Binging with Babish: Il Timpano from Big Night

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  • Joylandi 20-Fev, 2016
  • Is this laborious, old-school Italian showstopper just a fat, kinky lasagna? Or is there something more, good enough to make stage and film actor Ian Holm want to kill you?
    Methods adapted from The Food Lab, David Lebovitz, and America's Test Kitchen.
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  • HordiqHordiq

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    RAMPAGEGAGE 13 soat oldin

    "Episode 2 in my little series..." 2 years later

  • Gennaro Turco
    Gennaro Turco 2 kun oldin

    Great video, great recipe, great movie! GREAT! 👍

  • Mersad/ Mike K
    Mersad/ Mike K 2 kun oldin

    unbelieveable...ur a great chef

  • The Young Christian
    The Young Christian 2 kun oldin

    Made this with my Italian Mother, its a new tradition for us!

  • M.L.
    M.L. 3 kun oldin

    just use premade pasta and spare half 2/3 of the time :D

  • MadamWolfGaming V
    MadamWolfGaming V 4 kun oldin +1

    Imagine you waking up in at 4 am and you see your husband making food.
    "What the fick are you doing up making food!?"

  • Cheta Fur
    Cheta Fur 4 kun oldin

    If you eat all of this you will die from carb poisoning

  • travis mcpherson
    travis mcpherson 6 kun oldin

    He is using 15oz of flour is he measuring by weight or volume and what is it in cups of flour

  • Monarch Of Memes
    Monarch Of Memes 6 kun oldin

    You called yourself oliver Babish, NO! its been too long

  • Synkkä Maan
    Synkkä Maan 6 kun oldin

    Please add the sauce recipe from the start of the video to the recipe text on your website, grand-merci.

  • The Immortalm0nk3y
    The Immortalm0nk3y 8 kun oldin

    I work nights and I can confirm we all get silly and confused like that in the early hours 😂

  • Joseph Madder
    Joseph Madder 9 kun oldin

    Kinda looked like a cult meeting but whatever

  • Paigekins
    Paigekins 10 kun oldin

    2:43 HAIR

  • Bender
    Bender 10 kun oldin

    7:37 Babish with hair

  • John Bena
    John Bena 11 kun oldin

    Lolol binging with babish so retardo😗

    BROOKLYN 11 kun oldin


  • Erik Moe
    Erik Moe 14 kun oldin

    "Secret recipe." Bich you can see everything inside.

  • lTabby Squidl
    lTabby Squidl 14 kun oldin

    Stop at 2:43 you used to have a hair babish

  • Vyrus
    Vyrus 15 kun oldin

    Oh my god he had hair o.O

  • ANGEL.
    ANGEL. 16 kun oldin

    Oh wow he's got hair on his head o.o wooooow..... wooooow

  • Yellowlover94
    Yellowlover94 16 kun oldin

    You've kinda turned into, just another bougie youtube cook... Your content losing its approachability, charisma & originality... Just a observation loved the middle with the singing though

  • Kamryn Morgan
    Kamryn Morgan 16 kun oldin

    When you just learned that his name is oliver

  • Samuel Langweil
    Samuel Langweil 17 kun oldin

    I just noticed as a guy watching Babish in the future.... was he married ala wearing a wedding ring?

  • Joy K
    Joy K 18 kun oldin

    Midnight In Paris, one of the best movies ever.

  • Sami Jo
    Sami Jo 19 kun oldin

    Dear God I already ate but this is making me hungry

  • Andrej Vojvodic
    Andrej Vojvodic 19 kun oldin

    Okay. I have been watching these videos for 3.5 hours straight. It is 3.34 A.M. i never cooked anything. I do not even eat that much. I have a test tomorow. But im sure this is a well spent time

  • MXRG ۶
    MXRG ۶ 19 kun oldin

    “Would you believe it? Up at 4:30am making *PASTA!* “

  • iko grace
    iko grace 20 kun oldin

    Is no one gonna talk about that one guy who can't clap?

  • RatBoi
    RatBoi 20 kun oldin

    this was episode 2? damn andrew

  • Lord of Deathcore
    Lord of Deathcore 21 kun oldin

    “Oliver Babish”

  • Faggotboi
    Faggotboi 23 kun oldin

    Is that soup Nazi?

  • Leelu Pendragon
    Leelu Pendragon 23 kun oldin

    This was the first video of your that I watched. It would be cool to see you put your own yummier spin on it

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 24 kun oldin

    Who thumbs downed this?? Awesome video, awesome host, just awesome.

  • Teagan Sailor
    Teagan Sailor 24 kun oldin

    Babish has truly come so far...

  • Nicholas Simmonds
    Nicholas Simmonds 24 kun oldin

    This man needs to post more videos he cant keep up with my binging

  • Mike Petree
    Mike Petree 25 kun oldin

    Well, was it good?

  • NZXEagle
    NZXEagle 26 kun oldin

    Oh shit
    He has hair here

  • Green Hoodie Guy
    Green Hoodie Guy 27 kun oldin

    I gotta stop watching these before I’ve had breakfast

  • Lukas Kvistgaard
    Lukas Kvistgaard 27 kun oldin

    OMG HE HAD HAIR 2:43

  • Jocelyn Rosa
    Jocelyn Rosa 29 kun oldin

    Damn. I got tears from that reveal, and like you said it’s a bunch of culinary skills in one.
    The more i watch your videos the more intrigued i am by this decision to become a chef.

  • Tabatha Feucht
    Tabatha Feucht Oy oldin

    Wait, wait, hold up! Did Babish have hair!!!! 😱🤭😵

  • L
    L Oy oldin

    Your dinner guests are scary. Like a cult watching an initiation :/

  • John Zelewsky
    John Zelewsky Oy oldin

    That is a work of art. I am sure it was amazing!!

  • Mark Brandt
    Mark Brandt Oy oldin

    Babish with hair is freaky

  • I_Georgie Quest_I

    I love this video babbie with hair. 7:36

  • Sandullos
    Sandullos Oy oldin

    When the Tycho track dropped, I knew that this was a perfect video. ❤️

  • Dillon Williams
    Dillon Williams Oy oldin

    “Would you believe it, I’m up till 4 am making... PASTA!”

  • William Driver
    William Driver Oy oldin

    Man I was gonna say, I’m a huge fan of lasagna and when you were putting this beast together I was so excited.

  • Dominic Trybus
    Dominic Trybus Oy oldin

    Little Babish voice so high so cute

  • ACEsyko
    ACEsyko Oy oldin +2

    This is on my food bucket list

  • wankydoodle
    wankydoodle Oy oldin

    Up until 4:30 making PASTA!"

  • Bill Nguyen
    Bill Nguyen Oy oldin

    The voice so different....

  • G Swinney
    G Swinney Oy oldin

    this is absolute filth.
    i love it.

  • Miss Weirdo
    Miss Weirdo Oy oldin

    I am unnerved with how babish's voice is like an octave or two higher and how... uncomfortable... he is with cooking compared how he's so comfortable with cooking now

  • bloo :P
    bloo :P Oy oldin


  • imanasaurus rex
    imanasaurus rex Oy oldin

    I like tired slap happy babish.

  • Eric Kennedy
    Eric Kennedy Oy oldin

    @ 7:37 you can spot a haired Babbish in its natural habitat.

  • Mary Daile Delatado

    Would be great if david made this

  • SqueezleMcCheezle

    7:35 OMG He had hair

  • Jacob Reyes
    Jacob Reyes Oy oldin

    7:36 oh my God you had hair?! 😧

  • Keon Fernandes
    Keon Fernandes Oy oldin

    7:36 pause and you can see what Andrew looked like with hair.

  • Matt Wilson
    Matt Wilson Oy oldin

    The music in the background pisses me off its the same fucking thing every time

  • pritom saikia
    pritom saikia Oy oldin +2

    I miss this beginning music.

  • Asgtitisdi
    Asgtitisdi Oy oldin

    “Would you believe it!? Up to four thirty makin PAsta!”

  • Chelsea Nikki
    Chelsea Nikki Oy oldin +3

    That was beautiful. I've never felt so intimidated by an Italian dish. I have to accept this challenge.

  • rat
    rat Oy oldin

    what was the other music?

  • Official Seraphym

    the dinner guest saying "oh yeah" sounds like dan from game grumps

  • Lucas Schelstraete
    Lucas Schelstraete Oy oldin +7

    I'm actually impressed he made a FRICKING TIMPANO FOR HIS SECOND VIDEO ON A NEW SERIES

  • Comical
    Comical Oy oldin +1

    I know you said otherwise, but it's basically a glorified lasagne.

  • dsk Ztar
    dsk Ztar Oy oldin

    what kind of whiskey you drink sir :) ?

  • tompatompsson
    tompatompsson Oy oldin

    Watching after eating way to much food, still gets hungry

  • Giuseppe Cappuccio
    Giuseppe Cappuccio Oy oldin +1

    Man I'm Italian and it is not Timbano but “Timballo” good recipie but very far from the italian one

    • MrMowky
      MrMowky Oy oldin

      what's the real one?

  • DBZabridged22TM
    DBZabridged22TM Oy oldin +1

    does it have to be Italian bread?

  • Yugo Asniningpura

    7.49 he can do magic to, summon his friend by snap his finger.

  • Scottish Enshightenment

    So this is Mediterranean diet I heard so much about. Good stuff

    DROID SLAYER 99 Oy oldin

    Alright so after two vids he was inactive for three years and then he was inactive again for 6 years

  • Dinetzle Plays
    Dinetzle Plays Oy oldin

    it's like backwards lasagna

  • Alec Anger
    Alec Anger Oy oldin

    My mom makes timpano all the time the egg makes it

  • Sophiya Khait
    Sophiya Khait Oy oldin

    king babish making the timpano when peasant david seymour did not

  • Ateesh James
    Ateesh James 2 oy oldin +11

    I made it the day before yesterday and IT WAS AMAZING!! But I did swap the eggs for Italian sausages.

  • Lucas VerBeek
    Lucas VerBeek 2 oy oldin +11

    Man I never realized how much I missed the old intro.

  • Noah Barbieri
    Noah Barbieri 2 oy oldin +3

    Crazy watching these episodes and then watching the more recent episodes and seeing how much hes grow

  • dvaoa
    dvaoa 2 oy oldin

    "The timpano crust dough has more egg yolks and a bit more olive oil". How many more egg yolk(s)? 2? 20? And how much is "a bit more olive oil" compared to zero in the past dough?

  • Melanie Ratliff
    Melanie Ratliff 2 oy oldin +1

    Super awesome channel! Solid cooking/baking. Please alternate your background song

  • beageler
    beageler 2 oy oldin

    All the hair!

  • Gianna Sottile
    Gianna Sottile 2 oy oldin

    Game of Thrones lemoncakes next!!!

  • Ah Luk
    Ah Luk 2 oy oldin

    My little series*

  • Milo Rodriguez
    Milo Rodriguez 2 oy oldin +1

    Oliver? I thought his first name was Binging

  • james francis
    james francis 2 oy oldin +1

    Wait, is this pre head shave babby? You can kind of see it a few times when he leans over.

  • TreeTwoWon
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  • Cheese Borger
    Cheese Borger 2 oy oldin +1

    It’s funny to see the little changes in the format of the show since the early episodes e.g. voice over full screen footage of the media

  • Crappy HR
    Crappy HR 2 oy oldin

    This was your second episode? Oh lord...

  • sgutbutt
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  • sgutbutt
    sgutbutt 2 oy oldin +1

    Dang young babby looks less build then current. Wonder if he works out 😩

  • darkcorner
    darkcorner 2 oy oldin +2

    Would you believe it?! Up intil 4 30 making PAHsta 😂😂

  • IMakeSubparVideos
    IMakeSubparVideos 2 oy oldin +2

    Its not gonna be a long night.

    It’s gonna be a Big Night

  • Glazed Poptarts
    Glazed Poptarts 2 oy oldin +6

    If Italians got high and got the munchies

  • scrambledegg81
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  • ShadowShinxLegacy
    ShadowShinxLegacy 2 oy oldin

    Is that Dan Avidan saying “oh yeah” at the end?

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark 2 oy oldin

    That clap and ohhhs were so fake