This BJJ Half Guard Sweep is So Effortless You Might Giggle

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  • Joylandi 2-Fev, 2018
  • This Half Guard technique is by far one of my favorites. And honestly, I think it's an absolutely beautiful technique for understanding how the Hip Shovel works in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.
    The Hip Shovel is a movement which in involves getting your hips under someone else's. This is required to efficiently execute many Half Guard sweeps and transition to positions like X Guard, Deep Half Guard, etc.
    In this video you'll see Steve as my partner. Steve joined us on the Pura Vida BJJ and Surfing retreat this past year.
    During our week of training. He was interested in the sweep and learning how to use Half Guard for his Brazilian Jiujitsu game.
    So I wanted to make this video with him to help.
    The Giggler as we call it within our association, many people call this the "John Wayne" sweep, is so useful. We call it the Giggler because it works off a proper response from the person on top.
    It just requires careful timing and being smart not to give away the grips early.
    If you're trying to make your BJJ Half Guard better, I hope this Sweep is useful for you both as a stand alone technique but also understanding the technical aspects of the Half Guard position.
    Thanks for watching!
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  • Gerald Agustin
    Gerald Agustin 3 kun oldin

    I play a lot of half guard and this sweep is awesome!!! Caught a lot of my training partners off guard. Thanks Chewy!

  • fractal_force
    fractal_force 15 kun oldin


  • Shannon Tang
    Shannon Tang 22 kun oldin

    Is this one of those times that it is actually acceptable to be lying flat on your back? After you pull yourself under

  • Brandon
    Brandon Oy oldin

    Does anyone know where this was filmed at? I'm looking for BJJ/MMA retreats to train at.

  • jimmy trinh
    jimmy trinh 2 oy oldin

    Sean Roberts sweep!!

  • Drunk Hermione
    Drunk Hermione 2 oy oldin

    i actually hate half guard, hope this help me, thx!

  • Bogdan Patru
    Bogdan Patru 3 oy oldin +1

    Okay, so I've used this sweep the day I found out about it, which is about a week ago. It works 100% of the time. None of my partners seem to know any counter to it, so long as I time it right.
    How didn't I know about such a simple and effective sweep until now? What is this sorcery?

  • H4mb0ne420
    H4mb0ne420 4 oy oldin

    That’s the Sean Roberts giggler sweep right there. He’s amazing at this sweep, you gotta check him out.

  • Brandon Ryan
    Brandon Ryan 4 oy oldin +2

    Can you please show a nogi variation??

  • Daniel Huggard
    Daniel Huggard 4 oy oldin

    What song is in the intro??

  • Gary Chavez
    Gary Chavez 5 oy oldin

    How do you not like this move? Great stuff.

  • ffbarnette
    ffbarnette 5 oy oldin

    Very accurate title I do need this sweep. How did you know.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  5 oy oldin +1

      Because once I saw it I realized I needed it! ;)

  • johnneydoe
    johnneydoe 7 oy oldin

    Dude your beard made that look easy...

  • Garret Buckmaster
    Garret Buckmaster 7 oy oldin

    After i roll him over am I transitioning right to Mount or side control? ( Begginer) LoL

  • princeofcrime
    princeofcrime 7 oy oldin

    Can this be done in no-gi?

  • Kon TumMaDa
    Kon TumMaDa 7 oy oldin

    How Steve's doing ? is he still training ? hehe

  • Brett Raugust
    Brett Raugust 8 oy oldin

    Tell ppl in gym to stfu, or wait to do vids after they leave. Comon

    • Jake Hargis
      Jake Hargis 8 oy oldin

      Brett Raugust we were having fun in Costa Rica! You're more than welcome to try and choke us out.... lol 😉

  • Jose Cortes
    Jose Cortes 8 oy oldin

    Brother i hope you doing great... this is a awesome video, if you could do one to help me escape the kimura in the deep half guard i will appreciate 🤙🏻🙏🏻 Oss!!!

    IDO KEHAT 9 oy oldin


  • Luke Whiffen
    Luke Whiffen 9 oy oldin

    Thanks. Worked a treat at last night's training on a much bigger opponent a couple of belts higher than me.

  • HarleyAndMe
    HarleyAndMe 9 oy oldin

    Can't wait to try this in 30 mins!! Thx Chewy

  • austin alanis
    austin alanis 9 oy oldin

    How do you set up the far side arm pull in no-gi since you don't have that sleeve to help stuff the arm?

  • Sergio Catignani
    Sergio Catignani 9 oy oldin

    Chewy...where's Adam????!

  • browbeater824
    browbeater824 10 oy oldin

    Just hit this today! Thanks chewy

  • em3rican13
    em3rican13 10 oy oldin

    Gotta try this out, great video

  • Obediah Garcia
    Obediah Garcia 11 oy oldin

    chewy is a great teacher!

  • Sergio Catignani
    Sergio Catignani 11 oy oldin

    Hey Chewie, when you go for the palm under the belt aren't you susceptible to being cross-faced? From a guy trying hard to get better at not getting smashed in half guard!

  • Justa Channel
    Justa Channel 11 oy oldin

    When did you get promoted to a second degree? Congrats!

  • Matt Reed
    Matt Reed Yil oldin +1

    Awesome how you can find good free instructional videos on the internet now. I remember when is was just B.S. everywhere. No good schools, because BJJ wasn't available in excess(///_-)

  • Matthew Van Helden
    Matthew Van Helden Yil oldin

    Thanks chew. All the guys at my gym are bigger than me so the best I can usually ask for is escaping their side control into half guard, working it into full guard and then sweep, but I need to just start sweeping from half guard.

  • tonychikun
    tonychikun Yil oldin

    I learned this sweep a couple months ago. It's crazy simple and couldn't help but think...why didn't I think of that. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jiu Jitsu Jesus
    Jiu Jitsu Jesus Yil oldin

    Fucking love it!

  • Josh Cote
    Josh Cote Yil oldin +4

    I’ve seen a version called the trump sweep. Where you get a Russian tie on the same side arm.

  • Todd Perez
    Todd Perez Yil oldin

    Pros: An Awesomely easy to learn and pull sweep, especially vs bigger guys. (THANKS CHEWY!!!!!)
    Con: Not enough Ambalamces in the background noise (none in fact!)
    Pro: Steve!
    Thanks again Chewy, great vid for a great technique!

  • The hardline truth
    The hardline truth Yil oldin

    never get rid of the beard dude !!! its like super man with no cape lol

  • Illico D
    Illico D Yil oldin

    Very nice !

  • Ed McGuigan
    Ed McGuigan Yil oldin

    Hi Chewie. This is one of those moves that is so simple you almost want to apologize when you pull it off. I really need to work on my technique for passing the arm across. Like you say, I think I am telegraphing it and need to work on a bit more stealth.

  • Daniel Siregar
    Daniel Siregar Yil oldin

    Thanks for the video. Excellent technique. Question - with no gi how do you trap the other guy's left hand across your body to make the sweep work?

  • Bjj Beast
    Bjj Beast Yil oldin +1

    Sean Roberts sweep é muito legal

  • nameunselected
    nameunselected Yil oldin

    Hi Steve

  • nameunselected
    nameunselected Yil oldin

    My professor does versions of this all the time. It's his go to from half. Easily effective

  • tie oneon
    tie oneon Yil oldin

    real good thanks

  • youtube user
    youtube user Yil oldin

    Fantastic sweep. Thank you.👍

  • Tim Pearson
    Tim Pearson Yil oldin +93

    I actually watched this video the night before the 2018 Louisiana BJJ State Championships and used it during the tournament. This sweep gave me the points to come out on top in my division and walk away with the gold. An excellent technique that was easy to implement and took my opponent unaware. Thanks Professor!!

  • James Karren
    James Karren Yil oldin

    Right on, I watch Chewy’s videos now and then but this one got me to subscribe

  • Dusan Zachar
    Dusan Zachar Yil oldin

    I like it

  • Billy Cuba
    Billy Cuba Yil oldin

    White belt quick do you need to establish the grip on the sleeve? Right when they pass guard? I feel like when I end up in half guard, I am putting both hands on the (outside) bicep so they can't use their (left) arm to try and move to side control. Or I am trying to get the underhook on my side with the knee shield. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

  • Doug Penner
    Doug Penner Yil oldin

    Yep I've been using this sweep for years. Thats how juijitsu should be...effortless sweeps.

  • Guns4Home Defense
    Guns4Home Defense Yil oldin

    What is the difference if you fight on black belt guy in competition & you will defend yourself against armed intruder in the middle of the night in your own home. The black belt guy is just want to win but don't want to kill. The armed intruder will be the night mare of your life & ready to kill. So you still need to own firearm for home defense.

  • Andrew Bishop
    Andrew Bishop Yil oldin

    John Wayne sweep! 👍

  • John Meacham
    John Meacham Yil oldin


  • mathias jacko
    mathias jacko Yil oldin

    thank you chewy! as soon as you said you have to get under the guy instead of just rolling, my mind was blown.
    Usually i'm a lockdown player and that helped me so much with my sweeps.
    Thank you! Oss!

  • Sam Emery Jiu Jitsu

    Come roll at 10th Planet ann arbor

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Yil oldin

    Chewy used have guard sweep. It was SUPER EFFECTIVE!

  • Michael susanto
    Michael susanto Yil oldin

    How about the old school underhook half guard and toe tuck sweep? Isn't that being more on the side of the opponent so that you're not flat under them? When should you apply which style of half guard? Or am I getting it all wrong here? Hahaha

  • frkrbls
    frkrbls Yil oldin

    Thanks will try. Sounds very do-able.

  • Burlington Training Centre

    We've been working a lot of half at BTC lately; will try this one in class soon! Great vid as always Chewy!!

  • y'all gone DIE
    y'all gone DIE Yil oldin +1

    Big chewy not really bjj related. What is that on your foot?Jw because I get foot injuries around that area a lot from striking and grappling .Is that a band aid or compression band what is that??

    • David A
      David A Yil oldin

      Tu Papi Puto looks to me like a tribal band tattoo, maybe it wraps around to the top of his foot

  • Ben
    Ben Yil oldin +2

    1 person cant giggle 😂

  • cossackal
    cossackal Yil oldin +1

    Very nifty and a sweep I like to use too!!

  • Dylan h
    Dylan h Yil oldin +1

    By George, that's the detail my half guard has been missing! I'm the guy who tries to pull when I'm on half bottom. I'm going to give the shooting my hips a try! Thanks for another awesome video!

  • Sly.AL.
    Sly.AL. Yil oldin +1

    Sean Roberts does this sweep like a monster. Ask Rodolfo Viera.

  • Brandon Ford
    Brandon Ford Yil oldin +1

    I separated my shoulder on a half guard sweep last week

    • kaikkimoi
      kaikkimoi 9 oy oldin

      That means you are doing it right!

  • Jake H
    Jake H Yil oldin +1

    Half Guard Is Life

    • Sly.AL.
      Sly.AL. Yil oldin +1

      Jake H So is shrek

  • Fees Bjj Videos
    Fees Bjj Videos Yil oldin

    oss muito bom

  • 2130dar
    2130dar Yil oldin +13

    Who disliked this and why?

    • redonkulousd
      redonkulousd 2 oy oldin

      Some big dude

    • David Dempsey
      David Dempsey 6 oy oldin

      dudes with shitty beards and worse ground games dislike these vids :)

    • Bunta1987 Driving Innovation Project
      Bunta1987 Driving Innovation Project Yil oldin +8

      I do seriously wonder that when I see dislikes on positive/helpful videos, especially instructional videos from legitimately skilled professors. I’m genuinely curious.

    • Sly.AL.
      Sly.AL. Yil oldin +12

      Some guy who doesn't like to giggle

    • Jake H
      Jake H Yil oldin +15

      some guy who keeps getting smashed in half guard

  • MrCloudseeker
    MrCloudseeker Yil oldin +2

    Man......I will start saving money for this trip next year!

  • neri giron
    neri giron Yil oldin +5

    Chewy your more like qui gon jin fromnstar wars and chad's obi wan konobi

  • Richard lancelot
    Richard lancelot Yil oldin +6

    The small yet crucial difference between just rolling as opposed to getting your hips under the person is HUGE! Such a great video! I tend to play a lot of X-guard and SLX, so I'm familiar with this idea of getting my hips under the person, but I never knew how you can actually apply it in half guard!

  • Abdul Hakim
    Abdul Hakim Yil oldin +3

    Must drop a like for showing love to the white belts (unless you've sandbagged him).

  • Alejandro Terrazas
    Alejandro Terrazas Yil oldin +1

    Can i just do training in Jiu-Jitsu, if i dont want to fight + Chewjitsu?

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams Yil oldin +1

    Nice move

  • Tracy Mendiola
    Tracy Mendiola Yil oldin +1

    Hey Chewie I'm from Costa Rica and in the previous video you mentioned you were in a bjj gym here. I'm curious where the gym in this video is from exactly so I could start learning proper bjj.

    • Tracy Mendiola
      Tracy Mendiola Yil oldin

      spearce10 Ah shit thats so far away.

    • spearce10
      spearce10 Yil oldin

      Tracy Mendiola it's in Nosara. Place called jungles edge.

  • mike weaver
    mike weaver Yil oldin +1

    pressure was on with Shawn watching

  • John G
    John G Yil oldin +39

    I work half-guard lock down alot. I never thought to shoot my hips. Could be a game changer for me! Thank you Professor chewbac....Chewy... :D

    • Todd Perez
      Todd Perez Yil oldin

      I just tried this on a bigger guy and BAM! Worked like a charm!!!! ...WB myself John ;)

    • John G
      John G Yil oldin

      I agree. I am rather new to the game so I usually land in half guards. Always appreciate the videos and the advice from the channels followers :).

    • Javier Gutierrez
      Javier Gutierrez Yil oldin

      I use the half guard lock down alot as well. I use to stall them and either sweep them or electric chair. but I really do have to work on other sweeps as well

  • spearce10
    spearce10 Yil oldin +28

    What a handsome looking partner you've picked there.

  • may guerra
    may guerra Yil oldin +1

    Thanx Professor