This Pirate Lied To Me (Mario + Rabbids Story)

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  • Kaden Jimenez
    Kaden Jimenez Yil oldin +976

    Early because of twitter!

    • Katty Kutie
      Katty Kutie 12 kun oldin

      For Christmas I got the Nintendo switch and the Mario+rabidds game!!!!!!!

    • JRRV Roblox and more
      JRRV Roblox and more 9 oy oldin

      He probably is stealing it so he can act like they are baby doll figures

    • jaden wales
      jaden wales 9 oy oldin

      You beat Alex

  • Game loft Country
    Game loft Country 9 soat oldin

    I am Jesus Mario is a demon

  • Game loft Country
    Game loft Country 9 soat oldin

    I am Jesus pirates shall be smited

  • Game loft Country
    Game loft Country 9 soat oldin

    I am Jesus everyone should stop serving cheese

  • shrubs love God
    shrubs love God Kun oldin

    Goes to see pirates of the Caribbean no pirate ships or pirates just middle age men in canoe's

  • jacob luchka
    jacob luchka 9 kun oldin

    the cheese dude is french DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Master chief Reilly
    Master chief Reilly 10 kun oldin

    Do baby sitter part 11

  • Cameron Molloy
    Cameron Molloy 10 kun oldin +2

    You say tomayto, I say tomato 🍅, I say potato 🥔, who says potahto?

  • Leanne Wilson
    Leanne Wilson 11 kun oldin

    Mario and rabbids is the best

  • Bambi Meadow heart
    Bambi Meadow heart 12 kun oldin

    Maybe the dude was on my strange addiction

  • Jaakko Räty
    Jaakko Räty 13 kun oldin

    He was follower of chucky cheese

  • Summer Vang
    Summer Vang 13 kun oldin

    Stole cheese because he’s from Wisconsin

  • Selina Chen
    Selina Chen 13 kun oldin

    This was posted on my birthday :)

  • Giovanna Melendez
    Giovanna Melendez 14 kun oldin

    My friend is named Catalina!

  • Zilla
    Zilla 15 kun oldin

    He was feeling kind of bleu because he was such a cheesy thief.

  • storm101 123
    storm101 123 15 kun oldin

    I got the swich but i got splatoo2

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana 17 kun oldin

    He's on drugs

  • Beanieboo jewel
    Beanieboo jewel 18 kun oldin

    He probably did that cuz he was self centered... cheese self centered! 😆😁😆😁

  • cesar marquez
    cesar marquez 18 kun oldin

    I love the Nintendo

  • Nicolas Powell
    Nicolas Powell 18 kun oldin

    The cheese guy was probably drunk

    LKG _SHAWDALE 20 kun oldin

    He stole the cheese to make food

  • Boris Gaming
    Boris Gaming 21 kun oldin

    Not trying to sound dumb but.... I LIKE BOWSER JR. BETTER

  • Jackypak
    Jackypak 22 kun oldin +2

    |● /
    | D
    |● \

  • theshady mage
    theshady mage 23 kun oldin

    Why not breath of the wild

  • Robotic Alpha
    Robotic Alpha 23 kun oldin


  • Let’s go!
    Let’s go! 25 kun oldin

    Duh it’s because he was going to use it for his giant cheese grenade that he was about to drop in the Grand Canyon to make a cheese ocean... duhhhh

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana 29 kun oldin

    His clonecar bowzor j.r

  • Leah
    Leah Oy oldin

    This dude lost his daughter when a giant roll of cheese crushed her and he is forcing the cheese to smell his poo pacas to destroy them😏

  • RubyTheDragon
    RubyTheDragon Oy oldin +1

    He wanted to feed the rats.

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana Oy oldin

    he has a tomor

  • tonni Montana
    tonni Montana Oy oldin

    he's por

  • Jordan Fewings
    Jordan Fewings Oy oldin

    cheese and meat is good to sell on as it one of the main things people go to shops for lmilk and toilet roll also fall into that. cheese can also come in different prices so you can make from anywhere from £1 to £2.50+ a block depending on the type. in some shops food items dont set off the detector and so cheese wont be any different the main thigs the detector buzzes for is expensive things like alcohol. someone i knew used to do it and made a bit of money as they had no money loss out of it

  • hugezzThePro _
    hugezzThePro _ Oy oldin

    Because he was mouse in a costume

  • Quyen .Nguyen
    Quyen .Nguyen Oy oldin

    Such it

  • Silver Snake
    Silver Snake Oy oldin

    He has a lot of rats And he is there King like in the movie Willard and he was like don't mention my plans to rule the earth that what cheese pants guy is

  • Latasha Hall
    Latasha Hall Oy oldin


  • The baby Shark
    The baby Shark Oy oldin

    you've been clickbated a lot

  • BrainFart
    BrainFart Oy oldin

    Was this cheese guy wearing a soldier 76 shirt?

  • funny dolls 1234
    funny dolls 1234 Oy oldin


  • Kate Lamb
    Kate Lamb Oy oldin

    Wow! I love your hair cut in this vid. Very handsome 😍

  • Night Production
    Night Production Oy oldin

    thing with the cheese... we wants to adopt ALL the rodents and give them cheese to make them fart to have farting rodent arming for everyone that he disliks we shall call him captain cheese my brudda

  • prankster kiddo
    prankster kiddo Oy oldin

    he is cheasy

  • Roaring Thunder115


  • Roaring Thunder115

    How does Bowser Jr. Remind you of a pirate besides having an airship and debuting in a game about water?
    Also it’s a clown car.

  • Roaring Thunder115

    Cheese in his pants XD

  • PinkEpicHeart80018

    Because HE LOVES CHEESE!

  • Eason Zhao
    Eason Zhao Oy oldin

    The man works at McDonald’s and needs cheese

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight 2 oy oldin

    The cheese man wanted a cheese diaper

  • Jhon Nickart
    Jhon Nickart 2 oy oldin

    He liked it

  • Olivia Park
    Olivia Park 2 oy oldin

    Maybe he’s trying to melt cheese and swim in it

  • Dominic G
    Dominic G 2 oy oldin


  • popcap kitty
    popcap kitty 2 oy oldin

    he is a cheese adict

  • Nicholas Osorio
    Nicholas Osorio 2 oy oldin +1

    5:16 -cough- clown car -cough-

  • HotPinkBerry
    HotPinkBerry 2 oy oldin

    Perhaps the cheese guy was broke and really just loved cheese. Or, maybe he sold them later (some cheeses are really expensive). OR, maybe it was his own cheese truck that broke down and somehow it was his only option to transfer the cheese to prevent them from getting bad.

  • christina campos
    christina campos 2 oy oldin

    my brothers are boyscouts and went to katilina.

  • samuel diaz sancehez
    samuel diaz sancehez 2 oy oldin +2

    I think you wer at Atonilco

  • vvv bbb
    vvv bbb 2 oy oldin

    I'v been to Catalina

  • agent ammo
    agent ammo 2 oy oldin

    He stole it to make nachos

  • Sade Sulaiman
    Sade Sulaiman 2 oy oldin

    # Nintendo switch😎.

  • Ryan da Plushieman
    Ryan da Plushieman 2 oy oldin

    Browser jr is my favrot

  • Yusuf Hasan
    Yusuf Hasan 2 oy oldin

    He thinks that it is a cheese bank or he works in a cheese factory

  • Holy Potato
    Holy Potato 2 oy oldin

    He must of thought of this cheese was to cheesy and so he wanted the cheese to be in his pans because he must of thought it felt like a massage in your pants

  • Matt H.
    Matt H. 2 oy oldin

    He needs the cheddar

  • pinkie pie loves jeff

    Wow Alex this is you in real life. And this a nice and cool videos

  • Karatee 44
    Karatee 44 3 oy oldin

    Really weird person

  • Bruno Lopez
    Bruno Lopez 3 oy oldin

    He's the cheese bergler

  • jesse ngere
    jesse ngere 3 oy oldin


  • denis livasia
    denis livasia 3 oy oldin

    3:45 .If you see it click like hehehehe

  • Edward Rue
    Edward Rue 3 oy oldin

    Koopa clown car

  • Wilito Estrada
    Wilito Estrada 3 oy oldin

    The guy that stole the cheese wanted to open a chuky cheese btw this ia a joke or is it it could be the truth

  • Friedferret32
    Friedferret32 3 oy oldin

    So the cheese thief is a descendant of the poopacca and was rejected from the crap kingdom for liking cheese instead of crap. He spends years planning his revenge and building a cheese-mech to fight the poopacca. After years of hardworking the cheese thief had completed the mech. At around 3:00 AM the poopacca received a singing telegram and was warned of the mech. The poopacca contacted his emergency number.... ITSALEXCLARK. They readied the troops and marched to the cheese thief’s layer, the cheese thief had predicted it so he had his mech ready. They fought for many days before itsalexclark suggested the secret weapon. SWOOZIE, of course the poopacca agreed and contacted him. SWOOZIE agreed immediately and hurried over. Swoozie quickly pulled out his chick rifle (“woman rifle”) and DESTROYED the cheese thief.

  • Taige Hughes
    Taige Hughes 3 oy oldin

    Because he was cheesey

  • Jakkimm ___
    Jakkimm ___ 3 oy oldin

    Cheese is GRATE!!!!!!

    Sorry that was too CHEESY

  • AnnoyingEDM
    AnnoyingEDM 3 oy oldin

    He drunk

  • :3
    :3 3 oy oldin

    The cheese pirate followed a treasure map for gold coloured things it lead him to the *SUPERMARKET* there was nothing to hold it in though. So he stuffed it down his pants and bought a new pirate ship with it that's how his son got the picture of the pirate ship. Then proceeding to use it to abduct Alex and his friend on a raft.
    100% accurate. I did all the research. I promise there's no need to check. You can't deny this. It's all *FACT*

  • garry lsat
    garry lsat 3 oy oldin


  • Silverstream20777
    Silverstream20777 3 oy oldin

    He’s from Wisconsin

  • Blazing Warrior
    Blazing Warrior 3 oy oldin

    Wilds does it have holes

  • Kyle Johal
    Kyle Johal 3 oy oldin


  • Susan McLean
    Susan McLean 3 oy oldin

    mabye he has mice :p

  • FaZe ToFu
    FaZe ToFu 3 oy oldin

    The cheese dude is planning to kill lactose intolerant people! 😨

  • Sealer101Gaming
    Sealer101Gaming 4 oy oldin

    Mario+rabbids is my 2nd favorite game! 😄

  • Lord Hacks
    Lord Hacks 4 oy oldin

    He's a russain spy and they think cheese is a Advanced technological device and so he got as much as he could and the spy was autistic and thought his packets were on the inside of his pants

  • Liam Allgood
    Liam Allgood 4 oy oldin

    Wow your vids have differently changed these are the old videos

  • The FireFox
    The FireFox 4 oy oldin

    He has a cheese fetish?

  • Lflamewolf
    Lflamewolf 4 oy oldin

    I uhm came here from reccomendations. It was released an entire year ago from today what the French toast

  • Drain Master
    Drain Master 4 oy oldin


  • Connor Hendrickson
    Connor Hendrickson 4 oy oldin

    Its ok

  • The Anime Dj Happiness starts now

    Maybye he wants to sell it for crack or wiskey or other drugs XD

  • Iplayminecraft
    Iplayminecraft 4 oy oldin

    So his farts would smell like chesse and buttcheeks and farts breh 🏃🏻‍♂️💨💨💨💨💨💨🌪fartnado

  • Claudia Urcid
    Claudia Urcid 4 oy oldin

    Now don’t make any offense it’s because it has so much weapons Teir u up to pieces

  • Claudia Urcid
    Claudia Urcid 4 oy oldin

    It’s called a koopa clown car

  • angie arnold
    angie arnold 4 oy oldin

    I guess he thought it was cheesy get it. That was cheesy pun wasn’t it😋

  • MiMe Brown
    MiMe Brown 4 oy oldin

    Maybe because he is a homeless person that was obsessed with cheese

  • Cwo_owC _
    Cwo_owC _ 4 oy oldin

    Because He Was A Cheese Attic LOL

  • Cleetus The 2nd
    Cleetus The 2nd 4 oy oldin

    He hates cows :D

  • Robert Cook
    Robert Cook 4 oy oldin


  • Raul Zurita
    Raul Zurita 4 oy oldin

    he likes nachos

  • Myanna Theckston
    Myanna Theckston 4 oy oldin

    Hey I have a nentdo switch too

  • J F gaming and more! 179

    Is this that good