Joe Rogan - Conor McGregor's Coach on the Khabib Fight

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  • Violet rose
    Violet rose 4 kun oldin

    John K. Is a liar racist and hypocrite

  • Kyle Engelmann
    Kyle Engelmann 13 kun oldin

    Conor made this cunt rich. Of course he's gonna smile and say it was a good fight. There's a difference between having talent and greatness. McGregor has the former but not the latter.

  • Derek Sanders
    Derek Sanders Oy oldin

    U,cheat when ur scared. Fuck xonors no honor having ass

  • ohmyafy
    ohmyafy 3 oy oldin

    Should've asked about Conor's cheating tactics

  • soloist One Love
    soloist One Love 3 oy oldin

    Both Daniel Cormier and Chanel Sonnen stayed that Connors defense was close to perfect why so much hate , he lost the fight that’s all their is to it

  • Eric Boger
    Eric Boger 3 oy oldin

    This shit dumb asf conors a striker not wrestler.

  • Melvin Alex
    Melvin Alex 3 oy oldin

    Conor will come back sure

  • Wolf Hound
    Wolf Hound 4 oy oldin

    Khabib got like 6 millions instagram followers in 6 days. He has one of the biggest casual fanbases now who don't know shit about him.

  • jørn ottesen
    jørn ottesen 4 oy oldin

    That wasn’t the best Mc, it was the UFC that wanted the fight, he was not ready

  • vora Mai
    vora Mai 4 oy oldin

    Just realized that Joe Rogan and Dana White are not the same person! I'm so sorry Joe omg

  • Nobdy Cancrossit
    Nobdy Cancrossit 4 oy oldin

    U are a sell out! I thought you would at least stand up for what's right! The Potata bus window smashing setup is joke they leave trollies just there all the time I bet. Khabib deserves his money if he isn't paid I hope the Russian get u all especially Dana that piece of shit KARMA

  • Artist Prince
    Artist Prince 4 oy oldin

    Shut up john or should say coach you are nothing you go around think your some grand master ip man your only a fooking clown; both you and mctapper can go fook yourselves let Dana join in he enjoy that

  • E Judd
    E Judd 4 oy oldin

    John is a true mma trainer to have your guy loss the way conor did and talk nothing but great things about khabib.

  • dudebro
    dudebro 4 oy oldin

    Conor did not win round 3. Come on now. Khabib was still hurting him even though Conor was throwing his ammo.

  • MockTubeLOL
    MockTubeLOL 4 oy oldin

    Kavanaghs game plan is just an excuse. How could your gameplan be banking on Khabib to get tired? CONORS gas tank never lasted past round 2. In round 3, Khabib had zero takedowns. He CHOSE to stand up and test your boy. If Khabib decided at any moment to end it, he could have. KHABIBs gameplan was to knock your boy out standing. That's clearly seen. Conor was just surviving at best and round 3 his shots had no bite. He was already tanking. I honestly wouldn't even give Conor the 3rd. KHABIB even had time to slap Conor. Come on now. Just admit you all fucked up and couldn't keep up.

  • Debanga Biswas
    Debanga Biswas 4 oy oldin

    Khabib told that he was going to teach some humility yo Connor.
    Man he was right

  • Hameed Dost
    Hameed Dost 4 oy oldin

    Khabib 💪👏😘

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob 4 oy oldin

    I wish Joe had on UFC legends like
    Duane Bang Ludwig
    Frank Trigg
    And Hoyce on these podcasts

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob 4 oy oldin

    Anyone know what happened to Frank Trigg he still around in mma?

  • LeBawsski Gaming
    LeBawsski Gaming 4 oy oldin

    "What ever he hits, he destroys." Thats the only thing i can say to this fight.

  • Harry Baskets
    Harry Baskets 4 oy oldin

    His perpetually-rosy cheeks are so adorable. #NoHomo

  • John Carlo
    John Carlo 4 oy oldin

    he drinks to much that fucks up his stamina

  • cr life
    cr life 4 oy oldin

    The nutritionist sounds like his completely full of S... I am surprised that Joe was so patient and did not call him our

  • Darwin Vargas
    Darwin Vargas 4 oy oldin

    Why arnt Khabib people facing deportation? Anybody in america on a visa must obide the terms of the visa. Based on the new immigrations, laws Khabib' s team should have been detained by ICE and subject to deportation. It's wild but what happened has serious repercussions. Yet I haven't anything about ICE getting involved.

  • romedogy
    romedogy 4 oy oldin +1

    Good job on releasing those mountain goats!!! Their nation is hated by all of former republics of USSR. I'm Ukrainian so I can speak from experience. They always fight dirty like hyenas by jumping even one guy with numbers. Not to mention the whole nation can turn into Taliban if given a chance! They are stuck in last century and should never have excess to the world stage. They should be in those mountains where they belong! I love that the world had a chance to see what those Dagestan sheep are really like! They should all be banned from this sport!

  • David D
    David D 4 oy oldin

    Long story short , McGregor has been humbled.

  • Larry Emert
    Larry Emert 4 oy oldin

    Regardless of Khabib winning, I wouldn't pay to watch that style of fighting. Strikers are why the UFC is a billion dollar operation. There would be no one in the audience if everyone fought like Khabib. 99% of the highlights are from strikers. Oh wait.... that's why there is no such thing as actual professional wrestling. Because there would be no money from fans.

  • Youri Carma
    Youri Carma 4 oy oldin

    Somebody at least was able to shut Conor's smug mouth for a while.

  • no name
    no name 4 oy oldin

    love you rogan!"but this guy sends me to sleep bye..

  • 3.5for20 sometimes
    3.5for20 sometimes 4 oy oldin

    So u interview the loosing team. White ppl love that idiot mcormin

  • irmawan23
    irmawan23 4 oy oldin +1

    replay the match..look at the fact..McGregor totally lose..Khabib finish him perfectly with the most beautiful way of MMA..SUBMISSION!

  • wyk0909
    wyk0909 4 oy oldin

    Total beaten all around in the cage outside the cage. No more tough talk

  • x- Relaxxy_Breath --
    x- Relaxxy_Breath -- 4 oy oldin +1

    There's a video breaking down brawl that happened n it showed Conor punching Khabib's team mate First.

  • Meetesh Kumar
    Meetesh Kumar 4 oy oldin

    Even joe commentry so much partial
    I think even he is so desperate for mcgregor wants to win
    He keeps on saying connor is talking but dom correct him khabib is talking to connor and dana both as he promised
    He never mention any illegal blow during his commentary even though he is trained mix martial artist

  • infinit sky
    infinit sky 4 oy oldin

    A Christian Irish terrorist calls a Muslim terrorist. Go figure.

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 4 oy oldin

    I’ve never wanted to clear my throat so back like i do watching this guy not get his life together ....

  • ThomasPaine
    ThomasPaine 4 oy oldin

    Conor obviously doesn't pay very well when his coaches can't even afford to fix their fucked up teeth.

  • Dynasty
    Dynasty 4 oy oldin

    The fact that khabib stopped choking Conor when he tapped out makes khabib look like a true champ... Khabib could have easily continued choking Conor until he passed out for calling him and his family terrorists.

  • Corey Beardy
    Corey Beardy 4 oy oldin

    Conor gotta stop drinking whiskey and start drinking water lol

  • commentNINJA
    commentNINJA 4 oy oldin

    K A R M A

  • Prof A
    Prof A 4 oy oldin


  • veni021
    veni021 4 oy oldin

    Conor plan this whole thing tap get up rematch and more money

  • Sevda sahin
    Sevda sahin 4 oy oldin

    Fucking islamist scum !!!

  • Incubus Contreras
    Incubus Contreras 4 oy oldin

    Conor needs 2 follow washed up rhonda lol

  • Daniel Antonio
    Daniel Antonio 4 oy oldin

    suddenly everyone who hates conor is confident enough to comment, where were you when conor was on top of the ufc. you definitely weren't talking shit about him then smh

  • Ole Jacob
    Ole Jacob 4 oy oldin

    Was a great fight. Round 1 suprised me, then the overhand came and I knew he was f****, that took away so much of his stamina.

  • Fat Stacks Bill
    Fat Stacks Bill 4 oy oldin

    So many fanboys who just jump on the bandwagon of whoever the current winner is. Last year it was Conor. Now it’s Khabib. Who knows next.

  • randy K15
    randy K15 4 oy oldin

    Every vid I watch the comments are full of fucking idiots

  • Oo oO
    Oo oO 4 oy oldin +1

    What the heck this man enjoyed watching his man cheat in every possible way get striked and knocked down to the ground oh and also get mauled lool
    Khabib chose not to take him down in round 3 he was looking for a KO on Connor which he didn't get so finished him at will in the 4th round..
    This man doesn't know what's going on

  • astronaut sable
    astronaut sable 4 oy oldin

    Conor looks like a baby in that ring. Hahaha

  • Philip O Sullivan
    Philip O Sullivan 4 oy oldin

    Mr J Kavanagh your apure gent feel sorry for you tryingvto manage that Knacker mcgregor...well done to Khabib...john conor hasnt a chance in areturn fucking idiot get whooped

  • MehmetArslan
    MehmetArslan 4 oy oldin

    Dont forget the circus match against Mayweather, Connor is only making himself look stupid. I think he belongs to the WWE like Rousey. I had alot of respect for Connor, but after all the shit he said against Khabib he lost alot of my respect. The way he acts is perfect for the WWE.

  • Mr Mechanical Engineer

    Connors new Whiskey.....Propa Shite

  • wendel.f16
    wendel.f16 4 oy oldin

    Ii is what happens when you prepare for Khabib training with Dillon Danis.

  • The Invincible
    The Invincible 4 oy oldin

    No one isn’t talking about how Khabib completely dominated the whole fight and rag dolled Connor. Khabib is going to be legend when he beats GSP as well.

  • AntonGasper
    AntonGasper 4 oy oldin

    I think with the mentality Connor has he could still beat khabib one day, BUT, imo he needs to change his team up.

  • Old Man Hopes
    Old Man Hopes 4 oy oldin

    Getting them Mike Tyson flashbacks over here.

  • Josafath Luna
    Josafath Luna 4 oy oldin

    i hardly watch mma but this dude is an idiot his plan was to tire khabib out lmao how the fuck did he expect to go 5 rounds with that khabib in there??

  • Mohammed Rehan
    Mohammed Rehan 4 oy oldin

    Haha conor and Dana looking for khabibs dick

  • Trisman
    Trisman 4 oy oldin +1


  • Dee Q
    Dee Q 4 oy oldin

    Why isn't anyone talking about khabib's mercy towards McGregor? He could have literally ripped his head off!

  • Paddy Knuckles
    Paddy Knuckles 4 oy oldin +4

    Conors team mates are nowhere near good enough. Not ufc level. Ward, lobov, queely, danis, gallagher. None of them. Conor needs to drop his ego and train with guys who are actually capable of pushing him and making him dig deep. They cant....this is why he gasses out. Because he gasses he panics and wants out. Very disappointing after over a year to fix the cardio issue he couldnt. Think he best fire his mcgregor f.a.s.t team lol dudes just looking for a pay day!

  • Josh Stakey
    Josh Stakey 4 oy oldin

    McGregor needs to train like his fighting Drago.

  • Irshad Peerzada
    Irshad Peerzada 4 oy oldin

    Good for Tap Machine that it didn't go down to 5th round as Khabib likes it. He would have got beating of his life...
    I guess he choked him earlier, that little lizard deserved some more

  • Javier Gutierrez
    Javier Gutierrez 4 oy oldin

    Hes so fuckin scared your ass is next

  • Q A
    Q A 4 oy oldin

    Khabib looks like he doesn't give a shit about the really was for the legacy.

  • Monheima
    Monheima 4 oy oldin

    McQuitter strategy: Cheat & Cry

  • Sportsjungle R&H
    Sportsjungle R&H 4 oy oldin

    Joe Rogan is on Connor side!

  • Monheima
    Monheima 4 oy oldin

    When trash talkers get destroyed - PRIME EXAMPLE

  • MLGEnDeRclanGaming
    MLGEnDeRclanGaming 4 oy oldin

    all these easterns tryna say that kabib stomped lmfao, literally nobody but them are claiming such ignorance

  • Neno NeTaj
    Neno NeTaj 4 oy oldin

    R E K T .

  • shadowlesswarrior
    shadowlesswarrior 4 oy oldin

    Connor climbed to the top very quickly, but he also fall just a quick.

    MMA BBJ 4 oy oldin +1

    People acting like conor is the good guy

  • Fenixxx X.E.QSHUNR
    Fenixxx X.E.QSHUNR 4 oy oldin

    Khabib put it on him like no wud Believe... Yeh he lost his cool .... So wat?? That's wat happens when u poke a bear

  • Blackout987
    Blackout987 4 oy oldin

    As a Conor fan, it felt like the whole camp hugely underestimated Khabib and had far too little preparation and planning to counteract the takedowns. I'm sure it's really hard, but it never seems that Khabib really gets punished when he dives in for a takedown. He either lands or it resets back. Maybe a counter knee or something could work idk. At least it seems that someone needs to Figure out how to stop Khabib before he gets you to the ground.

  • san eee
    san eee 4 oy oldin

    I don't think u won the 3rd. U just didn't do as bad as 2 and 1.

  • MJC919
    MJC919 4 oy oldin

    The only way Conor wins the rematch is if has a weapon. Conor is washed up.

  • wan nazri
    wan nazri 4 oy oldin

    i am khabib fan..but i respect and love this guy..he really humble

  • Ant Trevino
    Ant Trevino 4 oy oldin

    Haha he said the terd round haha

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan 4 oy oldin

    Conor didn’t sleep that night !

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan 4 oy oldin

    This guy is full of shit !!

  • J M
    J M 4 oy oldin

    I think it's funny how people attach themselves to fighters and sports teams. Yall had nothing to do with either of those men. You didnt train with them and you weren't in the cage with them. So stfu.

  • Fine kabbaj
    Fine kabbaj 4 oy oldin

    It's like school yard stuff, the geek (Artem) got slapped for being belligerent, he brings the filthy mouthed bully (Conor) to defend him and the filthy mouthed bully got sodomised in national TV... It's sooooo funny

  • YPeezy
    YPeezy 4 oy oldin

    Conor would have trouble with anyone in top 5 right now



  • Don Rajah
    Don Rajah 4 oy oldin

    Oh 1 other thing. McGregor has been getting away with crazy behaviour for years. Khabib gets upset & you fuckers hold back his purse & hold the title. Now thinking of stripping Khabib of the titles ???!!! Get the fuck outta here!!! If that brawl didn't go down, guaranteed Dana " I ride McGregor's cock" White would be promoting a 2nd fight within 3 months to try and get the title back to McGregor!!

  • YPeezy
    YPeezy 4 oy oldin

    Conor got murdered

  • Ghost_Bear
    Ghost_Bear 4 oy oldin

    I'm disappointed that we didn't see any real sweep threat or guillotine attempts by conor. Conor should invite some of the Team Alpha guys out to SBG namely Faber to work on his wrestling and guillotine.

  • Tyler Gregory
    Tyler Gregory 4 oy oldin

    People keep forgetting the Al Iaquinta fight was on 1 DAYS NOTICE! Yes it’s impressive that Al went 5 rounds but Khabib still won every round!

  • Deravaxaluz Deravaxaluz

    I think Khabib will retire undefeated.

  • Fine kabbaj
    Fine kabbaj 4 oy oldin

    Artem Lobov was luckier than Conor... he walked away with only a slap... Conor got raped in front of millions

  • Don Rajah
    Don Rajah 4 oy oldin

    So basically your telling us McGregor & company learned nothing from the 1st Diaz fight. Here it is coach, your boy Connor McGregor of the clan McGregor has no ground game. You just admitted you depended on Connors toughness to try a wear Khabib down. Didn't work out so hot did it ???

  • Jeff Lane
    Jeff Lane 4 oy oldin

    Conner fought like my little sister

  • Allen Bryant
    Allen Bryant 4 oy oldin

    Connor will have to see a psychologist. How is he going to deal with the night mares of him cowering in the octagon?

  • tubeaddict871
    tubeaddict871 4 oy oldin

    Khabib "you cant confine an eagle to the cage" Nurmagomedov

  • razali wahab
    razali wahab 4 oy oldin

    mc chicken nugget shitt lose fuck u jasus

  • ioulios11
    ioulios11 4 oy oldin

    Conor is done for good after this,he should retire...a rematch will only make him lose again

  • This is Sparta!
    This is Sparta! 4 oy oldin

    If Allah is with khabib thousand coach's no matter, khabib will win and won.

  • Hussain Ibrahim
    Hussain Ibrahim 4 oy oldin

    I think that fight changed things a bit, khabib is just as big Conor now. He’s the new money fight

    • Hussain Ibrahim
      Hussain Ibrahim 4 oy oldin

      K-POP TRASH the whole world watched him jump on someone else and pole are still talking about it

      K-POP TRASH 4 oy oldin

      Not even close

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson 4 oy oldin

    Oh yeah...Conor’s whiskey is better than Khabib’s!!! So there!!!