My Babysitter Lie

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  • Dominic Sumera
    Dominic Sumera 16 kun oldin +4863

    This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Corn
      Corn 2 kun oldin

      Dominic Sumera no

    • Dominic Sumera
      Dominic Sumera 2 kun oldin

      +Sierra Levitt i also love is Channel

    • Sierra Levitt
      Sierra Levitt 3 kun oldin

      Dominic Sumera me to I can not stop watching it

    • da bird
      da bird 3 kun oldin

      I bet it was for revenge

    • Dillon Reilly
      Dillon Reilly 3 kun oldin

      it has been so long since I have seen this series but was the bullys name bobby? because i now it was him

  • Chris Rich
    Chris Rich 20 daqiqa oldin


  • Gabriel Palangdao
    Gabriel Palangdao 27 daqiqa oldin

    The twist is the baby sitter is his sister

  • Pertu 04
    Pertu 04 Soat oldin

    he kill her.

  • Leoalpha88
    Leoalpha88 Soat oldin

    Very addicting need more and she either a girl talking about him I thank

  • KayRocker
    KayRocker Soat oldin

    5 days after my 18th you will be in Boston which is the closest place to me listed, rip.

  • HypeBeast Kermet
    HypeBeast Kermet 2 soat oldin

    tHe BaBy SiTtEr WaS cHeAtInG oN yoU wItH BEN SHAPIRO BOI

  • Annoying Image
    Annoying Image 2 soat oldin


  • Moises Gutierrez
    Moises Gutierrez 2 soat oldin

    Are you with the babysitter still?

  • Koki Rubra
    Koki Rubra 2 soat oldin

    Alex's father :O

  • Roti Siri
    Roti Siri 2 soat oldin


  • Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez 3 soat oldin


  • Rafael Cordoba236
    Rafael Cordoba236 3 soat oldin

    maybe shes with theodd1sout

  • elian Pichardo
    elian Pichardo 3 soat oldin

    The other Alex

  • Es Mine!
    Es Mine! 3 soat oldin

    She was with the guy who wrote the letter

  • Im Thegaminggod
    Im Thegaminggod 4 soat oldin

    I think it’s the bully

  • Glenn Snider
    Glenn Snider 4 soat oldin

    I just started watching u and started on the baby sitter all day and now I have to wait for the next one why couldn't I of waited till the final episode came out u gotta do a recap like regular shows do

  • Kaitlyn Macdonald
    Kaitlyn Macdonald 4 soat oldin

    She and I have watched the hole series I think you don't remember my moms name that's why you call her babysitter but I can tell you her name

  • Sugar Baby
    Sugar Baby 4 soat oldin

    You changed the number on the house

  • barrett bbridgmon
    barrett bbridgmon 4 soat oldin

    Alex we need the next video

  • Singularis
    Singularis 5 soat oldin

    I think it is your friend who wrote the other letter which called her a [Censored]

  • Shook Edits
    Shook Edits 5 soat oldin

    I’ve been with this whole series for so long just thinking about it and it’s crazy after these many many months we’ve gotten up to this point

  • Isa Princess
    Isa Princess 6 soat oldin +1

    who else thought that alarm clock was annoying that you just clicked the like button thanking it would actually stop😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • NightMarePlayzFortNite Im KrazyPandaBoy

    Ur babysitter is hot 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋

  • wilim rice
    wilim rice 6 soat oldin +2

    My thoughts on the cliff hanger:

    Oh yeah yeah

  • ChrisNugget
    ChrisNugget 6 soat oldin

    I think it will end with no more cliff hangers

  • Mr Mouton
    Mr Mouton 6 soat oldin


  • Eoin Halfacre
    Eoin Halfacre 6 soat oldin


    FALCONBOSS 454 7 soat oldin

    Alex, it’s cool because my family just moved inside a brand new house and for a week, we didn’t have WiFi. But for some reason the only videos that would actually play was your vids! At first I didn’t really think they were good but as I kept watching video after video, they kept getting better and better. Thank you for your amazing vids during that time. Now I watch your videos all the time!!!!

  • Gaming Daniel
    Gaming Daniel 7 soat oldin

    I bet its Bobby

  • Josey !
    Josey ! 7 soat oldin

    I think she with the bully

  • Evan Vance
    Evan Vance 8 soat oldin

    I wonder if The odd ones out went to the Artskool

    Also love the content👍

  • Josh Tanton
    Josh Tanton 8 soat oldin

    Her breaking up with you

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 8 soat oldin +1

    I love the way you talk 😂 I don’t know why tho lol 😂

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 8 soat oldin +1

    Your such a great animator!

  • Tyler Tran
    Tyler Tran 8 soat oldin

    Alex is gonna redo his Audition but, this time he is going to do a beautiful rendition of Biz Markie's "Just a friend" with the babysitter in audience. He's gonna get into that Art school and get with that Art girl.

  • Jesse Bodin
    Jesse Bodin 8 soat oldin

    I want the next video so bad

  • reaper 108
    reaper 108 8 soat oldin

    Your school bully

  • Mr.Moo_Cow
    Mr.Moo_Cow 8 soat oldin

    I saw Alex at the Milwaukee county fair

  • TheDerpTaco
    TheDerpTaco 8 soat oldin +1

    She was dating your DAD!!!!!!!

  • Dr Pistolz
    Dr Pistolz 8 soat oldin

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Derpy Diamond Gaming
    Derpy Diamond Gaming 9 soat oldin

    WHERES PART 11,12,13,14,15,16,17

  • Micheal Serrano
    Micheal Serrano 9 soat oldin

    Your friend

  • game player animal jam
    game player animal jam 9 soat oldin


  • Painted Jacket
    Painted Jacket 9 soat oldin

    I think I will die of annoyment from the cliffhangers for the end of the series

  • Maria Curenton
    Maria Curenton 9 soat oldin

    She was...... CHEATING!?(idk)

  • Ezekeil Abeyta
    Ezekeil Abeyta 9 soat oldin


  • Jack Capper
    Jack Capper 9 soat oldin

    I am sorry Alex for you’re loss

  • Xx Ali-Craig xX
    Xx Ali-Craig xX 9 soat oldin

    Ow no no

  • Gabriella Funk
    Gabriella Funk 9 soat oldin

    W E N E E D A N O T H E R O N E

  • Larry Salas
    Larry Salas 9 soat oldin

    It could be the bully

  • Mr. red.turtle
    Mr. red.turtle 9 soat oldin

    I've been watching all of them till here I bet she's with u know that bullie that bullied u so yeaaaaaaaaa

  • Steve Billy
    Steve Billy 10 soat oldin

    We hate u and you when u have cliffhangers

  • Kìttÿmõõñ Čùtė
    Kìttÿmõõñ Čùtė 10 soat oldin

    I wonder if the babysitter is cheating on Alex???

  • Sugaa Piee
    Sugaa Piee 10 soat oldin

    Ummm why’d i wach this🐺

  • soccer 3
    soccer 3 10 soat oldin

    It was his freind who wrote the original note. He made it in

  • Franklin Barkley
    Franklin Barkley 10 soat oldin

    Not a man her dad

  • soccer 3
    soccer 3 10 soat oldin

    When is pt 11. Understand tho these videos are great

  • hunter sanders
    hunter sanders 10 soat oldin +1

    I subbed In 2015

  • hunter sanders
    hunter sanders 10 soat oldin +1

    U da best

  • Captain Asssassin009
    Captain Asssassin009 10 soat oldin

    The bully

  • Loudon Heimsoth
    Loudon Heimsoth 10 soat oldin


  • Trey Lemon
    Trey Lemon 11 soat oldin


  • Breezy 157
    Breezy 157 11 soat oldin

    She is with your friend

  • Nintend - brew
    Nintend - brew 11 soat oldin


  • Frøsty Wøøds
    Frøsty Wøøds 11 soat oldin

    When I saw that shadow of the girlfriend with some other dude, I just got sad because that happened to me before and it is a painful thing to go through...

  • Dann halt Leon!
    Dann halt Leon! 11 soat oldin +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Archie Foot
    Archie Foot 11 soat oldin

    She is with the bully from episode 5

  • Grafton Belleghem
    Grafton Belleghem 11 soat oldin

    the babysitters with Odds1sout cause hes making a vid with u rn

  • Ryan Schildhauer
    Ryan Schildhauer 11 soat oldin

    I think it was yanny cause that’s what I heard

  • Oscar Romo
    Oscar Romo 11 soat oldin

    Muy bien quien mas lo vio en español? :v

  • Dailey Dose of Joseph
    Dailey Dose of Joseph 11 soat oldin

    The bully

  • Zombiewarssmt Zomebiewarssmt


  • Joshua Champion
    Joshua Champion 12 soat oldin

    Wakanda is listed as one of his show locations. 😂

  • Marcus Stevers
    Marcus Stevers 12 soat oldin

    Bobby steels her

  • Filipthepro Gian.
    Filipthepro Gian. 12 soat oldin

    come on

  • Oh No no
    Oh No no 12 soat oldin


  • espresso 09
    espresso 09 13 soat oldin +1

    what i think will happen is shes cheating on him as she knows hes going to the art school and she cant date someone 2 years younger than her

  • Suheil Diab
    Suheil Diab 13 soat oldin

    Just pls upload another one before i die

  • Caiden Animations
    Caiden Animations 14 soat oldin

    1:02 the one in the re$ shirt looks like my character

  • Olivia Cisman
    Olivia Cisman 15 soat oldin

    I'M COMING TO SEE YOU!!! Can't wait for your show you are HILARIOUS! Plus your EXTRA AWESOME for keeping your stuff clean! Big props to you for that!

  • Kaitlyn Macdonald
    Kaitlyn Macdonald 15 soat oldin

    Nice to see you talking about my mom she's told me about you

  • Crazy Gamer Markuss
    Crazy Gamer Markuss 15 soat oldin

    blippin cliffhanger plz make one as soon as possible even if its just audio

  • T H 2
    T H 2 16 soat oldin

    Bruh I am sad now why don’t end it please

  • Blobby Guy
    Blobby Guy 16 soat oldin

    Her dad

  • Blobby Guy
    Blobby Guy 16 soat oldin

    His dad

  • Blobby Guy
    Blobby Guy 16 soat oldin

    It was ur friend who originally wrote the letters

  • Dzoni Reacts
    Dzoni Reacts 16 soat oldin

    It was dellor

  • Johannes Kourie
    Johannes Kourie 16 soat oldin

    She cheated on FLAT Chungus

  • Maria Apolinar
    Maria Apolinar 16 soat oldin

    What the heck

  • Shadow Mordekaiser
    Shadow Mordekaiser 17 soat oldin

    Shes talking to a family member :) but she was dissapointed that you didnt come clean about the note :/

  • Aidan Begovic
    Aidan Begovic 17 soat oldin

    I just turned off your're welcome

  • Lil Rosi-E
    Lil Rosi-E 17 soat oldin

    *does take the L* duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

  • Lindokuhle Chili
    Lindokuhle Chili 17 soat oldin

    Wow theses cliff hangers are killing me

  • pro EYE
    pro EYE 17 soat oldin

    Omg at 3:19 I clicked the like button and it turned off 😂😂

  • k k
    k k 18 soat oldin


  • Aidan Larson
    Aidan Larson 18 soat oldin +1

    Upload part 2 of ur wife video

  • Vicki Mitchell
    Vicki Mitchell 18 soat oldin

    I think Derric is dating “The Babysitter”

  • Apo Pav
    Apo Pav 19 soat oldin

    You with her

  • Assassin_Gamer
    Assassin_Gamer 19 soat oldin

    I think her ex boyfriend XD
    that would be suck