Binging with Babish: Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

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  • Eliza Goseyun
    Eliza Goseyun 6 soat oldin

    Can't wait to make it

  • Leo Oscar Crystal
    Leo Oscar Crystal 21 soat oldin

    This is the video subscribers for

  • Emerald Eamon
    Emerald Eamon Kun oldin

    I'd eat a pigeon, I don't think it'd be as bad as you think

  • jimmy john
    jimmy john Kun oldin

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Stale Artist
    Stale Artist 2 kun oldin

    salty face water

  • LittleLionHowls
    LittleLionHowls 3 kun oldin

    I will now only ever refer to tears as salty face water because why the frickety frack not

  • LittleLionHowls
    LittleLionHowls 3 kun oldin

    I will now only ever refer to tears as salty face water because why the frickety frack not

  • tea cat
    tea cat 3 kun oldin

    Will happen happening happened

  • SickBoy
    SickBoy 3 kun oldin

    Is you're finger ok?

  • Sullivan McWhirter
    Sullivan McWhirter 4 kun oldin

    You should do the "El Burtigato Supreme" From Teen Titans Go

  • eskittleman 2.0
    eskittleman 2.0 5 kun oldin +1

    R.I.P adventure time

  • Kevin Jancen
    Kevin Jancen 5 kun oldin +1

    I'll buy it for 100$

  • stark nave9657
    stark nave9657 7 kun oldin

    it truly was the perfect sandwich

  • Ps2 Master
    Ps2 Master 7 kun oldin

    Shut up and take my subscription!

  • Madden with enriqueee
    Madden with enriqueee 7 kun oldin

    What the fuck is a sous vid 🤣

  • Justus Juola
    Justus Juola 7 kun oldin

    Where is the bacon

  • CONfusion2021
    CONfusion2021 7 kun oldin

    I never get tired of watching this episode, given it was the first episode I ever saw from Babish it's always gonna strike a special chord for me.

  • Metro Elite 240
    Metro Elite 240 8 kun oldin

    I beat my meat to this sandwich

  • Seth Staples
    Seth Staples 8 kun oldin

    How are you not obese?

  • Ana StaysGolden
    Ana StaysGolden 9 kun oldin

    Awwww my heart!!! I miss Jake:-((

  • Bolkohir
    Bolkohir 9 kun oldin

    I was hungry before watching this. Now I'm starving.

  • Milothefatcat
    Milothefatcat 9 kun oldin

    s a l t y f a c e w a t e r 😂

  • The Z show
    The Z show 9 kun oldin

    Wait a minute... I have he same oven glove as him!

  • Orlando Cortez
    Orlando Cortez 9 kun oldin

    This is the most beautiful sandwhich ive ever seen

  • Heddy Yanes
    Heddy Yanes 9 kun oldin

    Adventure time sandwich

  • Ethan Fang
    Ethan Fang 10 kun oldin

    Ayy, that’s pretty tasty!

  • ionics378
    ionics378 10 kun oldin

    I know there isn't an actual recipe but I'd be interested in seeing how you would make "Fin Cakes" getting Fins hat and face on what I assume is a chocolate cupcake would be pretty awesome

  • Dutch van der linde
    Dutch van der linde 10 kun oldin

    I like how he thinks people at home are actually doing this lol

  • KIng B
    KIng B 10 kun oldin

    Nobody is doing this at home

  • Victor Bendix
    Victor Bendix 10 kun oldin

    you deserve a sub

  • Chillpi GT
    Chillpi GT 10 kun oldin

    Im full already

  • Solitary Pringlez
    Solitary Pringlez 11 kun oldin

    Vegans hate him

  • cuauhtemoc Rois
    cuauhtemoc Rois 11 kun oldin


  • Kempy Bass
    Kempy Bass 11 kun oldin

    What about the teen titans go sandwich?

  • Vali Zeth
    Vali Zeth 11 kun oldin

    You always say: kosher salt, you jewish?

  • Lille Oh
    Lille Oh 12 kun oldin

    Please Babish make Steven Universe Ube Roll Cake

  • Callum Arnold
    Callum Arnold 12 kun oldin

    I need thank sandwich rn

  • Brendan Jones
    Brendan Jones 12 kun oldin

    That looks fucking amazing...

  • The Saminater
    The Saminater 12 kun oldin +4

    "I yeald a drop of salty face water

  • NK GAMING2017
    NK GAMING2017 12 kun oldin

    Great now I want a sandwich

  • Mr.Marshmello 1701
    Mr.Marshmello 1701 12 kun oldin

    The the bacon pancake from adventure time

  • I'm. not. Famous.
    I'm. not. Famous. 12 kun oldin


  • Will Johnson
    Will Johnson 13 kun oldin

    Aaaaaaahhhhh I need this sandwich

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    When you hungry asf and you watch this and you get even hungrier

  • Thegamer _BR
    Thegamer _BR 13 kun oldin

    This voice looks like asmr

  • Zane Fridolf
    Zane Fridolf 13 kun oldin

    I am going to gut you like a cornish game hen

  • Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim
    Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim 14 kun oldin

    Oh wow looks tasty and expensive.

  • CallmeAlpha
    CallmeAlpha 14 kun oldin

    Do bacon pancakes 😂

  • Sabbir Hassan Barat
    Sabbir Hassan Barat 16 kun oldin

    It's 2 am and I'm high :()

  • iamdead
    iamdead 17 kun oldin

    Jake the dog has some good tastes

  • Simon Slavinskas
    Simon Slavinskas 18 kun oldin

    this is glorious

  • Caylie Laraine
    Caylie Laraine 19 kun oldin

    Does anyone wonder what would happen if you left a bowl kf your tears outside in the sun for 24 hours?

  • Dale Campbell
    Dale Campbell 19 kun oldin

    Thanks so much for the tear! Amazing attention to detail!

  • Rheeyan Daynielle Lopez

    im so hungry

  • Zyro TIC
    Zyro TIC 20 kun oldin

    *Jake wants to know your location*

    I know im late

  • J4M13
    J4M13 20 kun oldin

    I'll take one to go....Oh and no tears thanks

  • timeroller
    timeroller 21 kun oldin

    lucky for me I don't need onion or lemon for tears I just need to think about how lonely I am

  • Smokey 420
    Smokey 420 21 kun oldin

    Please do the Manwich from Futurama.

  • Jon Harris
    Jon Harris 21 kun oldin

    Every time I watch this I nearly cry when it gets to the bit with the crying part and I don't know why

  • Jesus Valdivia
    Jesus Valdivia 21 kun oldin

    There is a cookbook now

  • XxTheXboxNoobxX
    XxTheXboxNoobxX 21 kun oldin

    I don’t understand why people would dislike this

    • Smokey 420
      Smokey 420 21 kun oldin

      2.6k dislikes?
      This is bad comedy.

  • 雨夜
    雨夜 22 kun oldin

    You have to use Prismo's pickle dude

  • Christian Daniel:xXskyfallXx

    I really want to eat that

  • Samuel Hernandez
    Samuel Hernandez 24 kun oldin

    Dude I want to be a chef when I grow up your are like a god to me thank you so much you are so cool

  • tiffanyy 02
    tiffanyy 02 24 kun oldin

    salty face water

  • Miles Bailey
    Miles Bailey 24 kun oldin

    Try out for Hells Kitchen bro

  • Ayy L'mayo
    Ayy L'mayo 24 kun oldin +1

    Still prob my fav babish vid it calms my soul watching this man cook

  • lily athena
    lily athena 25 kun oldin

    This is the coolest video I’ve ever seen in my life. I love you. Okay carry on

  • Sgt.Howdy
    Sgt.Howdy 25 kun oldin


  • Panda IZ Cool
    Panda IZ Cool 25 kun oldin

    Can you do coralines breakfast , the omelette and bacon with the hot choco and that

  • Massi Besti
    Massi Besti 25 kun oldin


  • logan rackley
    logan rackley 26 kun oldin

    Gorman Ramsey would be proud

  • Luke Bolser
    Luke Bolser 26 kun oldin


  • Leroy just leroy
    Leroy just leroy 27 kun oldin

    Your forgot to wash the caroots your don't need

  • Sir Panda
    Sir Panda 28 kun oldin


  • Eli Myers
    Eli Myers 28 kun oldin

    The pigeon just turned into skin.

  • Itsuki Yu
    Itsuki Yu 29 kun oldin

    I like your music its chilling btw

    Where my December 2018 and keep watchin this?

  • cameron is trash
    cameron is trash 29 kun oldin

    Adventure time sandwich

  • ulliaz lol
    ulliaz lol Oy oldin +1

    That's one thicc sandwich

  • A.C Clemont
    A.C Clemont Oy oldin


  • Nick Rogers
    Nick Rogers Oy oldin +1

    In season 7, episode 17, BMo creates his "special sentient sandwich" and even though its pretty basic I want to see you perfect it

  • danielbrown181
    danielbrown181 Oy oldin

    Aang’s banana and onion juice!!!

  • Braden Coulson
    Braden Coulson Oy oldin

    I’m just going to say I saw a picture on iFunny that included this thumbnail

  • Dimmadab
    Dimmadab Oy oldin


  • Ronymrtnz_
    Ronymrtnz_ Oy oldin +2

    All star holding a sandwich

  • Cash Lintner
    Cash Lintner Oy oldin

    Lobster asoulli

  • Night Sky
    Night Sky Oy oldin

    that tear does not seem hygienic

  • Johanna Olson
    Johanna Olson Oy oldin

    You are an amazing UZclipR

    like if u agree?

  • Joey Schulze
    Joey Schulze Oy oldin +10

    All star smash mouth

  • Mark Ruffalo is a splendid actor

    I usually don't like body fluids in my food but hey whatever

  • Namie Kim
    Namie Kim Oy oldin

    why am i watching this at 2am?

  • Ra chel
    Ra chel Oy oldin

    i think i'm actually in love with you

  • Damiri Damiri
    Damiri Damiri Oy oldin +1

    Even better than robin sandwich

  • Insfires man!!
    Insfires man!! Oy oldin

    That steak is RAAAW

  • Hakiim Coeg
    Hakiim Coeg Oy oldin

    Thanks for not skipping the tears part haha

  • nipsquak blunder
    nipsquak blunder Oy oldin +1

    Jake: hold my beer

  • Hulker 2000
    Hulker 2000 Oy oldin

    Why did you put the onion up to your eye

  • Dudley Morgan
    Dudley Morgan Oy oldin

    THIS GUY 😂😂👌👌👌

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Um... that was the greatest cross section in the history of the world.

  • Can of Toast
    Can of Toast Oy oldin

    You forgot the most important part. Washing the carrot that you will never use in the sandwich.