Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

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  • Zach Graviss
    Zach Graviss 12 soat oldin

    boi just why

  • Duck Sensei
    Duck Sensei 12 soat oldin

    Touches moldy bread, continues to use gloves to eat food

  • Patrick Zwick
    Patrick Zwick 15 soat oldin

    Replace the oxygen with nitrogen or an inert gas to try to preserve food

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt 16 soat oldin

    Is it true that if you take your helmet off in space it will explode?

  • Dash Perú
    Dash Perú 16 soat oldin

    Amazing that mould still grows in a vacuum.

  • Aiden Hayes
    Aiden Hayes 17 soat oldin

    Where is grant at

  • Francois Carriere
    Francois Carriere 18 soat oldin

    did you clean your gloves before eating? have you caught diarrhoea?

  • Bercan Beschadigun Kılıç

    you made botulism really happy

  • Mr Wise Guy
    Mr Wise Guy 19 soat oldin

    RIP: your toilet

  • Luis Arce
    Luis Arce 20 soat oldin

    So.... if you leave a loft of bread in the moon mold will form?

  • wullie gotfingered
    wullie gotfingered 20 soat oldin

    I'm hungry

  • R Alexandra
    R Alexandra 21 soat oldin

    ...don’t y’all know how canning jars work?

  • Teklit Arefaine
    Teklit Arefaine 21 soat oldin

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  • Quentin CAD
    Quentin CAD 22 soat oldin

    FYI bread doesn't lose moisture when it stales, the change from soft to hard is chemical and not because of water loss

  • spatrix
    spatrix 22 soat oldin

    Nice vindertech smasher at the start

  • t3g3lst3n
    t3g3lst3n 23 soat oldin

    You contaminated the food during bottling it.
    Need to boil/heat it up, both jars and food to preserve. Or you get live mould spores in bottles.
    I conserve my food self, and have no problems with it. Some are 10 years old and still ok.
    And for next time for your test, use vacuume pump and fill bottles with co2 like in soft drinks as preservative.
    It's simpler, works on meat for weeks, look in food store...

  • Valeren
    Valeren 23 soat oldin

    Please tell me he didn't touch moldy bread with the same gloves he touched food he put in his mouth.

  • Wayward Boy
    Wayward Boy Kun oldin

    Can acid burn through dry ice

  • Sadeoun Ouk
    Sadeoun Ouk Kun oldin +1

    Vacuum chamber is a better refrigerator.

  • Jefftukang Jeff
    Jefftukang Jeff Kun oldin

    You dont even know what vacuum is. Vacuum = when nothing is liquid except some synthetic oils. You also actually NEVER achieved even low level so called "fine"vacuum in any chamber you tried to evacuate. Vacuum sealing is impossible with some piece of gum. And again some small tip for you: vaccum is aways achieved through CONINIOUS pumping. To store vacuum: let pumps run AND monitor the underpressure during ALL the time you want to store it.

  • Erwin Mendez
    Erwin Mendez Kun oldin

    You should've done meat

  • Kyrie Espayos
    Kyrie Espayos Kun oldin

    Lays lays literally just air

  • Gregory Chew
    Gregory Chew Kun oldin

    12:47 Because...yuck.

  • VeoBroLIVE
    VeoBroLIVE Kun oldin


  • Mr Pengwen
    Mr Pengwen Kun oldin

    I'm assuming that your printer needed magenta thats why it was black and white 🤣

  • John McDermott
    John McDermott Kun oldin

    You didn't know that there are purpose made attachments for vacuum sealing mason jars???

  • waze3174
    waze3174 Kun oldin

    Can you hear a phine ring in a vacuum chamber

  • Won KiYoung
    Won KiYoung Kun oldin

    Notice that molds grew on near-vacuum-jar stored bread. That shows how DURABLE fungi is. This is one of reason why you get odd body smell getting worse if you do not keep your room, fabrics, and washing machine off from fungus. They are extremely hard to eliminate and will contribute for bad smell!

  • Eidrees Omar
    Eidrees Omar Kun oldin

    Vacuum chamber ice cream vs normal ice cream

  • Corrupted Cyborg
    Corrupted Cyborg Kun oldin

    Wow, didn't know mold didn't need anything to grow thought at least it needed some carbon dioxide.

  • Brock Lesnar
    Brock Lesnar Kun oldin

    You should meet food poisoning Doctor Asap

  • Clyde Monster
    Clyde Monster Kun oldin

    fungus can live without air, dont eat any of those

  • T08Y
    T08Y Kun oldin

    Did you copy action lab?

  • Aldo Zulfikar
    Aldo Zulfikar Kun oldin +1


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Kun oldin

    Rancidity in oil usually occurs when the C=C bonds are broken destroying the kinks and making more saturated molecules

  • setite
    setite Kun oldin

    You should do the vacuum sealing properly as a control. I know you used the rubber to attempt to get a stronger vacuum but using the consumer vacuum with the mason jars would be more useful to the viewers and it would keep the seal better. While some things seem to pop on me many things stay under seal seemingly indefinitely.

  • Alan Anaha
    Alan Anaha Kun oldin

    you souls do it with lollies and hot food

  • iVolkswagen
    iVolkswagen Kun oldin

    Would dipping the jars lids into wax to seal them help them retain vacuum?

  • Ghost~Vanguard
    Ghost~Vanguard Kun oldin

    White bread


    Jk don't forget botulism thrives in vacuum guys

  • Charlie Allensworth

    Are you sure you had a vacuum seal? A pressure gage on each container would have been a great source for a data point

  • Lamina Quagon
    Lamina Quagon Kun oldin

    what will happen if you put gallium in the vacuum chamber

  • Moss GVNG
    Moss GVNG Kun oldin

    Did lays sponsor you after this video haha?

  • No Fame Here
    No Fame Here Kun oldin

    Not sure how I got here 🤔

  • Alicia Cho
    Alicia Cho Kun oldin

    Also won't the mold get on your gloves and affect you anyway? Unless you cut the part our when you changed your gloves. But maybe i'm wrong cause I don't really know how mold works

  • Gamer had Alvin Velez

    Will chips,food,drinks,snacks will be stinky and rotten when left somewhere

  • Alicia Cho
    Alicia Cho Kun oldin

    Idk why you drilled the hole cause won't air go in there through the whole even though there is tape...

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune Kun oldin

    You need to use salt to absorb the water

  • sophia pike
    sophia pike Kun oldin

    can u try what u did with the marshmellos with a grape

    XGN DAN Kun oldin

    Will ice melt at the same speed if you put it in a vacuum chamber?

  • LongLostWraith
    LongLostWraith Kun oldin


  • Danny B
    Danny B Kun oldin +1

    How do Americans say Graham? Grey-ham or Grey-um

  • Kyra Day
    Kyra Day Kun oldin

    Is it possible to put a ship in a bottle

  • chipum2 fleming
    chipum2 fleming Kun oldin

    Sterile food "hot" placed into hot sterilized containers will not have the mold problems that is what canning taught country folks long ago. I have eaten canned foods after many years on the shelf

  • Hierro 17
    Hierro 17 Kun oldin

    If you want month-for chips, vacuum seal them

  • taylor chudler
    taylor chudler Kun oldin

    The jars were pressurized because you're slowly turning your house into a vacuum chamber

  • John Beidleman
    John Beidleman Kun oldin

    I love how you’re acting like this isn’t old news.

  • SVH Beatbox
    SVH Beatbox Kun oldin

    Apples turn brown when they are in the open air for too long. But in a vacuum it doesn't turn brown. What if you make applejuice in a vacuum, will it be a yellowish or brownish colour, or the same colour as the apple????

  • Catherine Reyna
    Catherine Reyna Kun oldin

    My munchkin wants yall to try lollipops in the vacuum. she thinks they will melt or catch on fire. :D

  • SonofZeus1998
    SonofZeus1998 Kun oldin

    What about meat and fish ?

  • Eddie Boyle
    Eddie Boyle Kun oldin

    Sooo you're just canning food?

  • Thanasis Ballas
    Thanasis Ballas Kun oldin +1

    Its inpossible to have 100% vacuume,Am I right?

  • Skyclad fey
    Skyclad fey Kun oldin

    Canning for nerds

  • scootman
    scootman Kun oldin

    what would happen if you put bubble wrap in a vacuum chamber

  • kittykat0132
    kittykat0132 Kun oldin

    I would love to see a UK version of this all the additives and preservatives in the USA made The food look ok

  • Elvanance TN
    Elvanance TN Kun oldin

    Cross contamenation from touching rotten bread with the rest?

  • Srbija 21
    Srbija 21 Kun oldin

    What would happen if galium was in the vacuum

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf Kun oldin

      Probably nothing, unless the temperature got above 30 C.

  • Jersey
    Jersey 2 kun oldin

    You will never achieve 100% vacuum conditions like this... It would be much more scientificaly accurate if you used better sealed containers and proper gas that would better simulate the vaccum-like conditions on Earth.

  • Anand Sebastian
    Anand Sebastian 2 kun oldin

    Can electricity jump through a vacuum?

  • Danny Tan
    Danny Tan 2 kun oldin

    What will happen if you put your phone in vacuum chamber

  • Danny Tan
    Danny Tan 2 kun oldin

    Can fire burn inside vacuum chamber

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf Kun oldin

      "Fire is ionized air" is too facile a statement. You can have ionized air without fire, dipwad.

    • LongLostWraith
      LongLostWraith Kun oldin

      Fire as we know it is *air* plasma in particular. And plasma is super-heated ionized gas. Therefore, fire is ionized air.

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf Kun oldin

      Fire is plasma.

    • LongLostWraith
      LongLostWraith Kun oldin

      Fire is ionized air, so of course not.

  • Danny Tan
    Danny Tan 2 kun oldin

    Can u explode a watermelon in the vacuum chamber

  • Danny Tan
    Danny Tan 2 kun oldin

    can you use the vacuum chamber to open a bottle or a container?

  • Lesterooo Parilla
    Lesterooo Parilla 2 kun oldin

    but the molds show that there still some moisture left inside the jar? which also means the vacuum jars are not actually vacuumed?

  • Nero Lowell
    Nero Lowell 2 kun oldin

    And what happen if you put metal object in a vacuum chamber that not attached the jar and heat/freeze the outer jar would the metal object get the influence of the heat/cold?

  • Chris Welcome
    Chris Welcome 2 kun oldin +2

    None of these foods turned out like Walter White, so I think the experiment is a success

    JPITFTKD 2 kun oldin

    Now drink a protein shake in your car. Leave a small amount in the shaker, put in under your carseat and leave it there for a week. Now smell it.

  • SugarRay2
    SugarRay2 2 kun oldin

    Why have gloves n handle mouldy bread then pick up crisps afterwards?

  • Munawara Daud
    Munawara Daud 2 kun oldin

    there is something to do with the humidity in some foods..

  • bladewolf VII
    bladewolf VII 2 kun oldin

    Pretty much the expected result. It proofs that drying food and then putting it into a vacuum could probably last forever.

  • Trid
    Trid 2 kun oldin

    Lmao you couldn't even maintain a seal for a tiny fraction of what grandmas can do

  • 237homer238
    237homer238 2 kun oldin

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  • Gse Gse
    Gse Gse 2 kun oldin

    apple has wax on it...

  • Morgan Flaherty
    Morgan Flaherty 2 kun oldin

    I hope they sponsor you

  • Morgan Flaherty
    Morgan Flaherty 2 kun oldin

    I'm eating Lay's that flavor right now

  • snatchadams69
    snatchadams69 2 kun oldin

    Hmmm the dry foods worked better because no moisture shocker there but why drill holes into the lids I mean clearly those jars were vacuum sealed with stuff inside them when he bought them right?

  • Dark Dementor
    Dark Dementor 2 kun oldin

    What would happen if you burned liquid nitrogen?

  • TheNewEpic
    TheNewEpic 2 kun oldin

    Freeze Dry

  • DRajtify
    DRajtify 2 kun oldin

    Freeze drying AND vacuum sealing is the superior way to store food.

  • XxAuraMoonXx
    XxAuraMoonXx 2 kun oldin +1


    MYSTERIOUS ANGEL 2 kun oldin

    You know instead of eating the marshmallow u could have just give it to me..

  • Bruno Miranda
    Bruno Miranda 2 kun oldin

    Have you changed the gloves during the test results? Otherwise, you did eat a little of the mold of that bread... 🤢
    Nice experiment... i liked it a lot! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ball Python
    Ball Python 2 kun oldin

    this could have been a 5 minute video

  • Nick C
    Nick C 2 kun oldin

    Uh, if what causes premature cell death is oxidation, then you're still going to get oxidation with the oxygen in the container, not to mention moisture in the container. That said, sealing the food in a container may slow the decay, but it's still subject to the same forces. Freezing probably works better than vacuum sealing across years of time, but I guess you have to define "go bad." birth of bad bacteria cultures multiplying? Loss of flavor/nutrient? All of this will happen in transition/state change over time, you don't have to do this experience to know how atoms/cells work.

  • Erwin Acobe
    Erwin Acobe 2 kun oldin

    Total fail, no vacuum retention at all 😑

  • Deadgutz
    Deadgutz 2 kun oldin

    there was a bug in the bottom left of screen crawling at 3:25

  • Lateralus 2001
    Lateralus 2001 2 kun oldin

    Try this experiment again but this time, refrigerate it

  • Bill Nye The Cosby Guy

    Rip electricity bill

  • onnie Ferris
    onnie Ferris 2 kun oldin

    OK, here's a sequel. Which keeps a vacuum better: (1) your piece of rubber over the hole or (2) the bell jar lid that is designed to hold a vacuum anyway?

  • KJB Cancrii
    KJB Cancrii 2 kun oldin

    Why am I watching this? I should be sleeping, I have school tomorrow!