SURPRISING MY BEST FRIEND WITH HIS DREAM DAY! (and picking out his outfits...)

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  • Nathan Riggs
    Nathan Riggs 2 soat oldin

    I'd love to have Molly pick out my clothes, she has a much better fassion sence than I do!!

  • Samapriya D
    Samapriya D 8 soat oldin

    2:36 I'm always the guy in the back

  • ulianov465
    ulianov465 19 soat oldin

    this made me smile cause it reminds me of me and my best friend

  • It's Me Emilia
    It's Me Emilia 21 soat oldin

    ship sailed i see them getting married ;D

  • xForsaken Goddessx
    xForsaken Goddessx Kun oldin

    you should put reflective gems on your dog's collar so you can see where he is walking (sorry i forgot the puppies name. and i'm not sure how to spell it)

  • Rainbow Ragdolls
    Rainbow Ragdolls Kun oldin

    2:35... umm behind them

  • SJ Bush
    SJ Bush Kun oldin

    Ok, for real, you guys are perfect together! You two are so cute!

  • SarahLynn1330
    SarahLynn1330 3 kun oldin


  • brianna is salty
    brianna is salty 3 kun oldin

    too bad Molly can't see, her best friend is good looking skksksks

  • Painting Galaxies
    Painting Galaxies 4 kun oldin +1

    YAY I'M A GOAT! 🐐

  • Sophia Garcia
    Sophia Garcia 4 kun oldin +1

    Would they date? Or are they gonna date?

  • Maïlys F.
    Maïlys F. 5 kun oldin +1

    please molly you should give fashion tips in a video

  • annmarie moreno
    annmarie moreno 5 kun oldin +1

    Molly you are absolutely AMAZING and GORGEOUS! I love your larger than life personality and heart. I hope you never lose your love of life or love of yourself. I absolutely love your channel and will continue to watch until the day you decided to stop this and move in to BUGGER and better things. Love ya Gorgeous 😘💖

  • Reagan Helmick
    Reagan Helmick 6 kun oldin +1

    who else saw the guy in the background

  • Tahnee Edwards
    Tahnee Edwards 6 kun oldin

    They're basically wearing a couples outfit!

  • L Garod
    L Garod 6 kun oldin

    That random guy at 2:36 tho

  • Samaya Morris
    Samaya Morris 7 kun oldin

    I vote Madon!! 🤣

  • JiBrat Lee
    JiBrat Lee 7 kun oldin

    Lol @ that guy passing and you have such good looking friends

  • Nicole J
    Nicole J 7 kun oldin

    I am just curious how did you know he looked good in the clothes, how he is good looking and also how did you know when the gallop was rolling on the floor when no one else siad he was? I am not meaning to be rude if this comes across that way I am sorry but I am just genuinely curious.

  • vshs xvsjz
    vshs xvsjz 7 kun oldin

    Hey Molly,love ya

  • vshs xvsjz
    vshs xvsjz 7 kun oldin


    Yes,I just commented an A

  • Jacob Huggard
    Jacob Huggard 11 kun oldin

    2:35 that guy in the back is me 😂 (there was a guy the was walking behind you and put up a peace sign)

  • Nessa_Cupcakes
    Nessa_Cupcakes 12 kun oldin

    Was I the only one that saw what happened at 2:35 😂

  • Kimberly Webb
    Kimberly Webb 12 kun oldin +1

    They need to be together

  • Faith King
    Faith King 12 kun oldin

    You're so beautiful with less makeup🤤

  • Tea Lol
    Tea Lol 13 kun oldin +3

    I’m I the only one who ships them🌜🌛

  • Karlyan Santana Rivera
    Karlyan Santana Rivera 14 kun oldin

    Omg did u guys see that guy when they where eating?? Lol

  • Kaitlyn Paris
    Kaitlyn Paris 14 kun oldin +1

    Future boyfriend maybe?

  • Bentley S
    Bentley S 14 kun oldin

    I’d die if I met molly

  • Zzzz zzz
    Zzzz zzz 14 kun oldin

    That one guy in the background though

  • Maria Leonard
    Maria Leonard 16 kun oldin


  • Grace Toby
    Grace Toby 16 kun oldin

    2:34 I'm dying.😆

  • Elva Castellanos
    Elva Castellanos 16 kun oldin

    I love your dog dancing on the floor Molly! 🐕💝 I recently started watching your videos after Jordan Cheyenne recommended them and I love 💘 them. You have a new subscriber. Your positive energy great to see. What a handsome and sweet friend you have!

  • Tara Loves Dogs
    Tara Loves Dogs 16 kun oldin

    Wait so where was the only place she could order food at the night before?!

  • Summer Schley
    Summer Schley 17 kun oldin

    Molly your such a good friend!! Loved this video.

  • Amira Hafez
    Amira Hafez 17 kun oldin

    Bradon looks like a blond Josh Peck to me, it‘s a good thing tho, also THESE TWO ARE FRIEND GOALS

  • Nellyda Ruiz
    Nellyda Ruiz 17 kun oldin +6

    Molly is such a queen

  • M’s Channel
    M’s Channel 18 kun oldin

    Wow she’s a blind person and you don’t just get into others peoples business! I AM TALKING ABOUT THE GUY IN THE BACKGROUND NOT ANYONE OF YOU TWO!!

  • Emma Hernandez
    Emma Hernandez 18 kun oldin +1

    “I want a guide goat!” I love molly

  • Maria Clara Amaral
    Maria Clara Amaral 18 kun oldin

    Molly, in this video your eyes look like the same color oficial your jumper. You're gourgeous! 😘 And I love your personality

  • Sen Tariana
    Sen Tariana 18 kun oldin

    My best friend is coming to visit me in two days and I'm counting down the minutes until I get to see her!!! We lived together at uni, but after graduating we found ourselves living on opposite sides of the country. I haven't seen her in year and then it was only for a singular afternoon, before that I hadn't seen her for two years. So I'm extremely excited!!!

    • Sen Tariana
      Sen Tariana 18 kun oldin

      I'm actually ill right now, though, which is frustrating. I meant to tidy before she comes but I have no energy to spare. I, at least, hope I'm better before she gets here!

  • ItsMeBriLee
    ItsMeBriLee 19 kun oldin +1

    12:31 "show 'em off to the beau" "yeah he'll be happy" SORRY LADIES, we're out of luck lol

  • Brandon O'Neal
    Brandon O'Neal 19 kun oldin

    I love you Molly 💖💖

  • Sofia Bley
    Sofia Bley 20 kun oldin

    you would be a cute couple

  • singingstar56
    singingstar56 20 kun oldin

    when all your guy friends are unbelievably attractive and your blind...

  • Musical_TRASH /emoaswell

    I needed to spell it out for him”-molly me- mORe LIkE bRALe It Out I’m Srry

  • Nykolas shipway
    Nykolas shipway 20 kun oldin

    is he single?

  • Angie Singer
    Angie Singer 20 kun oldin


  • Angie Singer
    Angie Singer 20 kun oldin

    She is so cheerful and wonderful.I can see the brightness in her eyes. Making eye contact with her must make people happy :)

  • -RainyGirl- 15-
    -RainyGirl- 15- 20 kun oldin +1

    I once made a quote: many say your eyes are the windows to your soul, but not everything beautiful is seen. When I made this quote it was a summer day and I just went swimming in my pool but was now on my field next to it. I was laying in the grass(it was kinda ticklish) and my head was resting on my dog (she’s one of the softest dogs I’ve ever met) and the sun was shining so warm But yet there was a gentle breeze rustling the trees. And in the forest nearby I Heard birds chirping and singing. And yet I noticed all this wile my eyes were closed. And from the I kinda just came up with that quote.
    Finding u and ur channel kinda made me understand my own quote even better (if that makes sense)
    But this isn’t the first video I’ve seen I kinda just made the connection now

  • Julie D'Amanda
    Julie D'Amanda 20 kun oldin

    If only she knew how good looking he is 😱😍😭

  • Brianna Diaz
    Brianna Diaz 21 kun oldin

    at 2:25 he proudly thouyj he was on the news or tv or somthing

  • Lia Patterson
    Lia Patterson 21 kun oldin

    Who else saw that man at 2:36

  • Burnt Guy
    Burnt Guy 21 kun oldin

    Im tryin to freak

  • Neila Lopez
    Neila Lopez 22 kun oldin

    Man friend zone sucks

  • cook boss
    cook boss 22 kun oldin

    Did u guys see that man in the back

  • Jade
    Jade 22 kun oldin

    Dam your best friend is good looking ❤️

  • Leah Gray
    Leah Gray 23 kun oldin

    The guy at 2:36 tho 😂

  • Olivia Nichole
    Olivia Nichole 24 kun oldin

    Ohhh mah gawsh i ship them so hard!!!! ♡#brawley♡

  • Joanne Mai
    Joanne Mai 24 kun oldin

    That man tho I'm so dead 😂 2:34

  • Melissa Boldt
    Melissa Boldt 24 kun oldin


  • gia efsta
    gia efsta 25 kun oldin

    name a more iconic duo

  • Chloe V
    Chloe V 25 kun oldin

    Lol!!The guy at 2:35!

  • Helen Melen
    Helen Melen 25 kun oldin

    Molly’s glasses!! So cute!!

  • Funko pop lover
    Funko pop lover 25 kun oldin

    team Brolly

  • High Position
    High Position 27 kun oldin

    you are really beautiful :)

  • Veronica Correa
    Veronica Correa 27 kun oldin

    I wish I had a friend like you Molly, your such a caring person and that’s what I love about God Bless your big heart ❤️

  • Some Random Person
    Some Random Person 29 kun oldin

    This was probably awkward for Jake...

  • Caro Jollyrancher
    Caro Jollyrancher 29 kun oldin

    😌😭 More vids of you twoo pleaseee!!!!

  • Wise Folk
    Wise Folk 29 kun oldin

    The guy in all white at 10:44 in the background to the right, then it jump cuts and it looks like he transported to left 😂😂 so creepy! Hahaha

  • Vandiiis
    Vandiiis Oy oldin +1

    this made me emotional for some reason.... Just seeing how good friends they are...

  • Raymond Garza
    Raymond Garza Oy oldin

    Damn he a daddyyyy

  • Helena Satire
    Helena Satire Oy oldin

    Um, is he gay? Or just feminine?
    Edit. Nevermind, got my answer.

  • nTV
    nTV Oy oldin

    so... is he single?? Asking for ME. haha

  • Gina Sorrentino
    Gina Sorrentino Oy oldin +1

    he is hot!! go molly!! 😍😍😍

  • Jennifer Leishman

    i ship maden.

  • Green Lean
    Green Lean Oy oldin

    omg! @9:20 you mention MY favourite tea too! Bradon has good taste. I've never been a big tea person, but its the best tea I've ever had, and now I keep it stockpiled and gift it to family and friends all the time!

  • Polly Crypto
    Polly Crypto Oy oldin +2

    Molly your friend is very sweet and well spoken. Love seeing you giggle together it's a special thing to find a friend like that.

  • Alana H
    Alana H Oy oldin

    Ok I know Molly is expecting this comment but OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTEEEE!!! MADONNNN!! Love you Molly❤️

  • JoeBree
    JoeBree Oy oldin +1

    Peep, *The Boy is Mine,* playing at 6:23 .
    Yes. I am a professional gay.

  • Katelyn Reynolds
    Katelyn Reynolds Oy oldin

    Molly, he is hot, and also so sweet and has a good sense of humor! I know he is tall... but he meets all the other criteria that you find physically attractive! He does have a little facial hair, but that can always be shaved (if hes ok with that).

  • Shelly -
    Shelly - Oy oldin +2

    So when's the wedding?

  • Boston Kennedy
    Boston Kennedy Oy oldin +2

    2:35 did anyone see that? No? Just me ? Ok....

  • I_Love_Jacksepticeye2

    They are such great friends! It reminded me of how much i love and miss my own boy best friend

  • Desireé Burgess
    Desireé Burgess Oy oldin

    This is such a beautiful friendship and video 😫 #FriendshipGoals 😭💕

  • Michelle Thompson

    Guide goat 🤣💛

  • ZuGaLife
    ZuGaLife Oy oldin

    Friendship goals. Loved this!

  • xoxdria
    xoxdria Oy oldin

    everyone is shipping them but im getting gay vibes from him....and I'd love to see molly have a gay best friend!

    • xoxdria
      xoxdria Oy oldin

      update i just watched the very end and looked at his insta and he is gay lol should've waited to post anything

  • Lil Iya and Jo
    Lil Iya and Jo Oy oldin

    That guy at 2:35 is literally me

  • Hadleylicious Boo

    Why dose she where sun glasses

  • Isabella Ludovico

    I love that mom had to step in to tell her she has enough clothes 😂😂😂

  • Kris LaWho
    Kris LaWho Oy oldin

    I just stared at her hair throughout the whole thing. It’s just so...the color...the length, the’s so flattering for her face cut.

  • Kylie Bijou
    Kylie Bijou Oy oldin

    2:36 That MUST be annoying..........

  • Ro Walker
    Ro Walker Oy oldin

    Would you consider doing a video with a transgender person, such as myself. I think there is a dialogue to be had around accessibility and falsehoods about what kind of people we are Vs how the world perceives us. Just a thought! Love the outfits!

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Oy oldin

    he cute..

  • nisha anne
    nisha anne Oy oldin

    molly: *breathes*
    me: what an icon💞💘

  • Jasmine Cushman
    Jasmine Cushman Oy oldin +2

    That dude in the background when Molly and Bradon was eating 😂😂

  • Elena Ascia
    Elena Ascia Oy oldin

    2:35 omg

  • Miracle122485
    Miracle122485 Oy oldin

    That guy in the background at 2:35, lol