Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Key Cooking Skills

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  • Pakrat Miz
    Pakrat Miz Kun oldin +1

    I’m going to grill my steamed hams

  • checho Valdez
    checho Valdez Kun oldin

    Her fase 1:20

  • D L
    D L Kun oldin

    wtf is wrong with that indian chick lol

  • TAN TY
    TAN TY Kun oldin

    Hey Ramsay after you finished your fillet just give it all too me looked yummy lol

  • Skiper Nipper
    Skiper Nipper Kun oldin

    What is this camera work? I came here to wach and learn, not to have concentration disorder

  • Golden Exodus
    Golden Exodus Kun oldin

    love the way he talks when he teaches them.. then take out eye... trim... then size up... big knife.... lol

  • Joboy Manubag
    Joboy Manubag Kun oldin

    1:27 when you gordon hates your food😂😂😂

  • ZacFlipzYT
    ZacFlipzYT Kun oldin +1

    1:17 that woman was more scared than I was watching a horror film.

  • Meansue
    Meansue Kun oldin +2

    When being a perfectionist and having OCD is actually a positive thing👍

  • Swonardian
    Swonardian Kun oldin +2

    Holy shit I just realised He's left handed.

  • JF Maldonado
    JF Maldonado Kun oldin

    Lobster takes a lot of work for a family BBQ.

    RUSHAN PLAYS Kun oldin

    Who noticed he's lefty

  • Filip Vadas
    Filip Vadas Kun oldin

    Cooking is a form of art , and like any art it takes trial and error and lots of experience to get good or amazing at it.
    Gordon demostrates it here perfectly, it looks ridicilously easy when he does it and bacause of that people forget how much time he spent messing up dishes and getting yelled at himself . This is what decades of experience and passion look like.

  • Mark Charman
    Mark Charman Kun oldin

    Gordon Ramsey demonstrates how to talk in third person

  • Peter Perigoe
    Peter Perigoe Kun oldin

    Calm and informative, well worth watching especially as I'm interested in Kitchen knives, my mothers carving knife was made by Thomas Turner & Co Suffolk works in Sheffield in about 1880,
    Gordon seems to be like an athlete advertising Adidas, but in his case Zweling knives from Germany. Very well balances and ice hardened, but expensive, especially in Ireland where I live. I buy hand made knives directly on line from the workshop of Samuel Staniford in Sheffield which are excellent and slightly cheaper. there are still a few cutlers in business in Sheffield who should be supported.

  • Random Anonymous
    Random Anonymous Kun oldin


  • Sagittarius 45
    Sagittarius 45 2 kun oldin

    *Gorden kills somebody with his knife
    Gorden: Knife did the work! Not me

  • ryin
    ryin 2 kun oldin

    I hate seafood but Ramsay makes it look delicious

  • elusivecamel
    elusivecamel 2 kun oldin

    Only point I disagree with is how he cuts the peppers. Skin up isn't "more difficult" you just need a sharp knife, and it moves less because you can flatten it easier rather than if it is heavily curved like a lot of peppers are.

  • Infinitex 5
    Infinitex 5 2 kun oldin +2

    1:27 when your teacher is trying to explain math

  • PrimaBellas
    PrimaBellas 2 kun oldin

    I'd like to see you fillet a northern pike. The y bones are a pain to work around.

    TOXIC JAY10 2 kun oldin

    Gordon:"let the knife do the work"
    Me: cuts finger off in the process

  • AppPpLe Apple
    AppPpLe Apple 2 kun oldin +1

    1:28 that’s my face

  • OurDee
    OurDee 2 kun oldin

    Thank you Gordon. I love it when you share the secrets.

  • ブライアン
    ブライアン 2 kun oldin +1

    Indian girl is definitely a vegan

  • xd McJuicy
    xd McJuicy 2 kun oldin

    the eyes on the women couldn't get any bigger

  • Mike Kazz
    Mike Kazz 2 kun oldin

    I like to think this is how he has cooking class, just set up like a TV show studio.

  • psychoticbastard
    psychoticbastard 2 kun oldin

    Who the fuck is Julian? Famous Ramsay quote

  • BlackHat Studio
    BlackHat Studio 2 kun oldin

    can you beat our South Indian Recipe Taste? Mr. Ramsay

  • Richard Jentetics
    Richard Jentetics 2 kun oldin

    Knife gets dirty :D

  • S SN QN
    S SN QN 2 kun oldin

    I'd love for Gordon to cut up my carcass

  • Hypo LIFE
    Hypo LIFE 2 kun oldin

    palm parma ham lol

  • Zach Michaelis
    Zach Michaelis 2 kun oldin

    Never had any seafood that i liked. i find the fishy taste, smell, revolting.

  • JackDelex21 Gaming
    JackDelex21 Gaming 3 kun oldin

    Jesus my knife didn’t do the work I put it on the cutting board it won’t do the work how Gordon do it

  • Raul
    Raul 3 kun oldin

    what show is this?

  • Amata koulinski
    Amata koulinski 3 kun oldin

    “Secure the peh-pah.”
    I repeat, alpha team 1 secure the peh-pah.
    Permission to use the knuckle to protect the nail to secure the peh-pah
    Permission granted

    Keep the seeds intact

  • DiffrentEra
    DiffrentEra 3 kun oldin

    Is this video a skill show OR A FCKING REACTION VIDEO? I see more of their faces than I should. Hate reactions. Cheap and useless things to give amotions to the person who watch something. Aweful.

  • Zach Bojorquez
    Zach Bojorquez 3 kun oldin

    he needs to try the canadian fillet style its faster than that plus it automaticaly takes the rib bones out with less trimming and it has better presentation in general

  • Jorell Jones
    Jorell Jones 3 kun oldin +2

    “That is the beautiful NUT of meat”
    -Gordon Ramsey
    Lol @ 8:50

  • Valeria Escamilla
    Valeria Escamilla 3 kun oldin

    he just called the lobsters antennas, tentacles...

    • Salty Shunk
      Salty Shunk Kun oldin

      Dammit man, he's a chef, not a marine biologist!

  • Valeria Escamilla
    Valeria Escamilla 3 kun oldin

    Why do all the women look like theyre watching a baby being cut

  • Andi O
    Andi O 3 kun oldin

    1:17 look at the women’s face it’s funny as hell

  • LionHeartXII
    LionHeartXII 3 kun oldin

    Watching him take that lobster meat right out of that shell had my mouth watering.

  • cactus plant
    cactus plant 3 kun oldin

    Gordon ramsay: one of the worlds best chefs and hosts many TV shows
    Also gordon ramsay: pronounces fillet like "fill it"

  • cooking shows lee
    cooking shows lee 3 kun oldin

    very average knife skill at best!

  • _ SomePsychosocialTool _
    _ SomePsychosocialTool _ 3 kun oldin +1


  • Rob Alicea
    Rob Alicea 3 kun oldin

    9:10 release the kracken!

    • Rob Alicea
      Rob Alicea 3 kun oldin

      Why did he waste that whole pepper!

  • eddie cayenne
    eddie cayenne 3 kun oldin

    Lesson learned

  • P3RPL3XZ
    P3RPL3XZ 3 kun oldin

    everyone looks so disturbed

  • Amun Anubis
    Amun Anubis 3 kun oldin

    This is as pointless as me watching a "How too service a Ferrari" video.

  • Daemon Gonzalez
    Daemon Gonzalez 3 kun oldin

    I can't stand the girls reaction to him cutting the fish as if there not training to be chef's

  • Lucas Mazzocchi
    Lucas Mazzocchi 3 kun oldin

    Hack job...

  • harry Diaz
    harry Diaz 3 kun oldin

    Instructions unclear, kitchen is on fire.

  • Kaz Troo
    Kaz Troo 3 kun oldin

    People who say he seasons to much don’t know how to season shit probably why your food taste like ass. That’s how we season shit around here boy

  • Ehsan Forghani
    Ehsan Forghani 3 kun oldin

    Unfortunately zombies don't have access to UZclip, otherwise they would like it! How human beings can do that?

  • HanSoloxcs
    HanSoloxcs 3 kun oldin

    This Indian bitch should be in medical school.

  • Bobby Tenor
    Bobby Tenor 3 kun oldin

    Wish that guy cooked my meals

  • Aaron Whence
    Aaron Whence 3 kun oldin

    I think it's so satisfying seeing people on Kitchen Nightmares or something giving him crap and then watching a video like this. Like, you just can do it this well. He's immaculate. He knows every single move he's doing.

  • A really cool Purple Hat

    I wish I could eat some of Gordons cooking, damn

  • Alex2900
    Alex2900 4 kun oldin

    so much of the food wasted. half the pepper went to bin and same with the salmon.

  • nom dou
    nom dou 4 kun oldin

    This guy suck, get the fuck outa here

  • aiRCoft
    aiRCoft 4 kun oldin +5

    14:06 - I thought it was two in front and one in behind? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • kingwleung
    kingwleung 4 kun oldin

    See I thought u u don’t have to curse to get people to listen to u! Just use skills!

  • Zelos Wilder
    Zelos Wilder 4 kun oldin

    Gordon's comment on speed with the peppers reminded me of a saying: *"Slow is smooth; smooth is fast."*

  • Hatuey Villavicencio
    Hatuey Villavicencio 4 kun oldin

    The old lady about to have an orgasm

  • Original Name
    Original Name 4 kun oldin

    Came here after watching Aunt Sandy and the dichotomy is astounding

  • Geometeor 26
    Geometeor 26 4 kun oldin

    I tried to exit the video every time every clip ended because I thought it was the end of the video lmao

  • Edgar py
    Edgar py 4 kun oldin

    Yo aprendere lo que pueda aqui, gracias.

  • Niel Dadee
    Niel Dadee 4 kun oldin

    the very definition of food porn

  • Hexamilenium
    Hexamilenium 4 kun oldin

    1:18 she's like "so the fish we eat is the same as the one in the ocean?"

  • B H-0
    B H-0 4 kun oldin

    yeah thats not how you filet a salmon with a gut

  • Jrod
    Jrod 4 kun oldin

    Not sure the guests are watching what we are.. their reactions are priceless.

  • courgargold
    courgargold 4 kun oldin

    The lobster segment didn't look so appetizing with the amount of open wounds and blood on his hands. I realize it was a demonstration, but hopefully he ate that lobster and didn't serve it to anyone else. HA!

  • Lucas Torrealba
    Lucas Torrealba 4 kun oldin

    I don't even cook but i find this very entertaining to watch

  • MetalOfAllOwns
    MetalOfAllOwns 4 kun oldin +2

    I would really love to see him chop Parsley or cilantro properly. I've always had a rough time with those. Flower herbs are a pain in the buttt

    • Zach Omara
      Zach Omara 3 kun oldin

      Oh sweet, I literally started watching these Ramsey videos today. Thank you.

    • LionHeartXII
      LionHeartXII 3 kun oldin

      +Zach Omara He does have a vid on cutting onions on this channel.

    • Zach Omara
      Zach Omara 3 kun oldin +1

      I want to see him chop onions and see how he does it.

  • Temp_M3rks
    Temp_M3rks 4 kun oldin

    1:19 when you flex to all your friends with homework that you thought was right and your teacher marks it all wrong

  • SSJToad
    SSJToad 4 kun oldin

    Me: How am I supposed to move this couch by myself?
    Gordon: Let your knife do the work.

  • xPROTOTYPE2017x
    xPROTOTYPE2017x 4 kun oldin

    1:27 Fuck! I think I left the stove on

  • Ohh Yeah yeah
    Ohh Yeah yeah 4 kun oldin

    1:16 the face of intensity

  • DAVD305
    DAVD305 4 kun oldin

    Years of experience half summed up in 8 minutes.. Organization is a deadly skill.

  • Mike Ndirangu
    Mike Ndirangu 4 kun oldin

    12:06 our Indian Lady looks very mesmerized by Gordon's technique.

    • Ralith Ralob
      Ralith Ralob 4 kun oldin

      Looks like she's gonna' throw up any second.

  • Tamsin James
    Tamsin James 4 kun oldin

    *let the knife do the work.*

  • Xtremefireworks NL
    Xtremefireworks NL 4 kun oldin

    1:15 well she looks horrified

  • isabelody
    isabelody 4 kun oldin

    *Concentration intensifies*

  • Dhr Boulehbet
    Dhr Boulehbet 4 kun oldin

    I am a professional fish salesman and if you look at the way Gordon slices this salmon, I can absolutely 100% assure you, that the way he is holding his knife while slicing the skin off the salmon, has a direct impact on making me type this and making me say that I am making this story up and I have no idea what I’m saying.

  • Deni Jorgji
    Deni Jorgji 4 kun oldin

    Proper master.

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H 4 kun oldin +2

    These spectators look like they're watching surgery and believe themselves to be lobsters.

  • Gabe Solomon
    Gabe Solomon 5 kun oldin

    How does a Michelin-rated chef not know the difference between sharpening and honing?

  • tunacanninja
    tunacanninja 5 kun oldin

    secure the peppa

    HEALTHFUL LIFE TV 5 kun oldin

    This guy has really inspired me a lot to start my channel I really wish to reach where they have reached so far having thousands of subscribers and allot more, they are the really inspirational people to many of us.
    let's keep love, peace to one another.

  • Thirty One Pilots
    Thirty One Pilots 5 kun oldin

    *ⓘⓜⓐⓖⓘⓝⓔ ⓘⓕ Ⓖⓞⓡⓓⓞⓝ ⓦⓐⓢ ⓨⓞⓤ'ⓡⓔ ⓜⓞⓜ ⓞⓡ Ⓓⓐⓓ.. *

  • Syrus Coy
    Syrus Coy 5 kun oldin

    "See no green on the board--"


  • Eduardo Olguin
    Eduardo Olguin 5 kun oldin

    11:28 when u realize u fucked up ur dish

  • Young Magic
    Young Magic 5 kun oldin


  • kahnsealable
    kahnsealable 5 kun oldin

    6.5k down votes from people who jealous they cant cook. lol

  • May Ingalls
    May Ingalls 5 kun oldin

    Gordon (no offense) but as a little kid I disliked you (not like hate hate but like "meh he's fine") all because you wouldn't like my mom's cooking lol. ( I'm just assuming you wouldn't like my mom's cooking all because of all of your TV shows when you get angry)

  • joseph overmyer
    joseph overmyer 5 kun oldin

    what a joke that knife is Not Sharpe

  • ViralMage
    ViralMage 5 kun oldin

    4:51 god that was so satisfying

  • Ki Ke
    Ki Ke 5 kun oldin