This Pirate Lied To Me (Mario + Rabbids Story)

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  • Joylandi 21-Sen, 2017
  • Did I get tricked here or what? Also - thanks to iJustine and my buddy Pat for voicing some of the characters.
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  • Kaden Jimenez
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    Early because of twitter!

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      gatcha Queen bro 3 oy oldin

      For Christmas I got the Nintendo switch and the Mario+rabidds game!!!!!!!

    • JRRV Roblox and more
      JRRV Roblox and more Yil oldin

      He probably is stealing it so he can act like they are baby doll figures

    • jaden wales
      jaden wales Yil oldin

      You beat Alex

  • marisol gaul
    marisol gaul 8 kun oldin

    alex i think that thing that you called a tea cup that bowser jr. rides in is called the clown car.

  • מעיין 55
    מעיין 55 9 kun oldin

    YOU GET A+

  • That1guy !
    That1guy ! 9 kun oldin

    He’s snorting cheese

  • Traveling Z
    Traveling Z 12 kun oldin

    I love your videos. I am just bummed because it seemed like you had a tough time living on the island and I work for Express. Still, Keep up the good work!

  • munch munch
    munch munch 15 kun oldin +1

    He loves cheese

  • Keryn Willis
    Keryn Willis 26 kun oldin

    I Paused right at 3:39 and I don’t regret anything.... 😂😂😂

    • TheShinyDino
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  • Caleb Honts
    Caleb Honts 27 kun oldin

    Because he’s cheesy

  • Hedgy Gaming
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    I like Smash Ultamite

  • Quinn Groth
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  • Quinn Groth
    Quinn Groth Oy oldin

    Cheese pan

  • Quinn Groth
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  • P. Diane Lester
    P. Diane Lester Oy oldin

    He's that guy from word girl

  • J Hart
    J Hart Oy oldin

    Because he is secretly a mouse

  • Time :0
    Time :0 Oy oldin

    That’s a clown car not a tea cup thing

  • Marco Jansen
    Marco Jansen Oy oldin

    He's frensh

  • Sophie Lps
    Sophie Lps Oy oldin

    The guy that stole the cheese is secretly a cheese monster stealing the cheese to make his evil cheese minions

  • crumplesnoot the skater

    Cheese is good/expensive

  • Magicdolfine 24
    Magicdolfine 24 Oy oldin

    I think he wanted cheese

  • Xander Young
    Xander Young Oy oldin

    I think the reason why he is stealing so much cheese is because he is addicted to the cheese

  • Rogue Robber
    Rogue Robber Oy oldin

    He’s stuffing cheese down his pants so he can create the full moon -I mean a bum made of cheese-

  • Rafe TV Gaming
    Rafe TV Gaming Oy oldin

    What ijosten she dos technologies and u anomashons?

    PRAJVAL RAVAL Oy oldin +4

    Hey You watching This Video On A PC
    Press " I " Key

  • Boisuper 200
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    He is a mouse

  • The Dragon Guru
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    5:08 thats she said

  • antony luong
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    Yo ijustine wowwwww

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  • Kya Vito
    Kya Vito Oy oldin

    He needed the cheese because he is a cheese super villain that will build a cheese castle

  • no more
    no more Oy oldin

    Cheese addict or he I'd Mario and he loves cheese

  • Brayden Scroggin
    Brayden Scroggin 2 oy oldin

    He’s a mouse man

  • Meme MasterYT
    Meme MasterYT 2 oy oldin

    Clown car

  • Mykenzie Cooper
    Mykenzie Cooper 2 oy oldin

    5:04 your face looks so weird and 5:14

  • Joe Bowman
    Joe Bowman 2 oy oldin

    Plz make cheese guy merch

  • Emma The Cringe Master

    He needed the cheese because he had a huge SpongeBob he was making

  • Maddox Wise
    Maddox Wise 2 oy oldin

    He just wanted a story to tell his freinds

  • adreanna celio
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  • Joel Maxwell
    Joel Maxwell 2 oy oldin

    He just likes cheese

  • iteotw
    iteotw 2 oy oldin

    🍕Chee's nintinboswich

  • Jaslyn Guevara
    Jaslyn Guevara 2 oy oldin

    I love iJustine she and to are so funny 😂

  • Tails 437 Gaming chanel

    Probably he heard the nacho cheese joke

  • Alice Angel Studio
    Alice Angel Studio 2 oy oldin

    He stool the cheese because he's drunk sorry I'm type this so late

  • The Android Guy
    The Android Guy 2 oy oldin

    the cheese is for his many rats that he'll use to take over the world.

  • 68751281
    68751281 2 oy oldin +1

    I beat the game

  • Julie Genser
    Julie Genser 2 oy oldin

    Love dis vid😍

  • Alfonso the 3rd Banta

    you mean bowser?

  • Game loft Country
    Game loft Country 3 oy oldin

    I am Jesus Mario is a demon

  • Game loft Country
    Game loft Country 3 oy oldin

    I am Jesus pirates shall be smited

  • Game loft Country
    Game loft Country 3 oy oldin

    I am Jesus everyone should stop serving cheese

  • shrubs love God
    shrubs love God 3 oy oldin

    Goes to see pirates of the Caribbean no pirate ships or pirates just middle age men in canoe's

  • jacob luchka
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    the cheese dude is french DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • R Whale man
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    Do baby sitter part 11

  • Cameron Molloy
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    You say tomayto, I say tomato 🍅, I say potato 🥔, who says potahto?

  • Leanne Wilson
    Leanne Wilson 3 oy oldin

    Mario and rabbids is the best

  • Bambi Meadow heart
    Bambi Meadow heart 3 oy oldin

    Maybe the dude was on my strange addiction

  • Jaakko Räty
    Jaakko Räty 3 oy oldin

    He was follower of chucky cheese

  • summy smile!
    summy smile! 3 oy oldin

    Stole cheese because he’s from Wisconsin

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    This was posted on my birthday :)

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    My friend is named Catalina!

  • ella fox
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    He was feeling kind of bleu because he was such a cheesy thief.

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana 3 oy oldin

    He's on drugs

  • Beanieboo jewel
    Beanieboo jewel 3 oy oldin

    He probably did that cuz he was self centered... cheese self centered! 😆😁😆😁

  • cesar marquez
    cesar marquez 3 oy oldin

    I love the Nintendo

  • Nicolas Powell
    Nicolas Powell 3 oy oldin

    The cheese guy was probably drunk

    LKG _SHAWDALE 3 oy oldin

    He stole the cheese to make food

  • Marsh Mello
    Marsh Mello 3 oy oldin

    Not trying to sound dumb but.... I LIKE BOWSER JR. BETTER

  • JackyPak and the Cat
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    |● /
    | D
    |● \

  • theshady mage
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    Why not breath of the wild

  • Bagel the Bread
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  • Let’s go!
    Let’s go! 3 oy oldin

    Duh it’s because he was going to use it for his giant cheese grenade that he was about to drop in the Grand Canyon to make a cheese ocean... duhhhh

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana 3 oy oldin

    His clonecar bowzor j.r

  • FireLeah
    FireLeah 4 oy oldin

    This dude lost his daughter when a giant roll of cheese crushed her and he is forcing the cheese to smell his poo pacas to destroy them😏

  • RubyTheDragon
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    He wanted to feed the rats.

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana 4 oy oldin

    he has a tomor

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana 4 oy oldin

    he's por

  • Jordan Fewings
    Jordan Fewings 4 oy oldin

    cheese and meat is good to sell on as it one of the main things people go to shops for lmilk and toilet roll also fall into that. cheese can also come in different prices so you can make from anywhere from £1 to £2.50+ a block depending on the type. in some shops food items dont set off the detector and so cheese wont be any different the main thigs the detector buzzes for is expensive things like alcohol. someone i knew used to do it and made a bit of money as they had no money loss out of it

  • HuanDeag _
    HuanDeag _ 4 oy oldin

    Because he was mouse in a costume

  • International Icon Agency

    Such it

  • The Happy Cajun
    The Happy Cajun 4 oy oldin

    He has a lot of rats And he is there King like in the movie Willard and he was like don't mention my plans to rule the earth that what cheese pants guy is

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  • Corrin kid Miscellaneous

    you've been clickbated a lot

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    Was this cheese guy wearing a soldier 76 shirt?

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  • Kate Lamb
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    Wow! I love your hair cut in this vid. Very handsome 😍

  • Night Panthers Leo
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    thing with the cheese... we wants to adopt ALL the rodents and give them cheese to make them fart to have farting rodent arming for everyone that he disliks we shall call him captain cheese my brudda

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    he is cheasy

  • Roaring Thunder115
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  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 4 oy oldin

    How does Bowser Jr. Remind you of a pirate besides having an airship and debuting in a game about water?
    Also it’s a clown car.

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 4 oy oldin

    Cheese in his pants XD

  • *GachaGrey800*
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    Because HE LOVES CHEESE!

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    5:16 -cough- clown car -cough-

  • HotPinkBerry
    HotPinkBerry 5 oy oldin

    Perhaps the cheese guy was broke and really just loved cheese. Or, maybe he sold them later (some cheeses are really expensive). OR, maybe it was his own cheese truck that broke down and somehow it was his only option to transfer the cheese to prevent them from getting bad.

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    my brothers are boyscouts and went to katilina.

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