iPad Pro Review: The Best Ever... Still an iPad!

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  • Joylandi 15-Noy, 2018
  • The new iPad Pro has unreal hardware. Incredible power. And beautiful design... but it's still an iPad.
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  • Paul LeClair
    Paul LeClair Kun oldin

    I currently own a 12.9” 3rd gen iPad Pro, and I can safely say it is one of the greatest pieces of technology I have ever saved up for. It’s a beautiful design and makes for a great sketchbook for drawing. Especially if you have a matte screen protector.
    It’s a great iPad.

  • Fred Fang
    Fred Fang 2 kun oldin

    Spin it on your finger like a fidget spinner

  • Sagar Dudhe
    Sagar Dudhe 3 kun oldin

    I am actually just 9 and i am watching this video on my own ipad 4

  • Vertox2D
    Vertox2D 3 kun oldin

    Does anyone know what pullover he's wearing? 😅

  • Joshua Burris
    Joshua Burris 3 kun oldin

    But can it run crisis

  • Riau repiu
    Riau repiu 4 kun oldin

    *Salam Dari RIAU PEKANBARU sanaak*
    Jan Lupo singgah ka *tampek ambo deee..*
    *Tarimokasih sanak sadoeeee*

  • Eady Elias
    Eady Elias 4 kun oldin

    8:30 What the hell is that at the bottom right corner on this video? 🙈

  • Random Sh1t
    Random Sh1t 4 kun oldin

    Yes I want to browse my files

  • Ethan Ratberry
    Ethan Ratberry 4 kun oldin +2

    4:50 A N G E R Y

  • Martin Kirk
    Martin Kirk 4 kun oldin

    Same story with iPhone... And why people are fleeing to Samsung.

  • Anish Borekar
    Anish Borekar 5 kun oldin

    My middle name is k...

  • Tuhin Ahamad
    Tuhin Ahamad 5 kun oldin

    at 4:06 almost seen the "K" stand for

  • ColeKam
    ColeKam 5 kun oldin +1

    Im waiting on IOS13 before making a decision, I had one of the first ipad mini's and loved it but now need a new laptop and would prefer to have a ipad.

  • August Biernbaum
    August Biernbaum 5 kun oldin

    I love the intro

  • Shantavia Carter
    Shantavia Carter 5 kun oldin

    Literally want to buy this, but how did you get your Apple Pencil to look like a pencil ✏️? I need that in my life

  • Kristian Larsen
    Kristian Larsen 5 kun oldin

    Soooo, the Mac mini and MacBook air gets a headphone jack, while the Netflix machine that's literally got "Pro" in its name does not...🤔🤔

  • Patrick Warren
    Patrick Warren 5 kun oldin +1

    Nice review as usual. Too expensive for me to buy -_-
    Off topic: Whered u get ur hoodie?
    Oh and also droool over ur Hasselblad

  • B5Damericanista
    B5Damericanista 6 kun oldin


  • Colton awesome Davis
    Colton awesome Davis 6 kun oldin

    I am getting the iPad pro 12.9 inch on Friday or the 11 inch iPad pro.

  • Sammy Bellamer
    Sammy Bellamer 7 kun oldin

    This is a great review, i'm still on the fence about getting the latest iPad Pro because i don't want to spend the high price on the Macbook Pro but still want an iPad-like device that mimics an actual laptop in terms of usability with file managment. Your review really shined the perfect amount of light onto the pros and cons of this device, esp. the part that called out the lack of a file ecosystem, so thank you for sharing your candid thoughts :)

  • Team Austin JTA
    Team Austin JTA 7 kun oldin

    Love your channel

  • Nr Akash
    Nr Akash 7 kun oldin +5

    Yeah! All i can afford is that magic paper!!

  • Tina Bahena
    Tina Bahena 7 kun oldin

    Im so torn! 😭 i love stationary so part of me wants to just keep using pen and paper, especially because it’s a lot less expensive. BUT the cool features make me so tempted. Although it’s frustrating that you still have to pay for an app to write notes like you would on a paper. Why did they create an Apple Pencil and not only sell it separately but also the app is sold separately-.- that’s annoying tbh

  • Francis
    Francis 7 kun oldin

    I really enjoy 😊 your videos.Thanks for all the info 👍👍👍😍

  • JaeL
    JaeL 8 kun oldin

    apple shouldve removed the charging port aswell so that itll have a cleaner design just like removing headset jack. smh lol

    • JaeL
      JaeL 7 kun oldin

      +Lbc _ perhaps you should commit suicide cause you are useless sheep

    • Lbc _
      Lbc _ 7 kun oldin

      Perhaps we should also remove your mouth for saying some useless words resulting from a 2 year old debate that apple has already won

  • sivatech in telugu
    sivatech in telugu 8 kun oldin

    Ipad pro is the best to see the movies in ipad tell me

  • Muna Alameen
    Muna Alameen 9 kun oldin


  • Faiyaz khan
    Faiyaz khan 10 kun oldin

    I thought i would see at least a comment from Jerry rig everything

  • Yareeh park
    Yareeh park 10 kun oldin

    bro how can I get ipad mini 4 seond hand to buy??

    • mrgboy247
      mrgboy247 7 kun oldin

      also wifi only $209

    • mrgboy247
      mrgboy247 7 kun oldin

      swappa has 1 listed at $180 at&t, and a unlocked version at $229

  • The713Sonic
    The713Sonic 10 kun oldin

    I have both sizes 11 & 12.9 512gb, but I'm still on the 12.9 first pro version 🤣. Thinking about selling it. Same interphase imo

  • Devontae Woods
    Devontae Woods 11 kun oldin

    What a NERD why is this in my recommendations

  • Retarded Mario 64
    Retarded Mario 64 11 kun oldin


  • Scott Stamp
    Scott Stamp 12 kun oldin +3

    If you think it’s good, you probably didn’t try to snap it.

  • The Infamous JuneBugg
    The Infamous JuneBugg 12 kun oldin +2

    Tbh I’m just getting it to watch UZclip videos, surf the internet and watch Netflix 🤷🏼‍♂️

    ЕГОР РИЕЛТОР 12 kun oldin +1

    You dont need commercials in video(to buy your super expensive equipment, pay for the office and put food on your table)..... if the video is a commercial))

    • Reuben
      Reuben 12 kun oldin

      Aww noo this video nobody forced me to watch on a service I don’t pay for had a 5 second ad 😭😭😭 waaahhhh

  • AhmadJawad Sultani
    AhmadJawad Sultani 13 kun oldin +1

    Watching this with my iPad pro 😍

  • roy
    roy 13 kun oldin

    1:02 did he just said incredible nearly Bessel less display lol 😂😂😂😂

  • BJ Giauque
    BJ Giauque 13 kun oldin

    Dude do you know how incredibly good you are at this. Have you thought about a career as a news caster? Just one with some integrity, lol. Not saying you don’t, just a little sarcastic joke there. Take care, BJ

  • mood !
    mood ! 14 kun oldin +43

    80% Magnet Paper
    10% Broke Boy Comments
    5% Random Comments
    5% Comments Concerning The Video

  • N.M Wilkinson aka DJ HaiL-Nazareth

    Only reason I watch him because he is from my new residence. Maplewood where you pay high ass property tax. Oh and the tech

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 15 kun oldin

    bought the 10.5 on refurb with celluar and its £280 cheaper than the latest Ipad with celluar. not much difference between the two really.

  • Christian Mejia
    Christian Mejia 15 kun oldin +5

    Whoaaaa I’ve never seen magnet paper before

  • Geo FuegoTM
    Geo FuegoTM 15 kun oldin

    This guy is wack the iPad is fucken dope.🔥™️

  • Cormac Mccarthy
    Cormac Mccarthy 15 kun oldin

    its just a ipad buy an old one

    • erichoii
      erichoii 14 kun oldin

      the iphone's just a phone buy a rotary phone

  • It's Paris
    It's Paris 16 kun oldin +1

    An iPad is not supposed to replace your computer ! Learn the purposes of each item already !

  • Pinkjesus Pk
    Pinkjesus Pk 16 kun oldin

    Apple nobs

  • ahmet kasım kılıç
    ahmet kasım kılıç 17 kun oldin

    with those limited connectivity and selling every piece expensively --> as you mentioned ipad is ipad nothing more ... and that pencil had to be placed in that ipad ... samsung can do it in note series.... dont be afraid of Apple ... do something newer and please cheaper....

  • Vlad Matuscsak
    Vlad Matuscsak 17 kun oldin

    Expensive shitty ipad that if you need to connect it to the pc you have to buy a fucking port apart. With that kind of money and no port to connect it to your pc is a god damn waste. I regret buying this shit. Samsung galaxies will forever be better than apple is

  • Lit4Ever Gamer
    Lit4Ever Gamer 17 kun oldin

    I was gonna go buy it but the display is a deal breaker. I LOVE SUPER AMOLED. I am sorry, I know it is tiny but if it had a super amoled display from Samsung and keep the 120hz refresh rate, I would buy this in a heart beat.

  • ephraimperez1111
    ephraimperez1111 17 kun oldin +1

    With such high performance you just need a keyboard attachment

  • ephraimperez1111
    ephraimperez1111 17 kun oldin

    I just need the improved performance on it since I maxed out the iPad Air 2 that I have

  • Sam Ann
    Sam Ann 18 kun oldin +2

    iPad Pro worth it or the iPad 2018 for just $250 is good enough?

  • Tim donnelly
    Tim donnelly 18 kun oldin

    What photo editing app is that?

  • Aidennish
    Aidennish 18 kun oldin +2

    Samsung: we are creating a foldable phone
    Apples hold my beer

  • Arnel Enero
    Arnel Enero 18 kun oldin

    What a waste of excellent hardware, only to be crippled by limited functionality. Sad way to spend $$$$.

  • emurla pro
    emurla pro 19 kun oldin

    My ipad its samsung and its retry bag

  • Ryan.Y
    Ryan.Y 19 kun oldin +4

    Well iPads are awesome, but Apple sucks.

  • Patato Everything
    Patato Everything 19 kun oldin +2

    an iPad is NOT a *DAMN* got Tablet... LIKE JESUS!
    That triggers me alot..

    • Patato Everything
      Patato Everything 19 kun oldin

      Marki Mooper ???
      Its called an iPad, not a Tablet for a reason.
      Apple iPad Pro.
      not Apple Tablet Pro

    • Marki Mooper
      Marki Mooper 19 kun oldin +1

      It is the iPad is just a coined name

  • Ryan.Y
    Ryan.Y 19 kun oldin

    When you thought tablets were dead.

    • Patato Everything
      Patato Everything 19 kun oldin

      No, its not.
      A tablet is an android version of a iPad

    • Ryan.Y
      Ryan.Y 19 kun oldin

      +Patato Everything isnt an iPad a tablet lol

    • Patato Everything
      Patato Everything 19 kun oldin

      This is an iPad..
      not a tablet...
      And tablets are dead

  • XxlildramaxX
    XxlildramaxX 19 kun oldin

    I want one of these so I can sketch digitally anywhere I go.

  • Victor Ramos
    Victor Ramos 20 kun oldin

    How about removing IOS with jailbreak and instaling OS X to use DaVince Resolve 15? It's an idea

  • GC Durnin
    GC Durnin 20 kun oldin +2

    That is really one of the best vids on YT! Are you a salesman? Teacher? Singer? Your voice is very fine and your presentation is spot on. No doubt about what the ipad pro does and doesn't do and how well it does what it does do! Comparison with the computer was a nice bonus. I have ipad 3, seven years now. Yes, it needs replacing but only just. So I want it replaced with TOL with tons of storage. You've sold me.
    Thank you for doing this video. 🙋

  • Unknown hacker
    Unknown hacker 20 kun oldin

    Im watching this with an ipad pro

  • Nathan Miller Video
    Nathan Miller Video 21 kun oldin

    iPad has kind of always been awesome for the consumer level of computing. I have an iPad Air 1 I picked up used because I fly DJI’s drones for a living and it’s the most stabile experience. But I also do everything else my laptop and desktop can do when I’m traveling that’s not video editing or PC gaming. Was really shocked about iOS 11 on it (last time I had use an iPad for daily driving was the iPad 2 which I held onto for a couple years before getting rid of it).

  • 柚子
    柚子 21 kun oldin +1

    Fork night

    With mark ass brown lee

  • Cameron Clark
    Cameron Clark 21 kun oldin

    Meh i like my iPad 4 enough. It’s 5 years old and still runs great. I would however would like to watch porn on the huge one tho.

  • Jeremiah G
    Jeremiah G 21 kun oldin

    I can’t decide the 11 or the 12.9 inch. As I mostly use iPad in my car holder/stand, doing a lot of stanav and timesheets in Numbers. Videos and gaming as well... What would you recommend?

  • Foxraven of riverclan
    Foxraven of riverclan 21 kun oldin

    I am saving up $1500 and buying an iPad pro along with the pencil and keyboard because I n e e d it

  • elwingy
    elwingy 21 kun oldin

    Apple hardware good? But wait android folk tell me apple uses 10 year old tech... surely this must be a mistake...

  • Moman5stars
    Moman5stars 22 kun oldin

    Try bending it because the whole body will bend

  • Jay Holm 623
    Jay Holm 623 22 kun oldin

    I don’t think Apple wants people to be replacing their laptops with iPads. They want customers to buy both, and that’s why they keep them separate.

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 22 kun oldin

    You CAN directly upload from a camera, however, the device needs to be off while plugging in the USB C...or it will just try to charge your device....like you said. You should do better research and try things before you just put out bad info.

  • Jahid Sarkar
    Jahid Sarkar 22 kun oldin

    My middle name is K.......... What !!!!!!!

  • satyabrata mishra
    satyabrata mishra 22 kun oldin +2


  • David Torres
    David Torres 22 kun oldin


  • KillerBoots
    KillerBoots 22 kun oldin

    I’ve always liked the more boxy look/feel. Occasionally when I’m digging through my junk drawer I’ll find my old iPhone 4s, though small it still feels really good in the hand.

  • RosamandaTheRosé
    RosamandaTheRosé 23 kun oldin

    Beat review

  • Rick Mille
    Rick Mille 23 kun oldin

    Can i get that ipad for free?

  • SpeK DusK
    SpeK DusK 23 kun oldin

    What was that intro song?

  • saikat93ify
    saikat93ify 23 kun oldin

    USB C
    Neural Engine
    A12 Processor
    Pencil sticks to body
    Disadvantages :
    No mouse support
    No file storage support
    No external storage support
    Keyboard only has two orientations whereas Google slate keyboards can be kept at any angle

  • 1234 56789
    1234 56789 23 kun oldin

    Ok this is random, but is it just me or you are watching litterly anything else to escape the momo challenge. (If you don’t know what that is consider yourself lucky, one of my cousins best friends dies cuz of her) Let me warn you DO NOT WATCH IT FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST THAT DIED FOR YOU!!! DONT LOOK IT UP, AVOID IT WITH YOUR LIFE!!

  • lol its jasmine
    lol its jasmine 24 kun oldin

    I have the iPad Pro and you can’t stand it up on its own, I’ve tried

  • Billy Morley
    Billy Morley 24 kun oldin +1

    Lose the 2.35 mask. This is not cinema, you're just cutting off information we want to see.

    • Chris Rod
      Chris Rod 23 kun oldin

      U cant see it if u have a 18:9 aspect ratio :)

  • Deep Mind X
    Deep Mind X 24 kun oldin

    Marquee how often do you use iOS? Because eventually companies will be moving away from the slow-dragging full OS concept. The iPad is such a futuristic device even calling it a laptop replacement is an insult to the iPad, it’s a new kind of computer, that involves how changing the way you use one, because the laptop won’t last forever, & people better get use to this fact

  • Anuja Bhagat
    Anuja Bhagat 25 kun oldin


  • Matthew French
    Matthew French 25 kun oldin

    Only reason I want it is for ProCreate, too bad I spent all my money on the device I'm typing with right now.

  • Dmitriy Shevchuk
    Dmitriy Shevchuk 25 kun oldin +17

    ...but does it fold?

  • Angel Jade David
    Angel Jade David 25 kun oldin

    i wish i have the money to buy this.............:(

  • manpreetwired
    manpreetwired 25 kun oldin

    Magnet paper bro awesome

    AYBEAUTY 25 kun oldin

    Can i create a website on my iPad Pro

  • Payton Osiris
    Payton Osiris 26 kun oldin

    What if this had a notch

  • zap  Branigan
    zap Branigan 26 kun oldin

    No headphone, that says it all, issa no from me...

  • Armin Armin
    Armin Armin 26 kun oldin


  • Cook'N Up
    Cook'N Up 26 kun oldin

    Best review ever!

  • SnowThe
    SnowThe 26 kun oldin

    Will it let me import photos/videos to iPad from an Android though?

  • M3h3ndr3
    M3h3ndr3 26 kun oldin

    Well its too restrictive for that price, i dont like when they try to tell me what i can do or cant just let me do with it whatever tf i want. I want to download software thats not in the appstore i want to use drag and drop instead of the itunes bs if i dont like an update i want an easy option to roll back let me delete the bloatware and ffs dont slow it down with future updates.

  • Nique Crazyy
    Nique Crazyy 26 kun oldin +3

    I just bought is and I’m in love 😍

  • Prashanth V
    Prashanth V 26 kun oldin

    I am feeling like I am invested on shit after buying this ipad🤮🤮🤮

  • Dr. Ravi Kant
    Dr. Ravi Kant 27 kun oldin

    Is it OTG compatible with type C port ?

  • Shahed Gebril
    Shahed Gebril 27 kun oldin

    I have iPad air 2