Binging with Babish: Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

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  • Solo Cheshcat31
    Solo Cheshcat31 Kun oldin

    Do the death sandwich from regular show

  • mr nectar
    mr nectar Kun oldin

    this was the episode that introduced me to this channel

  • macaroni and cheese
    macaroni and cheese Kun oldin +1

    0:00 this is my 2nd favourite adventure time scene.

  • TheRealZnrG - Gaming, Music, Memes, & More!

    3:06 I wanna eat that soo bad

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen 3 kun oldin

    more like a fat burger.

  • Wolflord Fefnir
    Wolflord Fefnir 4 kun oldin


  • Justin Hart
    Justin Hart 4 kun oldin

    when i do this i'm gonna use butter instead of cream cheese

  • Richard Jangles
    Richard Jangles 4 kun oldin

    Lobster Souuuulllllll

  • SCH Entertainment
    SCH Entertainment 4 kun oldin

    This sandwich requires witchcraft

  • IAmRolfie
    IAmRolfie 5 kun oldin +2

    Make Jakes imperfect sandwich where he tries to remake it. 😂

  • Annabeth Mare Hermione Luna

    this man is a god

  • Victor Salajan
    Victor Salajan 5 kun oldin

    I can fit the thing in my face...
    Just not the whole thing at a time

  • 600xOverkill
    600xOverkill 6 kun oldin

    My only complaint would be the butane flavored buns...

  • Juan Mireles
    Juan Mireles 7 kun oldin

    Now if only I had the time to make this baby.

  • Nick F
    Nick F 7 kun oldin

    What in God's name is a sou vid(sp?)?

    • Sarcasm At it's Finest
      Sarcasm At it's Finest 3 kun oldin

      Sous Vide is basically "cooking" food in water for a perfect even color through. Or along those lines.

  • Silverwing
    Silverwing 7 kun oldin


  • Alex Talluto
    Alex Talluto 8 kun oldin

    You can probably take the ingredients of the sandwich and turn it into a salad, replacing bread with croutons.

  • OhHeyDidntSeeYouThere !

    im not gonna lie, this looks good

  • Fin
    Fin 9 kun oldin

    Rest in peace the world's greatest show

  • Socksquash 22
    Socksquash 22 9 kun oldin

    This is the best video I have ever seen.

  • VPN
    VPN 9 kun oldin

    Can i have *B O N E L E S S STEAK* ?

  • Aliki Izlan
    Aliki Izlan 10 kun oldin +1

    U need to put the onions at your nose not your eyes.

  • Xryeau _
    Xryeau _ 10 kun oldin

    my perfect sandwich is very simple:
    .bread with mayo spread on each side
    .2 slices of ultra thin ham (or if the brand you're using doesn't have it, thin ham)
    .1 slice regular pepper-jack cheese
    i'm a small person, i don't need much, you can add more ham and cheese, just use double ham as cheese and and don't exceed 3-6, add whatever

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 10 kun oldin

    Wow this was a lot of work

  • WhoassassinatedKFC?
    WhoassassinatedKFC? 11 kun oldin

    This is the most powerful sandwich ever created

  • Justin Capra
    Justin Capra 12 kun oldin

    You should really be a chef at a restaurant

  • LegoFreak 2017
    LegoFreak 2017 12 kun oldin

    Salty face water. Noice

  • Sunshine 89
    Sunshine 89 13 kun oldin

    Wow, i want to make it!!! It looks soo good 😱😱😍😍

  • Samthong Xiong
    Samthong Xiong 14 kun oldin

    Does he make these videos whenever he's hungry or just whenever he wants?

  • Broke MyKnee
    Broke MyKnee 14 kun oldin

    Now how long did you spend on the toilet after eating that??

  • No u Hmm U no U no? Uno

    Thank God It Went In The Clean Plate Thinggy

  • TrashWith Trashy
    TrashWith Trashy 15 kun oldin

    who could dislike these videos?

  • Abimelech Sanders
    Abimelech Sanders 15 kun oldin

    This is the first episode that i saw that made me suscribe into this wonderful channel.

  • Alejandro Chicon
    Alejandro Chicon 16 kun oldin

    New York Gang

  • canaan lamb
    canaan lamb 16 kun oldin

    I just noticed that Babish sounds alot like
    Bob from Bobs Burgers.

  • henry q
    henry q 16 kun oldin

    Yum pigeon

  • Miqhail75
    Miqhail75 16 kun oldin

    bacon, chicken, lobster?!?

  • BLooDY GaL
    BLooDY GaL 16 kun oldin

    You should Dishes from the Cartoon Chowder XD

  • Daniel Johansson
    Daniel Johansson 17 kun oldin

    Damn that looks delicious

    *WII MUSIC* 19 kun oldin

    Now I’m hungry....

  • UltraFusionZ
    UltraFusionZ 21 kun oldin

    Its so on point id say its divine

  • LordVader1094
    LordVader1094 21 kun oldin

    Adventure Time may be over, but it makes me happy that I now know how to make Jake's Perfect Sandwich.

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 22 kun oldin

    In this video, we learned, women should learn from Jack.

  • nasapo109
    nasapo109 23 kun oldin

    doa beacon pancakes video please

  • Jeff Goldbroom
    Jeff Goldbroom 23 kun oldin

    Lobster asouli

  • Ms. Eeveevolution
    Ms. Eeveevolution 24 kun oldin

    I was 11 years old when Adventure Time first aired on Cartoon Network and it's sad that it has ended because I've haven't been catching up with the show and now it's finally over.

  • Snoopy B
    Snoopy B 24 kun oldin

    Salty face water...I'm dying

  • SirHunter
    SirHunter 25 kun oldin

    i have no idea who the 2.5k people who disliked this are, but i hate them.

    • Gamerboy 3213
      Gamerboy 3213 17 kun oldin

      Adventure time haters or people who think they're better cooks

  • DaddyO's Ink
    DaddyO's Ink 25 kun oldin

    I got chest pains just watching this..... It would be worth it though.

  • vlogging forever
    vlogging forever 25 kun oldin

    I'll eat it! I might eat everything edible nowadays ;-;


  • peter yap
    peter yap 25 kun oldin

    You forget the glowing part before eating it

  • ItsObsidian Topdrives
    ItsObsidian Topdrives 26 kun oldin

    I always watch this over and over again to make room for dessert.

  • Mike Sandoval
    Mike Sandoval 26 kun oldin

    I'm eating a sandwich then I look at video
    And say then look at my sandwich and say

  • Bethany O'Neal
    Bethany O'Neal 26 kun oldin

    Wow he actually made a tear. That’s dedication

  • / Accountless \
    / Accountless \ 26 kun oldin

    Rip time adventure

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 27 kun oldin

    steak sandwich mmm

  • Chef toni
    Chef toni 27 kun oldin

    Why americans transform evrything in sandwich and hamburgers ._.

  • Mario Bošnjak
    Mario Bošnjak 27 kun oldin

    Damn,Jake went hard on that damn sandwitch

  • Bryan
    Bryan 27 kun oldin

    It's kinda dry chef

  • MikeHunt185
    MikeHunt185 27 kun oldin

    I'm a pro cook. I can tell you this is all qpwoi34ejfhap;wiesrfhap;WUEF.
    iFY OU CAN FOLLow th.l..

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza 28 kun oldin

    Aunt May's Wheatcakes plz?

  • Elite Darkstar
    Elite Darkstar 28 kun oldin

    That was quite the thicc steak

  • Ainsley :yea boy
    Ainsley :yea boy 28 kun oldin

    Yeah I’m cooking this for Mom

  • Aron Ortega
    Aron Ortega 28 kun oldin +1

    Watch out for the Magic Man!

  • FaiNted Alt
    FaiNted Alt 28 kun oldin

    We need this at subway

  • Zac Dragon
    Zac Dragon 28 kun oldin

    damn you don't know how much I want to
    eat that sandwich right now.

  • Stereotypical Canadian
    Stereotypical Canadian 28 kun oldin

    That looks so appetizing

  • Lil Lion
    Lil Lion 29 kun oldin


  • joseph stalin
    joseph stalin 29 kun oldin

    Train on the water boat on the track, train on the water boat on the track, train on the water boat on the track.

  • Hobo Jones babe
    Hobo Jones babe 29 kun oldin

    Please make some Lasaga

  • SneakyEnchalada
    SneakyEnchalada 29 kun oldin

    I can’t cook. Please make one and send it over to 69 notgivingmyadressonyoutube, notastate, nocountry.

  • Padparadscha
    Padparadscha 29 kun oldin

    You should revisit this and make something to the spirit of the sandwitch, and go hogwild on what feels appropriate, not the actual institutions.

  • justin julian
    justin julian Oy oldin

    0:40 I'm going to gut you like a Cornish gabehen

  • Kermit E. Frog
    Kermit E. Frog Oy oldin

    Scrub cant even cook a *Lobster soul*

  • Toon in tv
    Toon in tv Oy oldin +2

    Am I the only one that wants to devour this thing except for the tear of course

  • Selym
    Selym Oy oldin

    I’m not gonna lie, that looks amazing.

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin Oy oldin

    now do Jake's everything burrito

  • Timothy holloway Top_Notch_Tim_7

    Good thing that I go to lunch after this class

  • Hades 25
    Hades 25 Oy oldin

    " Its raw " - Gordon Ramsay

  • Vader123 Real
    Vader123 Real Oy oldin

    That. Looks. AMAZING!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!

  • Damiri Damiri
    Damiri Damiri Oy oldin +1

    Magic man you to late to steal babish sandwich beacuse babish already take a bite of that sandwich

  • Leonidas Escanor
    Leonidas Escanor Oy oldin

    He actually used REAL teardrop.
    Talk about being loyal to the source material.

  • Allen Corona
    Allen Corona Oy oldin

    This is the first video I've ever watched from this channel and now I'm patienly waiting for BWB to open his own restaurant and go for dinner.

  • Jack Zack
    Jack Zack Oy oldin

    Man you making me hungry

  • Thundledee
    Thundledee Oy oldin

    It truly was the perfect sandwich

  • Ivry Frost
    Ivry Frost Oy oldin

    do robins perfect sandwich from teen titans

  • Artsdai :B
    Artsdai :B Oy oldin

    Please do the bmo sanfwich

  • Layzieboi_Gaming
    Layzieboi_Gaming Oy oldin

    🤲🏾 i need it

  • Atomic Quibbles
    Atomic Quibbles Oy oldin

    No lobster soul?!

  • Coolguy Billey
    Coolguy Billey Oy oldin

    Bacon makin bacon pancakes

  • lukkylmao
    lukkylmao Oy oldin

    Adventure Time and food. Two of the greatest things in the world

  • I see you are reading this


  • Jeffery Duffy
    Jeffery Duffy Oy oldin

    It's beautiful...😢

  • master of fire 1032

    ughhhhhhhh ı am hungry as (bleep)

  • 0 58
    0 58 Oy oldin

    This is it ;-; the pinnacle of my fucking life , to make this damn sandwich

  • Out of Sides
    Out of Sides Oy oldin

    I just wanted to see what you did for the lobster soul

  • Ultra Spider-Man
    Ultra Spider-Man Oy oldin

    R.i.p my left/right ear (not a hate comment

  • chickencat25 RBLX

    Magic man: *triggered*

  • Joshua Armstrong
    Joshua Armstrong Oy oldin

    "Damn Good Sandwich"
    "Damn Perfect Sandwich"

  • Le Cringe Spy
    Le Cringe Spy Oy oldin

    I need to stop watching this and make the damn sandwich