kun oldin

    it's athena

  • xavier time Li
    xavier time Li Kun oldin

    I like bob

  • Roy Mustang
    Roy Mustang Kun oldin


  • junior frança
    junior frança Kun oldin

    quase a mesma personalidade do personagem Lobo da DC.

  • Maverick143
    Maverick143 Kun oldin

    The song in the beginning is pale rider if anyone was curious.

  • Ternedo
    Ternedo Kun oldin

    New champ?

  • ScrewMyOpinions
    ScrewMyOpinions Kun oldin

    Are we just gonna ignore how clean McCree’s bear looks.

  • James Sweeney
    James Sweeney Kun oldin +1

    oH yEaH YeAh

  • Aren Sereathy
    Aren Sereathy Kun oldin

    When you hear "The Trio" start playing. 4:18

  • Orange Juicey
    Orange Juicey Kun oldin

    he didnt say "its high noon"..

  • Fana Fauna
    Fana Fauna 2 kun oldin +2

    Hopefully that new character is a healer when they add her.😍

  • Marty Mcmarty
    Marty Mcmarty 2 kun oldin +2

    That is one of the best looking apple pies I’ve ever seen.

  • Spoorky
    Spoorky 2 kun oldin +1

    His voice is way to soothing

  • Ingthor Valdimarsson
    Ingthor Valdimarsson 2 kun oldin

    Jeff we need scatter arrows back insted of storm arrow

  • Hải Bùi
    Hải Bùi 2 kun oldin

    yasua + graves

  • Mechuli Al
    Mechuli Al 2 kun oldin


  • The ProINFINIT
    The ProINFINIT 2 kun oldin

    I dont understand the last part

  • Beduffel 1337
    Beduffel 1337 2 kun oldin


  • Cass •-•
    Cass •-• 2 kun oldin

    Why can’t it be high noon?

  • Cullen DuVal
    Cullen DuVal 2 kun oldin +1

    McCree: We’re getting the gang back together.
    Me: 3 2 1 let’s jam *tank plays*

  • Mattyderf Ish
    Mattyderf Ish 2 kun oldin

    4:39 you know what time it is~

  • Salty_ Lemonade
    Salty_ Lemonade 2 kun oldin



  • Valentine Cresent
    Valentine Cresent 2 kun oldin

    Rdr2 Arthur anyone?

  • Nick Batutay
    Nick Batutay 2 kun oldin

    Jesus Christ,not only did you toss out a grenade,tie her up in an unmanned ground vehicle,leading to who knows what,and not only that,YOU TOOK HER MOTORBIKE

  • Ryu primeus
    Ryu primeus 2 kun oldin


  • helmut helmlos
    helmut helmlos 2 kun oldin

    Bob is the best

  • Chaos Toys
    Chaos Toys 2 kun oldin

    Has anyone scanned the QR code at 0:26

    GAME OWER 2 kun oldin

    ASHE ! ASHE !
    Me:reporting and writing swearing on reason

  • JasonNation
    JasonNation 3 kun oldin

    I want Mcree's robot arm

  • CoSmeN
    CoSmeN 3 kun oldin

    ohh yeah oh yeah

  • Whirlwound
    Whirlwound 3 kun oldin

    Ironic how I'm seeing this just as Matt decides he's growing a beard.

    BACON BROS 3 kun oldin

    6:20 30th hero confirmed

  • Habil ZAS
    Habil ZAS 3 kun oldin


    maybe i'll be tracer

  • Toby Louis
    Toby Louis 3 kun oldin +1

    Overwatch could easily Sue fortnite for a copied skin, the spider girl (I forgot the name) IS literally widowmaker but with less showing of cleavage. Honestly overwatch, they copied you!!

  • Alex Sandulyak
    Alex Sandulyak 3 kun oldin +1

    yo this was very interesting to fan of overwatch like me

  • ali Altmeme
    ali Altmeme 3 kun oldin +1

    4:43 Adapted from film ""Ready player one""

  • Jackerler
    Jackerler 3 kun oldin

    Notice how the only ones to actually get shot by bullets are omnics and not humans. This also goes for all of the cinematics

  • Dan GleeSack
    Dan GleeSack 3 kun oldin

    Incredible attention to detail

  • Marty Mcmarty
    Marty Mcmarty 4 kun oldin +1


  • glen coco
    glen coco 4 kun oldin

    yall!!! the way they portrayed that high noon SIKE

  • Kick Troidz
    Kick Troidz 4 kun oldin

    2:38 Thats not Ashe thats Miss Fortune

    PØÏSØN PÄWN 4 kun oldin +1

    Mcree Vs Arthur Morgan

    Which is the best character for you guys?

  • Cugar_Hunter_64
    Cugar_Hunter_64 4 kun oldin

    Who's the owner of that shop though?

  • Forsaken
    Forsaken 4 kun oldin +5

    Blizzard should honestly make a movie. I would be so entertained.

  • PavarottiAardvark
    PavarottiAardvark 4 kun oldin +179

    "What is it?" - "That's none of your business"
    "How long have I been gone?" - "Far too long"
    "What happened?" - "Well, that's a story from another time"
    "What are you going to do?" - I've got some business to attend to"

    • Xbox game clips
      Xbox game clips 7 soat oldin

      Mr GOAT you know this is an introduction right?

    • Mr GOAT
      Mr GOAT 3 kun oldin +5

      Blizzard fans say this is Epic writing.... the story is pretty basic so far...

    • Anonymous Shark
      Anonymous Shark 3 kun oldin +14

      Why did you try to solo the tank even though they were backed by 3 DPS?
      “Well, that’s a story for another time”

  • Daniel B-D
    Daniel B-D 4 kun oldin


  • GhostiSoda
    GhostiSoda 4 kun oldin

    It took me three years to realize that McCree has hazel eyes

  • honeii mustardd
    honeii mustardd 4 kun oldin

    I already chose mcree

    GLADOS 4 kun oldin +2

    Mcree: I through the grenade and i said

  • Danny Hutton
    Danny Hutton 5 kun oldin +1

    Make a new that

  • Danny Hutton
    Danny Hutton 5 kun oldin +1

    Nerf farrah

  • Carsan M.
    Carsan M. 5 kun oldin +1

    I don't play the game as much but that was badass

  • wademusic
    wademusic 5 kun oldin +1

    great vid keep playing overwatch

  • Infinite Shots
    Infinite Shots 5 kun oldin

    Who’s the robot?

  • Dana _Cat_Love
    Dana _Cat_Love 5 kun oldin


  • Random Ryan
    Random Ryan 6 kun oldin +1


  • Xbx xbx
    Xbx xbx 6 kun oldin

    Is Mercy in the end???

  • Иван Миловидов

    Who do not know, the actor that voiced McCree also voiced Jotaro Kujo (from JoJo)

  • Quaffy _
    Quaffy _ 6 kun oldin

    *I WanNA bE A cOwBOy bABy*

  • Spud
    Spud 6 kun oldin

    Erm... It's 12 o'clock I guess...

  • Craig_ 69
    Craig_ 69 6 kun oldin

    The real question is

    Why does the fork have 3 spikes at the beginning? 😏

  • hunter brand
    hunter brand 6 kun oldin

    Can you release a OST for this?

  • Animan
    Animan 6 kun oldin

    Ashe was trying to stop McCree from opening that loot crate

  • Cookie Unicorn
    Cookie Unicorn 6 kun oldin

    sAy hI tO zE mOnKeY fOr meH
    scientist, whatever

  • Touka chan
    Touka chan 6 kun oldin +1

    loook there is a picture in mcree's bike they probably slept once

  • Amani Njeru
    Amani Njeru 6 kun oldin


  • YourAverageManiac
    YourAverageManiac 6 kun oldin

    Bob is the best ultimate design. ROBOT WITH A MUSTACHE

  • TheDiamondRose
    TheDiamondRose 6 kun oldin

    Just noticed that they started to fight at legit "High noon". Look at 4:40 and It turns 12. Wtf are these details LUL

  • mrboydell
    mrboydell 6 kun oldin +1

    Anyone else notice how ashes name is written as an acronym on her bike keys, perhaps her real name isn’t Ashe and she’s an Android Synthetic Human Electron (best I could come up with)

  • Jonathan Salvador
    Jonathan Salvador 6 kun oldin +1

    Is that Jotaro? 2:04

  • Jennie Ekstein
    Jennie Ekstein 7 kun oldin

    love at first sight 1:42

  • chase_vevo
    chase_vevo 7 kun oldin

    1:17 gotta get that juul buzz

  • Sean Kasion
    Sean Kasion 7 kun oldin

    She got lewded so fast😂😂😂

  • theprinceof nigeria
    theprinceof nigeria 7 kun oldin

    Arthur Morgan

  • Preston Strom
    Preston Strom 7 kun oldin

    The fastest draw in the west

  • Aly Badry
    Aly Badry 7 kun oldin

    I just noticed that Echo is from the vishkar cooperation due to that symbol on her head and that her face is made of hard light

  • furry
    furry 7 kun oldin


  • DaniDani8Gamer TM
    DaniDani8Gamer TM 8 kun oldin

    Ur mom 🌈
    No u

  • Christian Häcker
    Christian Häcker 8 kun oldin

    F*ck yeah

  • Edenian Pie
    Edenian Pie 8 kun oldin

    Please make a Moira short next! 😫😻💞

  • Necrosis the Fucking Lemon

    I’m always gonna ship these two. No matter what.

  • Andrew Clyburn
    Andrew Clyburn 8 kun oldin

    I wish you guys would finish making shorts for the current OW characters rather than creating one for new champs like you had with Ashe and Sombra when they release. I need a 10 minute Symetra short, please.

  • Loansome
    Loansome 8 kun oldin

    Personally I like the design of Athena but kinda wish that instead of a holographic face that it was just a faceplate with a logo on it or something, similar to the original design. The face is super uncanny and does not fit at all with the rest of the design

  • MrZack202
    MrZack202 8 kun oldin +1

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly, he got Ashe's bacc

  • Jokerman _158
    Jokerman _158 8 kun oldin

    Tbh it would’ve been funnier if junkrat and roadhog were sitting on a cliff watching, and junkrat would say to roadhog “y’know all these bullets are depressing, eh mate?” And then he’d throw a grenade at Ashe.

  • Ricardo Ruiz
    Ricardo Ruiz 8 kun oldin

    This is honestly a beast short

  • alec christiaen
    alec christiaen 8 kun oldin

    4:41 guys, my watch broke. what time is it?

    • alec christiaen
      alec christiaen 8 kun oldin

      also, they made this ...echo? to be the interesting omnic of the video, but let's be honest: bob is so much cooler.

  • SolarBlaze
    SolarBlaze 8 kun oldin

    Why does nobody attend to the diner? Are all the staff just procrastinating behind those doors??