The Tragic Case Of Kathleen Peterson… **The Staircase**

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  • Serena Cain
    Serena Cain Kun oldin

    The owl??? So owl just swooped down and attacked something it doesnt eat or seemed to be a threat since she was going inside. Shouldn't the owl be outside. It should be. So the owl happened to hate both ladies. Y'all better leave this owl. Owners can train their pets to do wrong if y'all not aware of that. Idk of owls attacking random ppl. Was this lady stealing its prey. i doubt it. And also if it was a would have gotten used to her. Hell... Y'all finna leave this owl alone.

  • Serena Cain
    Serena Cain Kun oldin

    Loooooookkkkk....that lady probably did fell down the stairs. Maybe she was attacked before and tried to retreat by going upstairs. Makes sense right? Good. If they found blood in so many places...its obvious she didn't fell down no damn stairs. When ppl fall down the stairs...blood dont reach the damn kitchen! They mostly likely would break their neck and or get a brain and or skull damage. THIS IS AN EASY CASE!!! HE KILLED THE LADY. PROBLEM SOLVED! AND HE GAY ON TOP OF IT....HE KILLED HER. SHE PROLLY A COVER UP CAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT TO ADMIT HE GAY. He killed the lady. Where were the kids at that time in the morning. If u found a dead person at the end of the in the hell blood splatter would reach your shorts if you were at the pool...HOOOOOOWWW!!!! He killed her. Problem solved.

  • Serena Cain
    Serena Cain Kun oldin

    This operator sound like she was sick and tired of these calls😂

  • Ruby Booby
    Ruby Booby Kun oldin

    My parents watched this and apparently Micheal was dating the editor of the staircase so the series would have been edited in his favour

  • Kylee Tilley
    Kylee Tilley 2 kun oldin

    Owls are killing people now 😂😂😂😂😂Oml were all going to dieeeeee😂😂

  • Ella Claycamp
    Ella Claycamp 3 kun oldin +1

    Someone tell me how falling or falling down the stairs can result in the house be splattered or covered in blood.

  • Grace .B.
    Grace .B. 3 kun oldin

    I honestly have np first I thought he was innocent until she said it had happened to Elizabeth Ratliff, then I thought it WAS the end when she talks about the owl thing I was like YA, THAT MUST BE IT!! until I remembered it happened to Elizabeth as well….. but maybe they were both attacked by an didn't know owl were that mean....anyway...irdk….

  • Holly Farmer
    Holly Farmer 3 kun oldin +1

    Hailey I love your videos they bring me so much joy (and fear of course)I don’t normally watch videos this long but you make it so entertaining and I love your input to all these cases, could you please do the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard I would love to hear what you have to say about it, thank you so much for entertaining me, love you!🤗🤗🤗

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver 3 kun oldin

    Your whole demeanour comes across as cringey, phoney, overly sugar coated and squeaky clean...

  • Someone
    Someone 3 kun oldin +1

    6:50 it sounds like that's exactly how someone react except he's mocking it with really bad can tell by the way his voice sounds. uGh i just looked up Michael Peterson and some website told me he's convictedddd I just started the show kill me now the whole thing is ruined ahahahhaah

  • funny bunny
    funny bunny 4 kun oldin

    I don't think the owl theory is correct because of the fact that they didn't find Microscopic owl feathers in Elizabeth which had died almost the exacted same way as Kethrein so I think Micheal is guilty

  • Lilyan Burlew
    Lilyan Burlew 4 kun oldin

    2nd guess( mabie) im guessing the person who murred them banged there head on the stairs

  • Lilyan Burlew
    Lilyan Burlew 4 kun oldin

    Im half way into the vid im guessing that mabie a old time friend// a faimly member was pissed or something or on drugs or drunk and mabie he/she shot them... How would blood get on the selling. Im guessing SHe shot them (SHe had gloves on) eather stabbed them... Put something in there drinks and they passed out so they could not call for help (or SHe cover there mouth) i

  • Eboni murray
    Eboni murray 5 kun oldin +1

    Love you hailey❤️

  • anastasia2657
    anastasia2657 5 kun oldin

    The man's entire life was a lie. You are simply morally blind that you do not see the motive for these murders.

  • Julie Laugen
    Julie Laugen 5 kun oldin

    Flashback mary is shook

  • Alesia Nelson
    Alesia Nelson 6 kun oldin

    You really need to research the Crowley murders. After researching and reaching out with my light I really feel like David Crowley did not kill his family and then himself. Especially since autopsy reports show that he died first and his dna was not found on the weapon.

  • Gadget Girl66
    Gadget Girl66 6 kun oldin

    If you want to be taken seriously don’t use words like “conversate”. It’s not a word. The word is CONVERSE.

  • northerlyartemis
    northerlyartemis 6 kun oldin

    I think he did it. Too many similarities with his last wife’s death.

  • Lukkah Opthoog
    Lukkah Opthoog 7 kun oldin

    i think michel was guiltily in the sence of him setting the owl on her
    that is just a thought

  • mariannbell74
    mariannbell74 9 kun oldin

    I'm guessing the owl for the wife and then he got so sad that he killed other people and tried to imitate the owl attack on from his wife

  • Hanifa Bell
    Hanifa Bell 11 kun oldin

    He was innocent
    Definetly innocent
    But he was having an affair with a male figure
    But I believe his innocent

  • Noor yasir
    Noor yasir 13 kun oldin

    I want her hair

  • super sassy sisters
    super sassy sisters 13 kun oldin

    you are a ghost master😁😁😁😁😁

  • cat crazy
    cat crazy 13 kun oldin

    The series was definitely in favor of Michael. He's a murderer and he staged the whole thing. He just thought he was smarter than everyone else. Also, there was something wrong with those kids. They were robotic and all answer questions the same. They were definitely covering something up, or devoid of any feelings at all. Maybe they had their eyes on their share of the money. Todd has a felonious history with his attempted bombing of his school. It wouldn't surprise me if he was involved.

  • Keelie B
    Keelie B 14 kun oldin

    I just love your videos! Had to start watching during the day though lol your intro alone is so creepy but so good!!!!

  • Lila Brown Hart
    Lila Brown Hart 15 kun oldin

    I live really close to this house...

  • Emma Downey
    Emma Downey 16 kun oldin

    I think Michael Peterson probably killed both of those women for the money.

  • _.TylersYellowFlowers Josh

    I don’t feel like he killed her. I just feel like I know that he didn’t kill her. I’m not sure why I feel this way. The 911 call seemed 100% true and gave me many chills. So I’m not sure.

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 18 kun oldin +1

    I think he’s innocent. That’s all I’ll say

  • knoppy2205
    knoppy2205 18 kun oldin

    I kinda believe the owl theory

  • Morgan Katalinas
    Morgan Katalinas 19 kun oldin


  • Morgan Katalinas
    Morgan Katalinas 19 kun oldin

    Ok skim pretty sure that he killed his wife

    EVERDEENXOXO 19 kun oldin

    He killed her. While the owl theory does look right. How much of a coincidence is it that 2 wives got killed by an owl at 2 different locations? How much of a coincidence is it that 2 wives died of other than natural causes? I mean come on. It’s bulls eye he did it

  • Fire_ Wolfie
    Fire_ Wolfie 19 kun oldin

    I watched it at like 3am when i was sick with my mom

  • Lila Rogers
    Lila Rogers 21 kun oldin

    The owl did it

  • west tex
    west tex 21 kun oldin +1

    Hmm... I don't think Haily Reese supports Trump. wHY are his ads on her vids.

  • Tina a
    Tina a 21 kun oldin

    How did he know it was an accident!? Or she “fell” down the stairs when he called 911..!!? With that amount of blood she could of been murdered! He staged it all, down to the wine glasses that did not have her fingerprints.

  • Pirra Halfpenny
    Pirra Halfpenny 22 kun oldin

    I am so confuzzled.

  • Maria Bautista
    Maria Bautista 22 kun oldin

    I think that he is Innocent but then again you never really know anything if you weren't there you never witnessed it and even with all the evidence you never know for sure what could have happened because you were not there

  • Jessica Watson
    Jessica Watson 22 kun oldin

    Convosated lol

  • Rachel Whitesell
    Rachel Whitesell 23 kun oldin

    bruh when the owl came up i said what the

  • Tussock Pride
    Tussock Pride 23 kun oldin

    Seriously, I believe an Owl did it. That is the only theory with enough evidence for me. I mean, why else would a fuckong owl feather be on the scene?

  • Axryah Edits
    Axryah Edits 24 kun oldin

    So I just looked up Kathleen Peterson and it said Kathleen Had Been Married To Fred Atwater from 1997 and it says they are still Which I don't understand because it said She had been married to Michael Peterson From 1997 to 2001! Someone Please Explain!

  • CatCrazyness 2202
    CatCrazyness 2202 24 kun oldin

    I want to say that it's the owl... but the similarities between both of the former wives are TOO similar. What do you guys think?

  • Kelsey Lovato
    Kelsey Lovato 28 kun oldin

    Don't judge some innocent owl... lol but seriously the dude seemed super shady and fake to me in the documentary... I just don't like him, doesn't mean he did it tho ugh idk I wish we had a way of knowing if he did it or not...

  • Sabrina Copass
    Sabrina Copass 28 kun oldin

    I love this case, wish you did longer videos.

  • Jessica Froelich
    Jessica Froelich 28 kun oldin

    Or he is a shape shifter... He turns into an owl and murders his wives when he wants to be rid of them...

  • Stereotypical Username
    Stereotypical Username 29 kun oldin

    It was totally the owl

  • Ash Uhm
    Ash Uhm 29 kun oldin

    The owl theory was a good one but, that would be one heck of a coincidence if the other girl died from that too.. No idea what to think of it now. I'm gonna have to say innocent though, if he was guilty then why would he STILL not admit to the murders and WHY would he kill his daughter if he already had enough money after killing his wife. Ehhhh I dunno..

  • Lilly Himber
    Lilly Himber Oy oldin

    I'm stuck did he? No yes no yes no yes no

  • Trin Brannan
    Trin Brannan Oy oldin +1

    Why can’t they just do a lie detector test on everyone that’s a suspect?

  • I'm Fluo
    I'm Fluo Oy oldin

    There s this old movie about a story like this, and it turned out that the person who was saying he didnt do it, was kinda going crazy and turned out he did and stuff.... It was a creepy movie, since the watcher knows rhe detail but the person who its about dont.... Also i believe rhe owl theory

  • lil’ ray biscuit

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. I need her makeup tutorial ☺️❤️

  • damien Smith
    damien Smith Oy oldin

    P=16 and K=11. 11+16=27. Her initials are P and K. 27 is the ritual number in gematria. This lady might still be alive. Check out Zachary Hubbard's channel.

  • Piper Nolan
    Piper Nolan Oy oldin

    There were moments through the video where i was like "yup he did it" but then in other moments i believed he didn't. I think with the information the beautiful Hailey has given I believe he didn't kill her. ps Hailey ilysm

  • Xiaomin L Feador
    Xiaomin L Feador Oy oldin

    Only imbeciles would buy that "owl did it" load of shit.

  • Xiaomin L Feador
    Xiaomin L Feador Oy oldin

    True emotion or fake cry, it's just a matter of opinion, which doesn't carry any value to a court of law. The devil is in the details. On the 911 call, Peterson said " ... she's still breathing", TWICE! That was one big fat lie. First responders all stated that upon arriving at the house, they found the blood had already been coagulated. IF that was not enough, the autopsy report also determined the time of death 2 hours BEFORE the 911 call.

  • lostindarkness you’remyfocus

    to me the 911 call sounds kinda exaggerated but idk

  • Kimberly Sutterfield

    Honestly, the owl theory seems legit. BUT the fact that he last wife died the SAME EXACT way doesn't match up. So I mean, I don't know, that is VERY confusing.

  • Bigham productions there are *ALOT* of different stories like okay nvm...

  • Cookie Lover
    Cookie Lover Oy oldin

    I’m actually wanting to be a detective when I grow so I’m trying to figure out this case!

  • ssqp781
    ssqp781 Oy oldin

    they TRAINED the OWL... to kill her

  • Camilla Goldman
    Camilla Goldman Oy oldin

    A lot of people are pointing out that he has two wives dying the same way.. but not that Todd has two “moms” die the same way.. the fact that Todd even showed up is super suspicious and he had debt and probably wanted money and got denied. We don’t hear anything about them even questioning if someone else could have been involved, and are we supposed to assume that his former wife had a similar fire pick thing?..this is a frustrating case with so many holes.

  • Toma the creative idiot _ and Kile too I guess

    That was no owl. It was a goddamn CooCoo from zelda. Those things are murderers.

  • Issy Bish
    Issy Bish Oy oldin

    This story totally gave me the creeps 😰😰😰😖 love these longer videos tho!

  • Caitlin Cutler
    Caitlin Cutler Oy oldin

    I love Hailey to bits but damn her face is white in this video 😂

  • Fluffylittle Unicorn

    The call doesn’t sound fake but idk I’ve never heard a call from this sort of scenario so

  • Me Meekseeks
    Me Meekseeks Oy oldin

    He’s as guilty as O.J Simpson

    (I say that bc no one really knows)

  • Unicorn Gaming Squad


  • _Lexully _
    _Lexully _ Oy oldin

    MY sister was born on December 30th 2001 this is so scary

  • Illyana Martinez
    Illyana Martinez Oy oldin

    He hired someone to murder her or it was his son.

  • Delaney Wells
    Delaney Wells Oy oldin

    Dec 9 2001 is my birthday that's creepy .

  • kate li
    kate li Oy oldin


  • It’sBlue
    It’sBlue Oy oldin

    Any forensics kids here cringing every time blood splatter is said instead of blood spatter?

  • Julie Anna Shirley

    My dad watched the series a while back and I was with him in the living room and on the tv they were interviewing Micheal and now that I look back the interview kinda seems off like he is not really answering them when they ask about Kathleen

  • Classic Olivia
    Classic Olivia Oy oldin

    The owl did it😂

  • Enitan Ogundimu
    Enitan Ogundimu Oy oldin

    Can you do the Stephen Avery case

  • Miia -
    Miia - Oy oldin

    Okay, I work at a place that has those stairs that go around in a circle...what ever they’re called. And I wear 6 cm (maybe 3inches...not sure) heels everyday. Couple times I’ve stepped weirdly and lost my balance, and started to fall backwards. The first split second it just feels like you will fall backwards and hit your head, right before you get back balance. But after several glasses of wine 🍷 who knows if she could get her balance back?
    So technically this could be an accident. There’s just waaay too many things that don’t match up

  • Ava Lockwood
    Ava Lockwood Oy oldin +1

    Am I the only one thinking it might be the owl ?? 🤷‍♀️

  • ruben pino
    ruben pino Oy oldin

    Research the murder of hae min lee. Season one of SERIAL (a podcast) goes in in-depth on the entire thing.

  • Bunny0659 !
    Bunny0659 ! Oy oldin

    I think he is guilty beacauce if she was attacked by an owl,why would he make up the pool story?

  • Petra Calderon
    Petra Calderon Oy oldin +1

    I do not know the name of it but I saw on the internet that a man was put to jail for murder and they told him that if he signed a paper saying he did it he get out of jail so he did and they would not let him out and so he is still in jail today🤯🤫🤭🤔😫😣😔😞😕

  • sHoOk to the Core

    Why can’t they do a lie detector test

  • BobbiKay Odom
    BobbiKay Odom Oy oldin

    Years ago I watched not only the Dateline episode but also John Ritter movie based on this case. I honestly believe he killed both women. I will not watch the Netflix documentary simply bc I don't think it was fair, it's definitely biased. When 2 women in 2 different countries died exactly the same way around a staircase having only 1 man in common, that's not a coincidence, it's a pattern beginning.

  • Rootatoot07
    Rootatoot07 Oy oldin

    Poor woman! So sad.

  • Nerd Of Steel
    Nerd Of Steel Oy oldin

    Wow at first I thought that he did do it when you mentioned that large sum of money from her life insurance but the owl theory is plausible though I didn’t even know owls attacked people

  • Kevana Bushroe
    Kevana Bushroe Oy oldin +2

    The owls guilty it needs a life in prison ohh wait its probably already dead.

  • Marisa Izquierdo
    Marisa Izquierdo Oy oldin

    I have no idea. The owl thing threw me off completely! I thought he was guilty, then now I don’t know. And then the blood spatter expert.. this is such a CONFUSING case. But, it is very interesting. I enjoy when you cover true crime. ♥️

  • Sophia Smoke
    Sophia Smoke Oy oldin

    I think the owl theorie is the most clear, but that still wouldn’t explain Michaels other wife. The pure pain in panic in his voice on the 911 call makes me so sad and leads me to believe somehow he didn’t do it

  • Perry Johanson
    Perry Johanson Oy oldin

    I've actually never heard of this case but it seems interesting! I personally don't trust Netflix on true crime videos because theri producers tend to present a very biased view on some of the cases. i really liked your video and it made me want to watch the documentary because it may be biased but it surely is entertain.

  • Nikko Nikole
    Nikko Nikole Oy oldin


  • Rey
    Rey Oy oldin

    Almost 10 O'Clock at night, I am WIDE awake and I am watching a bunch of creepy videos... ok, fair enough

  • Juliana Kaye Bell


  • aleahya stevenson

    U should do a video on the stairs in the woods ❤

  • Prabnoor Dhillon
    Prabnoor Dhillon Oy oldin

    I think that this story is super fascinating I would love it if you make more of these types of videos. Like this comment, if you want Hailey to make these kinds of videos.

  • Jade Neal
    Jade Neal Oy oldin

    Personally, I'm pretty sure he did it, however, it seems like they overlooked the possible impact of alcohol on the blood. Could it change the splatter? Can you get accurate blood alcohol from someone who has bled out? Also, she seems like the kind of woman who would just hold the stem.

  • Liss B
    Liss B Oy oldin

    I'm so confused about all of this, so I don't exactly know what to think... but it COULD be, that the son who went there right after it happened helped him with everything, and they could've planted the owl feathers? I mean... I guess? All of the theories that I see I'm doubtful of. LOL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE. This was such an amazing video, thank you for all of your research! You made it so much clearer.

  • Lauryn
    Lauryn 2 oy oldin

    In some crazy way I think it's possibly the owl theory, or more reasonable the life insurance claim which is more common in spousal homicides.