The Tragic Case Of Kathleen Peterson… **The Staircase**

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  • Princess
    Princess 8 soat oldin

    Michael did it. Fucking bastard.

  • Madelynn McInnes
    Madelynn McInnes 14 soat oldin

    I think he had killed her because he may have done something wrong then she found out and was going to tell the police

  • emily elkins
    emily elkins 16 soat oldin

    I think that this dude is definitely guilty. There is to much evidence supporting this being a homicide along with the death of the other women in the same way.

  • Joanne Rutledge
    Joanne Rutledge Kun oldin

    I think he did it .

  • Jamie Katona
    Jamie Katona Kun oldin

    he is guilty to some degree in my eyes. him “cheating” on his wife is a main reason why and gives. motive yes. but i do believe an owl did attack her cause it does seem like a plausible explanation. is that what really killed her no but it did have a part. it does explain a lot of the evidence that was found there but i also believe maybe he had some part of it that wasn’t found in the autopise of her body.

  • MikaylaMoon Wilder
    MikaylaMoon Wilder Kun oldin

    Well done Hailey. You did a really great job. I watched the series when it came out a few months back, and it’s really very interesting to see how biased Netflix was. Kind of shitty, really…

  • Caitlin Medd
    Caitlin Medd 2 kun oldin

    How is she covering in blood if she had fallen

  • AnimeFreak 4287
    AnimeFreak 4287 2 kun oldin +1

    There's a lot of people who would take it to their graves before they tell the truth. I am honestly a 100% sure he did it because the same thing happen to the adopted girls mom and you mean to tell me that don't raise a red flag. There's so many of them that its common sense that he did it. I feel sorry for their children even though they don't know the truth and for his wife and the adopted girls mother.

  • Isabelle Manser
    Isabelle Manser 2 kun oldin

    please speak louder in the beginning of videos the music is kinda scary at the start lol

  • Ella Buxey
    Ella Buxey 2 kun oldin

    holy moly she died on my mums birthday

  • Mia T.
    Mia T. 2 kun oldin

    It was the owl

  • Mikayla Mobley
    Mikayla Mobley 2 kun oldin


  • A.E.C Thats me
    A.E.C Thats me 2 kun oldin

    ❗❗❗❗@haileyreese I HAVE MY OWN REALLY INTERESTING THEORY @thereesespieces❗❗❗❗

    I WAS THINKING.... " owls are pretty smart, right?!⁉"
    Well what if⁉❓❓❓❓
    I'm sure that in the right hands with someone who knows how to handle and/or raise owls, they could've trained the owl to ATTACK ON COMMAND‼‼❗❗❗❗😐😮😲😵😯😶
    That would leave,
    NO EVIDENCE leading him to be PHYSICALLY connected to EITHER two death's ....
    Leaving me only to wonder, just HOW likely could my theory POSSIBLY be?!.......
    Could he have had access to an owl??
    Could he have known someone ELSE with access to an owl??
    If that's so then, that would mean HE IS in fact a murderer.
    It could mean that there's also POSSIBLY another murderer or accomplice!!
    I sooo totally think that this case should be reopened & this theory investigated!!
    Ughhh I have so many questions & the documentary doesn't really help with any of them!! Lol!! 😂😂💔👌
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if Hailey covered my theory in a video!! But I highly doubt that my tiny little voice/theory in the oceans of comments could ever reach that sort of potential lol!!
    But a girl can still dream right?! 😂😂😊😊💜💙💜💙
    Like 👍if you agree or enjoy this theory!! 😎😊 feel free to kindly comment below if you have any thoughts or theories of your own to add!!💖💖😝😊
    maybe some of the fellow #Reesespieces can possibly help me show this to Hailey & see what her thoughts & feelings are on this theory 😊😊💖💖💖
    #HaileyReese #Reesespieces

  • Pyeper Walker
    Pyeper Walker 2 kun oldin

    Get together with ur friends and have a scary story telling contest pls ❤ ily

  • Jalynne Sullivan
    Jalynne Sullivan 2 kun oldin

    I'm not sure what I think. Honestly its back and forth

  • Livia Katie
    Livia Katie 3 kun oldin

    I think the phone call sounded really staged and fake. I think that the husband is guilty of murder in both the accounts of Elizabeth and Kathleen

  • Explore and Adventure
    Explore and Adventure 3 kun oldin +1

    February 24.... that’s my birthday

  • Abby Turner
    Abby Turner 3 kun oldin +1


  • IIIDraceIII
    IIIDraceIII 3 kun oldin +1

    I'm scared 😶

  • sparks doodles
    sparks doodles 3 kun oldin +1

    Not gilty

  • sparkles yt
    sparkles yt 3 kun oldin

    Stop blinling so much

  • Alison Ochoa
    Alison Ochoa 3 kun oldin +1

    I think the guy murdered his wife and the kids he murdered from the facts that she said. I like how she is detailed and looks for details when she doesn’t have them so from the things she said I think the man murdered all off them

  • Levi Hartford
    Levi Hartford 3 kun oldin +1

    "how many stairs" i know im late but what the fuck? thats so random and unecessary

  • LIV’s loving life
    LIV’s loving life 3 kun oldin +1

    I think the owl one is the answer

  • Narii Barii
    Narii Barii 3 kun oldin +1

    I stan. do more!

  • Avalon_Isle
    Avalon_Isle 3 kun oldin +1

    You know one of the craziest things about this story. I was drawing while watching this, and at the beginning of the entire episode I was drawing, a owl. IDK Freaky. 😨😱😨

  • Jaliane Guiste
    Jaliane Guiste 4 kun oldin +1

    Honestly...when I heard about those wine glasses...I knew with my GUT that he did this. Before I even found out about his 1st wife having similar "hits" to the head and etc. The wine glass without finger prints was when it was a rap for me.

  • Ashley K
    Ashley K 4 kun oldin +1

    Hailey I love you dearly but as a forensics teacher I slightly cringe every time you say "blood splatter." The proper term is actually "spatter" with no L. Love your vids just wanted to pass this knowledge on to you ❤

  • aleem hyder
    aleem hyder 4 kun oldin +1

    Please Please do a video on AARUSHI TALWAR'S DOUBLE MURDER CASE. It happened in 2008, it a very complex and confusing murder case, her parents were charged for the murder but it still hasnt been completely proven and they have never confessed either! Also I love your videos, xoxo

  • Suzanne Kavanagh
    Suzanne Kavanagh 4 kun oldin

    the owl injuries dont explain the how the real mother of the 2 girls circumstances where so similar . I think it was a bit odd that the son turned up minutes after the ambulance' and the police' arrival. I think it was a bit suspicious of the guy happening to have an ex wife that basically dies the exact same way ! also he just so happened to call in a guy who made faulty blood tests or something on a previous case if you ask me but these are all just my opinions ! .

  • Emer Brady
    Emer Brady 4 kun oldin

    I think it was the owl

  • oh what you say?
    oh what you say? 5 kun oldin

    Will it be possible if the son/daughter killed the mom?

  • Gingerbreadzie
    Gingerbreadzie 5 kun oldin

    why was that 911 operator so rude?

  • Mena Marie
    Mena Marie 5 kun oldin +1

    Ok I'm convinced the owl did it

  • Melinah Bustillos
    Melinah Bustillos 5 kun oldin

    If he claims himself not guilty then why did he turn himself in?

  • Carolina falvo
    Carolina falvo 5 kun oldin

    Your an awesome UZclipr love your channel💘💖

  • Holly Friedman
    Holly Friedman 5 kun oldin

    1000 comment 😂🙃anyways love you hailey!❤️

  • megan parsons
    megan parsons 5 kun oldin

    I think it was the owl, but at the same time im confused bc of the financial issues and the info found on his computer.... youre right tht this IS a confusing case!

  • Carita Makkonen
    Carita Makkonen 5 kun oldin

    These are the best videos where you tell about these cases. More please 😍😍

  • Layla Moore
    Layla Moore 6 kun oldin

    What is it with men with the last name Peterson killing their wives? Drew, Scott, Michael? Coincidence?

  • brit. ann
    brit. ann 6 kun oldin

    I had to make a 911 call reporting my neighbour's death.... he was hanging by the staircase.
    That 911 call sounds about right to be honest. It's so disorienting & fucked up... I couldn't answer their questions properly.
    The only difference for me is I'm extremely sensitive so i was screaming a bit more.

  • Camryn Determan
    Camryn Determan 6 kun oldin

    I think it’s the owl

  • Diamonds R' Forever
    Diamonds R' Forever 6 kun oldin

    Ok but like "blood splatter expert" is a profession. Is that also like a college course?

  • Amelia Isabella Zachariassen

    I think it's the owl thing :)

  • Brianna
    Brianna 6 kun oldin

    New subscriber here! I found one of your videos for the first time yesterday, I have been binge watching you since! haha you are awesome and I love these stories!! :)

  • Bianca C da Kitteee
    Bianca C da Kitteee 6 kun oldin

    Yaaaaaay, that is really confusing indeed.🤔

  • Gray Hurry
    Gray Hurry 7 kun oldin

    What is her email

  • Tree Sama
    Tree Sama 7 kun oldin +1

    Murderous owls o-o

  • Jaytyn Dirks
    Jaytyn Dirks 8 kun oldin

    You can truly tell that you care about this by the little gleam in your eyes. It's almost like an undiscovered fire opens and burns with anticipation. You can also tell in how you talk. You talk very openly, bubbly, and just overall invested in the story. .•♫•Believe in the unbelievable•♫•.-ℏᾰ!ℓḙʏ Իḙḙṧḙ

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White 8 kun oldin

    Why does everybody think that the other lady that died in Germany was his ex wife
    It wasn’t
    It was his two adopted daughters mom they were never married
    He got granted the custody of them

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White 8 kun oldin

    I think that the owl theory is correct however that doesn’t explain the death of the 2 sisters birth mother even though the wounds on the head were very very similar

  • Nikkie J.
    Nikkie J. 8 kun oldin

    I've never heard of this case. I don't know what to think. I don't think he's innocent. If his other wife died in the same way, it definitely points to murder. I don't think it's a coincidence. I think what happened with Kathleen is Michael stabbed her and then put her on the stairs to make it look like she fell on the stairs. I don't think you can get lacerations like that on your head just from falling on the stairs and having a big pool of blood around you. It doesn't make any sense. I definitely think he killed her but I don't really know about the motive. Maybe it could be what she found out about but it could also be something entirely different.

  • Catherine Paris
    Catherine Paris 8 kun oldin

    I think hes innocent

  • UniqueSphinx
    UniqueSphinx 9 kun oldin

    I like the ghost face in the background picture frame 🙃🙃🙃

  • Ashley Dawdy
    Ashley Dawdy 9 kun oldin

    Also I'm a huge fan of true crime I read a lot of true crime books so I truly love this video today thank u

  • Ashley Dawdy
    Ashley Dawdy 9 kun oldin

    I've watched the netflex documentary on this and I really think he killed his wife in my opinion

  • -*-IceyWolf -*-
    -*-IceyWolf -*- 9 kun oldin +1

    Omg its dec 9 today... its been 17 years...

  • Zoe Bartie
    Zoe Bartie 9 kun oldin

    Wow. 17 years ago today something this bad happend

  • megan knowles
    megan knowles 9 kun oldin

    I watched the whole series in two days. While watching, I was convinced he was innocent all the way through, until the credits rolled on the final episode, and I just thought to myself he's guilty. The documentary just seems so biased and off. He may be able to come across as harmless, but he gives me weird vibes and is someone I definitely wouldn't want to be left alone in a room with

  • Mystical Lyrics
    Mystical Lyrics 9 kun oldin

    It sounds like he’s innocent but I’m sure he had some kind of part in it

  • Blubber Fish arts
    Blubber Fish arts 9 kun oldin +2

    I believe the owl theory myself

  • Gloria Lopez
    Gloria Lopez 10 kun oldin

    Make an Amanda knox video ;)

    FELICITY LAWTON 10 kun oldin

    I do think he was manipulative but the owl probably did it

  • Caroline Oliver
    Caroline Oliver 10 kun oldin

    i think it was an owl

  • Dragon Rider Queen
    Dragon Rider Queen 10 kun oldin

    Me and my brother were watching this and discussed how emails could be fabricated and that the ex wife may have setted the crime scene up.

  • Mia Taylor
    Mia Taylor 10 kun oldin

    Had anybody even like question the two girls that were adopted by Michael? Such as like if there were issues between them and the Kathleen? Or even if they had done it?

  • Jada Roach
    Jada Roach 10 kun oldin

    U blink allot still cute tho

  • Eva Alys
    Eva Alys 11 kun oldin

    My father was a police officer and used to say that in such cases always..."follow the money" and you'll find the answer.

  • Lydia Bickerton
    Lydia Bickerton 11 kun oldin

    I felt as though he was guilty until the owl evidence surfaced. With the other woman dying I could see that as being a coincidence. My only problem with that is he seems guilty minus the part of him not giving in. If he was the murderer after all this time, seeing as he thought he’d spend life in prison why wouldn’t he just admit it and shut it down

  • Patrícia Velčická
    Patrícia Velčická 12 kun oldin

    If you find out this case as the most confusing, you should watch Netflix documentary called "Making a murderer"

  • Vanessa Ahlström
    Vanessa Ahlström 12 kun oldin

    The owl theory could actually be true regarding the evidence part..however, his family friend also had the same marks on her head and it seems super suspicious for me that two people in his life both died from..owl attacks? They should have tested the owl feet theory on his family friend also to see if those matched the wounds on the other womans head.

  • The Helping Tree
    The Helping Tree 12 kun oldin

    i think that he killed them both, because of how eerily similar their bodies were... 😱

  • Demigods vlogs 2
    Demigods vlogs 2 12 kun oldin

    This sounds like a episode of CSI because in the episode the woman was found at the bottom of the stairs and her and her husband had been drinking out by the pool and he come in and found her but I don't remember the name of the episode

  • Crystal Scarlet
    Crystal Scarlet 12 kun oldin

    I honestly think the "Owl Theory" is the best one of them all. That's the one I personally chose to believe.

  • Rushingwater
    Rushingwater 12 kun oldin

    I was skeptical of the owl theory, but now it makes sense XD

  • venomusdrake 288
    venomusdrake 288 12 kun oldin

    I really think he killed her along with his ex wife in Germany. He sounds like a definition of Shociopath.

  • Magda Wolska
    Magda Wolska 13 kun oldin

    what about the 1st wife? was she attacked by an owl too.....?

  • forturtles
    forturtles 13 kun oldin

    As soon as you said that his late wife was found the same way Kathleen was, I just had this gut feeling that he definitely did it. There's more evidence against him then there is to prove him innocent. But the way America's Justice System is set up, with all it's corruption and greed, it's almost always easy to get away with murder. Still the death of Kathleen Peterson is tragic, and she should be remembered with respect. I really enjoyed this video, Hailey! True Crime is totally my thing, and I would love to see more videos of you talking about different cases like this.
    -A Reese's Piece

  • Angela Terriquez
    Angela Terriquez 14 kun oldin

    I have no idea who is at fault. This is a really crazy case. I love your stories times.

  • Hana Beth
    Hana Beth 14 kun oldin

    i think the owl

  • Angel B
    Angel B 14 kun oldin

    I’m so glad you are talking about this case bc I’ve watched it and I too was left wondering what happened in the end....

  • Little Pisces
    Little Pisces 15 kun oldin

    Interesting how the both moms of the daughters had the same injuries?? Maybe it was one of them?

  • Makoimonno
    Makoimonno 15 kun oldin

    I think the 911 call seemed pretty authentic, it sounded like he was even hyperventilating.

  • Mary Bernard
    Mary Bernard 16 kun oldin

    I truly don't know if he did or not it's just to hard to say

  • i'm okay :D
    i'm okay :D 16 kun oldin

    He doesn't kill his wife. Just because he's an asshole here and there doesn't mean he will kill. Dang, adding unrelated topics to the case, proof of him being an asshole to make him a murderer doesn't make sense. The jury is problematic indeed.

  • Jazmine G
    Jazmine G 16 kun oldin

    I think the owl incident sound realistic but I don't know how to explain Elizabeths deaf though maybe she got attacked to by an owl but only if she lives in that area too

  • leanne maine
    leanne maine 16 kun oldin

    Maybe it was the owl attack and then he took the chance to push her down the stairs

  • RaBit Blackstone
    RaBit Blackstone 16 kun oldin

    Wouldn't Michael here her scream or something if an owl attacked her

  • Lillian Kamar
    Lillian Kamar 16 kun oldin

    I think the owl theary Is believable

  • Emanuella x
    Emanuella x 16 kun oldin

    9 December 2001 was legit a day before my birth (it's almost my birthday)

  • Pauline the Succulent Animations

    I was eating Reese's while watching this

  • bee
    bee 17 kun oldin

    My father in law was attacked by a goose and has brain damage. So I could see the owl theory.

  • cha cha
    cha cha 17 kun oldin

    You forgot to mention she was already dead for awhile when the cops arrived. On the 911 call he said she was still bleeding. Also that they found evidence that he cleaned up blood in the kitchen.

  • Jade Oertel
    Jade Oertel 17 kun oldin

    if she was attacked by an owl why weren't they both attacked if they were both outside and why didn't he see it

  • Red Kujo
    Red Kujo 17 kun oldin

    i think the first time was an owl
    it literally has all the logical evidence, the second was murder because it was wayy to similiar, maybe after his wife died he started having gay love interests and then killed the second girl in the same fashion to cover it up

  • Red Kujo
    Red Kujo 17 kun oldin

    *pretends to know what lacerations are throughout entire video because is too scared to look up what they are *

  • Pug Nations
    Pug Nations 17 kun oldin

    I think he was innocent

  • Aria C
    Aria C 17 kun oldin

    What if it was someone taking revenge on Mr Peterson or a ghost from one star case did this and same to the mother

  • Kayelee Harding
    Kayelee Harding 17 kun oldin

    What is your lipgloss? I am in love!!!!!

  • DD Farrell
    DD Farrell 18 kun oldin

    what if we dont know the murder weapon bc the son got rid of it and was coming back to the house to make sure his dad was following the plan 🤔🤔🤔