Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

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  • TheShriveledOne
    TheShriveledOne Soat oldin

    Whiny Ashe

  • Alexa Nathania Tanzil


  • F.B.I.
    F.B.I. 2 soat oldin

    The Name’s *MCREEEEEE!*

  • Justin Y's Stand
    Justin Y's Stand 2 soat oldin

    Bob should have been mc

  • Derpiket
    Derpiket 3 soat oldin

    I though Arthur was the main character for Red Dead 2

  • Voltsu ZX
    Voltsu ZX 4 soat oldin

    Is the song that plays at 0:14 a real song? If so, does anyone know where I can find it?

  • Hidden Warthog
    Hidden Warthog 4 soat oldin

    A lot of people are like “why does it do more damage when it’s aimed, it makes no sense”, well you see she doesn’t have an Aimer on her gun when she’s hip fire making the bullets more quick than damaging. When you go to aim, Ashe has a button she hold on the left side of the barrel while she’s aiming which brings up the sight and activates the guns more concentrated bullet firing mode.

    SASQUATCH 101 5 soat oldin


  • Charlie Rowntree
    Charlie Rowntree 5 soat oldin

    Well we know why he lost his arm now

    • FN Danmark
      FN Danmark 4 soat oldin

      Charlie Rowntree No we don’t.

  • XShock
    XShock 6 soat oldin

    Apple pie...doesn't do that..
    it be lookin' like hecking minecraft pixels all up in here.

  • BlueSquad
    BlueSquad 6 soat oldin


  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 6 soat oldin

    4:50 ELIMINATED: rope
    4:53 ELIMINATED: white shirt boi
    5:01 ELIMINATED: sniper boi
    5:09 ELIMINATED: ROUTE 66 sign
    5:22 ELIMINATED: cigar
    5:27 ELIMINATED: sniper boi 2
    5:43 ELIMINATED: a bunch of bois

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 7 soat oldin +1

    *like this plz*

  • 营养跟不上 不行了


  • pimpdadyswag
    pimpdadyswag 9 soat oldin

    Overwatch is trash but great animated shorts

  • sinnner6
    sinnner6 9 soat oldin

    all am hearing is Sombra with an accent

  • Wokie's Hightlights
    Wokie's Hightlights 10 soat oldin

    Hanzo x Mcreee has been ruined

  • Dethskullk
    Dethskullk 10 soat oldin

    I loved Overwatch for awhile but the lore reveal is so slow I'm just gonna wait 10 years and come back and watch all these later lol

  • C3NTR1A
    C3NTR1A 11 soat oldin +1

    "Im already tracer"

  • xxsnowyxx 13
    xxsnowyxx 13 11 soat oldin

    It's high noon somewhere

  • krio village
    krio village 11 soat oldin

    7:50 ehem mr blizzard that sound belong to us tf2 the disciplinary action

  • Paul Naut
    Paul Naut 11 soat oldin


  • Sanjay Das
    Sanjay Das 11 soat oldin

    Never played Overwatch but I wanted him to ride a cyborg horse

  • xXM4v3r1ckXx
    xXM4v3r1ckXx 11 soat oldin

    I didn't know Graves meets a cowgirl Ashe ( LoL ) and a cowboy Bard

  • Ewan Steele
    Ewan Steele 12 soat oldin


  • Explosive Hurricane
    Explosive Hurricane 12 soat oldin

    Wow the southern accents were so bad

  • ilhan buke
    ilhan buke 12 soat oldin

    Ashe is a semi-one woman army

  • Zerg Helper
    Zerg Helper 12 soat oldin


  • Benjamin Ashton
    Benjamin Ashton 12 soat oldin

    We need an Overwatch movie like NOW!

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee 12 soat oldin


  • Sneezel the Weasel
    Sneezel the Weasel 13 soat oldin

    *M C R E E E E E E*

  • Fdd6ret
    Fdd6ret 14 soat oldin

    Red dead redemption 3

  • Scarfeather
    Scarfeather 14 soat oldin

    I already chose McCree

  • Outghost
    Outghost 15 soat oldin +1

    *Send B.O.B.S*

  • The common Skrublord
    The common Skrublord 15 soat oldin


  • DerMonsterHase
    DerMonsterHase 16 soat oldin


  • : :
    : : 17 soat oldin

    • 0% Accuracy
    • Killed by Mc.Cree

  • Angel Kitteh
    Angel Kitteh 17 soat oldin

    Press F to pay the apple pie some respekt.

  • Heavyoak
    Heavyoak 18 soat oldin


  • Woof Shaman
    Woof Shaman 19 soat oldin +1

    SMRDIS !!!!

  • uchiha itachi
    uchiha itachi 19 soat oldin

    Im not crying,no one is

  • MoonHalo
    MoonHalo 19 soat oldin

    Homie lost the HighGround

  • Frozen Lyoko
    Frozen Lyoko 19 soat oldin


  • Properlygo gaming
    Properlygo gaming 19 soat oldin

    Is that ATHENA?!

  • Alex Mocanu
    Alex Mocanu 19 soat oldin

    Ugh, blizzard make this a show already

  • Frost LordGaming
    Frost LordGaming 19 soat oldin

    Red Dead Redemption Fan:Use your Dead Eye Dood

  • Boi Swack
    Boi Swack 20 soat oldin

    West Virginia country mama

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone 21 soat oldin

    I'm just waiting for Mercy's :/

  • Dogbone
    Dogbone 23 soat oldin

    Why does the robot have the overwatch sameface

  • Alpha Stoutland
    Alpha Stoutland 23 soat oldin

    Dude McCree has so much swag. 😁

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran Kun oldin

    5:39 I thought she about to say oh ship

  • Prévost Nicolas
    Prévost Nicolas Kun oldin

    4:40 it's high noon😂

  • milk
    milk Kun oldin

    yo is echo going to be a new support hero
    if so, im gonna be rlly stoked

  • Calvin Flameboy
    Calvin Flameboy Kun oldin

    Yay another new character coming up!!!!

  • Kiki Basco
    Kiki Basco Kun oldin

    this looks like one of the defalt fortnite skins but with baggy eyes

  • Strixii
    Strixii Kun oldin

    Maybe I'll be Tracer

  • The Madrummer
    The Madrummer Kun oldin

    Is it just me, or did that bandit sound like Boomstick?

  • gundamzing
    gundamzing Kun oldin

    Just in time for Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Mlady SkyWolffe
    Mlady SkyWolffe Kun oldin


  • Mr. RockPie
    Mr. RockPie Kun oldin

    McCrea Is savage

  • Jon Gorostiaga
    Jon Gorostiaga Kun oldin

    Which hero do you think is going to appear in the next animated short?

  • Psycho Panda
    Psycho Panda Kun oldin

    "Got some business to attend to...."

    Proceeds to finish uneaten apple pie

  • JdsVidss
    JdsVidss Kun oldin


  • FearDaBush TV
    FearDaBush TV Kun oldin

    New hero?????

  • Insta-locking Hanzo For Dayz

    The apple pie graphics took 99% of my CPU up.

  • htuy42
    htuy42 Kun oldin

    they gave graves back his cigar

  • Dunky Stunky Funky Barnes

    Red Dead Redemption 2 looks good

  • UGkMultiplayer
    UGkMultiplayer Kun oldin

    You’ve never been one to shy away from a good tip😂😂😂 bruh

  • Zabe Hassan
    Zabe Hassan Kun oldin

    Okay does anyone else think Ashe screaming McCree should be a voiceline.

  • Nikodem Kowalik
    Nikodem Kowalik Kun oldin

    Ash looks like someone from paladins

  • Leonel Sosa
    Leonel Sosa Kun oldin

    would that woman at the end happen to be Winston's AI friend at the end? the one that voices over all the matches? either way, that character design is some of the best i have ever seen, so sharp so sleek, and so Streamlined. Such a clean looking character dude!

  • Carlos Pezente
    Carlos Pezente Kun oldin

    I felt bad for Bob at the end he doesn't look like a bad guy to me

  • Nick Lastnamelol
    Nick Lastnamelol Kun oldin

    Rockstar Games wants to know your location


    ne esta mejor el fonite o el maincra

  • punchparty400 jack love

    Bridge blows up and train falls into a pit
    Mcree does nothing

  • Kim Yoosung
    Kim Yoosung Kun oldin +1

    I love the animation and well, EVERYTHING

  • The Mirai
    The Mirai Kun oldin

    Quick question is OW still worth playing or is the player base dead ?

  • YEMZ
    YEMZ Kun oldin

    did Blizzard just low-key announce three new characters?

  • Diego Shinoda
    Diego Shinoda Kun oldin


  • Shahzed
    Shahzed Kun oldin +1

    graves 2.0

  • DEM_KNEES_72
    DEM_KNEES_72 Kun oldin

    Finally, a good Cinematic! This is what we need, a outlaw fighting a gang, good ol' Western style. Definitely better than a gamer gremlin flying her toy mech and shooting robots.

  • 92edoy
    92edoy Kun oldin

    1:49 the tattoo on the guy's arm.... I see what you did there Blizzard

  • TheBlind 2001
    TheBlind 2001 Kun oldin


  • Stingra87
    Stingra87 Kun oldin

    I'm a fan of Jennifer Hale, but she's never been able to pull of a Southern accent without it sounding extremely forced and over the top. As someone from the Southern United States, it's just not really all that well done. She's harsh on the drawls. I first noticed how bad she is at said accent in Gears of War 3 as the STranded camp leader. I think you guys could have gotten someone else to do the voice, maybe Ali Hillis? She voiced Dr. Hanson in Starcraft II and did a pretty good Texan accent so she might have been a better pick.

  • Hendrik Enno
    Hendrik Enno Kun oldin


  • spookers
    spookers Kun oldin

    This is why i main McCree.

  • Joke De Vries
    Joke De Vries Kun oldin

    4:25 default skin

  • aki bono
    aki bono Kun oldin +2

    ashe and bob have the same energy of yzma and kronk

  • teoriak 333
    teoriak 333 Kun oldin

    Apple pie: the movie

  • Kang Yena
    Kang Yena Kun oldin

    오... 한국 맥크리는 좀더 느끼한 느낌이고 원어는 담백하네

  • Goundz
    Goundz Kun oldin +1

    I’d have to say the start had amazing atmosphere

  • Tsang Gordon
    Tsang Gordon Kun oldin

    Ah i am proud to be a mccree main

  • Mr. Mac Goo
    Mr. Mac Goo Kun oldin

    Arthur morgan looks good

  • Jack Octagon
    Jack Octagon Kun oldin +1


  • Ashnion The Salty
    Ashnion The Salty Kun oldin

    I think they should’ve released these shorts earlier, most of the players have already lost interests.

  • Skitsniga
    Skitsniga Kun oldin

    remove the gun

  • Scoot Scoot
    Scoot Scoot Kun oldin

    I wanna be tracer

  • You don’t Know me

    What is that pie

  • sup3rskrull
    sup3rskrull Kun oldin

    McCree or Dante? Hmm.. that's a tough one

  • SconScers1234
    SconScers1234 Kun oldin

    Next is the animation short for lucio or mercy