Binging with Babish: Il Timpano from Big Night

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  • Joylandi 20-Fev, 2016
  • Is this laborious, old-school Italian showstopper just a fat, kinky lasagna? Or is there something more, good enough to make stage and film actor Ian Holm want to kill you?
    Methods adapted from The Food Lab, David Lebovitz, and America's Test Kitchen.
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  • Peggy-Jo Da Hammer
    Peggy-Jo Da Hammer 5 soat oldin


    XSEEDX GAMING 20 soat oldin

    He had hair

  • Sam Cheramie
    Sam Cheramie Kun oldin

    If only he knew how gracefully his channel would age.

  • Lhayla Blendinger
    Lhayla Blendinger 3 kun oldin

    wait you had hair?

  • intoxicated
    intoxicated 3 kun oldin

    *Episode 2in my little series*

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 4 kun oldin

    4:31 Batshit with Babish.

  • Mrs. G.
    Mrs. G. 4 kun oldin

    Hey now.....I just started Fraiser for the first time. I didn't need that spoiler!

  • Henry Crick
    Henry Crick 5 kun oldin

    Isn’t that guy called the “Soup Nazi”?

  • Daniel Bernardo
    Daniel Bernardo 5 kun oldin

    you call that losing your mind? lol

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  • Georgi Lazarov
    Georgi Lazarov 6 kun oldin

    7:35 he still has hair

  • Zodiac Capricornicus
    Zodiac Capricornicus 7 kun oldin

    A little face was revealed

  • Dead men tell no tales 1914

    Eggs were overcooked.

  • Sancl
    Sancl 9 kun oldin

    What the fuck is that abomination

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 9 kun oldin

    The start of it all

  • Akhaha Kqkuwha
    Akhaha Kqkuwha 10 kun oldin

    The fact that all of the dinner guests are dressed within the Babish color palette is exquisite

  • Ruby Dickson
    Ruby Dickson 10 kun oldin

    marry me.

    ALLxISxLOST 11 kun oldin +1

    No longer a "little series" now is it?

  • Hufflepuff otaku
    Hufflepuff otaku 11 kun oldin

    Would you bielieve it? Up until 4:30 making *PASTA*!!!!

  • Black Ronin
    Black Ronin 11 kun oldin

    7:36 Babish had hair!?

  • Celso deJesus II
    Celso deJesus II 11 kun oldin

    That could kill you in the same meal.

  • Smiththebat
    Smiththebat 11 kun oldin

    “Let’s change the music”
    *slaps on some Tycho*

  • Nobleshield
    Nobleshield 12 kun oldin

    This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen :O

  • Sean Ocansey
    Sean Ocansey 12 kun oldin

    Oliver Babish, or Andrew Rae? 🤔

  • Y-P-One
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  • Dr. Snuggles
    Dr. Snuggles 14 kun oldin

    Holy shit to think ive been watching since the sandwich for good video

  • Bo Bandy
    Bo Bandy 15 kun oldin

    Oliver babish ? What’s your real name I’m so confused hah

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  • Sam Walker
    Sam Walker 15 kun oldin

    Its weird he said his name was Oliver babish

  • GamerFro mGamer
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    HE HAD HAIR!!!!!

  • Aldy Nauval
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  • Buddha Hart
    Buddha Hart 16 kun oldin

    The nostalgia from watching this is crazy

  • The dinosaur mars society 000000

    Your welcome

  • Juan cho
    Juan cho 17 kun oldin +3

    "which is worse, to lose all your hair or going grey"
    Oh Babish, Babish, Babish, Babish. you got both didn't ya bud.

  • Jesse "SuperWaffle57"
    Jesse "SuperWaffle57" 18 kun oldin

    "I got a solid 3 hours of sleep"

  • Avacado Toast
    Avacado Toast 18 kun oldin

    Wait a hecking minute, is that hair on his head I see? 2:42

  • 8 Bit Brody
    8 Bit Brody 18 kun oldin +4

    "Oliver Babish"
    Okay, Andrew.

  • Zane Sanner
    Zane Sanner 18 kun oldin

    Is there a proper way to grind my meat

  • K. Nakanishi
    K. Nakanishi 18 kun oldin +1

    Between this and Beef Wellington, I'm not entirely sure which one is more impressive for someone to accomplish making. 10/10.

  • RP Ink
    RP Ink 19 kun oldin +2

    Is it weird to be turned on by a dish?

  • Patientness
    Patientness 19 kun oldin +2

    Man, being Babish’s friend irl must be so dope. He cooks so many amazing and quirky food dishes and it always seems like he really enjoys sharing it all with his friends.

  • MrMasterNugget
    MrMasterNugget 20 kun oldin

    Would you believe it? Making pasta at 430 am!

  • Sal Miglia
    Sal Miglia 22 kun oldin

    It's not called timpano...... it's called timbalo and can be made with rice or pasta. Timbalo di riso is more traditional

  • Nerd Neck
    Nerd Neck 22 kun oldin

    2:43 HE HAS HAIR

  • Grace Thompson
    Grace Thompson 22 kun oldin +1

    Because of this video, i invited my cousins and aunties over and made Timpano and it was my first time really cooking like this but it turned out great! I had a great time making it an a great time with my family xx

  • Musashy Ragehowl
    Musashy Ragehowl 26 kun oldin

    Damn, show us eating this with our friends.. Its so bored to just look at this massive dish stand by like that.

  • Kayna Wests
    Kayna Wests 28 kun oldin

    Turn back the fucking music or I boycott you

  • Nobleshield
    Nobleshield 29 kun oldin

    That is like the most amazing thing I have ever seen :O

  • stugod5000
    stugod5000 Oy oldin

    love going back and watching old episodes, but just realised we see babish with hair

  • TRS - Discord
    TRS - Discord Oy oldin +4

    Casually pulls out piece of lasagna with a hard-boiled egg inside of it.
    You know, casual lasagna stuff.

  • Blake Simpson
    Blake Simpson Oy oldin

    *little series*

  • Brayden K.
    Brayden K. Oy oldin

    "Little series"

  • Tucker Knoll
    Tucker Knoll Oy oldin +2

    Do I see hair at 2:43?

  • Bode Gibbs
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    WILLEM STUDIO Oy oldin

    Probably my favorite episode

  • Joseph Gorospe
    Joseph Gorospe Oy oldin

    This is still by far the greatest thing you have made

  • G0D666
    G0D666 Oy oldin

    After 8 years of being vegan, only once in a great while does something come along and make it reaaaally suck for a minute...I cannot lie - this looks life changing.

  • Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus

    Wow what a crazy dish:P

  • Jacquelin Mugercia

    Did anyone think of Frasier when they heard the beginning of the video?

  • Sassy Slytherin
    Sassy Slytherin Oy oldin

    Other than the eggs looks delicious

  • ICameHereToHaveAGoodTime _

    Oliver Babish? Andrew Ray? What’s the enigmas of this mans name?!

    • Kadeem The Dream
      Kadeem The Dream Kun oldin +1

      I got you fam. Andrew Rae is his real name, Oliver Babish was a character on a show he liked so he used that as his UZclip persona for a time. This was before he started showing his face in his videos

  • pat man
    pat man Oy oldin

    Did I see hair at 7:36 🤣

  • Laura Hendrickson

    I literally watch this video like once a month.
    one day. one day I will make this.

  • Will C
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  • MarshTopia Gaming

    2:42 HE HAD HAIR.... Not much.. BUT HE HAD IT

  • BerthaEartha
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  • Aryan Persaud
    Aryan Persaud Oy oldin +38

    Young Babish really had low hopes for this show.

  • Johnathan Bahna
    Johnathan Bahna Oy oldin

    7:37 excuse me he had hair?

  • Xavier Dekenipp
    Xavier Dekenipp Oy oldin

    7:35 did I just see hair on his head???

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao Oy oldin

    I feel robbed that you didn’t do an overhead shot at least for the pie filling part. I know its not the Babish Way, and also this is like episode 2, but still!

  • Heaven Lance
    Heaven Lance Oy oldin

    Making... *_PASTA_*

  • Caiman Frank Fillon

    Now Im sleepy and hungry. Thank you

  • Jamal_Haki R&R
    Jamal_Haki R&R Oy oldin

    I thought he was born bald

  • meffer6
    meffer6 Oy oldin

    Always love to see some Bulleit Bourbon on someone's liquor shelf (or to the side in their UZclip video). Although I'm more a Bulleit Rye man myself.

  • hithereimasian
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  • James Cable
    James Cable Oy oldin

    7:37 YOU HAD HAIR

    DEE-KAY Oy oldin

    7:37 motherfucker has hair

  • Penumbra The Changeling

    Music at 5:30 please?

  • Chantal Melsheimer

    Second song is by Tycho ❤

  • dolfinsbizou
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  • MR_manwich {}
    MR_manwich {} Oy oldin

    How he get bald

  • Big OOF
    Big OOF Oy oldin

    I'm making roast pork and no one can stop me!!!

  • Ashlin Gunderson
    Ashlin Gunderson Oy oldin

    He’s got hair in this one!!!

  • A Majestic Goose
    A Majestic Goose Oy oldin

    Just realized he has hair in this video

  • Boajoa90
    Boajoa90 Oy oldin

    If it wasn't for Tasty and Binging with Babish I would not have known this recipe. I am Italian. Good job.

  • Eliza M
    Eliza M Oy oldin

    1:30 ish, mannequin nightmare and can't sleep! God help me!!😴😲

  • J Cangelosi
    J Cangelosi Oy oldin +3

    3 years and a day in the future, still watching your videos every week

  • Andrew Shea
    Andrew Shea 2 oy oldin

    Babish sounds like he was high while making that pasta

  • Watershake99
    Watershake99 2 oy oldin

    I'm up until 4:30 watching Binging With Babish

  • Allformygain
    Allformygain 2 oy oldin

    For Modern Babish speed, go 0.75%

  • [ C.M ]
    [ C.M ] 2 oy oldin

    7:26 I thought you were bald??!??!?!?

  • King Exus
    King Exus 2 oy oldin

    When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a chocolate cake or something like that

  • Marie Wilson
    Marie Wilson 2 oy oldin

    This is the ultimate cheat day meal lol

  • Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox 2 oy oldin

    Going through watching every episode from the beginning again. Didn't Babish do a face reveal video at a certain amount of subs? xd His face was partially in frame on this episode! Mwahaha! Still awesome to watch how it all began and the story as it goes though. I enjoy your videos very very much!

    BLOOD WOLF 2 oy oldin

    I love the new camera 🎥 angel

  • Brodie Spies
    Brodie Spies 2 oy oldin +2

    7:35 One of those rare moments you see Babish with hair on his head, and not just his face.

  • ShiroiKage009
    ShiroiKage009 2 oy oldin +2

    Watching the old episodes really showcases how much Babish improved his style and delivery. More professional and smooth in general.

  • Nathan McCollough
    Nathan McCollough 2 oy oldin +1

    Call the insane asylum this guys a nut job.

  • carrot cake
    carrot cake 2 oy oldin

    I love how he sing is so funny and cool

  • Armed Strobbery
    Armed Strobbery 2 oy oldin

    “A sight and a smell like this.” Smells screen. Smell like what????? I smell NOTHING! You lied Babbish