Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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    Vin Desil had the actual lines but all he needed to say was I Am Groot
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    I really love this theory, but I'm not sure about the end. I mean, in the comics we were told that to understand Groot we need to listen to the sigh of breeze, but the comics can be VERY different than the movies, you said it yourself in the who is the strongest avenger theory. So maybe according to the comics the way to understand Groot is by listening to a magical breeze, but in the movies Groot is actually a language. Also, if the way to understand Groot is to listen to sigh of breeze thing, how does Thor study Groot on Asgard? Wouldn't make sense unless Groot is a language.

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    4:01 why does this look like the Mauritanian flag?Anyone recognise this?No? Ok

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    I’m sorry, but if you pause at 1:21 while he’s talking about how he hasn’t done a G of the G vid yet, you see that exact video taking about how it’s the bast movie ever.

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      excellent catch, you may have too much time on your hands though lol

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    1:21 there is literally a guardian of the galaxy vid right there lol

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  • Connor's and Parker's vlogs

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    But matpat said that he loved gaurdians of the galaxy in a nintendo vid (rosalina unmasked) gametheory

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    I always thought that people understood a Groot after being around them or for long enough for them to release a type of spore or pollen that connects to the brain and allows them to communicate more directly. And I think that is part of what he is doing in that scene from near the end of guardians 1 where Groot releases those tiny lights from his arms. Because it was after that moment that they started to understand what he was saying even if just a little bit

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    Pikachu talks when ash almost dies in moive

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    That was a little cute and VERY funny

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    If Groot Spanish would he still stay "I am Groot."??????

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    I learned more english in this video more that my high school english

  • 1,000 subs with no videos

    4:46 Mandarin actually only has four tones. Some characters don't have tones at all, so maybe that's what you meant when you said it has five tones. In the example you gave, "ma," ma with no tone is actually a grammar particle that indicates a question. To grossly oversimplify, it's a verbal question mark.

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    umm you didnt tell how to speak groot just how it works

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    Mat pat: says every famous character that doesn’t talk except for Maggie Simpson

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    No, You can't speak Groot. It's not a language no matter how hard Marvel tries. I think you might be running out of material Matpat.

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    But as some people don't know is that originally groot spoke english in the comics and they like just changed it out of nowhere

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    This is why I love the details of foreign languages so much! :3

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    you did make one lol about how its the best movie ever

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