iPad Pro 2018 Review: Can it really be your computer?

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  • glustik
    glustik Oy oldin +221

    I can’t believe Brian still has the CNET app. I deleted it when he switched to UZclip!

    • Christian Richmond
      Christian Richmond 28 kun oldin

      Right? I immediately stopped checking their site after.

    • glustik
      glustik Oy oldin

      Squalley Lol!

    • Squalley
      Squalley Oy oldin +1

      Graham Witt me too. 😁

    • Elsie H Martinez
      Elsie H Martinez Oy oldin

      Graham Witt I know. Unless u want ads like crazy, download cnet. The embedded video reviews are in youtube 🤣

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong  Oy oldin

      Hala Juventus Y nada mas ...🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bada Bing888
    Bada Bing888 Kun oldin

    iPad Pro needs an iPad Pro OS. Leave iOS to normal iPad and iPhone.

  • EW W
    EW W 2 kun oldin

    Helloooooo please get your knowledge right before you make a video and make a fool of yourself. The face id is workable in all angles. Horizontal and vertical and upside down and if your fingers is blocking it a arrow immediately pop up to tell u.

  • Cubic Ralsei
    Cubic Ralsei 6 kun oldin

    Never could be your computer:

    No graphics card
    outdated hardware
    no real files (They are stored in badly made cloud things)
    no ability to use Exe or emulators.
    very overpriced
    pen needs charging unlike samsung's pen
    Looks modern, but isn't

    • Justin Y. Cousin
      Justin Y. Cousin 6 kun oldin

      Wow I never saw a comment that dump.
      1 no graphic card:
      It has the same graphic power of a xbox 1s, it is by far the best graphic card even saw on a tablet.
      Outdated hardware: it has the latest chip from Apple that is fast like the i9 MacBook!!!!
      Another time something that we never saw in a tablet.
      3 bad storage...
      It can get up to 1 terabyte of storage.
      4 It can’t run exe or emulators...
      Now tell me a tablet with a mobile OS that can run exe or emulator.
      5 very overpriced.
      It depend on what model you pick.
      If you pick the 11” 64gb is really good for what it offers.
      6 the Apple Pencil charge weir less at touched to the iPad.

  • Legacy Reaper
    Legacy Reaper 9 kun oldin

    Brian Tong, I got rid of my iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) and replaced it with a Thinkpad X1 Yoga OLED and will never go back. It’s comparable in price, and the Yoga has a better screen and is a real computer.

  • Kyla Unicorn
    Kyla Unicorn 11 kun oldin +1

    7:00 I get what you’re saying but that is just lazy. It takes 2 seconds and I find on my iPad Pro it’s Face ID is a lot easier and overall better than Touch ID because it is quicker and more accurate.

  • West Austin
    West Austin 11 kun oldin

    Is he wearing his grammy's pearls?

  • Patricio Cabrera
    Patricio Cabrera 13 kun oldin

    Can I have your iPad Pro?

  • Animating Alex
    Animating Alex 13 kun oldin

    Does it support wireless charging?

  • Chris Featherstone
    Chris Featherstone 15 kun oldin

    I just used mine to edit all the photos I took from a paid shoot. It was very nice to edit on in Adobe Lightroom CC. It’s nice that all my raw photos sync to the adobe cloud and to my NAS drive at home along with the edit .xmp files. Once I’m done I delete the project from my iPad and the cloud to free up space and can access from the NAS drive at anytime. I’m finding work arounds that really aren’t inconvenient it’s just not what I’m use to. I think iOS will get to be more convenient but we will also have to find different ways of doing things.
    Apple is almost on the 13th iteration of iOS and hopefully they’ll add some features such as external hard drive usage etc. Ultimately the apps I’ve used are very fast and in some cases faster than a fully loaded iMac like mine. This seems to be due to very optimized code. In the future we may look back and think how clunky OSX was. Today it doesn’t seem that way but I honestly think we’ll see iOS eventually take over once apple goes back to using their own processors in laptops and desktops. Time will tell.

  • Net Hook
    Net Hook 15 kun oldin

    And... there’s no wireless charging for the new iPads but you still pay extra like a pro rip-off !

  • cruz
    cruz 15 kun oldin

    Saltine crackers

  • pat
    pat 18 kun oldin

    iPad 9.7 here with old Apple Bluetooth keyboard. replaced MacBook. Good keyboard is the main thing.

  • Jenz G
    Jenz G 18 kun oldin

    Hey Brian, you mentioned reading digital comic books on your iPad Pro. Which app do you use (recommend) for Manga? Do you know if Manga Rock a good contender? It’s certainly the most popular on the App store but would love to hear your opinion.

  • Adam Hanrahan
    Adam Hanrahan 19 kun oldin

    You can Sync with iTunes over wifi - don’t need a lightning to USB C cable

  • Chris Treborn
    Chris Treborn 21 kun oldin

    They should have put the camera in the same corner as the back camera. So you can feel the back or where the wake button is.

  • Joshua Duca
    Joshua Duca 23 kun oldin

    lol people only changing his lifestyle to feel more confident than old iPads 🤑🤑🤑🤑😂

  • Mikey Estrada
    Mikey Estrada 23 kun oldin

    It can replace my iPhone 7 but not my mCbook pro 😂😂

  • Mister Seitan
    Mister Seitan 24 kun oldin

    Is a computer , it feels different because the OS is different and we are used to the other OSs

  • keecefly
    keecefly 26 kun oldin

    It is computer. Tablet type to be exact. It isn't however a laptop replacement. 😶

  • R K
    R K 26 kun oldin

    im in the apple ecosystem since 2013 Jan,
    loving my iphones and macbook pro,
    but jerry was right,
    surface pros are laptops in the form of tablet and Ipad is mobile in the form of tablet.
    and to me, even if apple makes it most powerfull device by putting an intel core i7/i9 or xeon processing inside an ipad with the same os,
    whats the use of those power and geek bench scores,
    ipad is nothing but an iphone xR Max, and its only good for Netflix and youtube

  • Nhut Bui
    Nhut Bui 27 kun oldin

    Instead of using the swipe up from bottom gesture you may like the 5-finger gesture to get out of apps

  • Auramyst
    Auramyst 27 kun oldin


  • William Chan
    William Chan 27 kun oldin

    Brian Tong so Hottest in this Video.

  • TheEtbetween
    TheEtbetween 28 kun oldin +1

    The disadvantages happen when trying to use software that's not made for the iPad, Ex: VR headset , external device controller (robotics), true 3D Modeling Programs like 3d studio max, etc...

  • TheEtbetween
    TheEtbetween 28 kun oldin

    Mines is being used to replace and help organize all my notes, and preform, quick financial statistics.

  • Marshmallow Puff
    Marshmallow Puff 28 kun oldin

    Did you draw that penguin in Procreate Brian? Amazing. I have always wanted to know who drew that exquisite piece of digital art.

  • americanpriness1
    americanpriness1 28 kun oldin

    Great Review. Thank you.

  • Trebron Linbrando
    Trebron Linbrando 28 kun oldin

    What??? you just need to watch movies, reading magazines and emails? you can have that in any tablet less than $500... I'd rather have a Surface Pro 6 for my daily job...

  • Legaceybeats
    Legaceybeats 28 kun oldin

    Can the iPad replace my MacBook Pro? The answer to that is easy hell no. I’m a professional artist and music producer and engineer and I have been for a long time. This thing cannot replace a laptop if someone tells you that it can, it’s because they are really in love with Apple and easily impressed.

  • Christian Richmond
    Christian Richmond 28 kun oldin

    Brian Tong, love your content and delivery as well.
    I am curious whether the next iPad Pro would have HDR or not? Since I use my 2015 iPad Pro for art creation and as a media player I would “LOVE” to access that tech and wait it out another year or so until I upgrade.
    Thank you!

  • ReyXtractor
    ReyXtractor 29 kun oldin

    I don’t really understand why every UZclipr is comparing the iPad Pro to a computer, Apple NEVER said it can replace your computer, they have always said it is a companion to a computer. It will never replace a computer!

  • Eweyhen
    Eweyhen 29 kun oldin

    "I have to take my hand off of the device and swipe up"
    Oh lordy. What a disaster! If you honestly have nothing you don't like about the device, then seriously just say so. That's just so uselessly nit-picky and I don't think anyone is going to take the critique seriously.

    • Eweyhen
      Eweyhen 29 kun oldin

      Brian Tong oh, I definitely did and I have used the device and it’s keyboard. So I understand the context of what you’re saying, but hearing you say it just sounds silly. You saying “I know, first world problems” really sums up how I felt about that comment.

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong  29 kun oldin

      Did you watch the overall scope of this entire review? Sounds like you didn’t. It’s pointing out the difference in usability from the previous iPad for context....you know, for like a recoew

  • Steven OConnor
    Steven OConnor 29 kun oldin

    Remember something it’s a business they’re not going to cannibalize there other products to make this a pro device that would utterly replace the whole line. Also it’s ironic with a slight of hand but they debut this in the same event that day debut the MacBook Air LOL if it’s the laptop replacement they don’t even believe that just thought I would bring that up I think it’s a great device. But know what you use it for this is more of a companion device you handoff Simplest of tasks to and free up your main workhorse devise less windows less clutter etc. more resources toward your task at hand

  • Steven OConnor
    Steven OConnor 29 kun oldin

    I can appreciate your viewpoint and yes it has something to get used to but I would say you should revisit the topic of the home button or lack of probably say six months down the line and see if your feelings about it changed depending on your usage

  • subzerosti
    subzerosti Oy oldin

    awesome vid as always!

  • Tony Parker
    Tony Parker Oy oldin

    Hello from 🇺🇸Harrisburg Pennsylvania 🇺🇸 I also traded in my old I pad pro 12.9 for a new 3rd generation iPad Air Pro 12.9 with 256 GB TO do my drone videos editing on this new IPad Pro 3rd gen 12.9 Using apple 🍎 new card reader unfortunately I can not upload any of my 4k 60fps videos 😰😱😰 The I pad try’s to upload but fails each time leaving a ? Mark on the 4k @60fps video , I can upload 4k @24fps video same with my old I pad pro ,I even bought 2 brand new Micro SD cards from Best Buy and still no luck trying to upload any 4k@60fps videos onto this 3rd Gen I Pad Pro 12.9 any suggestions

  • Pilgrim's Progress

    It sure is a lux device. Ipad mini pro is what id like. More budget and easier too hold and take places

  • Pilgrim's Progress

    Its not a full fledged computedora yet yet

  • Bruce McNair
    Bruce McNair Oy oldin

    Great info. Question: how do you use face id in the dark?

  • Pilgrim's Progress

    It was tooo extra in a good way! Loved the live action shots- great film work and editing. Fabulous!
    Another day in the life if a post cnet employee--Freedom!

  • Ismail Tuncel
    Ismail Tuncel Oy oldin

    It's a great device, but overpriced for my use-cases or needs ... Annotating pdf's or illustration (maybe in the future) ...

  • Nathan Rocha
    Nathan Rocha Oy oldin

    It’s a no on the hair..

  • Penninckx Corentin

    Guy's I launched my own communication business and I want to learn a lot of stuff about design, illustrator but I need a laptop.
    I hesitate between an MacBook pro 2017 ( 1599€) or an iPad pro with keyboard.
    I get already a desk computer ( I use it 65 % of time). What should I get ?
    I'm afraid to be limited with a iPad pro but affinity design could be a good start for my training and specially with the pen.

  • kan3059
    kan3059 Oy oldin

    Am not upgrading into they add a mouse to the iPad

  • BobaFeet1138
    BobaFeet1138 Oy oldin

    Brian uploads a vid, I click.

  • dead pool
    dead pool Oy oldin

    All u really need is an actual computer and a smartphone... everything else is redundant aka tablets,smart watches,etc

  • Curtis Jarvis
    Curtis Jarvis Oy oldin

    The screen size when watching movies looks shit with all that wasted screen top and bottom. Android has had split screen for years and years and Samsung's tablets have their s pen stored inside their tablet, much better. Why does the icons on the home screen have to be so spaced out?

  • JuniJuin Enero
    JuniJuin Enero Oy oldin +1

    Does he know this bends easily?

  • Justine Andres
    Justine Andres Oy oldin

    What does it feel like to be pinned?

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong  Oy oldin

      😂😂😂 I don’t know, why don’t you tell us.

  • u4site 4u2
    u4site 4u2 Oy oldin

    I simply think this is a price you pay for the one-way Apple experience simple things and simple changes takes years to get done and in some cases I think they just take advantage drag their heels because people are so in love with their product but at the same time they still keep taking advantage of their customers at every turn they're like stuffy is telephone makers that are out there and so inflexible that it hurts their bottom line and causes a sex with their customers

    • u4site 4u2
      u4site 4u2 Oy oldin

      And I'm sorry but you are holding that thing like in is your woman if it is you should name it Nancy and you personally seem to be melodramatic over-the-top and child like when it comes to Apple you should stop doesn't fit your age unless you're 12

  • Wes Frater
    Wes Frater Oy oldin

    This is why I’ve been a long time fan/supporter Brian! As someone else said- you explain things in a real way without scripted talking points. I’ve had enough of the boring “white room-HEY GUYS...” UZcliprs listing Apple specs.

  • Mark Buchs
    Mark Buchs Oy oldin

    i am groot

  • Cyndy Kated
    Cyndy Kated Oy oldin

    Brian...is there a drawing/graphics program already installed? I draw simple cartoons

  • Better Things
    Better Things Oy oldin

    Real bite off the surface book/2

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    my note 5 can do more than this garbage

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    ios is a garbage

  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim Oy oldin

    Went from a 1st gen 12.9 to the 12.9 (2018). I’m in love with this thing

  • eliott A
    eliott A Oy oldin

    he is so right the ipad pro will never replace your computer and it is to expensive, just get a mac or any other computer that actually will do its job right. I used the ipad pro through my college years without using a computer and it was a pain in the butt, because to go back to my notes, read my ebook while i am working a paper, it is super hard to do it and not worth it. I missed using my mouse to navigate and to open and close windows, so trust me on this one if you want it to be a show off them do it but i feel like you Iphone can do what i do which is netflix, email, check some notes, navigate the web, unless you want to get the apple pencil and write your notes there, but even when you do that i think typing is so much better than write on a ipand.

  • Leo Brown
    Leo Brown Oy oldin

    I have a iPad mini 4 I’m not ready for Face ID yet on the iPad

  • Carlos Alvarez
    Carlos Alvarez Oy oldin

  • Vann Apragal
    Vann Apragal Oy oldin

    I have a 12.9 Ipad Pro 2. I wanted to upgrade so bad. So I went to Apple store and played with it for a bit. I had the same impression as this review. Nothing is really different from my old Ipad. Maybe next year with the new IOS it will be better. But for now it is not worth the upgrade.

  • Grahamhg
    Grahamhg Oy oldin

    Why can't you change the app grid? They're far to spaced out on on the ipad.

  • Ti Ko
    Ti Ko Oy oldin +1

    cool review! could you please test how much using the apple pencil and keyboard drains the battery of the ipad? 🙏

  • drsnowmon
    drsnowmon Oy oldin

    In short the answer is no

  • Tyus Durant
    Tyus Durant Oy oldin

    I definitely not going to say an iPad Pro can replace your computer but between Affinity’s Designer and Codesandbox People like me who do design and front end development work can do more than we even dreamed about 3 years ago. Yes I obviously still use my iMac when I. At work but if I want to do some work on the weekend or away from the office this iPad Pro might fit the bill without carrying my laptop, because right now I carry around both.

  • jonathan lim
    jonathan lim Oy oldin

    What happened to apple byte? 😛

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong  Oy oldin

      I’ve gone out on my own and I’m independent now!

  • mozboy76
    mozboy76 Oy oldin

    Brian is in love with every iPad Pro

  • ZipEmUp 1989
    ZipEmUp 1989 Oy oldin

    Nice shirt man

  • OBG Jay
    OBG Jay Oy oldin

    iPad Pro - great tablet bad laptop
    Surface - great laptop bad tablet

  • R Camacho
    R Camacho Oy oldin

    Great video on day to day use and nuisances. Your video editing is also on point.
    I have an Air 2 and in my situation I wouldn't recommend an upgrade. Now if someone has an older ipad 3 or 4 I would consider it, a 2 or original then definitely. My Air 2 is one of lightest and thinnest but when they introduced the New iPad (base) it was actually closer to the Air 1, got a little thicker, still not as bad as the OG 1-4. Despite the speed difference you won't notice much more real life usage unless you actually want a thinner tablet, the software is just similar enough. It's tough to be excited to upgrade when these things last 5 or more years reliably.

  • 100MPH Selfies
    100MPH Selfies Oy oldin

    Lol but did you bent test it?
    Good advise. Don't put in your backpack or don't let it sitting around on your couch or bed. Watch Everything Apple Pro and Jerry Rig Everything.

  • James Keil
    James Keil Oy oldin

    Can this tablet be used to take online classes? Is it powerful enough?

  • Barredowl001
    Barredowl001 Oy oldin

    BT, have you seen the bend tests on these new ipads? Can you say bendgate 2.0!

  • SkonkBot
    SkonkBot Oy oldin

    At 1:48 it looks like it's slightly bent...

  • Scott Pleasants
    Scott Pleasants Oy oldin

    Here is the problem with 99% of the reviews out there on the new iPad Pro. They are all done by those that make videos and not business users. This device for business is incredible! It’s always on function is a dream when you are in meetings. Handwriting is near flawless and it integrates well Office 365 and Google. Video Conferencing is flawless and always works. I could care less about cutting videos or drawing. As a business device, this can be a near laptop replacement.

  • Dane L
    Dane L Oy oldin

    The thing bend like how a millimeter thick sheet of aluminum would bend

  • ChestyMD
    ChestyMD Oy oldin

    Bends like a notebook also 🤦‍♂️

  • SlowRide
    SlowRide Oy oldin

    I'm not paying that much for another ios device. If this thing had OSX on it, I'd never buy another laptop ever again. Give me OSX, REAL OSX with the ability to connect external devices and I'm sold.

  • Robert
    Robert Oy oldin

    Could not agree more about the starting price. With the restrictions that Apple puts on iPad and factoring in the cost, this is nothing more than a media consumption device. I would love to have one but just can’t justify until the limitations/handcuffs are removed

  • phil ainslie
    phil ainslie Oy oldin

    Excellent review, very easy to listen to, well done 👍🏼

  • m
    m Oy oldin

    Yes it can replace your computer. Anyone old enough to remember the debates about: ‘can a laptop ever replace your desk top.’ :) (Eh, probably just me.) Some may want to check out State of Tech video on connecting any external hard drives to iPad if your into that, myself, I live in the cloud.

  • Kenneth Tom
    Kenneth Tom Oy oldin

    Brian, that shirt you have on, fresh

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood Oy oldin

    Why do you have skunk hair?

  • botsok3skelion
    botsok3skelion Oy oldin

    This should be the next iPhone design. I’m sold if they will release it next year!

  • Jacek
    Jacek Oy oldin

    I’m still waiting for an iPad keyboard with a trackpad !!!!! Am I the only one?

  • JonnyInfinite
    JonnyInfinite Oy oldin

    I still use a Vista laptop.

    Change my mind

  • Tuga777
    Tuga777 Oy oldin

    Around 11:10 -11:20 had me a little confused all the other reviews claimed you can do video editing and it's pretty fast. Hmmmm I wonder who is being truthful

  • Rug46
    Rug46 Oy oldin

    I have a 2017 10.5” iPad Pro. I use a pc as my main device and use my iPad as a secondary computer for when im at my desk and has my main away computer. It can’t replace it fully for me but thats only when i’m home - it’s more of an extension to my setup

  • Shamar Coke
    Shamar Coke Oy oldin

    Well we’ll buy

  • 4pple
    4pple Oy oldin

    Wow it’s hard to make people happy 7:00

  • Zexin Zhuo
    Zexin Zhuo Oy oldin

    Your comments and thoughts are neutral, and I like them. There are lots of ppl arguing about the issue which the iPad Pro is replaceable to a laptop or not. It really depends as you said. I’m a college student, and I’m using my older pro for taking notes in chemistry classes, which is always awesome. But I cannot use the pro to do my assignments because the browser doesn’t support flash. This is the biggest disappointment of mine. If apple can provide that, I definitely will buy that pro, but that’s not. I know the difference between tablet and laptop. The pro is just only the tablet and of course it cannot replace the laptop because of the system, mobile OS and Mac OS. However, I kinda like the surface pro because of the OS. If you can do the comparison between iPad Pro and surface pro, I would like to see it.

  • Joshua Duca
    Joshua Duca Oy oldin

    I'm happy with my iPad 2 since buy in 2013 and now it's 2018 and still use able still fast and more useful apps so at least I'm not waste the money for this iPad Pro and everyone still use old Apple iPhone and iPad and not change any different of Apple product and I can't believe people are still uses the iPhone 5 because it's actually smooth and attractive sleek design

  • Joshua Duca
    Joshua Duca Oy oldin

    and my iPhone I buy this year 2018 and it's brand new iOS 10.3.3

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 Oy oldin

    1. add full mac osx, mouse, trackpad support, usbc storage support ,already.
    2. add an extra usbc thunderbolt 3 port.
    3. lower the price ($599 and $799 with 256gb) and add an fast sd card slot.
    4. give loyal apple fans storage upgrade prices, that are not higher than retail, let alone wholesale.
    5. add back the headphone jack x 2, one with optical out.
    6. add qualcomms aptxhd, and sony LDAC superior bluetooth codecs for the best wireless audio.
    7. add touch id to the power button for a second bio unlock choice.
    8. 2 year warranty included.
    Than I will preorder mine.

  • jaypob
    jaypob Oy oldin

    iPad cannot replace your laptop unless you never really needed a laptop. File system, mouse support, say so.

  • Ryan Laguna
    Ryan Laguna Oy oldin

    You’re great reviewer mate but ur holding back.... almost seem like u don’t wanna piss apple off. It’s not a laptop replacement it’s luxury.... I bought it coz I love the design and its my main media consumption device but fark I can’t work on excel, tableu, ms project. Anyways at a minimum it should have a proper file management system and connect external hard drives....

  • OCO Harlem
    OCO Harlem Oy oldin

    Can we get 1080p60 for us IPhone people.

  • DJZ
    DJZ Oy oldin +1

    You can tap to unlock