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  • Kaylie Gantt
    Kaylie Gantt 18 soat oldin

    you did the best for last my mf daddy

  • Penny _34
    Penny _34 Kun oldin

    0:09 jojo siwa who?

  • alight tuts
    alight tuts Kun oldin

    brennen collabing with the dolan twins >

  • Katie Blizard
    Katie Blizard 7 kun oldin

    ‘The king of makeup’. No sister its the QUEEN of makeup 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • sailor scot 30
    sailor scot 30 10 kun oldin

    I love watching your videos and hope everyone has a great day or night

  • Livi Holland
    Livi Holland 10 kun oldin

    The Dolan twins are so fucking hot don't @ me

  • K33K SP
    K33K SP 12 kun oldin

    I’m so glad he didn’t roast my girl Loren and Lele

  • It’s Aaliyah
    It’s Aaliyah 13 kun oldin

    The dads of the kids 😂

  • Michelle Kangaroo
    Michelle Kangaroo 14 kun oldin

    Brennen crushing on Alissa lmao

  • Trap House Roomates
    Trap House Roomates 16 kun oldin

    First one: It looks like he got his clothes wet and when it dried from the heat they shrank

  • Macie Winfrey
    Macie Winfrey 16 kun oldin

    The Dolan Twins are so hot the guys can’t even control from calling them Dad lmao

  • Potato Chan
    Potato Chan 16 kun oldin

    0:33 Great, my mom probably thinks I'm watching porn now 😂❤️

  • Riley Jooste
    Riley Jooste 17 kun oldin

    When you complimented the Dolan Twins outfits you gained a sub

  • Riley Jooste
    Riley Jooste 17 kun oldin

    The Dolan Twins ❤️ are actually the sweetest, kindest, best people in the emtire world, Emma chamberlain is next....

  • Theresa Holland-Brock
    Theresa Holland-Brock 17 kun oldin

    In MY opinion..... Colby Brock and Brennen Taylor could wear whatever the f*ck they wanted to and still look hot af

  • Annie Stanke
    Annie Stanke 17 kun oldin


  • weirdo ayda
    weirdo ayda 18 kun oldin +2



  • skylar roze
    skylar roze 21 kun oldin

    ethan is so fucking hot and love how he pointed out graysons arms 😂😂

  • skylar roze
    skylar roze 21 kun oldin

    logan paul sucks

  • ryleigh churchwell
    ryleigh churchwell 23 kun oldin

    Sounded like jo jo siwa in the intro😂❤️

  • Emily Okan
    Emily Okan 23 kun oldin

    Grayson dolan can f*ck me ❤❤

  • Emily Okan
    Emily Okan 23 kun oldin

    Awh i love james Charles happy hes cute ❤❤

  • Samantha Moore
    Samantha Moore 24 kun oldin

    Brennen you're gorgeous. Pretty sure you could pull off anything

  • Kayce Vincent
    Kayce Vincent 24 kun oldin

    Hi I love your vids!!!!your amazing and inspirational and incredible!!!i love you plz give me a shoutout

  • Feona Steely
    Feona Steely 26 kun oldin

    I love watching brolby and u

  • Ana Medina
    Ana Medina 27 kun oldin

    Just asking is he gayyy

  • Oscar Duncan Games
    Oscar Duncan Games 28 kun oldin

    I want those orange shoes!

  • Kacchan
    Kacchan 28 kun oldin

    0:09 The new JoJo Siwa

  • Gacha_miya Ace
    Gacha_miya Ace 28 kun oldin

    Pewdiepie is the real king of UZclip

  • Tori Davis
    Tori Davis 29 kun oldin

    You should go look in a mirror

  • Girly Girl
    Girly Girl Oy oldin

    8:03 man in the back window ok....

  • The best EthanF Channel

    Me name is Ethan

  • Lindsay Campbell
    Lindsay Campbell Oy oldin

    I ship brennon and sommer swear😂😂

  • Ellie Brown
    Ellie Brown Oy oldin

    Tell the dude mowing the lawn to HMU


    Today at school a kid picked up a dead squirrel and threw it at the teacher.


    8:03 😂😂😂

  • A DOLLA??
    A DOLLA?? Oy oldin

    I know I live in a nutshell but what’s Coachella

  • Bruce Service
    Bruce Service Oy oldin

    Did you know that Grason Dollin's heart flat lined when he was being born

  • Gaur _Bidve
    Gaur _Bidve Oy oldin

    9:08 they got hard

  • Frida Ramirez
    Frida Ramirez Oy oldin

    He sounded like jojo siwa in the beginning

  • Daniel Figueroa Jr

    3:43 I instantly told myself SHANE DAWSON went to Coachella

  • WDW and Potter and Riverdale fan

    I clicked on this because I saw the twins I was like .. *if you roast the twins .. i will kick off😂*

  • Rowendoesflips Viera

    Haven’t anyone noticed that comments never get dislikes

  • SKAD Fliiip
    SKAD Fliiip Oy oldin

    Y,all saw that guy in the right top 8:02

  • Bethzy Perez
    Bethzy Perez Oy oldin

    No u look way hotter

  • Chloe Beveridge
    Chloe Beveridge Oy oldin

    follow my insta @colby_fan__

  • Chloe Beveridge
    Chloe Beveridge Oy oldin

    why would any one hate you

  • Horror Princess Angg

    You do know guys wore Crop tops in the 80's

  • LolaMae Rios
    LolaMae Rios Oy oldin

    Taylor you allways look good

  • Kyah Wilcox
    Kyah Wilcox Oy oldin

    Why would you say the Dolan twins look bad

  • Aryaam XX
    Aryaam XX Oy oldin

    The second outfit of sister James Charles was tbh one of the BESTTTTTT outfits EVER

  • Izzy Cba
    Izzy Cba Oy oldin +1

    There’s nothing special about Logan Paul not after what he did anyway

    Don’t forget that’s MYYYY opinion

  • Aryaam XX
    Aryaam XX Oy oldin

    “The pants where are they “ I’m officially dead 😂

  • Warren JG
    Warren JG Oy oldin

    F*** Logan Paul

  • x1XmAdIX1x
    x1XmAdIX1x Oy oldin

    The little version of Brennen. LOL!!

  • miabella watson
    miabella watson Oy oldin

    i whent

  • Mary Acosta
    Mary Acosta Oy oldin

    Brennen goes for James
    It's nice I respect it *swipes* hair 😂😂

  • Piper Trammell
    Piper Trammell Oy oldin

    I love you Brennen but sister james you've went to far😑

  • KenKen SQUAD
    KenKen SQUAD Oy oldin

    Omg 9:45 woah

  • Colton Kinsella
    Colton Kinsella Oy oldin

    Makeup guy gotta die

  • Betsy
    Betsy Oy oldin

    At the beginning of the intro when he started talking fast he sounded like jojo siwa

  • Emily Lopez
    Emily Lopez Oy oldin

    Are you going to coachella this year 2019

  • quackzy
    quackzy Oy oldin

    treat pls.

  • Sniperbeast Ib
    Sniperbeast Ib Oy oldin

    A little

  • Sniperbeast Ib
    Sniperbeast Ib Oy oldin

    Ugly your Coachella outfit no afence

  • tripr_wolfy3787 r
    tripr_wolfy3787 r Oy oldin +1

    I saw james Charles in the thumbnail and I was like he better not be hating on my sister

  • Dolan Twins_Lover

    I clicked when i seen thr Dolan Twins

  • F R O Z T Y
    F R O Z T Y Oy oldin

    8:47 I actually flinched too lmao

  • Denisa Lice ut14 Let’s eat12

    If you were Roasting the Dolan twins No No you were getting hate from me 😏😂

  • Sociopaths Are Acceptable

    Imagine being able to face time James like that

  • Linda Skorupa
    Linda Skorupa Oy oldin

    Omg brennen omg I will never hate you

  • Maniah Woods
    Maniah Woods Oy oldin

    Lol cheeky for James

  • Maniah Woods
    Maniah Woods Oy oldin

    U look like him with no makeup

  • Tayla Martin
    Tayla Martin Oy oldin

    You just turned into jojo Siwa

  • ILoveManuelTurizo

    OK your eyes are beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Pink Avocado
    Pink Avocado Oy oldin

    Yasss James Charles and bretman rock and Loren gray

  • Lexi Bozarth
    Lexi Bozarth Oy oldin


  • Kennedy Hernandez

    5:08 he looks like a James Charles version of you xD

  • Alyvia O
    Alyvia O Oy oldin +1

    He KINDA looks like faze rug I think that’s his name

  • cff fj flvgvku
    cff fj flvgvku Oy oldin

    8:02 who the heck ia that guy outside the window

  • cff fj flvgvku
    cff fj flvgvku Oy oldin

    Cute AF

  • Richard May
    Richard May Oy oldin

    I love your eyes Brennan

  • Zlata Kriukova
    Zlata Kriukova Oy oldin

    Jeeez babe how r u so narcissistic

  • The B Squad 💋❤️✌️😇

    I love your song Dank Lil clickbait

  • Sakigø Chan
    Sakigø Chan Oy oldin

    0:13 what are saying?!?! I Thought You Said This:WHAT'SSNNNJSJKAMNAJJZ

    OR I'm just flippin deaf ;-;

  • Shining moons
    Shining moons Oy oldin

    8:04 who’s looking in my DudEs window

  • Khadija Irinah
    Khadija Irinah Oy oldin

    You look in those pictures make me wanna puke you at coachella

  • Khadija Irinah
    Khadija Irinah Oy oldin

    You look awful in those pictures

  • Deekshita Dulinti

    I swear whenever i get back to your videos, my mind drags my attention towards your lips lol.😂 i would love to have em' once 💯😂 but yeah sorry if that bothers you 😂 love you boii💯❤🌍

  • Tina Quitugua
    Tina Quitugua Oy oldin +2

    In the begining part he talked like jo jo siwa

  • Kate Ohman
    Kate Ohman Oy oldin

    As soon as I heard the king of makeup Mr brain emediatly went James Charles

  • its ya boi jeremiah welch

    Uhhh Brennen Lemme Roast Your Outfits Well Some Were Fire Like 2 Of Them Were ..

  • Addison Rucker
    Addison Rucker Oy oldin

    But you are nice for helping Kim

  • Addison Rucker
    Addison Rucker Oy oldin

    Never mind I didn’t see your title

  • Addison Rucker
    Addison Rucker Oy oldin

    Your mean and I hate you because you made fun of my favorite youtubers oufit

  • Mylee and Lexi
    Mylee and Lexi Oy oldin

    Amber looks just Katherine Heigl

  • Addison Kay
    Addison Kay Oy oldin

    This reminds me of fashion police lol who knows what I'm talking about

  • Austin Leach
    Austin Leach Oy oldin

    You suck

  • theylovekelcie
    theylovekelcie Oy oldin

    Before he said u look like him in my head I was thinking that