Tik Tok Girls have gone too far.. TikTok - Part 4

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  • Christopher Hoover
    Christopher Hoover 17 soat oldin +1

    I'm a gamer but I'm six years old

  • Dank Memes101
    Dank Memes101 18 soat oldin

    Pewds, pls stop putting shitty replacement songs and just start a patreon

  • Tiny Sousage
    Tiny Sousage 19 soat oldin

    Это рыженькая из ранеток?

  • Izzys Life
    Izzys Life 20 soat oldin


  • Tastro
    Tastro 20 soat oldin +1

    I wanna be Winston!,,,,,

  • Maureen Perez
    Maureen Perez 21 soat oldin

    but the promise is broken

  • SebiX
    SebiX 21 soat oldin

    I'm already D.va

  • Im Tracer
    Im Tracer 21 soat oldin

    *im the original Tracer*

  • Crisis
    Crisis 22 soat oldin

    Hit or kiss, I guess he doesn't miss ya, mwah
    He gon dab and hit the girl like wiz khalifa
    He gon find another skrrt and he wont miss ya!

  • S'mores4life
    S'mores4life 22 soat oldin

    Phoebe? I, I thought you were dead 😟

  • Tisha Hormigos
    Tisha Hormigos 23 soat oldin


  • Ry Bread
    Ry Bread 23 soat oldin

    Damn... I will never get that overwatch song out of my head. And I went and looked up that muffin song.... man... I've seen some things... but that....

  • ForevaLaTrelle
    ForevaLaTrelle Kun oldin

    why does it look like everyone on tiktok has the worst phone ever?

  • Timothy Dolese
    Timothy Dolese Kun oldin

    The milk one tho...

  • ender the dragon
    ender the dragon Kun oldin

    Wtf did furrys do so confused doesn't help with cring

  • Siranonim
    Siranonim Kun oldin


  • Bowski aws
    Bowski aws Kun oldin +1

    I got a TikTok ad

  • DaInsaneNerd
    DaInsaneNerd Kun oldin

    Pewdiepie thinks it’s funny and pewdiepie is daddy and I listen to what daddy says and daddy says to always listen to what he says so I think it’s funny

  • Emily baker
    Emily baker Kun oldin

    I'm joking buy the way IT'S A JOKE DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL!!!!!!!

  • Emily baker
    Emily baker Kun oldin

    I declare a war on the person who spilt that milk

  • Bruno Díaz
    Bruno Díaz Kun oldin

    Is it gay to say that the illumination looks really good?

  • Trisya 140
    Trisya 140 Kun oldin

    Wow, cool

  • Fortnite Winner
    Fortnite Winner Kun oldin


  • Fenix 007
    Fenix 007 Kun oldin

    Why tik tok user always do ill be a tracer?? Thats from music called no mercy by the living tombstone

    Ill be a b*tch

  • josie tenkhoff
    josie tenkhoff Kun oldin


  • Major Cassulties
    Major Cassulties Kun oldin

    I got 4 tik tok ads on this

  • Natalie Avand
    Natalie Avand Kun oldin

    great, i got an ad for tik tok on this video

  • AyeItsEmma MSP
    AyeItsEmma MSP Kun oldin

    8:15 kIdS iN aFrIcA cOuLd EaT tHaT!!!11!11!!

    ITS LEE Kun oldin

    Thank the lord I didn’t get a **tik tok** ad

  • Sara Xaji
    Sara Xaji Kun oldin

    Tiktok is the offspring of musically and vine

  • Sara Xaji
    Sara Xaji Kun oldin

    I showed this to Tiktok to my yoghurt now it's expired

  • john Johnson
    john Johnson Kun oldin

    be like joe

    LUC1FER Kun oldin


  • theblazerlight timetorock

    Fucking legend

  • thegood gamer
    thegood gamer Kun oldin

    #tic gay

  • Mrnmy Diaz
    Mrnmy Diaz Kun oldin

    OMG 2:02 😂😂😂

  • QuaseFalho
    QuaseFalho Kun oldin

    FilthyFrank are u?

  • Sic Eastwood
    Sic Eastwood Kun oldin

    His face at 3:23

  • TheCaptain
    TheCaptain Kun oldin

    "I will not milk this anymore" UZclip recommends tik tok part 5*

  • mały kanał
    mały kanał Kun oldin +1

    I love this tic tok ad at the moment when Felix says "tic tok"

  • Krishan Baghel
    Krishan Baghel Kun oldin

    I liked your all videos
    In hindi-bc sale sari video unlike kr di h😍🇮🇳

  • Kaidee - Razz
    Kaidee - Razz Kun oldin

    Thank you for introducing me to muffin time.

  • Spud TheSpooder
    Spud TheSpooder Kun oldin

    Hit my miss, baby

  • Chloe Hudson
    Chloe Hudson Kun oldin +1

    Hit or miss?

    Guess I always miss huh?

  • Beefstew1997
    Beefstew1997 Kun oldin

    1:36 Keep it up Gomank. Proud of you.

  • Ashlee Floyd
    Ashlee Floyd Kun oldin

    6:43 😂😂

  • Luijo LPM
    Luijo LPM Kun oldin

    8:14 if you pause it it looks like dusty divot

  • Luijo LPM
    Luijo LPM Kun oldin


  • Crimson Cochran
    Crimson Cochran Kun oldin

    Hey pewds, at 3:16 it actually is a boy but hes just in cosplay k thnx bye

  • nmgh marquis
    nmgh marquis Kun oldin

    Ha Xb its like a silent void with some funnies kinda nice

  • Cody Corcoran
    Cody Corcoran Kun oldin

    What if I don't wanna be


  • mxrvel edits
    mxrvel edits Kun oldin

    maybe i'll be tracer... (keep it going)

  • paladinssucksbutistillplayit gh

    While watching this video four tiktok ars appeared

  • Professor Prat
    Professor Prat Kun oldin

    im a kid and im not on tik tok

  • This Kid
    This Kid Kun oldin

    tik tok is taking over

  • FLooZo ur boi
    FLooZo ur boi Kun oldin +1

    Ayyy,respect the muffin you stupid lil pewds!!!

  • 커토냐먐NAYEON
    커토냐먐NAYEON Kun oldin


  • Tea Of The World
    Tea Of The World Kun oldin

    Anyone else think that Pewdiepie would make a great pirate?
    No? Just me?
    Okay I’ll leave now...

  • Gotcha
    Gotcha Kun oldin

    *Suicide Rate Blows Up After 2018 January*


  • sparta luffy
    sparta luffy 2 kun oldin

    Pewds:'Laughed as a woman get hit'
    *A Few Seconds Later*
    Pewds:Hitting women is never okay

  • ashley nathaly mendez
    ashley nathaly mendez 2 kun oldin

    your laugh is my favorite thing in the world and i love you

  • A Goddamn Grapefruit
    A Goddamn Grapefruit 2 kun oldin

    is anyone gonna say anything about that filthy frank reference?

  • Ally and Abby
    Ally and Abby 2 kun oldin

    Try watching Iza and Elle they are more normal

  • Christoper Belmontes
    Christoper Belmontes 2 kun oldin

    There's like 2 tik tok ads as I watch this

  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall 2 kun oldin

    8:11 Wait! When did HowToBasic start making TikToks?!?!?!

  • Cynthia Paola Enciso Segovia

    Alguien habla español

    Sólo yo bueno

  • kamila rangel
    kamila rangel 2 kun oldin

    Perai? É o luba... Haa não kkkkk

  • Daniel Luxton
    Daniel Luxton 2 kun oldin

    pig lugh

  • Unwanted Galaxy
    Unwanted Galaxy 2 kun oldin

    Omg that took so long pls like my finsgers hurt so baf pls help 🥵🥵🥵😰😰

  • GameIdiot
    GameIdiot 2 kun oldin

    There are no Gamer Girls... That's Law.

  • Sparkling Subliminals
    Sparkling Subliminals 2 kun oldin

    I’m sorry but I thought that weird sound was coming from the guy in the video then I realized that pewdiepie was laughing

  • Maximilian Provolt
    Maximilian Provolt 2 kun oldin

    I'm the 9,994,189 viewer guys, give me likes

  • Joshua Ray
    Joshua Ray 2 kun oldin

    I'm a kid and we will never stop tik took

  • Carolina Carvalho
    Carolina Carvalho 2 kun oldin

    Is a girl making a video ever not seen as "wanting attention"?

  • Lemon Girl
    Lemon Girl 2 kun oldin

    5:26 of course, because girls have to prove they are gamers or its a lie, if a guy says he is a gamer he don’t have to prove. What a stupid point you have 🙄🙄

    LITE- -BLUE 2 kun oldin

    Women being funny? I like this...tik tok

  • Pheobe 17
    Pheobe 17 2 kun oldin

    2:15 it’s Phoebe from charmed she’s gorgeous 😍

  • Swervingfawn 830
    Swervingfawn 830 2 kun oldin

    the most oppressed groups gamers and furrys are at war get to your stations!!

  • Oblivion
    Oblivion 2 kun oldin

    Sopa do macaco uma delicia

  • Electric Strawberry Bird

    9:08 is that the albino asian version of young john lennon

  • Knife Ivan
    Knife Ivan 2 kun oldin

    She hella fit
    tfw some girl on tik tok could beat up ur basementdweller ass

  • Polish Squirrel
    Polish Squirrel 2 kun oldin +1

    I'm a ryly canser

  • Demente Lovers
    Demente Lovers 2 kun oldin


  • Drake Hurston
    Drake Hurston 2 kun oldin

    it is time for the furries to rise over gamer girls

  • XxSuzanne- KizmaxX
    XxSuzanne- KizmaxX 2 kun oldin

    I just dont understand that whole “gamers VS furry” fight...

    People in 1950 were saying: in 2018 we have flying cars!
    2018: i wanna be winston c: ...lmao nvm am a furry in gamer suit...LOLOLOL *gets shot with a nerft gun*

  • Alex Gaming quail
    Alex Gaming quail 2 kun oldin

    No way

  • KotonoSweets
    KotonoSweets 2 kun oldin

    6:06 is me

  • Cat's World
    Cat's World 2 kun oldin

    If a whaman isn't wearing her awesome headphones and sucking a controller, she can't be tracer OR winston.

  • WhatTheFridge 1o1
    WhatTheFridge 1o1 2 kun oldin

    Lmaooooo I'm dead I love the parodies

  • CCVP
    CCVP 2 kun oldin

    anyone knows the name of the piece @2:54?

  • Keina Yoshimura
    Keina Yoshimura 2 kun oldin

    I like it how this video is about Tik Tok going too far (idk xD) anni just get a Tik Tok add xD

  • Javad Karimli
    Javad Karimli 2 kun oldin

    Brad putting medieval music over “hit or miss”. 👌

  • Quinn Dolan
    Quinn Dolan 2 kun oldin

    That moment when being edgy is actually traditional gender roles wtf society

  • Dianna Dawson
    Dianna Dawson 2 kun oldin

    Does he knows Luba TV????

  • Alina Kern
    Alina Kern 2 kun oldin

    It's weird how most of the videos have the same music

  • Limabean _-_
    Limabean _-_ 2 kun oldin

    Why didn't this show up in my subscriptions?

  • Linda Flores
    Linda Flores 2 kun oldin +1

    I'm already Tracer
    Hit Or Miss
    Tik Tok is taking over

  • SadBoiK
    SadBoiK 3 kun oldin

    When you thought you were clever doing ironic tiktok videos but now your as unoriginal as the kids doing regular tiktok video 😂