Airplane Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

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  • Joylandi 11-Mar, 2019
  • Airplane Trick Shots go to the NEXT LEVEL.
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    Comment: The twins are my favorite
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    • Matt Baumgartner
      Matt Baumgartner 4 kun oldin

      Mack bad vids ( it’s were you watch bad UZclip video P.S watch me )

    • Gaming Direction
      Gaming Direction 9 kun oldin

      Please upload overtime 8 fast I am dying for it

    • The Ichigun Ranger
      The Ichigun Ranger 14 kun oldin

      Yes!! More overtime!!

    • R0MANEK shark
      R0MANEK shark 14 kun oldin

      wow.. what next? i got one for yall.. swimming in shark alley 🤔👊✌️

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    Skyler Carten Kun oldin

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  • Nick DeMartini
    Nick DeMartini Kun oldin

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  • Prestige 20
    Prestige 20 Kun oldin

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    DJ D Kun oldin

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    Stephen Samuel Kun oldin

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  • RapTRex
    RapTRex Kun oldin +1

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  • DJ D
    DJ D Kun oldin

    My fav was the reverse loop de loop

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    Dp is getting more better! The sooner the better.. I wish this channel will beat T-Series and pewdiepie

  • Eddie RBLX
    Eddie RBLX Kun oldin

    For Dude Perfect,
    I have a video idea.. If you guys make a vlog and inside the vlog have a trick shot's

    GAMING WITH KAB Kun oldin

    Dude perfect birthday is on March 16

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    Next it will be dude perfect.

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    This stuff probably takes these guys ages to do. All the stuff they do in one video. Id put all of the trick shots in separate videos all a month apart because they are so crazy, and would take me forever to do.

  • Fly Boy
    Fly Boy Kun oldin

    Well if your like me and were blown away by this you must appreciate aviation. I humbly ask for a share on this epic flight half way around the world from South Africa to Canada. Cheers and thank you to all and keep rocking Dude Perfect

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