Microsoft Surface Go review: surprisingly good

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  • The Verge
    The Verge  4 oy oldin +140

    How would your computer habits change if you had this tiny laptop?

    • Extra Sessions Media
      Extra Sessions Media 3 kun oldin

      I use it for track prep (setting cues) for future sets. I have also been using it for video dumps from projects we are shooting with action cams. Side note, i also use the Surface go for retro gaming and multi media consummation. I got the 8gb ram 128gb ssd version and so far, I have been very happy with this purchase.

    • The Deviant Developer
      The Deviant Developer Oy oldin

      Just got it - kills the iPad and my 12" MacBook.

    • N1ckyM0u5e
      N1ckyM0u5e Oy oldin

      I am watching this video on the surface go

    • sundeep kumar
      sundeep kumar 2 oy oldin

      I would be using for reading technical books (which kindle can’t handle such as technical papers with two columns and high resolution image) ... for connecting to my cloud computing related portals such as aws gcp azure ... some power shell capability and ability to run basic programming language such as golang and python would be great to have

    • Camilo González
      Camilo González 2 oy oldin

      I would use it for photo editing, mindmapping, and a lot of onedrive action on the go.

  • Ronny Tejada
    Ronny Tejada Kun oldin

    I just want to watch Netflix. Are the colors bright or dull? What kind of screen does it have?

  • Itz Toxic
    Itz Toxic 4 kun oldin

    Nice review but before I get it I need to know if Microsoft word is included because I’m a 13 year old writer and I need a new computer so someone please inform me if this computer has Microsoft word

  • RossLovesDisney/California

    How does the Surface Go compare to the Surface RT second generation? I’m considering upgrading to the Surface Go. Yes, I’m still using a Surface RT.

  • SuperKnowledgeSponge
    SuperKnowledgeSponge 9 kun oldin

    How do you transfer files? I realise that there is no USB port - does it rely on cloud file transferral only?

  • Dj BOB
    Dj BOB 10 kun oldin


  • It's Dark
    It's Dark 11 kun oldin

    If I can't afford a Surface Pro then I might as well get the Go

  • t m
    t m 12 kun oldin

    Would use as a paper substitute and second monitor. How does onenote, teams, and other office programs run?

  • Liam Dale
    Liam Dale 12 kun oldin

    I was tossing up whether to get the Surface Go or Surface Pro, and I was told to pick the latter due to the Go having a weaker processor and just having slow performance overall.

  • Jalyn Pinchem
    Jalyn Pinchem 13 kun oldin

    This video was super helpful but I was just wondering if the device comes with a pen or do I have to purchase one separately?

    • cris
      cris 13 kun oldin

      You need to purchase the pen and the keyboard separately

  • Dayong Tong
    Dayong Tong 14 kun oldin

    Can you run Solidworks on this? or matlab?

  • Liquid.Dips-kun
    Liquid.Dips-kun 14 kun oldin

    Even though I know I can't buy this thing, but I love watching expensive tech LOL

  • Aventanario
    Aventanario 15 kun oldin +1

    This is a good temporary replacement for my Lenovo IdeaPad 720s as my current latop kept breaking down because of boot issues.

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 16 kun oldin

    Sounds good for ms paint......

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez 18 kun oldin

    I would use it for college and light media consumption. With Surface phone coming out sometime in ‘19 I think apps will have no choice but to improve for MS Surface/Go. Which is good for MS/consumers for they have very big budget and I think the timing and frustration over some Apple product choices, pricing, along side some controversy over slowing software on older devices for them/consumers. I believe this is going to be a stronger device in the future. I have high hopes and believe it is a great device for being productive in a life and work balance for the average consumer. I also think it is a good time to switch before Apple’s own processing chips go into there computers and get even more stuck in apple ecosystem

  • David Torres
    David Torres 18 kun oldin

    allways mac and apple pop up in your videos

  • Uchiha Madara
    Uchiha Madara 19 kun oldin

    I cant change from s mode to homes! Pls help, omggg

  • AnJolie 303
    AnJolie 303 20 kun oldin +3

    Heyyy just got this from Costco today. It came with the keyboard for $550+tax.
    I’m using it to catch up on work and write poetry on the go. :)

  • Better Things
    Better Things 21 kun oldin +1

    My surface go does the job, small, compact and fast. Don't care about the bezel. Actually the bezel helps to prevent cracking screen if I should grab it a certain way. I use this more than my iPad pro's (10/12.9 inch) feel like i have laptop and get work it

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 21 kun oldin

    Hey I'm thinking of buying the base model, I would only use it for college (law college, so a lot of reading and microsoft word), what do you people think, worth it?

  • Bryson Orosa
    Bryson Orosa 22 kun oldin

    Eyy shoutout to Ori and Transistor! Played em both, buy them!

    THE GRAN PRIEST 23 kun oldin

    Can I do light coding on this??

  • Aleo Aninda
    Aleo Aninda 23 kun oldin

    Can it run Crysis?

  • Yash Sinha
    Yash Sinha 23 kun oldin

    I want to buy it for my mom who is a Professor. She needs it mostly for working on documents and presentations.
    Would it be a good buy for her? I was thinking to go with the 8gb ram version.

  • Michael de Cuba
    Michael de Cuba 24 kun oldin

    Will this product be good enough tp just simple tasks like project surf the web and do a bunch of study and home/office work ?

  • onion king
    onion king 24 kun oldin

    There is a limited battery recharges

  • princess awesome
    princess awesome 24 kun oldin +5

    So? Phones are getting bigger and laptops getting smaller?

  • mjacksonjones
    mjacksonjones 25 kun oldin

    that couch is HOT!

  • Shafii Sigera
    Shafii Sigera 25 kun oldin

    The only problem with microsoft is that they tend to ignore their products,. Window phones and surface RT tablets,.

  • Rossclairborne
    Rossclairborne 26 kun oldin

    You didn't test the storage? Hmm ? Why not? Surely you prepared for this review?

  • Isack Hernandez
    Isack Hernandez 26 kun oldin

    Surface rt?

  • BlueShock Gamer
    BlueShock Gamer 27 kun oldin

    Can it run roblox and Minecraft?

  • Zinxy
    Zinxy 27 kun oldin +9

    Microsoft Surface Go 25% OFF here: *vdіgіtаl. іnfо*

  • Christopher Sterns
    Christopher Sterns 27 kun oldin

    Thanks for the video. I'm using my Surface Go (128GB/8GB RAM version) to make this comment. I LOVE THIS MACHINE. But first...
    I was holding out for the new iPad Pro and after Apple's Event placed a pre-order that totaled almost $1,900. WFT? I cancelled the next day, walked into Microsoft and purchased the new Surface Pro 6, i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM for $1,800 to be my new all in one - I have 2-4K LG monitors hooked up to it, and as my tablet/pen device the Surface Go! Did I say I LOVE THIS MACHINE?
    Now that Microsoft has announced the LTE version I swapping this Go for the LTE. Sweet. As I said, my main use is as a tablet, digital notes (OneNote). It stays in studio mode all day and I write my hand notes to it. The fact it is a computer is amazing. I even connected it to Microsoft's Docking Station with the 2-4K LG monitors with NO issues. Bottom line is I cannot say anything bad about this machine.
    Since 2007 I have been using Mac's. I just sold my 2-2017 5K iMac's and running with the Surface Pro 6 as my desktop with my eye on the new Surface Studio 2. I really like the Surface's lineup. Apple has become boring and I think they've lost their minds with the new iPad Pro.

  • k 777
    k 777 28 kun oldin

    Is it possible to play Fifa 19 on Surface Go 8GB? How many Fps would this have?

  • Kaori Kinoko
    Kaori Kinoko Oy oldin

    I would use it for writing. The small size seems like it would be great to take to a coffeeshop or the library, and I always use MS Word to write. How is using Word on such a small screen? If you've pics of Word on it either in S mode or not in S mode, please link me!
    The only thing that holds me back on this is the high price and the small keyboard...

  • Alex Irimescu
    Alex Irimescu Oy oldin

    Does it have preinstalled 'Office'? Or do i have to buy it?

  • Abinash Pal
    Abinash Pal Oy oldin

    Can someone put the Windows 10S in iPad pro 2018......

  • Assaf Imanuel
    Assaf Imanuel Oy oldin

    Is it enough to run Adobe Photoshop?

  • luke hiorns-boddington

    This or pixel slate?

  • Tony
    Tony Oy oldin

    Do they go into every product review including Apple with the same bias?

  • Alonj Jelatar
    Alonj Jelatar Oy oldin

    Can it run visual studio smoothly?

  • shawn newton Boxing

    What would be my best value and performance device in this group? HP, Surface Pixel slate or something else! Its my secondary driver and just to carry around!

  • KLiNoTweet
    KLiNoTweet Oy oldin

    I would use it for (bigger) Word-Docx on office 365. But I'm not sure, how it handels those...

  • Jay B.
    Jay B. Oy oldin

    how is it from college student point of view?

  • bhangkit cahya
    bhangkit cahya Oy oldin

    waste of money for this useless thing , I'm sure can't do corel draw to work in this machine

  • Declan Cottle
    Declan Cottle Oy oldin

    I would use it for low-quality Rocket League.

  • it's gameing bro and vlogsss

    With the new update is faster so now you can play pubg or fortnite

  • Chesly Raymond
    Chesly Raymond Oy oldin

    So in terms of playing roblox...I'm guessing that's a no?

  • Thomas Chong
    Thomas Chong Oy oldin

    Skype for Business for Windows available in the Store?

  • DariusDaro
    DariusDaro Oy oldin

    I would use it for editing pictures, for mixing software.

  • Dr. Srinivas
    Dr. Srinivas Oy oldin

    One of the few unbiased reviewers out there who always seems to deliver great reviews..This is the perfect travel companion for someone who uses Windows apps (Office Suite, SAS, SPSS, other statistical software that are not graphics intensive) someone who already owns a Surface Pro I am going to wait for the 2nd gen Surface Go were the processors may get a slight speed bump..for those who dont own a Surface device yet, maybe this is the device to get you into the Microsoft Surface world..

  • Kalash Operator
    Kalash Operator Oy oldin

    The processor is the only thing that turns me off. I love the size and the Windows OS thou. What other alternatives are there to finding a tablet to this size with Windows OS?

  • NightClaw 22
    NightClaw 22 Oy oldin

    i wonder if this laptop would work well for animation and digital art, if so i will definitely consider getting this

  • Lucas Minecraft
    Lucas Minecraft Oy oldin

    This is a great video, I think this will be a great laptop

  • max namikaze
    max namikaze Oy oldin

    Can u uses Microsoft surface go computer/tablet for art work ?

  • A Czep
    A Czep Oy oldin

    It reminds me of when the original surface RT came out. Great video. Thx.

  • Pedro Miguel
    Pedro Miguel Oy oldin

    Can i use a wireless keyboard on the surface go?

  • PotatoChan
    PotatoChan Oy oldin

    If you hook this surface go up to monitor I’m pretty sure you can play fortnite

  • Sjoerd Tilmans
    Sjoerd Tilmans Oy oldin

    I have one, it is great indeed. I even play some light games on it.

  • wolfiecactar2
    wolfiecactar2 Oy oldin

    Super pumped! Thank you!
    I'm a home based travel agent and when I'm on the go I could have a client ready to book, and I do not want to carry a laptop with me everywhere. Now I can take my business wherever I go and I'm always available to my clients.

  • Jonathan Jong
    Jonathan Jong Oy oldin +1

    great review but why "surprisingly"?

  • The Mauritian Render Host

    Can it support android studio?

  • Laurensius Tony
    Laurensius Tony Oy oldin

    At least this make me want to love windows device again... surface pro is great but expensive and this surface go is just right in the sweet spot... i imagine myself doing web development and lightroom edit with it, maybe not as fast as macbook pro but it still works... just waiting until this thing available on my country (indonesia)

  • Trystan Marshall
    Trystan Marshall Oy oldin

    Will this tablet be able to run UZclip Netflix and Google chrome alright with little to no lag

  • LocalMTB_Nation
    LocalMTB_Nation Oy oldin

    should i get the surface go 8gb of ram or a ipad 2gb ram 128gb

  • Dorian Gleason
    Dorian Gleason Oy oldin

    This is Microsoft version of a tablet lol

  • Greygamerfox
    Greygamerfox Oy oldin

    I just bought it for screenwriting. So far I’m just happy with the portability.

  • Evan Mansfield
    Evan Mansfield Oy oldin

    Should I just get the $400 model if im only gonna be using it for things like web browsing, printing, Microsoft word/PowerPoint, and other basic uses? Cuz I feel like the $550 would be too much for my use since I won't be using heavily powered apps like editing/uploading videos and things like that.

    • Jan Lavallee
      Jan Lavallee Oy oldin

      Evan Mansfield I’m wondering the same thing 😀

  • Md. Samiullah Arafat

    Can we use referencing apps or softwares specially Endnote for academic writings??

  • Jeremy Esters
    Jeremy Esters 2 oy oldin

    I would buy it and then just leave it on my coffee table if ever i need to check my email.

  • Branislav Kondic
    Branislav Kondic 2 oy oldin

    SOO no COMMENT on screen quality,like light bleed ,contrast,colors....Sooo lame

  • Cleverly Blonde
    Cleverly Blonde 2 oy oldin

    The $399 model is actually definitely worth a test, because as a school or meeting or similar office use, it is more than adequate even with eMMC and 4Gb of RAM. I'd love to see you give it a spin, and I think you'd be positively surprised.

  • Shivam Gupta
    Shivam Gupta 2 oy oldin

    Those bezels are way too thick for 2018.

  • Shivam Gupta
    Shivam Gupta 2 oy oldin

    Without any doubt this thing will start lagging like crazy within 6 months of use.

  • abdel aziz ibrahim
    abdel aziz ibrahim 2 oy oldin

    How can i connect my Usb 3.0 in thst device?

  • Caroline McCormack
    Caroline McCormack 2 oy oldin

    Finally someone that managed to do a great review simple and honest. As a long term user of macs after ditching windows some 8 years ago I’ve been looking at getting a hyper portable mobile laptop as a business user, writer and blogger I was looking at the surface pro vs surface go. I particularly liked your reference to the fact that as long as you know it’s limitations it’s a great machine so thanks for demonstrating so well and giving me the heads up.

  • MNN Gaming
    MNN Gaming 2 oy oldin

    Would anyone know that a surface pen from a surface pro 3 or surface pro 4 would work with it, i have a surface pro and I’m thinking it go and buy a Surface Go

  • ricardo Dias Teixeira

    It's okey but video editing with a 10 inch screen it's bullshit. For drawing it is enough. But even for photoshop and lightroom it looks small

  • Dom
    Dom 2 oy oldin

    But would you buy one with your money? I’m guessing a NO

  • Morp Morpt
    Morp Morpt 2 oy oldin

    how can I transfer my files to my other computer as they have no USB drive?

    • Morp Morpt
      Morp Morpt 2 oy oldin

      yeah sometimes dont have on the train to work. Microsd cards are too small. but thanks for suggestions.

    • Fava Bean
      Fava Bean 2 oy oldin

      If you have internet connection why not use cloude service like dropbox/google/one drive etc. Or use a microsd card

  • Kasper Emil
    Kasper Emil 2 oy oldin

    i would use it for shcool

  • Joni Sin
    Joni Sin 2 oy oldin

    Nice fair review.

  • jonathan fellype
    jonathan fellype 2 oy oldin

    cool very cool

  • Kshitiz Sirsat
    Kshitiz Sirsat 2 oy oldin

    does it possible to fl studio with all vst on this thing

  • Edreen Pasang
    Edreen Pasang 2 oy oldin

    My money also Go

  • Myles432
    Myles432 2 oy oldin

    I am just more interesting in being able to do art and animation. Would this particular device be recommend for that stuff?

  • Jeff O'Brien
    Jeff O'Brien 2 oy oldin

    I have to use Chrome google Calendar, Google Drive and those types of apps for work. In the video you said that Chrome tended to bog it down. Does this mean it doesn't work with Chrome, or it crashes? I'm thinking about getting a Go, but I want to make sure it works with with where I work.

  • iMiguelAOG
    iMiguelAOG 2 oy oldin

    I'm starting to think that ARM chips are surpassing low to mid end Intel chips

  • Sean Haughey
    Sean Haughey 2 oy oldin

    The only major draw back I found , is battery 🔋

  • Andy Mcnally
    Andy Mcnally 2 oy oldin

    S Mode is like the Windows equivalent to Mac looooool

  • lorem ipsum
    lorem ipsum 2 oy oldin

    Chrome browser bogs down? Edge browser doesn't. So use Edge. It is a better browser. Also, get LastPass it is better than 1Password. Problem solved. I love Edge and LastPass.

  • RickOShay
    RickOShay 2 oy oldin

    So much apple bias at Verge its difficult to take anything they say seriously. This review surprised me.

  • Berry C
    Berry C 2 oy oldin

    Can you connect an external USB DVD drive and play pre-recorded videos?

  • TREFDDDJ Productions

    I want this just to do my Assignments, essays, light editing for some of my photos and just to have for school and at home use.

  • Matt Baracz
    Matt Baracz 2 oy oldin

    That was a good review. Thanks.

  • Sean Stringer
    Sean Stringer 2 oy oldin

    How does the office suite work on this? That’s what I would primarily use it for :)

  • B Z
    B Z 2 oy oldin

    I have the surface go with the keyboard and the pen, and i love it! Only thing is, sometimes it lags pretty hard and randomly... Only thing that bugs me out!

    • Jeff O'Brien
      Jeff O'Brien 2 oy oldin

      Is it with certain programs or just randomly? I'm thinking about buying one, but if it is unstable then that is a deal breakers.

  • Thomas Santomartino
    Thomas Santomartino 2 oy oldin

    What about the camera? Is it decent? I think I'd not be happy with the this. The Microsoft App store stinks and the iPad and Android OS for mobile devices have some many great apps. Why can't Microsoft get their store together after so many years? What would I use it for? It doesn't seem to be suited for much more than an eReader and watching online videos and doing some word processing and emails. I'd think I'd prefer a small laptop with better specs for this price or a 2 in 1.

  • BecomingIntermediate

    Dont buy the surface go. This video oversells it. Its a netbook without a keyboard.