5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

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  • Joylandi 6-Yan, 2019
  • 8 Mason Jar Gadgets Put to the Test - uzclip.net/video/Gc9i9tiqaAI/video.html
    7 Butter Gadgets Put to the Test - uzclip.net/video/sdcN8sJiAi8/video.html
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  • Nicholas Cave
    Nicholas Cave 13 soat oldin +1

    Is his English actually getting worse?

  • Kojo Mbasi
    Kojo Mbasi 2 kun oldin


  • Jake Hansen
    Jake Hansen 3 kun oldin

    Wanna hear something funny?
    American cheese is also cheddar cheese.

  • Peter Kasenenko
    Peter Kasenenko 4 kun oldin

    For god's sake, put some butter on that bread!

  • ConnorTQ
    ConnorTQ 5 kun oldin +2

    Been using the second one my entire life, we call it a "Breville" and they're great

  • iblockpuncheswithmyface
    iblockpuncheswithmyface 5 kun oldin +1

    Hey Crazy. Once in a while you should speak Russian, and put up English captions. That would be cool.

  • Electro Ghoul
    Electro Ghoul 5 kun oldin +4

    I luv that russian accent of yours :-D

  • Yo itz Šăřã
    Yo itz Šăřã 7 kun oldin

    The second gadget is better its simple 🙂

  • ⴋⴍⴌⴀⴢ ⴖⴋⴐⴇⴈⴑⴀ

    I got my khleb over khere xdddd looooooool

  • Jordan board
    Jordan board 8 kun oldin +1

    Do you get blocks of cheese in America or is it just pieces of processed plastic/ cheese mix?

  • footbal07 love
    footbal07 love 9 kun oldin


  • morten ottosen
    morten ottosen 9 kun oldin

    cheese and ham

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson 10 kun oldin

    The best sandwich maker is the emerio XXL u can stuff so much filling in them without leaking its insane.

  • AppleiReviewer
    AppleiReviewer 10 kun oldin

    Why do I feel like I’m learning Russian in this video?

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 11 kun oldin

    When he said looks like piroshki I thought yeah but it has more filling

  • Quintessence Nevermore
    Quintessence Nevermore 12 kun oldin

    1: You need butter, margarine, or oil (which would be healthier) to make it cook better.
    2: The first and fourth actually seared the bread, so it had a fancy design on it. Those are the kinds of things you would use when serving to a customer.

  • ghazi9093
    ghazi9093 14 kun oldin

    والسنيدي يقول شوايه دخل ههههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههههه

  • Gigi L *
    Gigi L * 14 kun oldin

    Who wants their grilled cheese that thin

  • Hakken NR
    Hakken NR 17 kun oldin

    i think Taras is from another planet, normal things is for him super gadžiks newer seen something like that before :D Taras you showing us normal things what is only Blow Mind for you :D the peoples only laught on you :D take the reality

  • Coldstreamer17
    Coldstreamer17 18 kun oldin

    he forgot the butter.... I'm utterly disgusted..

  • anoncap
    anoncap 18 kun oldin

    It's just so adorable when he says "hleb"

  • Gameplayz Ss
    Gameplayz Ss 20 kun oldin

    am i the only one hearing him say bread in russian and other languages

  • EXTR3M3zZ
    EXTR3M3zZ 22 kun oldin

    Be careful when you eat you might bite your thingers off you child

  • Kiraro The Kitsune
    Kiraro The Kitsune 24 kun oldin +1

    Use Velveeta cheese and you'll see the glory of perfectly drippy melted cheese

  • Big Man in The Woods
    Big Man in The Woods 24 kun oldin +1

    I actually use the Diablo myself when I go camping with my Scouts

  • Drunky Teddy
    Drunky Teddy 24 kun oldin

    Here in Denmark, we make this with ham too. Toast, cheese and ham.

  • Tishawnie Phillips
    Tishawnie Phillips 25 kun oldin +1

    I want that Diablo one, you can stuff it with cheese.

  • MarkGamezTV
    MarkGamezTV 25 kun oldin +1


  • MarkGamezTV
    MarkGamezTV 25 kun oldin


  • RemcoS81
    RemcoS81 26 kun oldin

    2:53 That moment he cuts the tosti in half and ripped it apart sideways. :')

  • monika przybek
    monika przybek 26 kun oldin

    Cleb that is polish

  • hammer time
    hammer time 26 kun oldin

    2:29 some Russian in the video makes sense!

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 27 kun oldin +1


  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday 28 kun oldin

    I like it send me a grill cheese exta cheese . ..mmmmmmG00d ...hot !!!

    MARIA MAMAUAG 28 kun oldin

    The bird has to be bit bigger XD

  • RV Gold Taloma
    RV Gold Taloma 29 kun oldin

    2:30 😁👍🏻

  • Gabriel Moulding
    Gabriel Moulding 29 kun oldin

    i really like the first one, do you have a favourite?

  • Lucas Sampson
    Lucas Sampson 29 kun oldin

    2:30 There the Russian I've been waiting for😂

  • Jeff Wallace
    Jeff Wallace Oy oldin

    if you put butter on outside it would cook better buddy lol
    (for microwave one)

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna Oy oldin +1

    Am I the only one who likes their cheese crispy rather than just melted and gooey?! 😅


    he should throw some ham and jhalopienos in it if your edgy and its way better try it

  • Anonymous Paisa
    Anonymous Paisa Oy oldin


  • 8_bit Gamer
    8_bit Gamer Oy oldin

    have you ever tasted grilled chesee with butter?

  • Bleza GT
    Bleza GT Oy oldin


  • Fahrin Hazimi
    Fahrin Hazimi Oy oldin

    I like the circle one

  • Ivan King ツ
    Ivan King ツ Oy oldin

    Hljeb,Sir hahahaha

  • Curious Owl
    Curious Owl Oy oldin

    I'm hungry now

  • EtienneSC .x7
    EtienneSC .x7 Oy oldin +3

    08:35 When you buy a couple grams off your dealer now your watching grilled cheese videos because you have the munchies😂

  • Andrew Champagne
    Andrew Champagne Oy oldin

    сдобрить хлеб

  • Dylan Adams gaming

    Why do you feel the need to do everything twice or more?

  • JJ M
    JJ M Oy oldin

    You need two cheeses

  • L1l X
    L1l X Oy oldin

    Oh it was grilled cheese gadgets i thought it was an oddly sadisfying video

  • Marzena Chlapinska

    *Gajeks* 🤣

  • Dean Vlogs
    Dean Vlogs Oy oldin

    All those videos of him that is all about kitchen gadgets, Imagine how many gadget he has now

  • ItsYaBoiCalebRoot

    * *dissects grilled cheese* * “but look at that, there is cheese inside there”

  • O'D
    O'D Oy oldin

    Anyone else laugh as hard as i did at the end when he burnt him self with the bag in toaster?

  • Fativore Lifestyle

    Dude. Learn how to cook.

  • demonpride1975
    demonpride1975 Oy oldin

    i couldn't finish watching this, you weren't buttering the bread on the outside pieces. that's why your grilled cheese is so doughy.

  • The Box Of Chicago

    There is a big difference between overcooked and *BURNT*

  • Mikko Pallari
    Mikko Pallari Oy oldin

    These videos are just so good and I love how you speak actual russian in this one especially. Could you please make a gadget video using russian food like pelmeni or cheburek it would be the best thing ever

  • mfanwe Padget
    mfanwe Padget Oy oldin

    Jaffle maker! Gadget #2 traditional appliance in Australia

  • Malware
    Malware Oy oldin


  • deaddy57
    deaddy57 Oy oldin

    I say flip it 1/2 way through cook both sides

  • Emperador Mbv
    Emperador Mbv Oy oldin

    Pinini makyer

  • Pacmankids &mom
    Pacmankids &mom Oy oldin

    Grilled cheese! WHERE'S THE BUTTER?

  • Pacmankids &mom
    Pacmankids &mom Oy oldin

    What if I have an electric stove?

  • Shawn Reese
    Shawn Reese Oy oldin +1

    I wonder how many "gadgets" he has laying around the house?😁

    • Shawn Reese
      Shawn Reese 24 kun oldin

      Soon lol

    • Ally Seefeldt
      Ally Seefeldt 24 kun oldin +1

      Change your profile picture please for the love of Josh Dunn and Tyler Joseph

  • guardiangarasu
    guardiangarasu Oy oldin

    3:56 I had one of those when that type of machine was first being made when I was 12. It was freaking amazing. You can put meat and stuff into it as well. I loved the thing. I would always crumble up some ground beef and make tiny cheeseburgers.

  • TareCare 21
    TareCare 21 Oy oldin

    Mikrovalovka is macrovev BTW

  • TareCare 21
    TareCare 21 Oy oldin

    Did he say bred and ches on Bosnian In the first gadets👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Mardona Shamoon
    Mardona Shamoon Oy oldin

    Hello to hdjsneusnd where safety is one pipoty

  • Simon Marley
    Simon Marley Oy oldin

    Hlijeb i sir


    With the microwave thing who else thought it looked like a Nintendo switch

  • Miss GreenEyes
    Miss GreenEyes Oy oldin

    The DIABLO gadget would be great for English Muffin Sandwiches. Try it. Thanks CRH.

  • Stephanie Stumpf
    Stephanie Stumpf Oy oldin

    Oh my gawd im drooling

  • Endy
    Endy Oy oldin

    2 picis of chleb over here

  • Anne
    Anne Oy oldin

    I love that you used the Russian name for the microwave. 😆❤👏

  • shaihan shadeen
    shaihan shadeen Oy oldin +3

    Who likes stringy cheese

  • devinmetalfreak
    devinmetalfreak Oy oldin

    Isn't that mozzarella cheese?

  • FreaK
    FreaK Oy oldin

    H L E B

  • manal aziz
    manal aziz Oy oldin +3

    4:07 so let's get some khlab and cheese

  • Super Gamiolis
    Super Gamiolis Oy oldin

    A lot of russian words

  • TBG '
    TBG ' Oy oldin +1

    0:46 2 more pieces of whaaat !?

  • Irma Vega
    Irma Vega Oy oldin

    Ponle. "MANTEKILLA" papasitoo!!!😋

  • Graks
    Graks Oy oldin

    pieces of "CHLEB"

  • Neonz Official
    Neonz Official Oy oldin

    7:30 thats for burgers i think

  • Eric Hawes
    Eric Hawes Oy oldin

    Chleb? Is it American chleb? 😜

    • Eric Hawes
      Eric Hawes Oy oldin

      Peroshog... Americans use the Polish word perogie

  • TC boii
    TC boii Oy oldin

    8:34 "oh yeah there so crusty" -taras kul 2019

  • Daniella Xo
    Daniella Xo Oy oldin

    When are you going to title your vids gadgix?

  • Mini Me jkl153
    Mini Me jkl153 Oy oldin

    For the next GaGiC????? Gaget = Gagic = GaGiC 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rolando Perez
    Rolando Perez Oy oldin

    ! BOOM ! Microwave grill cheese sandwich.

  • republicancfc
    republicancfc Oy oldin

    Cool gagjets

  • Shay InLa
    Shay InLa Oy oldin

    You should have tested the toaster grilled cheese bags. They work great!

  • Lexy the Shepsky
    Lexy the Shepsky Oy oldin

    Hi, where did you get the Toaster for the microwave from? Really want this Gadget! Let me know plz!

  • Some people move on. But not us. Not us.

    5 ways to do too much making a grilled cheese

  • gamezz king
    gamezz king Oy oldin

    Yea put more hleb my russian brother

  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall Oy oldin

    "that's a lot smaller than the package"
    yeah, if it were larger than the package, it wouldn't fit XD

  • Backyard Destoryer

    Are we all just going to ignore the bow hanging from his kitchen ceiling?!

  • papollsss ****
    papollsss **** Oy oldin

    Diablo is the best

  • Dana Leigh
    Dana Leigh Oy oldin

    Love the bread loaf storage container at the end.